Terror on the High Seas


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Michiko, Ryouji, Misaki

Date: March 9, 2014


The Kumo nin are tasked to escourt a shipment of goods from the Land of Lightning to the Land of Tea. They encounter a giant squid and then pirates.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Terror on the High Seas"

Somewhere out at sea between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Tea

It's a warm spring day in the Land of Lightning as the kumo nin gather at the Lightning Docks for their mission. They are to escourt a rather large shipment of goods to the Land of Tea. The seas are calm today and the ship's captain, a burly looking man in a navy blue coat walks around yelling at the crew to hurry up loading the cargo so that they could leave while the wind is good. Hiei looks around as he stands in front of the gang plank. There's a nervous look on his face, almost like he doesn't want to walk on and board the ship. A slight frown is seen as he moves to the side to allow others to get on before him. He runs a nervous hand over his face. He hated traveling by boat.

- Hiroyasu had to go this time, after all the stories Nariko has told about the last time Hiei was on a boat. "On a boat? Feeling adventurous?" he says with a sneer as he walks by the Yotsuki. "It's good timing, I need afew things from the Land of Tea; This is quicker than waiting on a merchant or courier" patting Hiei on the shoulder as he moves to seat himself comfortably.. well as comfortably as possible. -

Michiko is along for the trip. Being on a boat is a new experience for her, but so far she seems alright. She glances over to Hiei, feeling slightly sorry for the Yotsuki. "Hiei-san doesn't like boats?" she asks him as she gets on the ship.

Ryouji has never been on a boat before! This is a first for him and he's more than eager to try it out. As he's standing with the others he shrugs at Michiko, "I didn't know that. Hiei-sensei, you really don't like boats?" He picks up his pack, slings it over a shoulder, and walks up the ramp.

Misaki was aware of Hiei's nervousness, but a firm smack on the arm with an open hand is all he gets for comfort as she makes her way on board with a heavy crate. She figured she might as well help out if she's going to have to wait. Shortens waiting time and at least she's making herself useful.

Hiei eyes Hiroyasu for his comments as he gets on the boat. Hiei still hasn't boarded. He takes a few deep breaths as he works up his nerve to get on. It was the slap from Misaki that got him finally moving. He steps tentatively on the gang plank and finally makes it on board. He looks at Michiko and Ryouji. "I don't have a problem with boats in general. I just don't like it when they move." At least it wasn't moving right now. The captain yells that the cargo has been loaded and orders the crew to prepare for cast off. He orders for the mooring ropes to be released as the boat begins to float away from the shore.

- Hiroyasu peeks over the end of the railing staring down at Hiei as he explains it "Makes him cry.. I hear" he says, then the shiny bald head slowly disappears back below the railing. Before moving back to his boulder buddy and perching on top of it, pulls out a few seal tags and his writing kit and draws a few seals before sticking them to things seemingly at random. "No evil spirits can invade, and cause anyone to cry now" he proclaims with great assurance. -

Michiko looks a bit surprised at the feeling of a moving boat (even if it is barely moving). "This is an interesting experience…" she says, mostly to herself. She goes to take a seat somewhere free.

Ryouji sets his pack down next to his seat and drops in it adjusting his sword so it won't get in the way. Ryouji watches Hiro and sighs shaking his head. But it's mostly harmless fun so Ryouji doesn't rush in to protect his sensei. Not his job anyway. He watches the crew moving about getting the ship ready.

"What's that for?" Misaki asks, approaching Hiro and looking at him fiddling with seals. "Evil spirits? You have seals for those?" ~Do they even exist?~ A sarcastic voice proclaims within, which allows Misaki to slip out an innocent giggle, shaking head head and proppering her hands into her backpockets. "Dibs on the helm of the ship!" Misaki calls playfully. Heading for the helm indeed to prop herself against the railing, overlooking the steerman's business.

Hiei looks towards Hiroyasu. "No fair." He then watches Misaki as she goes running off. "I suggest we take turns patrolling the cargo area. Two hour shifts, then we change off. If any of the crew requires your assistance with anything, feel free to help out." As the ship begins picking up speed and rocking back and forth, Hiei's speech becomes a little more difficult. "If..if you notice anything out of the ordinary. Come get either…ugh…me. Or Hiroyasu.." He makes a face as a hand drifts to his abdomen. "I'll..be..in..urk..my office.." And then he runs towards the side of the ship and hangs over the side. He coughs a few times. "So..embarassing.." He mutters out loud.

- Hiroyasu shrugs "I have a seal for everything. Evil Spirits, Bad Hair Days, Indigestion.." but then the ship lurches into motion as they cast-off.. "Alright, 2 hour shifts.. uh huh" he adds agreeing to the whole spill. "Michiko, your first time on a boat?" he asks trying to remember if she had mentioned it.. "You know, we can get you medicine for that right? Hiei?" he asks aloud as there the a new decorations posted over the edge of the ship in the shape of a Yotsuki. -

Michiko glances over at Hiei, watching him walk off. "Alright, Hiei-san!" She calls out after him. At Hiroyasu's question, her attention shifts to him. "Ah, yes, it is." No, she hadn't mentioned it before. "I guess it isn't yours, Hiro-san."

Ryouji blinks as Hiei visits the side of the ship. He hardly feels the ship moving, not a bit. He frowns and sighs, seeing Hiei falling apart. "Well, hopefully we have no problems." He sits up out of his seat nodding, "I'll take the first watch down in the hold." He does tip a bit as the boat tilts a bit more than just standing still. "Ok, I felt that…um…let's see…" he looks around a bit and finds the large door leading to below decks and walks towards it, then jumps down into it to land on some crates and eventually hopping a few times to the floor.

Misaki stares at Hiei and nods after a moment. "Got it baws…" She decides to linger a bit more at the wheel though. Something about being in control of a big beast that isn't part of you. "So you just pull left and it goes left?" She asks… "Is it heavy?" She smirks then, slightly evil… "Can you make it rock more… I mean… THEORETICALLY…."

After several hours at sea one may note a gradual change. The further the ship gets from the Land of Lightning, the darker the skies become. A thick fog rises from the water, and after about another hour, it's more difficult to see anything but a sea of white. The crew light lanterns in several places, because even though it's technically in the afternoon, due to the fog and the sky, it's almost pitch black. Storms form out at sea, but there was something not quite right about this. Hiei does ask Hiroyasu for the medicine though. The air turns cold, so cold in fact that the nin and the crew can see their breath in front of their faces.

- Hiroyasu actually packed some motion-sickness prevention, not usually something he carries but when on a boat best to be prepared.. "Well they were supposed to be for the Genin.. but they seem. alright for now.." handing him a sprig of mint with the medicine. "Chew this too.. doctor's orders.. its good natural medicine for your queasiness" and your breath.. Looking up with a frown, "Another storm? I thought it was clear sailing.. all the way.." he frowns putting his pen away and pocketing the small sealing kit into his pocket. "Rough sea's just what needed.." he sighs hopping up to check one Michiko and then Ryouji asking each "Are you alright? Anything to report" before returning back to his boulder. -

Michiko shakes her head. "Aside from the storms and the sudden cold, everything is alright. The weather certainly helping, though, Hiro-san." She wraps the cloak she is wearing a bit tighter around her with the cold. The biggest thought in her head: Can I use my jutsu to warm us up, or would that end up destroying the ship?

Ryouji climbs the steps after doing his time down below and comes up just as the storm is rising. "A storm? That's unexpected." He feels the cold and pulls out a jacket from his pack and slips it on. luckily it comes with a hood to ward off the cold. As Hiro asks him to report he says with a shrug, "I killed a rat down below. But nothing else to report. I hope the weather won't cause us trouble." As he looks out at the storm quickly approaching.
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Misaki looks up, slightly worried… "Uh oh…" She says with a grumble. "I should have brought a jacket…" She mewls in general. "So helmsman, what's the warmest place in the ship, without being uncomfortably wet?"

The helmsman answers Misaki. "The crew barracks." One of the crew comes up on the deck with a blanket wrapped around him. The captain sneers at him. "Look alive, you scallywags! Just because it's gotten a wee bit nippy doesn't mean we don't got a shipment to haul! There's a storm coming. Draw in the sails and batten down the hatches." Hiei is sitting with his back against the guard rail, obviously feeling a little better. He's got a blanket wrapped around his shoulders as he sits next to Hiroyasu. "I hate storms at sea." He comments idly.

The wind blows hard as the rain begins to fall. It's falling so hard that it stings the bare skin, and it's cold. Colder than perhaps it should be. The ship begins to pitch back and forth as the waves become choppy. And there is a loud thumping sound that seems to be coming from beneath the ship itself.

- Hiroyasu shrugs, "Feels alright to me.. there is a reason monks wear 3 layers." he says pulling his thick cloak around himself "That is the sea for you, once you think you got it easy.." he says before catching something out of the corner of his eye, with a somewhat look of dismissal "The white caps are curling something serious.. I didn't think the wind was that strong.." then there it was again.. "By the goat-ogre what is that" he says before peeking over the railing with a sigh.. "Hiei, Your Lunch Delivery has arrived!" before pulling out his single Kunai. -

Michiko blinks when she hears something. At first she thinks it's the waves and storm, but she notices something strange out on the sea. "Hiro-san, did you see that too?" she yells out to him, grabbing a Kunai from her pouch.

Ryouji hasn't seen this kind of weather besides up on top of a mountain. certainly not near a beach or ocean. Very odd. He moves to a sheltered overhang and leans against the wood. He closes his eyes and tunes his senses to anything unusual about him. Opening his eyes he focuses far out past the ship and sees something odd. He calls out, "I see it too Hiroyasu-san. There, in the fog. Figures in the shadows!" and points out where he's seeing them. He grips the hilt of his sword but has no reason to draw it just yet. Comfort if nothing else.
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Misaki wasn't all too worried until she spotted Hiroyasu grab his kunai. "Trouble?" She asks, a bit weary, though a large rumble of presumably thunder throws off her voice and makes her hard to hear. So she slides down a railing to get a little closer, scanning left and right, showing some combat readyness.

Lightning arcs across the sky and the temperature continues to drop a few degrees as the Kumo nin ready themselves for…whatever it is that's out in the fog. Hiei stands up when Hiroyasu announces that there is something out there. He reaches up and draws both swords. The wind howls and the crash of thunder can be heard, making it hard to hear, so Hiei doesn't even try to talk. He begins to use handsignals. He motions to his eyes and then twirls his finger in the air. ~Look around for the advisary.~ He then begins moving towards the crew. Meanwhile, when Misaki begins looking left and right, a white tentacle the size of a large tree with pink looking suckers rises up from the side of the boat. It attempts to smack Misaki in the back then goes for Hiroyasu just as another one loops around the entire ship. Another tentacle slams onto the deck of the boat, splintering the wood before snaking it's way towards Ryouji. There is an audible yell that might be lost in the wind, but Hiei is lifted off his feet and knocked overboard.

- Hiroyasu watches as the tentacle comes at him with great unnatural force… Waiting for it, when it arrives he rolls to his side when it strikes him he rolls right over the large meaty trunk of a limb.. When it comes for a second strike he kicks a jagged floorboard loosened by the first strike letting the jagged piece of wood act as spear as it juts up from the deck waiting for the its target.. using his kunai he cuts a rope and a heavy rigging timed as best he can guess; to crash down on the tentacle. "No Sayamoto-san, there is not anything wrong at all.." he sneers to himself but over the roar of the waves and the thunder he isn't exactly whispering it. -

Michiko notices tentacles go after her fellow Shinobi. She curses and moves someplace she considers protected, throwing a Kunai at one of the tentacles she sees on the deck. "Hiei-san!" she gasps, watching the Chuunin go overboard.

Ryouji clenches his teeth as the tentacles invade the boat. As one of them snakes towards Ryouji he tries to leap over it to dodge. But the thing quickly counters and lifts itself to smash into him a railing. He grunts and it's more of an annoyance at this point. But…he knows what is needed to do, kill this thing with extreme prejudice. With the chaos of all this going on, he hasn't seen Hiei go overboard. He's got more to worry about right now anyway. The Reizei leaps at the tentacle and draws his sword giving it three quick cuts before jumping back and holding his sword in a defensive posture up high. "You won't take me down so easily monster." he says in a defiant tone.

Misaki ducks down low, watching the thing fly overhead, and in that split second she lanches her nekote up to try and sever or damage the appendage trying to smack her in the back. Before looking over the side of the ship… "HIEI!" She yells, rushing down the stairs and reaching for some rope she saw earlier…. "Hold on Hiei!" She yells, beginning to tie one end to one of the masts, before throwing the rest of the coiled rope in Hiei's general direction, before running to the side of the ship to go look for him.

The tentacle misses Misaki and receives a large gash for it's trouble from her nekote and then runs into the trouble as the actions of Hiroyasu pin it to the deck of the ship. The other tentacle takes on Ryouji, but the genin's swordsmanship shows as he slices into it, causing it to bleed out. There is a shrill shriek that sounds out over the howls of the wind and the waves as a large head surfaces about five meters off the port side of the ship. It looks to resemble that of a monstrous squid. Another tentacle rises out of the water just before a figure explodes up out of the water. Hiei forms handseals in mid-air as he slams his fists together. "Fire Style: Falcon Punch!" He descends towards the tentacle like guided missile as the image of a firebird encircles his right arm just before he swings at the monster. He lands in a crouch on the deck of the ship just before more tentacles surface. One of them grabs him around the waist, pinning his hands to his sides before it yanks him down into the water. "NOT AGAAAAIN!" Hiei cries just before he disappears. Four tentacles attack the shinobi again.

- Hiroyasu shouts "Sayamoto! Focus on the task at hand. Not an Elite Chuunin who can walk on the surface of water for hours with ease. If this boat sinks, all these people die, if the boats cargo is damaged our mission is a failure.. If Hiei gets wet, he smells like sasuke for few hours.. Your all Shinobi Act like it." before the tentacle swipes throughout him with almost no effort sending him flying off into the distance.. before a puff of white smoke betrays its look amongst the clouds.. Leaping out from behind a railing he lands on the tentacle making as many slices as he can with his Kunai.. in the same general spot. -

Michiko goes flying off the ship with a tentacle smack. A few feet into the air, however, the *poof* of smoke shows it's a clone. The real Michiko launches a Kunai and two shuriken at the tentacle that just attacked her.

Misaki grunts when she heard Hiro. And rolls her eyes at Hiei. "Showoff…" She adds. "And whatever happened to sister, brother?" She turns to try and dodge the next tentacle coming her way. Glowing faint blow as she digs her nekote in its flesh and latches on her feet… "Well wish me luck, here goes nothing!" She says while moving to bite the thing to try and get it to lift her up too… "GURONIMOOOOooooooooo--…" … Should she by some fortune end up in the same airspace as Hiei she would actually find the time to throw him an accusatore: "So when did you plan to tell me about fire style hmnm?"

Ryouji rolls out of the way of the tentacle as it sweeps above him and slams into the deck again. He puts his sword back into its saya and makes a hand sign. "Ok, I'm going to do it this time, father…hiei-sensei. No turning back…" he says as he gathers his chakra. His form begins to crackle as chakra flows across his body, invisible for now, but to those who can see it, like a bright blue aura. He uses his new chakra level to race across his systems turning them up to a degree his body has only experienced a few times before. It wavers in parts and then the whole body image turns into a blur. In just under a second, he screams and launches himself at the tentacle, grabbing his sword and drawing it. He hits the deck beyond the tentacle and spins around, coming back at the tentacle at the other side to end up where he started just a second ago. Ryouji twitches as his body is almost humming to him, it's a freaky feeling and he grins at the exultation.

Hiroyasu's constant hacking severs the tentacle electing another scream from the squid. Michiko's aim turns out to be true as her kunai and shruiken sever another tentacle, the end of it flopping onto the deck of the ship. Ryouji's speed and accuracy is apparent as he cuts the tentacle next to him in two pieces. Misaki gets what she wants as the tentacle wraps itself around her and attempts to squeeze the life out of her. Meanwhile, Hiei is nowhere to be found at first, until his head breaks the surface and there is still a tentacle around his middle. He looks over at Misaki. "So not the time.." And then he is dragged under once again. Though anyone looking into the water can see small lights as Hiei begins to attempt to lightning his own way free. The pieces of tentacles left on the deck simply disappear in a puff of smoke. Do monsters actually do that?

- Hiro shouts back "That's reserved for someone I knew, I don't know you anymore; You betrayed us all, and then blamed us when you couldn't own up to your mistakes.. I read the transcript of your conversation in the Holding Facility. You act on a higher level then the rest of us, Your above the law, and you cannot serve allegiance to a village, or our Raikage. Your lucky I can muster the nerve to speak your name without spitting.. because I have a job to do, and an obligation.. Not tha that you would understand these words up on your higher level than we lowly Village Shinobi." when the monster bursts into a puff of smoke his suspicion is raised and he reaches out into the void to read the souls amongst the ether. "Whaaat.. 1 Extremely High Chakra.. Jounin+ equivalent, Half a Dozen Chuunin equivalent, 20 or more Genin equivalents.. I don't know what that is.. if its ship or an island of monsters.." he says to the others specifically Ryouji and Michiko, the impressionable and moldable Genin. -

Michiko blinks at how the battle is turning out. And is even more confused as to what Hiro and Misaki are talking about. She sighs and just keeps her eyes peeled for anything suspicious going on. Hiro's evaluation of the enemy leads to a nod.

Ryouji keeps his blur going, right now it's like an old car that once you start it, you'll have a hard time starting it again. He twitches and says, "Do we have time for this?" while glaring at Misaki and Hiro. Then looks out at the figures in the mist, "Michiko, are you ok too?" he calls out to her. Does Ryouji look like he's thinning in the face a bit? He looks down into the water and wonders if Hiei can get himself out of it. "Hiroyasu-san, is Hiei-sensei going to need help?"

Misaki blinks and grunts while she can feel the pressure was a bit more than she anticipated. "You squall…" She grunts, looking straight into Hiro's eyes as she said it. Only half intending it at the tentacle around her middle. A bright blue tail then wraps around the tentacle, starting to sear its way in. "You like that don't you?" She says, hoping the thing would let her go so she could use gravity to dip deeply into the sea, to try and get a better look at what's coming at them without being held by anything.

There is still no word from Hiei and Misaki is still being flailed around by the Squid's tentacle until she sprouts a tail and cleaves the tentacle in half. How free, she falls into the water only to see Hiei throwing lightning at the squid itself. The damage is extensive and the entire squid simply poofs into nothing. Almost as soon as Hiroyasu reveals that there are chakra signatures out there, grappling hooks connected to chains appear on the side rail of the boat. Roars can be heard as men dressed like pirates wielding swords, axes, staves, and the like begin to board the ship. "Give us your cargo or we feed you to the squid!" One of the pirates yells out before his men begin to attack the crew as well as the shinobi. Meanwhile, the storm is starting to let up and fog begins to clear a little. The shilouette of a galleon sized ship can now be seen off the starboard side of the ship. Before Misaki and Hiei can return to help out the crew, they'll have to get back on board the ship.

- Hiroyasu nods to Ryouji before looking ponderous "Probably not, He's a capable Shinobi.. You uh.. might wanna ratchet back on that. Your expending more than you can feed it.." he says rolling his palm over his own face to signal what he meant. About then the sounds of lightning from below show that the Yotsuki is holding his own, and then come the grappling hooks and chains. "Protect yourselves, Protect the crew!" he shouts to the two genin who are with him.. about then he can see the glint of the cutlass; a quick flick of the wrist and a barrier springs up in front of him.. The barrier is cut through by the extremely sharp blade and the sting of steel piercing into his shoulder dangerously close to vital artery.. with the backpeddling holding his shoulder he free hand slings glowing blue strips which sail through the air. -

Michiko gets slashed on the arm, causing her to jump back and just start launching a fireball in the direction of the enemy. With that attack done, she grabs a Kunai from her pouch and looks to make sure the crew isn't in any danger, keeping an eye out for enemies on her all the while.

It's Ryouji's first time seeing a jinchuuriki in action and he's impressed. He has a thought of dropping his blur like Hiro suggests, but then the pirates show up. "No time to slow down now, Hiroyasu-san!" The reizei launches himself at the pirate dipping below the thrust of the pirate's sword and drawing his sword out as fast as lightning. He's not worried about his own body eating itself alive as Ryouji's blade goes in with a simple triple slash. "My first thought is to the protection of the team, crew, and this ship. I'll tend to myself after we win!"

Misaki shakes her head…. Reaching her hand out for Hiei while aiming her multi-tool gauntle up, firing it into the side of the ship of the pirates…. If Hiei latches on she lets the rope reel them both in, so she could throw him into the air to get to whatever ship he feels like. Misaki herself comes down between the two genin, her tail still out and lighting up, seems she's readying her chakra.

Hiroyasu's opponent twirls his blade when he's attacked by the chakra hardened paper. He manages to parry one of them but two of them embed themselves into his shoulder and ribs respectively. He comes after the monk again swinging out towards his already injured shoulder. Michiko's fire is more effective as the guy she sets on fire leaps over the side of the boat to put himself out while screaming. Another one takes his place and fires water bullets at her out of his fingertips. Ryouji is in a duel with someone who is actually pretty good with a sword, however Ryouji's speed seems to be superior as he penetrates his defenses. He cries out and then spins around to slash at Ryouji's backside.

Hiei grabs a hold of Misaki's hand and is launched into the air by her. He flips a few times before landing solidly onto the merchant ship. He sinks down to a knee, attempting to get his breath back, exhausted from his battle with the squid within the deep. He stands and reaches for his swords, but only finding the katana still in it's sheath. He curses loudly. "Lost another one!?" He growls. "I'm taking it out of someone's backside!" The angry Chuunin springs into a group of pirates, doing his best to protect the Captain and the crew. Unfortunately his fight takes him away from his fellow shinobi. When Misaki lands in the midst of two genin level pirates, they waste no time in attacking her with daggers.

- Hiroyasu frowns, definitely Hiei's pupil there can be no doubt, "Well like you have those obligations, I have obligations too; to your health.. A corpse won't do much good to us; Keep that in mind." he says moving to keep his position strong, now was not the time to let the enemy breakpast.. even if the blood flowing from a vicious gash leaks lazily down your sleeve. As the sword comes whirling at him, he ducks under his palm in slapping the arm of the Pirate sending the sword in a wild random arc.. before doubling down on several palm swipes which seems to inherently miss. -

The water bullets hit true, Michiko flying backwards thanks to it. But just as it goes poof, three shuriken are launched through the smoke toward her attacker.

Ryouji brings the flat edge of his blade up to block against the sword slice of the pirate. Sparks fly as blades clash and deflect off each other. Ryouji leaps back and then charges forward, putting on a burst of speed as he zips by. The high speed camera catches all the action. Ryouji gets past the sword as his hilt is drawn out to try to strike against the pirate's gut to knock the wind out of him. Ryouji rolls and pivots while finishing the draw to slash at the thigh and continues the pivot to slash at the hamstring on the reverse before ending up several feet away.

Misaki sidesteps one dagger and ducks below another, sweep kicking at her assailants before letting her chakra sear free. She decides focussing on their reinforcements was her thing to do. "Impressive, Ryoji-kun. Clearly Hiei taught you well. And, more importantly, you have talent.." She smiles and throws Hiroyasu a death stare….

Next she turns around, grabbing a rope and swinging it cut with her nekote. Using it to fly up high. Setting her feet down on the crows nest while reaching for her shuriken. Showing her practice with shurikenjutsu as they begin to rain down on large amounts of pirates.

Hiei is surrounded by pirates, keeping his back towards the crew and the Captain. He forms handseals as he states. "Fire Release: Sear!" He claps his hands together before exhaling pure heat. He leans around in a circle as the pirates begin to cover their eyes with their hands. Snatching his sword up he moves at high speed slashing out towards his opponents.

Hiroyasu was proving to be a good opponent for the Chuunin Pirate. His slash misses it's mark because of Hiro's kung-fu like moves. Hiro strikes out with two fingers and strikes him on the shoulder. He switches his sword to his off hand as that arm becomes useless from the technique. He slashes out at Hiro again, there's not a lot of power behind it this time. Michiko proves that she can hold her own as she dodges the water bullets and then returns fire with a volley of shuriken. He manages to dodge two of them, but the last one lodges itself into his knee, slowing him down. He performs another handseal and fires more bullets at Michiko. Ryouji proves that he had been paying attention when sparring and working with his sensei. He cuts down his opponent completely, the genin pirate falling down onto his face. But another rises to take his place, only this time with an axe. The genin facing Misaki leap up to avoid her sweep but get pelted by her barrage of shuriken. They pull out kunai and return fire.

- Call it lazy or maybe hubris but Hiroyasu thought he could avoid an opponent who was wielding with oft-hand without as much effort.. He was trying catch his own breath which was made hard by the painful throb in his shoulder.. The sword barely glancing off the armor weave woven into the underside of his robe sending up a shower of sparks.. and bruising the flesh below from the blunt force of the hit.. Sending an elbow at the blade to move it off of him, he pulls out a seal and holding it between his two forefingers begins to make many criss-crossing swipes with it as one would use a kunai or kama. -

Michiko oofs as she is suddenly knocked back by the water bullets. Note to self: The enemy is slower, not his Jutsu. She stays down for a bit so she can recover.
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Ryouji sees the axe coming a mile away, figuratively speaking of course. As the axe comes down, Ryouji just barely dodges it. It slices off a button on his shirt and a bit of hair which flutters down to the deck. Ryouji growls and says, "That was a brand new button! Mother is going to kill me!" He roars and attacks at almost three different angles at almost the same time before he sheathes his sword again with a click.

As Hiei manages to keep the pirates off the Captain and his crew, Hiroyasu's attack rips the chuunin pirate to shreds causing him to fall forwards. The axe wielder was not as talented as the sword wielder before him, quick strikes from Ryouji brings him to his knees. A shrill whistle sounds out and the pirates leave the ship, taking their injured with him. Across the water, standing on the bow of the ship is a tall lean man. He wears a wide brimmed hat with a duster on over his clothing. The hilts of two swords sheathed on his hip are visible. He has long raven colored hair and a very handsome youthful face. He taps a woman in the lotus position sitting next to him and when she nods, the fog and weather go back to being sunny like it was before the storm started. He withdraws a rose from the lapel of his coat and brings it to his nose before flipping it over onto the deck of the ship housing the shinobi. With a cocky smirk, he takes off his hat and bows with a flourish bending one leg behind the other as his men return and the grappling hooks are retracted. His ship speeds away over the horizon as smoke billows out of the back. It seems to be powered by some sort of engine.

- Hiroyasu wavering on his feet rocks back and forth with the boat, having dispatched his opponent.. he stands fast pretending her could take on another hundred.. the drips of blood leaking out his sleeve tell a slightly different truth.. "Regroup, Report!" he shouts as he moves back to the mast leaning his back against it, he jabs two fingers repeatedly over several points on his shoulder arm and torso before sliding down the mast to a seated position.. "Ryouji! Michiko! Hiei! is everyone accounted for.. Is the crew alright? Is the cargo safe? and can the ship sail?" he asks many questions looking up at the crowsnest with a look of disdain before looking back to them for the answers. -

Michiko goes over to Hiro, brushing herself off. "I'm still here. And my injuries aren't too bad." She looks at the ship that's departing, wondering if more enemies are going to show up. Right now, it doesn't seem like it. But she is unwilling to let her guard down. "Are you alright, Hiro-san?"

Ryouji sees the pirates on the retreat, but just to be on the safe side, he keeps blur up for a minute longer. He finally drops it and feels like he just ran around the village with the village on his back. He slumps forward and staggers over to the railing to throw up over it. "O. K. I'm…ok." he says, wiping his mouth, half his body hanging over the side and almost too weak to move for a few minutes. Yeah, he over did it for his first combat with his kekki genkai.

Hiei comes to where everyone is gathered. "The captain and crew are all safe. There are some injuries but no fatalities." He goes on. "As far as I know nothing was taken. But the Captain is doing inventory now to make sure of that. The ship is..more or less..a little battered but she'll still sail." He cracks a smile towards Ryouji as he reaches out and ruffles his hair. "Good job, kiddo. You too Michiko." He reaches out and does the same to her as well before he turns back to Hiroyasu. He lowers his voice slightly, so the crew won't hear. "We didn't win this battle. The pirates were recalled for some reason. I wish I knew what their captain was thinking."

- Hiro nods "I'm mostly fine.. I took a deep cut.. went right though the joint on my armor.. I've stopped the bleeding.. and pain for now. I'll close the wound when we get back on the way.." responding to Michiko and her concern.. He holds out his hand running over her wounds sealing them instead of his own.. many shrink to just minor cuts, large swollen bruises to little bumps and throbbing pain to minor tweak… but then exhales and drops his arms.. "That still is raw.." he says before nodding to Hiei. "I know, they weren't exactly in a losing position.. I didn't see any get by us.. you think they managed to steal what they came for…?" also musing the question of why. -

Michiko acks as her hair is ruffled, the genin attempting to fix her hair up a bit. Well, it kinda works. She nods to Hiro, glad to know he's mostly fine, and gives the Chuunin a grateful smile for the healing. "Maybe they did? If anything is missing, we'll know for sure."

Ryouji hardly registers the head ruffle. But grins anyway as he stands up. "Thank you Hiei-sensei. So, yes, we didn't win. I suppose it's a pass, for now. I'm hardly hurt, just jostled around is all. Though I could use some rest. My blur still takes a lot out of me." He gives a thumbs up to Hiro and grins, "Glad you're ok too Hiro-san. What do we do next?"

Hiei lifts his left arm and winces. "I had to knock my shoulder out of joint to get away from that stupid squid. Which I'm now thinking was probably a summoned creature." One of the crew walks over to Michiko and offers her a scroll. "The things that were missing." He states to her before bowing and walking away. Hiei comments to Hiroyasu. "Still doesn't make sense though. If it were me, I'd slaughter you all to the last man and take everything." He pauses. "If I were a pirate." He comments. He grins at Ryouji. "I saw you use the blur. I told you when you needed power, it would come to you." He nods.

- Hiroyasu nods to Michiko before waiting for her to read the list, "I'm fine, healing yourself as a Medic is much much more difficult than healing others.. I just need a moment or two to get myself back in order.." he says rubbing his shoulder with the green glow of his hand..sealing the wounds a little more permanently. "I've not known Pirates to have Water chakra either.. or Storm calling or whatever that was.. and it was a Summoned beast.." he adds before nodding with Hiei "I'm proud that you are ready for something like that.. its not an easy technique to master.. Reizei or not" he adds with a thumbs up while he continues to treat his wound. -

Michiko takes the scroll with a surprised look, but opens it and looks over the contents. She frowns slightly at what it says, reading aloud the list. "Apparently a crate of Kumo steel, a crate of black powder, and a boxful of swords and Kunai are missing, presumably stolen." She offers the scroll to the Chuunin so they can look at it. "They needed weapons, it seems."

Ryouji is feeling better and better as time goes on. He smiles at Hiei and Hiro, "Thanks. I was hoping I wouldn't have to use it yet, not until I got a bit stronger. But I'm happy it didn't overwhelm me." He stretches and winces, "Still caused problems, but nothing I can't endure."

Hiei looks at Ryouji. "Let Hiroyasu take a look at you, just to be sure." He adds. "That's an order." He looks Michiko. "That's it, huh?" He takes the scroll and looks it over, then passes it over to Hiroyasu. "It makes sense. Especially with that ship of his, too. This probably won't be the last time we run into those guys." He grunts. "After Hiro patches you guys up, we get back to work. We're still on the clock. We patrol in groups of two until we reach the Land of Tea." He adds. "Just in case."

- Hiro nods slowly getting back to his feet with a gentle roll of his shoulder; "Well it'll have to do until I can get on solid ground" he mutters before glancing at the list "Its smart.. really only taking what you need makes you agile and you don't waste time or effort on things.." before nodding to Hiei going to look over the young Reizei.. and deciding to give him the classic insta-nap treatment. "I'm going to give you alittle boost now.. but you will need to rest" he says before yawning himself "Work out the patrol schedule.. and lets make sure it works with the crew too.. its their boat" he adds. -

Michiko glances over to Ryouji. "Good job, Ryouji-san. That was really cool-looking." She smiles and then nods to Hiro and Hiei. "I can stay on patrol for a bit longer, I think."
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Ryouji smiles at Michiko, "Thanks Michiko-chan. You were doing really good yourself." He's suddenly feeling better, but lots more tired. "Yes, I could use some rest. Wake me when it's my time for patrol." He moves over to a covered area, someplace in the shade, and he drops down. Before too long, he's already sleep snoring lightly.

Hiei nods at Michiko. "Then you and I will take the first watch, followed by Hiroyasu and Ryouji after they've both had some rest." He motions for Michiko to follow him. "We'll wake you in a few hours, Hiro." He looks at Ryouji and just chuckles before he heads off towards the captain's quarters to work out a schedule with the crew.

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