Tension Brewing


Auron (emitter), Kagami, Aoitsuki

Date: April 7, 2012


Auron's TP scene: Tension is rising in Kiri. A guard fends off Kiri's poor and accidentally kills an innocent. This triggers a domino effect of events which causes the guard to take drastic measures. It is now up to Kagami and Aoitsuki to make right of the delicate situation.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Tension Brewing"

Kirigakure Streets

It's mid morning with a light layer of fog filling the streets of Kirgakure due to the sudden drop of temperature over night. There are a few people out in the street but the majority of these people are peasants and the homeless. The village is still buzzing about the outburst in front of the administration building. Most are beginning to realize the error in this Mizukage's ways and it is only causing tension between the people who are choosing to stay loyal to Hikan.
Two Kiri nin are currently walking along the path on their patrol. A few of the homeless shake their fist at them and yell slanders. The nin seem to just brush off their words and point their noses into the air. A woman dressed in torn robes reaches up to grab hold of one of the guard's hands. She pleads for spare change so that her daughter can eat. The guard looks down at the woman with disgust. "Unhand me, you filth." He snarls. She continues to beg then suddenly she is back handed. She falls to the ground with her daughter running out to hug and comfort her.
This angers the surrounding peasants and they move in to surround the Kiri nin. "Stay back!" The guard yells with kunai at the ready. The enraged peasants choose not to obey and they swarm the guard. The guard attempts to shove off the peasants and creates some distance by swinging his kunai wildly. Suddenly there is a scream and blood spills on to the ground followed by a thud. With everyone in a state of shock they all look to the ground where the lifeless body of the daughter lays on the ground. The guard had accidently caught the poor girl with his wild swings. The mother climbs over her daughter begins screaming histerically. Not knowing what else to do, the second Kiri guard takes off running towards the administration building for back up. In doing his he leaves his partner to fend for himself with the angry mob of peasants.
They all regroup and start advancing on the guard once again. This time with killing intent in their eyes. The guard performs a series of hand signs then holds out his hands hands to his sides. The mob of men disperse as they are shoved up against the nearby walls. Lines of electricity flow from the guard's hands towards the peasant's throats where. "That's it. I'll just finish you all off! Kiri is no place for weak scum like you! I'm going to do what the should have been long ago!" The lines of electricity shrink tighter around the peasant's throats and some even begin gasping for air.

"What a waste." Comes a voice from nearby, the empty and blank stare of the Chuunin known as Kagami falling upon the guard and the homeless people. She walks slowly towards the guard, noting his use of lightning and silently marking what he did to perform that in the back of her mind. She can train to learn that later. Right now there's something more important. "I wonder how long until your chakra runs out… and then you're overwhelmed by a bunch of people in rags." She turns in her place.
"I want to see just how 'weak' they are." Aaand her leg sweeps out suddenly, attempting to sweep the guard's foot out from under him. "With a more even battlefield." After the sweep towards the guard's foot, she sweeps one of her twin kukri out of her hand to attempt to stab it into his hand. She then looks towards the civilians. "…Do you want your revenge?" She smiles in a slightly … disturbed way, "I'm curious~."
She steps away from the guard, quickly sheathing her kukri and leaping to a nearby wall, where she settles seemingly-comfortably. "Choose carefully~. Will you be good little sheep and go on your way? Will you be a rampaging bull?" It's … probably hard to tell what she wants, as her face has settled into a completely uncaring and blank stare that doesn't seem to actually focus on any one of them.

Civil unrest… It was something unusual for Aoi to come back to after her mission on the coast of Konohagakure no Sato, she was a shinobi by merit, and even a royalist of her clan. She wore no headbands though she did kept her self adored in a lavishing snow white kimono with a dark blue sash, and her usual trademark of moving around barefooted. The uproar of the peasants was certainly interesting but at the same time unexpected… Her clan was becoming useless, why throw support behind a kage that was miss using his resources? Because they were family?
The ice princess walked through the streets with a chilled and calm demeanor, long locks of bright golden hair flowing down her cheeks and back, each step was one of elegance and class, she really didn't look like a shinobi but the cold expressionless looks in her pericing azure gaze was more than enough to push away the average villager. The Shirayuki found herself walking in on an unpleasant scene however, a guard had ran right passed her towards the administrator building as she had looked ahead… There was a crowd of peasants surrounding a defenseless guard and pools of blood all around him… Though suddenly she notices his quick actions, igniting lighting jutsu arcing across the crowd and finally someone takes a stand though it puts her on the defensive rather quickly. Regardless if the man is knocked down or not she steps in once the kunai is drawn to stab into him, A clone of Aoitsuki rushes forward and catches the blade in her hands, causing her flesh to slightly "crack" but the clone remains glaring up at Kagami, the real Ice Princess steps in from the back, no weapons drawn but her hands were clasped together within her kimono, just in case she needed to blow through a kick hand seals.
You can rampage through this town all you want… But the only benefit that will have is turning our mist into a thick smog of red, covered in blood," She states, suprisingly honorable, she exchanges a quick look at the guard. " Are you proud of killing your own kin?"

Inzo, the guard, was unable to catch the sneak attack in time and falls to his knee. Thanks to Aoitsuki however, Kagami's blade doesnt get near him and he is still able to continue focus with his restraining jutsu. He looks over at Aoitsuki once she addresses him. "These scum or not my kin. They are weak and they hold this village back. Its because of these weaklings that the Mizukage's visions are far from making realality." The guard tightens his jutsu once again after he rises back to his feet. "Once the village we rid the village of the weak and make room for the strong, we will be the most feared village in all the lands!"

The stab of her Kukri is blocked by a clone. She raises an eyebrow at this, her kukri slipped into it's sheath on her wrist as she looks down to Aoi. She frowns slightly, "What a waste of chakra." She mutters under her breath as she settles onto the wall like she'd intended. Her face shifts back to a blank stare down at Aoi, seeming uninterested in moving to attack further.
But that doesn't mean much, since she seems to always have that uninterested look. Her eyes stray back towards the homeless people being slowly choked by the lightning chakra around their necks, and she stands up on the wall again, a dull look crossing her face. "This guard is annoying." She wrinkles her nose. "Killing them serves no purpose. They're weak, but their state of clothing hints at homelessness. Most of which is generally not their own fault."
She looks towards the guard. "A guard using his skills on them. It's a waste of chakra." She hops down, walking slowly towards the daughter that had been hit earlier. She kneels down and rests a hand over her chest. "Dead. All because her mother dared ask for money to feed her." She shakes her head. "Pitiful." She stands, turning towards Inzo and the ice princess, crossing her arms. "Bravery thanked with the death of her daughter."

Despite Aoi's words it seemed like the guard wasn't going to let up as she thought he might have done… Aoi shared the same thought as Kagami, as well as her expression which read to be uninterested or even bored, she exchanged a quick glance at her clone as well as the guard and finally began to take action, the ice clone would suddenly shift and run outwards attempting to catch him in a bear hug, spikes of ice erupting from the clones ribs attempting to spike the man while she tosses a single wind driven kunai at him. " You must be out of touch in reality, we don't get stronger from preying off the weak," Aoi speaks boldly, keeping her eyes on the guard and turning her attention to Kagami. " You will have to forgive me… I will make sure not to block your attacks in the future…"

Inzo was now solely focused on bringing the death of these peasants. His facial expression is displaying a side of madness. "Today is the day that the Kirigakure will no longer harbor the weak!" The girls' words were having no affect on the guard as he tightens his jutsu and even snapping the neck of one of elderly peasants. The man moans and slumps to the ground with his neck twisted horrificaly. That was when he notices Aoi coming at him. "Stupid girl." He snarls as he turns to take her on head on. He tried to meet her with a punch, but it was off it's mark and he was grabbed up. Ice spikes penatrate various spots in his skin which causes the man to cry out in agony. The kunai doesnt miss it's mark either as it slices right through the man's leg. In doing this, the kunai exits Inzo's body only to destory Aoi's own ice clone. The chakra enhanced kunai fumbles to the ground amongst chunks of ice.
The lightning strings that flowed from Inzo have vanished and the peasants tend to their own trying their best to stay out of the out matched battle. "You little blorp." Inzo snarled at Aoi. "You'll pay for that with your blood and make sure you go down for treason. Now get over here!" He says forming another lightning whip and attempting to capture Aoi in it.

"Forgiven." Kagami states simply in return to Aoitsuki. She watches Aoi's attacks as they're executed. Not that she could mimic that, but it's good to keep an eye out for possible skills that she could learn. The strike. Hm. Effective. And then Inzo begins to talk! "…Unsurprising. This guard is no longer fit for duty." She glances towards the peasants and homeless people. "All of you. Get out of here." She states simply towards the peasants. "Go get medinin, if you would."
She quickly positions herself behind the mad guard. In a moment she's drawn her paired kukri, and is beginning to do her work. She stabs forward quickly with one of her kukri towards the center of his back, which suddenly flashes with electricity as she strikes. This is followed immediately with a 'normal' cut that she aims towards one of his shoulders, and a final strike to attempt to cut along the back of his knees. "It would be best if you just laid down and gave up now." Or died. But she doesn't say that part.

Aoitsuki was definitely a sly one, and with Kagami taking charge on telling the peasants what to do, the Ice princess keeps her attention on the renegade guard, or at lest how she thinks of him. " Are you mad?" Aoitsuki questioned the guard, her body exploding into a puff of smoke as the lighting had hit, it was the clone, and the real Aoitsuki was just a few feet behind him, sending out another kunai to cut into his flesh while motioning through a series of hand seals. " The treason is turning against our country, which is what you are doing…punishable by death," Carefully she begins to work through a series of hand seals suddenly the mist from around began to form into senbon needles and eventually aiming to stab into the guard and hopefully catch him off guard… She worked around Kagami's techniques assuring she wouldn't get hit.

Inzo side steps Kagami's lightining touch, spins away from her next attack, and flips backwards away from her last strike. He suddenly finds himself in the path of her Kunai. He bends his body backwards just in time to watch the kunai fly right above his face. Even Aoi's water needle technique couldnt catch the guard as he ducked and weaved out of that technique just as well. His gaze turns over to Kagami and a wicked smile comes across his face. "Lightning jutsu, huh? Alright so that's how you want to play?" Without even looking, the guard flings a pair of kunai towards Aoi from out of no where then charges for Kagami with electricity forming around his fist. Once he was close enough, he rears back and attempts a right hook towards her face.

As the lightning forms on the man's fist, lightning also forms along the edge of Kagami's blade and along her arm. Swiftly, she lifts her arm to block the lightning-laced punch. "Is that all you have?" She asks in an empty tone. Though the question is taunting, her tone is empty. And then her eyes seem to flash, the emptiness fading from them. Sloooowly a grin spreads over her face, her cheeks becoming flush.
"Actually… this is fun…" She murmurs, a soft ~giggle~ ringing out from her as the madness that Inzo was previously exhibiting begins to grow in her. But in a different manner, of course. An almost lust-laden look crosses her features as she looks at the man. "My, my… Let's just see… how long you can last." She lifts the electrified hand to attempt to simply brush the fingers across the man's cheek.
And that brush is followed by her other hand being lifted to attempt to caress down the center of his chest, her movements constantly moving to get in closer and closer to him. And then, finally? She lifts her knee up to attempt to plant it firmly into his crotch as hard as she can, her face returning to it's normal blank look. The brief bit of madness fading away.

Aoitsuki seemed to be liking her current partner, as the attacks turned in her direction she attempted to deflect them with her own kunai, the first one not hitting its mark and slicing along her harm, the other was knocked clean out of the air… " Thi needs to end as quick as possible…" Aoi whispered quietly to herself, a battle to the death between shinobi wasn't exactly unheard of, but all three of them were steping on the toes of treason at this point. " You need to give up now or you are going to die," Aoi spoke out to the guard, this time summoning up more chakra and creating the same flying senbon, sending them rainign down on her target, anuglarly to catch him off guard and to possible open up some hits for kagami.

Inzo twists and rolls around Kagami's attack attempts. From a distance it looks almost like a dance between them. As the girl pulls up her knee towards his groin, he slaps it out of the way with his hand. Focused on Kagami, he has left himself open for Aoi. Her water needle technique hits dead on this time and pierces his back. He growls in pain and another needle flies by, only it manages to connect with air as Inzo no longer stood there. Reappearing next to Aoi, the guard chuckles in her ear. "Hi, toots." With his lightning infused fists, he sends a combo punch towards her stomach and follows it up with an uppercut.

The attention turns from Kagami! Which is at first seemingly a good thing! But then she realizes that that means that the girl who has taken more direct hits is now the target of her enemy's ire! Swiftly, she darts in as the attack is swung towards Aoi. She's simply not fast enough to interrupt the first attack unfortunately, but she manages to dart in just fast enough to catch the second attack, turning and crossing her blades to attempt to block the worst of the strike. Unfortunately, in her rush, she forgot to remember one, very important thing: Metal conducts electricity. The blades only help to further the electrocution from the lightning strike, causing her to smoke from the strike. She does not scream. She does not show her pain. But she was obviously just hit. Hard. Also trying to defend against an uppercut with crossed blades was honestly probably not the greatest idea in the world, and she's sent flying up! Up! Up! Aaaand over Aoi. Hitting the ground behind her.

That one hurt, and she gives a groan of pain as she works her way back up to standing quickly. She takes a deep breath, and then darts in again, attempting to dash around to the side of the guard and strike his side *HARD* with another touch of lightning, before spinning around to swing both of her blades as hard as she can into the guy's other side one after the other, breathing a little raggedly at this point. She doesn't seem to be letting go of her Kukri right now. Or maybe any time soon, as third degree burns on her left hand seem to have temporarily fused her hand to it. "…He's not going to give up. He went insane on the job. The pressure of being a guard is too much for him. He needs to be subdued."

Aoitsuki kept herself a step ahead or at least attempted to as suddenly attention was put upon herself, She was attacked yet again by the guard, this time using her greater potential of lighting in attempt to subdue her, though before Aoi could even lift a finger, Kagami had stepped in to take the blow, though her defense failed and she was litrally launched over Aoi's head, the second attack slammed directly into Aoi's stomach, causing her to reach her hands out and hold him in place, her flesh was as hard as a rock despite how elegant and smooth she looked, though her flesh was surprisingly cold. " You've…made your choice.." Aoi finalizes, her eyes narrowing down while her mind had dropped into a mode of violence, the clone utilizes a swift spin kick across the guard's face, hopefully slicing and freezing over the wound with the deadly ice while finalized by eroding the ice clone into a series of spikes until it turned into a frozen sculpture.

She was going to ask if Kagami was okay or not, but seeing the girl spring into action yet again, it seemed as though hse had more stamina than she had anticipated…"If he is insane we need to bring him back to reality…"

The guard manages to dodge around each of Kagami's attacks. However, when it came to Aoi's attacks he was unable to work around them. A lot of it had to do with the amount of blood he was losing. Especially with the wound on his leg at the beginning of this fight. Suddenly a loud voice booms from down the alley. "Enough!" The Mizukage himself was walking down the street with the guard from earlier at his side.
"Inzo!" The guard calls out running to his side.
The Mizukage studies the girls then looks around at the bodies. "My lord…" Inzo gasps for air for his beaten body. "These girls have sided with the villagers and want to take you off your throne! First the villagers went crazy and started attacking me. They put a child in front of me to use as some kind of human shield." Inzo says pointing to the girl on the ground. "And then these girls came along and started attacking me along with the villagers!"
The Mizukage looks from the kiri nin then over to the girls. "Treason comes with a very severe punishment. Is this true you started the attack on Inzo?"

Kagami slides both of her kukri into their sheathes, leaving a decent section of her skin on the hilts of both of them. Her eyes flash dangerously when Inzo begins to speak, and then her eyes look towards the Mizukage. "It is true that we attacked Inzo first. However it is not true that the villagers went crazy and started attacking him." She points towards the dead girl.

"That is the reason that it started. Her mother was simply asking him for some spare change so that she could feed her daughter. His responses were immediately violent, and he backhanded her when she was simply asking for change. The villagers did attack him, as they were understandably agitated by his behaviour, and that simply sparked the flame." She keeps her finger pointing to the young woman. "It was all well and good until someone got killed, at which point I determined that this guard." She shifts her point to Inzo. "Was no longer fit to be a guard of Kirigakure, and needed to be restrained for punishment, as he was choking all of the villagers present with a lightning bind technique. Shortly afterwards he seemed to lose all sense of mental coherency and began to unleash c-rank lightning jutsu on myself and my companion." She motions towards Aoi.

Her eyes narrow slightly. "That said, my companion was not intially a part of this, and instead she started to defend against my attacks at first as I attempted to break the technique and stop the villagers from all being choked to death." Her blank stare returns to normal as she looks towards the Mizukage. "So yes. I did start the attack, sir. But it was not out of treasonous intent."

Aoi turned her attention to the Mizukage, shifting her stance as she released her ice jutsu and her clone turned into a puddle of water, the man was mangled and broken at this point thanks to the duo. The shirayuki brushed off her kimono, shrugging off the blood that was dripping along one side of her arm as she bowed respectfully to the Mizukage. " Mizukage-sama… It is unfortunately but it seems like this guard is attempting to stirr discontent to your rule, anyone who decided to torture and maim in your name is sowing the seeds to rebellion…" Aoitsuki speaks rather balant but respectful to the kage. " Either this man is conspiring against you secretly, or he has indeed gone insane…" Aoi continues to speak. " The guards took things a little to far, normal villagers can't just overpower and take on a properly trained Kiri-guard

Hikan turns back to Inzo who is currently kneeling on one knee, tending to his wounds and still breathing heavy from the fight. "Inzo, their words sound sincere. What do you have to say for this?"
The guard grits his teeth and furrows his brows. "These girls are stupid. They do not share the same vision as you my lord!"
"Lien, Take Inzo here to the hospital then have him locked up for treason against his village." The guard nods then helps Inzo to his feet. "As for you girls. You have done well in fighting off Inzo. He is not one to be taken lightly. Perhaps one day you will make fine shinobi and help make this village strong. In the mean time, I command you to get these…people off of my streets. They are cluttering it with their filth. We have wars to win, land to conquer. I do not want to be distracted with these images when i come out into the village. Carry on." Without bothering to wait for any response, the Mizukage turns and begins walking back to his office.

Kagami takes a deep breath, and then releases it, bowing her head as she listens to the Mizukage's orders. "Yes sir." She states simply, before beginning to gather the corpses. Since the other villagers had hopefully run by now to get medinin like she'd asked them to or something. Hopefully. Maybe. Or they're just morons and stood around, whichever, she doesn't care.
She glances back towards Aoi. "Thank you." She murmurs, carefully lifting up the daughter that had died in the initial scuffle, she places a soft kiss on each of her closed eyes. "I suppose it's time to arrange burials." Or something. Since they're homeless, they're probably going to get more or less unmarked graves. Unfortunately. And then she'd go about trying to convince the villagers to at least not protest obviously because it could mean their fracking lives.

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