Tempting the Tempest


Kibushi, Tsiro

Date: December 7, 2011


Kibushi trains within a bad weather cell, revealing just a bit about who he is as Tsiro comes to ask for advice.

"Tempting the Tempest"

Cold Springs

Finally, a bit of motivation from the one who seemed to be a self proclaimed "beast of the mists". The sky crackles darkly with a passing storm, so far just thunder threatening to break the skies with it's roar as light would peak out every now and then. The winds were a bit fierce, but there was no rain as of yet. The low lying mists however remained within the cold springs, eerily shifting about as if something was being conjured within it. And in a way, something was. Kibushi would be leaping from pol to pole, performaing rapid tumbles, hand springs, cart wheels, and even pouncing upon the tops on all fours, leaving no roo mto stop moving as the winds churned about him, pushing and shoving him to and fro. His fangs would show lightly as he smirked, defying nature itself, treating it as simply prey to over come. Some may say he was completely disrepsecting it, while others might say… well largely the same thing. For Kibushi, there was no greater respect to anything than to challenge it with al lthat you were and see where you stand.

Tsiro had not often been to the cold springs, though today he decided to visit the place. He walks along the stairs down into the mist until he is able to see a figure jumping around like a monkey on crack. He is not really surprised to find Kibushi there. He stops for a moment and watches the acrobatics of the man. It was almost like seeing a Kaguya from a different nation or perhaps a long lost cousin. Maybe it was like a dog watching a wolf.

Breathing, pacing, timing, daring, bravery, gumption, boldness, insanity; Perhaps all of these things were necessary in order to battle i nthe raw. Even if that was nto the case, that was the apparent appraoch of the sky bound Kaguya. However, he would eventually stop, balancing on one leg as the other tucked against it and he slowly brought his hands down t ohis sides. The wind thrashed harshly, but he maitnained his pose as his clothing tore about him violently in response. Moments later, he had draw two kunai, raising them up almost as if he was flapping a pair of wings in slow motion before he's thrust his arms forward. The kunai would said through the air, but seemingly towards the ground for some reason. As they pass by an old log jutting from the sands below, they suddenly curled back sharply, wrapping around it as Kibushi's fingers began to bleed slightly as he clenched them. The two kunai would wrap around each other strangely before Kibushi would leap backwards, heaving nothing at all as the log would tear up from the ground. The gleaming of razor wire shimmering slightly as the light reflects off of it momentarily.

That was something new that Tsiro had not seen before. At least that is out of a Kaguya. Wires and kunai. It was a form of ranged attack that he did not have. Sure he could toss a kunai or a bone dagger, but he had no way to control them outside of the toss itself. For a moment the boy pondered just how Kibushi learned on the battlefield. Did the guy actually have a mentor or a sensei?

Kibushi's muscles flexed heavily as he leaned his body backwards on the new height he had gained, utilizing a bit of torque fro mhis upper body whiel stabalinging his footing. The wind surged again, and he faltered only a bit, snarling in complete disobedience as he stomped the foot back down and ripped the log free fro mthe sands. The ashen petrified wood would launch in to the air, and kibushi would follow after it swiftly. His fist would unclench in to a claw like strike that gripped in to the nooks and gnarls of the wood as he'd rotate i tnhe air much like one would on the ground when tossing someone over your shoulder. He would quite literally dive bomb with the log straight down in to the ground below as a large plume of dirt, sand, gravel, and pieces of destroyed poles would fly in to the air. Spitting out debris, Kibushi would stil lbe hunched over his "victom" as his forearms would seem bruised and bleeding slightly from the impact's recoil upon him.

The eyes of the boy follow the log as it is brought up into the air and then dive bombed back to the ground. It became apparent the log was to mimic a person in training. The wired kunai though. They reminded him of that boy who used his arm bandages to wrap him. There was a grin on Tsiro's face as he replayed the move in his mind. Yeah, something about it seemed very beastly.

Kibushi stood up, considering the flaws in the technique. The maximum amount of impact had been achieved, but looking down at his arms slightly, he'd see the risk of using the technique in this way. The ranged portion was also a pain to get over in the end, there had to be a better way to perform this jutsu to maximize efficiency as well as impact. The wind would catch his senses however as he'd suddenly glance towards Tsiro and nod towards him slowly. "Afternoon." he would state in his cool tone as he propped the log back up.

Tsiro offered a nod in response to Kibushi. "That is quite a technique." he states. "I can only imagine how much more intense it would become combined with our clan's kekkei genkai." For the moment the boy pondered if there was a way to work his bone density down so fine, it could mimic those wires. They would become almost like whips but stronger… "Tell me Kibushi, have you ever known anyone to be able to produce very thin and fine bones?"

"Of course." Kibushi would reply as if it was common knowledge. "Especially from the fingers where the bones are already narrow. Why do you ask?" he questioned Tsiro as he moved towards a pack near by and gathered some bandages to wrap his arms with temporarily. "As far as the technique… it is not designed for Shikotsumyaku. Ir could however certainly be enhanced by the kekke genkai if performed in its incomplete state."

Tsiro looked at Kibushi for a moment. The answer was what he wanted to hear. "If one could produce wire like bones from their fingers, they could easily wrap someone up like that." The boy raises his finger clearly excited. "Then instead of having to be right on top of them, they could throw them using their hands, or tighten the hold. It would be like wire except for stronger… maybe even more controllable. If it is possible, I have a lot of work cut out for me."

Kibushi shook his head. "Ah, you misunderstand. You asked if bone could be made to be thin and fine. However, bones without joints are not able to retai ntheir strength while benging, nro can you truly control the bending or wrapping with anything beyond skill even if you could. More than likely, a.. bone binding jutsu like that would end up being much weaker than wire." Kibushi would explain.
There was a pause from Tsiro for the moment. "Hrmm. Maybe your right, but I mean like bone threads. Something extremely fine that it could bend without a joint. Like strands of rope. Or kind of like spider silk. Possibly combined with some form of chakra to add strength. Think thats even close to possible?"

"Bone has a structure of it's own. Silk and thread and various other things are not composed of multiple layers and gain their strength through tautness more than through inherent strength. A bent rope is harder to cur than a taut one, but a taut rope is what does all of the work. That same tension that compresses the fibers and makes it strong, also makes it weak when there is a flaw or when enough force is applied. That is why… it will snap or tear itself apart." Kibushi was actually giving a lesson on physics? "Even with the ability to manipulate bone, it cannot be everything at once. Flexible and strong, long and wiry, pretensile and controlled, reinforced yet soft. There is a limit to everything, Tsiro." Kibushi would explain.

Tsiro frowned and nodded his head. "Man. I will never be able to do some of the things Kiesuke and Yuuka can. Domes of piercing bones and other things. I guess I will have to keep thinking until I figure out something that will put me on that same level." he states.

"Every gift has a draw back, and every advantage has a weakness, even if that weakness is primarily the user." Kibushi would state. "For instance, this.. dome of piercing bone you mentioned. It sounds like it obscures the attackers perceptions. That is a huge advantage for a prepared opponent." He would state. Even if there was far more to the jutsu than he had just simplified it to, it seemed to be more of a point than an example. "You may want to try something more along the lines of… surprise attacks."

"Surprise attacks seem good." the boy states. Of course he pondered trying to also pick up some water ninjutsu. Maybe one day it would pay off and he'd be able to use both with some ease. "I think I may try to go in a different direction and pick up some ranged ninjutsu. Very little can affect me at close range. But far away I am still vulnerable."

"Very little can effect you, you say?" Kibushi would state with a cant of his head. "I see… well as you are closing in on mastery of combat as a whole, a few ranged jutsu should just about round you out." Finally closing up his pack, Kibushi's hair would whip about him violently as another gust passes through the area, disrupted by the lower elevation of the ground.

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