Daichi, Tsukiko, Fuuka, Hoiishime

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Still in the quiet plains Daichi flows through intricate movements as his strikes shake the wind. He flows left and right with skillful movements fluid like water. His hair is blown back with each strike and a crystal of sweat falls off Daichi. He finishes and settles in a stance while he breathes slowly. Daichi relaxes his arms and smiles "Oh I am such a badass! Too bad no one was around to see that," Daichi chuckled as he placed his hand on the back of his head.

Little did Daichi know, that someone was watching from a tree checking up on Daichi's training. As subtly as she could, she tried to pick fruit from a tree that was just above Daichi' head then accidently dropped it and then came tumbling down trying to catch it. "OOOMMFFF!!!" was said as she hit branches on the way down.

Tsukiko stood a short distance away. She giggles a little, "do you need a mirror to pose in front of too?" She walks closer, "I guess if you're clowning around, maybe Tosai hasn't been working you hard enough" She winces as she hears the falling sounds and sees Fuuka tumble out of the tree. "ow… you okay?"

Daichi would look up in response to some noise above him. "Someone is falling!?" Daichi smiles "Hero time," he leaps to catch them as they tumble through the branches. He is focused until Tsukiko walks out "Tsu-Tsukiko?! Mirror? Wha-" Daichi's head collides with a branch then is crushed by the falling body. "Oooof," he says as he goes down.

Fuuka sits with eyes glazzed over with unconscienceness. She then sits up rubbing her behind "OUCHIES I HURT MY WITTLE BODY!!" she then rubbed her head and it's lump and began to cry out "I just wanted da fruit and this is what I get a body bomb!!" Fuuka lifts herself up and is now standing on Daichi.

Tsukiko walks closer, "are you both okay?" She stops, looking down at Daichi. "you really need to learn to not get distracted so easily." She starts to offer her hand down before looking to Fuuka, "Pardon me, could you step off the medic, please?"

Daichi grunts with each of Fuuka's movements "Fuuka? Ugh…glad you are ok…now please…get off," Daichi says as he tries not to imagine his ribs crushing under Fuuka's weight. He smiles at Tsukiko "Oh but you're so pretty, it is too easy to get distracted," he jokes as he strains to talk. He nods as Tsukiko speaks "Yes, please get off the medic…"

Fuuka hadnt even noticed till she removed her foot from part of his back and face. "Uhh! you wanna up-up!" She then stepped off of Daichi, apparantly Fuuka is a bit hazardous to Daichi's health as several incedents before now occurred. "So I will help you up if you promise not to be mad."

All the scuffling and rather plain speak would seem to get noticed by a lone passerby. A small bow, brown, and with long dreadlock that seemed to escape down his back like the makings of a water fall. He'd seem to smile, his tunic seeming to be carried in the air by the slightest breeze. Even his own feet seemed to tread upon air as he'd look to what had been Konoha kids, being just that. Hoiishime would scratch the back of his neck rather nervously, before saying, "Hehe! How silly…", before waving at all three of the others.

Tsukiko shakes her head. "someone needs to fall on you again, you're daydreaming." She shakes her head, but her smile shows she's still in a good mood. She takes a step back to give them room to get Daichi upright again before turning to look at Hoiishime. She nods to the stranger, "Hi there."

Daichi smiles at Fuuka and Tsu and accepts their help as he gets up. "I'm not mad at you Fuuka haha…but I'd rather not have that happen again, hehe so how goes it guys?" He looks out to a familiar voice "Hey! Hoiishime!?" Daichi waves at him and beams hard. "Good to see you again," Daichi says. He turns to Tsukiko and Fuuka "This is Hoiishime, he is a genin from Kumo and a nice guy. Oh listen to his accent it's awesome," Daichi looks back at Hoiishime "What goes on?"

"Daichi-san.. Indeed.. Ya be lookin' well, mon." Hoii would bow when he heard himself introduced, though at this point, he'd see who he was introduced to. "Oh, Tsukiko-san! It be you again? Small world, dis be!" He'd look on to Fuuka, who at this point seemed rather shy, and bowed to her as well. "Well, recently, I be lookin for me own trainin', is all. Really, dere' be an old temple where I be quite happy to train near'. And yaself? How ya both be fairin'?"

Tsukiko blinks a moment, the boys strange accent remind her where she had seen him before. She nods again to him before asking. "How is Raiga-san faring?" She looks to Daichi, then back to the boy from Kumo, "you two were training together?"

Daichi smirks "I'm doing good, just getting some much needed training in," Daichi looks back at Fuuka "Cat got your tongue? Say hi before I do something to ya," He chuckled a little as he teased Fuuka. He would look at Tsukiko "So you've met him? Geeze you sure do get around Tsu, how do you know all these people?" Daichi asked. "He and I had a spar once, we have similar talents yet our styles are each very unique,"

"Mmmhmm! He be quite well.. An amazin' man, really. And ya'self, Tsukiko-san? Da last time I be seein' ya, your heart be quite heavy?" He would remember how the girl had been acting back during the storm, as well as in the hospital. He'd be quite concerned. Meanwhile, Daichi would be nodded to, as well as his need to train. When he'd react to Tsukiko, even asking of the girl knew him, Hoii would simply chuckle. He'd nod to Daichi's explanation of the monk and his own first meeting, and even elaborate on how he knew Tsukiko. "Well, she and I be meetin' by fate alone, Daichi-san. She be near when da storm be almost takin' poor Kusa into a dangerous situation. And yes, Daichi, has proved to be quite a talent, though I do tink he be fightin' what he be taught."

Hoii would come to a seat nearby, before saying, "Really, I be merely waitin' to go back to Kumo.. Ya see, because Raiga-sama, be returnin' back to Kumo, it be meanin' a big change be in store.. I don' wan' to miss a ting', so I be trainin' much as I can, before I go home." He would stretch a bit before looking to Tsukiko. "Raiga-sama do be helpin' me train some, though it be when he can.. He be a busy one."

GAME: Save complete.

Tsukiko nods. "Raiga's helping you train himself? Thats amazing. you have alot to stand up to." She takes a step back. "yeah, the storm had.. uhmm… had a bad impact on me." She falls silent, her mind still working on something, but her attitude is still mostly good.

Recorving from her shyness at meeting the fresh new face, she then became elighted and introduced herself. "WELL IF YOUR OK WITH TSUKI-SAN and DAICHI-SAN THEN YOUR OK BY ME!!!!" she, then smiled a real big grin arms akimbo. While cheesing she slipped by and whispered to Tsukiko "Hey got a mirror?!?" before resetting her grin.

Daichi smirks at Hoii "I was working on that just a few minutes ago, but you will see shortly," Daichi smiles. "I've been learning a bit…" Daichi failed to mention that he was learning to balance himself out and was working on his medical ninjutsu buuuuut Hoii didn't need to know that. Daichi would crack his neck. "Ya know, I want to visit Kumo one day, I'm gonna ask Tosai sensei if we can go," Daichi grins.

"Hmmm.. Ya should! If tings don' be changin', Kumogakure be now welcomin' Konoha wit open arms! I tink it may be possible we be seein' each other again quite soon." When Hoii would hear that Daichi had been working out the kinks to his style, Hoii would smile, and say, "Well, perhaps, ya be willing to show me what ya learned, mon…" Hoii would then smile cheerfully, though at this point, but then his eyes would widen at the fact that everyone was around. Perhaps much more could be done. "Hmmmm.. Maybe perhaps, we all can have a bit of fun." Hoii would look to Fuuka, who had been rather excited, and shouting, and say, "You… From now, you be helpin' me against, dese two in a team versus team spar? How bout it?"

Tsukiko blinks, "a spar?" She looks to Daichi a moment, then to Hoiishime, "a spar.. I dunno about. I don't usually like fighting just to fight like that." She looks to Daighi, then to Fuuka, waiting to see what they think.

Immediatly getting excited Fuuka answered, "ALRIGHT, We get to see what you can DO Tsuki-san come on it'll be fun." SHE then looked at Hoiishime "YAY!! I GET NEW GUY!!!" she then put her hands in front of her and continued, "OOHH wow you look really strong I WILL DO MY BEST!!" she began grinning ear to ear. Hopefully these two we a good matchup.

Daichi looks at Tsukiko "Come on that sounds fun, you need to loosen up live a little…kick some ass every once in a while," Daichi places his arm around Tsu's neck and pulls her to the side. He whispers "Listen Tsu, Hoii is my friend, buuut he is also a rival. He already has me beat with the accent…I will not let him win in a team spar too! You understand right?" Daichi smiles then pulls tighter "I neeeeeed this," he releases and pats Tsu on the shoulder. "Ok we're in!" Daichi says with a thumbs up. He starts bouncing up and down, and realized that he was too light. "Crap…" he mutters to himself hoping no one said a thing about it.

Looking to Daichi's reaction to the request, in comparison to Tsukiko's, Hoiishime would smile, even though he actually could see the reasons why Tsukiko would be reluctant. He was never up for a fight that meant nothing at all. However, his words would convey what he really did think. "…You be not understandin' da means of a spar, do ya, Tsuki-san? To spar, and to fight, don' be da same ting, at all." Hoii would seem to come to a stand rather slowly, with the grace of a dancer, as he would say, "Dere' be some conditions, with physical ability, and even jutsu execution, that only be testable due in cases of opposition."

Now, this was where Hoiishime would seem to shine as his true self. No one ever took notice of Hoii's rather phenomenal intellect, all because of his accent. However, what mose didn't realize, was that the boy had a most phenomenal intellect. He was smart. "In other words.. da body's reaction to many a ting, depends on two factors. Conditions at rest, and even, those at work. These tings, tend to factor in on performance heavily, especially when da body is put under da most amazing of stress."

He'd look to Tsukiko with a smile, and continue. "Sometimes, da only way to know what ya be able to do, in battle, is to have one." He'd end the statement with a warm smile, and look to Fuuka's words with a nod. "You should, Fuuka-san. It'd make me not work so hard.." He would then approach Tsukiko, and say, "However, I don' be wantin' to force not a ting upon ya dat ya don' be wantin to do. I can relate to how ya feel. However, Daichi does have a point.. He be owin' me a rematch. So.. How bout it?"

Tsukiko nods to Hooishime, "I know. But I generally find it a bad thing to use force against my friends" She looks to Daichi and relents, "fine. I'll participate. But I don't want anyone complaining.. And Daichi, you better be able to put people back together. Okay? Now, are we going to do this here or back at the rings? That might be best with the dampers, like they use for the tournaments."

Surprised at her Tsukiko's sudden change from shy to giving orders then blinked. "Ok funny sounding guy let's get ready!!!" She then got into her pose with the sleeves of her kimono over her hands they flowed over her hands and she stretched her arms both in fron and behind her. "Try to have fun Tsuki-San K!! or none of us will PWEASE!!! you cant resist my adowableness." She then broke her stance and ran and grabbed Tsukiko. With a real big hug she then moved back into place.

Daichi smiles at Tsu "Of course I can hehe…hehe," he turns to Hoii and Fuuka. "Okay, so you two ready, Tsukiko is in for it," Daichi moves forward to cover Tsu. Knowing she is a ninjutsu type so she will need the time to charge. Fuuka he know is taijutsu centered and will probably launch the first strike. Hoii can go both ways with Ninjutsu or Taijutsu so he is a mystery. Daichi would look at the both of them as he takes out two kunai holding each in a hand. He crosses them and smiles, "Ready to go Tsu? I'm counting on you,"

"Well, if its agreed…" Hoiishime would then smile as he'd see Daichi moves to cover Tsukiko. He knew well that he'd be itching for this. He could see it in the mednin kenjutsuist eyes. He was already assessing everyone. He'd look to Tsukiko. Daichi was guarding her for a reason. The words to her would even say it all. Fuuka's immediate stancing would make him widen eyes. He'd recognize that same style from Rise, who practically seemed phenomenal with it. He'd smile wide. If Fuuka was as fast or as strong as Rise was, he knew they'd be pretty tough together. He would move along side Fuuka, though in all honesty, he'd be probably working towards something else.

"Follow me lead, Fuuka san.", would be said as Hoii would then flicker, in and out of view. His movement would end right as he'd be launching a powerful fist into the air, and then downward into the ground, causing a chasmic wave of rock and chakra to sprang forth, jarring the ground, and upsetting Daichi and Tsukiko from the start. If this attack hit, Tsukiko and Daichi would be subjected to a wave of paralyzing chakra.

Tsukiko shatters into a pile of broken glass as the wave of stone strikes her. The real Tsukiko drops from the tree to the pile of glass, holding her hand over it. Two shards rise up from pile. The shards rotate in mid air slowly before darting forward towards Fuuka and Hoiishime

After seeing this display Fuuka was caught off guard, then seeing that Hoiihime moved in the way of the attack. Fuuka's confidence wavered a bit "AhhH!" was said in pure amazment. "AA….a Glass user!!" Fuuka then noticed that Hoii was aparantly planning something. She then turned to him and said "You forgot to focus your chakra's funny talking man." She then moved gracefully in a dance flurrying her arms. This was apparantly an attack but this had not been perfected yet. Instead of attacking first, she moved and focused before preparring a physical attack her expertese.

Daichi winced as the shockwave immobilized him. Then came Fuuka with her kick "No…." Daichi says as he watches it get closer "No no no," and bang! He is hit and goes flying. "Ouch," Daichi says as he picks himself up. He sighs an whipes himself off. Daichi gets up and looks at the two. He is trying to put together some kind of plan with Tsukiko. As he sees her evade the attacks Daichi would ponder how he would attack. He does….nothing. Not a darn thing. He just gets up and smiles at the two "Not bad," he just waits for the next roound of attacks.

Hoii, from the moment this match started, had indeed had a plan. He was testing his options from start. He wanted to know how things would be, if he simply set things up, and let Fuuka be an attacker. She would indeed, seem to be a perfect match for Daichi. However, Tsukiko, would add an unbelievably insane factor of talent to this equation. The Mirror shard, was fast!!! "Divine Providence!!!", would be said with widened eyes, as the first shuriken would reflect in the sunlight. In one quick motion, arms would glow before clapping, as Hoii would then finish the call of his jutsu's name.

"Grappling Monk's Partition!!", would prove simple as a barrier of chakra, focused, and blasted from the clapping hands, just as sound would be. The damage, would be not be from the weapon itself, but from the burn of his own chakra. Hoii's hands would singe and smoke, as he would look to the first shuriken's fall. However, the second.. Would almost be forgotten, keyword, being /almost/. "I got it!!", would be shouted as a large portion of his tunic would whip out, grabbing the shard from the air, before Hoii would pull it to himself, for inspection. "Not glass, Fuuka-san.. Silver.. Like a mirror."

And then? Pow!!!! He'd wince.. Looks like Daichi would be having foot for dinner. "Yeesh.. She /is/ Rise.." would be said with a face palm. Hoii would look to his own hands, which had already began glowing gold, the pain of his burns slowly dispersing and fading, right along with the burns themselves. "Looks like ya fears be well founded, Tsukiko-san… You be strong."

Tsukiko had trained with heavy armored warriors that topped out over six feet tall. When she was faced the oncoming flurry of fists from Fuuka, She reacted with a massive battering gust, blowing away Fuuka with a bit more force than she intended. This was why she didn't like sparring friends. She charges forward at Hoiishime physically, attacking him, but after the strike, she reverts into a tall mirror. Stuck to the back of the mirror is an ominous paper tag…. *KABOOM* The tag explodes, sending shrapnel everywhere, but mostly at Hoiishime.

Fuuka being sent back flying began to ride the wind, and flapped the arms spinning backwards and landing on the tip of her toes only to skid backwards. This was major surprise to her. "Guuhhh Silver or mirror be that as it may SHE is the more dangerous one. here. She began look away as the shrapnel began flying towards Hoiishime. She then focused her attention on Daichi. With that a trump card was sent into play she needed to get close, though.

Daichi lost sight of Fuuka, therefor he had to rely on his reflexes. Daichi calms himself and uses his chakra as h moves his hands in a fluid liquid like motion. A feint afterimage is emmited as he moves. Daichi exhales and instantly reacts to Fuuka's attacks. He moves his elbow up to defend agains the furry of strikes then takes hold of Fuuka's belt line and tosses her over his shoulder onto the ground. Daichi slowly inhales and opens his eyes. He looks at Hoii and begins to move back and forth slowly the afterimage with him still, made from his own chakra Daichi inches closer and flickers to Hoii's rear to avoid Tsu's attacks. Givving Hoii not time to rest of think between attacks Daichi strikes after the explosion, well aware of Hoii's defense methods. A clone would be expected so Daichi would only strike when he was suure he had a solid target. "There…." his eyes closed, he tries to feel out Hoii and would jab with chakra infused muscles that would blow into Hoii's body.

The focus had seemed to come upon Hoiishime within these last few moments.. Hoii had put together these teams, figuring that he would at least have a chance against the two he now faced, even if Fuuka had not the ability to face at least one. But Hoii had forgotten. Daichi and Tsuki had been teammates at one point, under the tutelage of Hyuga Hiroshi. They had been formidable in their teamwork before Hoii had even met them. The charge forward had been faced head on by Hoii, who would not need handseals in his defense. A single hand, would be placed in front of him, as water would blast out of nowhere, flooding the field of view in front of the monk in protection against Tsukiko's jutsu.

However, the level of proficiency in ninjutsu between the monk and the Mirror user, would be made apparent, as the clone would come rushing through, exploding in glass as it rushed into Hoiishime. Hoii would fly backward, flailing, and having no chance of seeing the explosive tag, and from there, be seen disappearing in a blast of fire and sound. The monk would be through clear, only to right himself in the air, and fall onto all fours, skidding back quite the few feet. Hoii would come to a stand, dizzied, and shaking it off, though the obvious cuts on his body, would make his condition seem much worst. And then the surprise attack from Daichi, would be detected. Hoiishime would smile, as simple move in to the strike, sliding off of Daichi, and spinning behind him. However, he was still dizzy from Tsukiko's blitzkrieg. This would hurt him, as Daichi would then bash into his side with a punch, and send him skidding.

Hoiishime would skid, but not bend, seeming well set on trying his all to save face. If he was saw as weaker, he may be focused on more. However, with Fuuka now hiding, it seemed that he would be able to draw the fire still. His own thoughts, would say maintain and stand. Thus he would, his body beginning to glow gold once again gold. His wounds would reseal, though because of how bad he was attacked, the drain of chakra would be much more. He would simply take up his defense once more, staring between Daichi and Fuuka, awaiting another move on their part. Perhaps he could figure a distraction more this way.

With her mirrors shattered and scattered, her line of vision was wide so she felt confident she could spot Fuuka should she be attacked. She focuses her attacks on the still visible one. She draws and charges a senbon with wind chakra before sending it his way. The senbon is followed by a subtly launched glitter bomb pellet before she forms a hand seal and sends a miniature funnel cloud skittering through the grass, taking a rapid, meandering path to its target.

Fuuka was watching from a distance by this time now. This was getting too exciting to interrupt then there was a Glitter Bomb. Talk about flashy this was getting out of hand as these techniques were flying back and forth she started having second thoughts about this fight. These techniques were things that were completely unimaginable to her. Though as strange as were, she had to get back in the fight and show them up. "I mustn’t doubt myself. These guys maybe on a whole nother level but I have to show off I Must." She wiped her face of its dirt and tried getting back in. She sprung into action furiously kicking while flying to the nearest target. "IM BACK IN THE GAME!!!"

"Sure brings back memories," Daichi smiled as this reminded him of his days with team Hiroshi, Tsukiko had made a huge improvement over the time but so has he. While Tsu attacks, Daichi noticed that Fuuka had reappeared and made an attack attempt for her. Thinking fast Daichi moves to intercept Fuuka. This too was good as Fuuka was his teammate now, and he was beginning to see what type of fighter she is. "Figure I should tell you this before Tosai does, you need to be more subtle," Daichi smirks as he holds Fuuka's leg at bay with his fore arm. With his other free hand he augments his chakra around the kunai to make it more swords like and pushes Fuuka's leg off to the side. He then retaliated with two flourishing swings of his blade to confuse and incapacitate Fuuka.

This match was exciting!!! The fact that even now, Hoii was trying his hardest to not only keep a teammate safe from attack, but also to keep two opponents at bay, was a puzzle for him in many ways, and an absolute means of insanity in others. Hoii would have to talk with Daichi about how good he and Tsukiko were but for now, compliments were pretty hard to muster now that he was exerting as much chakra using his jutsu like this. Not to mention, having to flash back and forth, just to keep Fuuka from sustaining so much damage.

Thoughts aside, Hoii was trying all his might, to figure out just what Tsukiko could employ as a next strategy. Daichi, had been obviously following the girls need, seeking retribution from whoever last attacked him. However, Tsukiko, was the type to use the basics of ninjutsu: Distraction, Trapping, Deception, Illusion, and Surprise. It was not surprising when he would see the senbon first. His eyes weren't even on it, and yet the monk knew it was coming. His moving in low, and fast, was enough for him to simply slide pass it, and the small exploding pellet. But even these things paled in context to what Hoii would see next. When he would see the handseals, Hoiishime would recognize only one. It was one used in many Wind Release he had seen. The monk expected an attack he couldn't see. However, when the wind would pick up and take every shard of mirror littering the field, Hoii's eyes would widen, and with only a lean forward, the boy would seem to slide back and forth, leaving flashes of himself on the battle field with little effort.

That still didn't give him a plan of how to counteract Tsukiko

"She be preppin' the field.. The attacks go only get bigger if she be keepin' it up.", would be said in mutter as he would then wind would pick up, and before long, a pervebeal storm of debris and wind would make dodging impossible. "No choice..", would be said before soon, water, from every pore of the boy's body, would blast forth, making a large wall of the same about him. The 'storm would do nothing. Hoii's seeming consumed by the water, would be revealed with a splashed, transformed into something more. An aura of foam and water vapor would surround him, his eyes changed into an inverse of blue and white, with water drop-like pupils. His forearms, hands, feet and eyebrows would be foamed over as well, while the tips of every dreadlock would change blue.

Looking to his left, Hoiishime would simple lift up a palm, cutting off Daichi from his second attack on Fuuka, while calling to the girl, "Fuuka-san. Regroup on me!!", would be shouted, as the boy would make the water to swirl about them both, as a protector and an imposing weapon. Meanwhile, his wounds would continue to glow blue, before resealing, thanks to slight splashes of water on to his body.

Tsukiko glances to Daichi and Fuuka's 'lesson'. She smiles a little. Battling amongst ourselves was pointless if no one learned anything. She focuses back on her opponent who was only defending. She hmms, "Tiring me out, or just hoping I'll make a mistake?" she asks the monk. She rushes forward towards the monk in what looks like a martial stance, the wind chakra gathering about her foot. She snaps two quick kicks towards him, even though she is stills standing over two meters away. The wind gusts from her kicks, like solid strikes of their own.

Fuuka then doubled up and lept behind Hoiishime. She was beginning to look discouraged these people were on a whole nother level. She learned not to underestimate everyone and jump in blindly. She then looked to the ground while trying to gaurd and spoke to Hoiishime "Im sorry im useless to you, I didnt mean to be in the way." She was a little down and out and needed another strategy. This time she was planning to work with Hoiishime.

A slashing attack then began to grow larger as Fuuka, not paying attention began to notice a blade coming toward her, she tried swaying her arms to block the wrists the opponent only to get slashed. This was getting ugly really fast. Fuuka then doubled up and leapt behind Hoiishime. She was beginning to look discouraged these people were on a whole nother level. She learned not to underestimate everyone and jump in blindly. She then looked to the ground while trying to guard and spoke to Hoiishime "Im sorry I’m useless to you, I didn’t mean to be in the way." She was a little down and out and needed another strategy. This time she was planning to work with Hoiishime.

"Tsukiko, I have seen this before, he has become more skilled with his water ninjutsu now," Daichi called out as Fuuka regrouped with Hoii. He took hold of his Kunai and concentrated his chakra to his feet. Daichi vanished and appeared in between Fuuka and Hoii, at the rear of each of them Daichi would exhale as he unleashed a swift slash at Hoii's back and one towards Fuuka. Daichi would then keep an eye on Tsukiko making sure she was covered against a counter attack.

COMBAT: Daichi attacks Hoiishime with FLASH-STRIKE…27

Let's face it.. Hoii and Fuuka were getting creamed. Those were the facts.. But it was supposed to be fun right? Yep!! And it is too!! Well.. sort of. It’s kind of like wondering, what’s so fun about a kick to the face, especially when your face is the one thats being kicked. Well.. Hoiishime had been wondering that exact same thing, especially when it was coming to the whole thing of, what in the world was going on here. Well.. Hoii wouldn't be done, even as wind snap kick from Tsukiko, would smack him one, or when the sword slice would take and snip him a few times.. He wasn't going to go down that easily.

Fuuka being taking down would leave him alone for the moment. At least he hadn't needed to protect her. Focusing on his own defense and hers left him vulnerable. And the duel prong attacks by Tsukiko and Daichi, were wearing him thin. It was time for him to take an initiative. And one way that seemed to work, was with the sacrificing of his own health. For when Daichi though he had been able to just get in and out, Hoii, would have remained closer to him that he would though. His try to counter, would fail well, however, the grab, was right on time. Hoiishime would simply push a palm under the boy's guard, and into the boy's chest with authority. Soon, Daichi would feel not only a hard shock, but the flow of chakra moving through him and out of him. If this technique hit, Tsukiko would be able to see blue chakra, visibly coming from the boy's back. Coupled with the power of the strike's strength, and the potency of chakra, Daichi would go reeling back.

But that would not be all to come. Remember all that water? Well, Hoii had been hording it for a reason. The waves, would shout from beneath him, picking him up into the air, where handseals would further be used to gather water beneath his feet. Soon, the waves, would reach rather epic proportion, comparable to a tsunami, and come crashing down for a two prong effort. Whether they missed or not, Hoii would have succeeded in clearing the field of training of all mirror's that had been on the field.

Tsukiko would glance at the two, Daichi and Hoiishime. Well matched and intent on this. She takes to the air, leaping high in the air. She drifts backwards slowly, coming down ever so gradually, coming to a stop with the speed of a falling leaf. She settles atop a large boulder, watching the now duel.

Now that Tsu had gotten to safe grounds Daichi could concentrate on the attack from Hoii, knowing Hoii's movements pretty well Daichi was able to get around the palm thrust in a blurr and launch a strike to Hoii's rear. Hoii was correct running around the battle field madly is a pretty ineffective style, it's better to hold one's ground and wait for the right moment too strike. Daichi did this and it turned out well, Daichi then join's Tsukiko to avoid the wave and looks down at the battle field. "Wow, almost forgot how good of a team we were,"

Running low on Chakra. Running low on Chakra. RUNNING LOW ON CHAKRA. Hoiishime had been screaming it in his head for about a few minutes, after that slice from Daichi would send him back. He would look to Tsukiko, as she would then seem to move up to a higher, much further away place. He would get it finally, and for reasons alone to him, say, "I gotta leave it be.. Ya two be too good.. Me chakra low, and if I get another cut, den I be more hurtin' den bleeding." He would jab himself a few times, all in specific spots in his body, before then rolling his shoulders and then plopping to the ground. "I ain't got no more in me.", would be said with a chuckle.

Tsukiko nods, standing atop the boulder, her arms crossed. "I believe this concludes our little brawl. Daichi, tend to your injuries and then tend to everyone else’s." She settles onto the boulder. "Fuuka, you did pretty good for as inexperienced as you are. Keep at it and you'll be kicking the boy's around the yard soon."

Daichi nods "Ok, um Hoii is a better medic than me, so it looks like he is taking care of himself, I can wrap up some of Fuuka's cuts and she'll be good to go," Daichi says as he moves towards Fuuka after jumping off the boulder. He takes out some bandages and pulls out some herbal oinment. He treats her cuts and bruises and then bandages them. "You should be good to go,"

Fuuka while being healed was uncharacteristically silent the whole time. She felt weak. But the comment of the surprisingly able leadership of Tsukiko and her pep talk cheered her up a bit. She had just silently watched Daichi and Hoiishime from distance thinking about how strong they were. She was a member of the Senju clan. How cold it be possible that they were more skilled than she. She then said to Daichi, "I….Im sorry I wasn’t worthy enough to be a better opponent." as she looked down and turned to Hoiishime "I..I am sorry I held you back. I got in your way.." She then bowed to everyone.

"Held me back? No… Never no days!" Hoiishime would pat the girl on her shoulder, and smile, "You be da cuter part of da team. Soon, wit enough training, beauty be unitin' wit brawn, and before ya know it, you'll be whippin' us all, just like Tsuki-chan be speakin." Hoii would then walk over toward Daichi and Tsukiko, and offer a deep bow.. "Ya both be havin' me tanks.. I be learnin' plenty alone from dis, and dere' be much I can improve on.." Tsukiko would get a cheerful smile, before soon a flower would catch Hoiishime's eye. He would pick it, and if allowed place it in her hair.. "Next time I be seein' ya, I hope to be a stronger nin, Tsuki-san."

With that, the beaten monk would turn simple, and walk toward the shrine where he had been camping out.

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