Testing the New Recruits


Zankuro, Isura, Mikoto, Yasuki

Date: May 15, 2014


Isura introduces Zankuro to Mikoto, a potential new member for their team. Attracted to the sound of new arrivals on an otherwise quiet day, Yasuki enters the scene. Isura leaves the Zankuro, Mikoto, and Yasuki to get to know each other a little better. And what better way to get to know your fellow genin then in a spar?

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Testing the New Recruits"

Training Area #26 - Genin Training [Konohagakure]


The Special Genin Training ground, in Training Area #26, is designed to suit all of a Genin's training needs. As well, it serves as an excellent place for Jounin to teach their Genin team members. The area is mostly a large expanse of grassy field, surrounded by forest, with a nearby lake, and various poles and tree trunks for practicing attacks on. There are boxes, carefully camoflauged, containing supplies of shuriken, kunai, smoke bombs, and similar basic ninja equipment, as well as racks nailed to a few trees, with weapons stored on them. They are all covered to be protected from the environment, and regularly checked to make sure they are clean and in good condition.
There are also medical supplies hidden around the area. Most of this equipment can't even be found by most Genin, since their containers are meant to be known to and used by Jounin only, but a Jounin teacher may point out the location of a few for when he or she isn't present and the Genin want to train anyway.


It was time for Zankuro to get serious, and what better way to force then to take up temporary lodging (or whatever it'd be properly call) in Training Area #26. He carried no visibly supplies with him other than the large scroll on his back and those slotted in the bandolier holding the latter to him. For someone who is supposedly getting prepared for training he looks pretty darn relaxed.
"Hmm.. Good spot, new spot, oh where art thou~" He singsongs carelessly with his hands behind the back of his head. Despite the carefree air about him, the Sarutobi is mindful of his surrounding. So far, nothing is amiss. Yet. In fact, the training grounds were pretty darn quiet this morning. Tooo Quiet for a rather nice and warm day in the Autumn season…

Mikoto would notice the stranger, nodding softly as he directly would make a few hand seals. Making him fade for the visible eye as he then would move softly into a tree, then reappearing. The boy of twelve would be wearing his daily training outfit… well it's his training outfit, but he wears it always…A bright red pair of pants, a white shirt tucked into it, while being covered up by a dark blue vest with a white Sarutobi emblem on the back. His hair, a part is moved over his headband and covering the right part of his face. The rest is carefully tucked in a ponytail that ends around the height of his waist.

The boy would have been training all day in the forest on his jutsu, and he seems to be really tired. Mikoto however would regain energy quickly as the newcomer would appear in the training grounds. He would not really know how to react to any strangers, and even though he is not that bad in making new contact, he still was always very scared of any strangers. "I found a nice spot!" Mikoto would shout.

The Uchiha searched and searched for Mikoto as well as for Zankuro since he sent the two men invites to meet him here to introduce Mikoto the new time. Time passed him by before he notice that it was him who wasn't in the right meeting spot. Sighing he jumped up and took off in a blur bouncing from tree to tree before he broke into the clear. "Ohiyo…sorry bout that guys totally got turned about…." leaping from the high ground Asura walked up with his hands sealed away in his pockets. "Have you two met yet or do that still needs to happen?"

Zankuro jolts at the noise and starts look around in a panic before finding its source. He squinted his eyes at the familiar looking kid, but to no avail on figuring out just who he was. There was also the matter of something else on mind too. Some of also import from… a friend? Zankuro is just about to give up on trying to dig up whatever it is and properly greet Mikoto when Asura arrives on the scene. "Eh, more or less, I guess." Zankuro shrugs, then his eyes go wide as realization belatedly dons on him. "Ah hah! That's what it was! An invite!" He looks back and forth between the two before scratching his head head and asking of Isura. "What's all this about, Asura-san?"

As Isura would be running over the forest branches and arrives at the scene, Mikoto would walk back down, moving out of the tree's shadow. The boy of twelve would regain an relaxing stance as he would then look better at Zankuro. He would put up his hand, waving softly as he would grin from eye to eye. The boy would somehow know this kid his face, but also has no clue of who it actually was, not even remembering to speak with him.

His gaze would shift to Isura as he then would clear his throat. "So…. this is a party?" Mikoto would still have a grin on his face while saying that. "I figured you wanted to spar again, but now I think we are on a different note?" The boy would look for a second at the surroundings, then looking back to Isura. "Asura-san?" The boy would mutter to himself, soft enough to be virtually unnoticeable for anyone else. "I guess I should reintroduce myself. Hello, my name is Mikoto of the Sarutobi clan."

"In time Mikoto, so yeah this is Zankuro a buddy of mine as well as your future team member. I save his butt a lot and all he can really do is catch girls;" laughing his hands slowly removed from his pocket before speaking again "wait your both from the same clan shouldn't you two already know each others?" Touching his chin he shrugged as he stood there waiting to see how they interacted with ne another.

It was a beautiful day for taking a nap, of course for Yasuki any day was worthy of a nap. The only thing that was necessary for one though, was a nice quite spot that wouldn't disturb the boy the moment his eyes closed. Though only a few minutes into his nap and there was already some rustling in the tree tops above followed by some chatter off in the distance. It was easily enough to stir Yasuki awake and grab his attention. Curious to the happenings going on around him, the Yamanaka clambered to his feet and lazily strolled over in the direction of the noise only to find several genin in a meeting. It was a bit interesting to find, but speculation would do him know good with out an actual answer. "Hello.." Waving with one hand while the other quickly covered a a yawn

Zankuro turns to Mikoto with eyes wide once more in surprise. Before he can properly introduce himself however, Isura does the honor… in the most derisive way possible. "Shows what you know, Asura-baka. Clans as large as ours has so many family members that it would be like trying to keep up with the names of every beetle belonging to a single Aburame." Zankuro states. Then he shakes his head and asks, "So, are gonna get around to why ya summoned us both here, or are you gonna just make it up as ya go? I'm all for the latter n'all, but-…" He doesn't get any further than that before Yasuki makes his presence known. He delivers about the same amount of scrutiny he gave Mikoto, wondering belatedly now if his cousin might be related to the Yamanaka Clan. "Yo!" He gives Yasuki a haphazard two finger salute.

Mikoto would only listen for a moment, reaching for the back of his head as he scratches it. "It is indeed true that our clan is big. I might actually have seen him, however I did not spoke to him. Not that I am much of an outgoing person on parties…"The boy would shrug and look at Zankuro while saying this all.

As Zankuro would interupt his own sentence, and move up a hand and salute Yasuki, Mikoto would turn around, making sure he would know the location of Yasuki before moving his hand on top of his hand, continuing to scratch it. It obviously is a nerve-tic. "I see this party is going to be even bigger."

Yasuki looked between the group, studying each of the genin individually. There was a chance some of them had been among his academy graduating class, most of that time however is a blur as the boy had slept through as much of that as he could. "Didn't mean to interrupt your party, I was just taking a nap over there and just wanted to see what had managed to stir me awake." Yasuki half-smiled hoping to let the others know being awoken didn't bother him.

Zankuro starts to comb a hand through his hair, but stops himself from ruining the nice windswept look he had going. He settles for simply nodding along in agreement to what Mikoto says before his attention is drawn to Yasuki. "Heh, sorry bout that… no wait, what are you doing taking a nap at the training grounds? That's like, I dunno, ask'n having to deal with explosions and such." Zankuro says, speaking from personal experience.

Mikoto would laugh softly at Zankuro's remark about explosions."He's really right you know." THe boy of twelve would look up to the sky, thinking of his last sparring session on the training ground. Mikoto would then look at Zankuro. "If I understand it right, Isura wants to get a team together. I don't really say no to that." Mikoto would grin softly as he would think about stop having to train on his own.

Yasuki shrugged a little nonchalantly, "Well, I was told to come out here and do some training, next thing I know I'm wandering away from the excitement to take a bit of a nap." Chuckling slightly, even though the threat of explosion was all too real. "Oh, I'm Yamanaka Yasuki by the way. It's a pleasure to meet you both." He'd have more to say, possibly, but there was mention of a team being put together and Yasuki didn't want to interrupt any of that.

Zankuro furrows his brows. A team was all well and good, but wasn't that usually left up to the big cheeses? "Well—" He starts off, straightening out and grinning once more. "Sounds like a plan to me, though, not sure what we're gonna do about a sensei." He admits, rubbing at the back of his head. He jolts a few seconds later, belatedly recalling Yasuki's words. "Sorry bout that, Vasuki-sama, mm, -san. You were talk'n bout doing some training?"

"I admit that I have not thought about a sensei yet, but as far as I know, no sensei wants to teach me. Even though I have asked around." The boy would say, while shaking his head in agony. "However a team would help performing some actions, and we might be able to help eachother out in getting some skills trained." The boy would say while then moving his head to Yasuki. "I would definately be in for a spar or a training session together."

Yasuki simply shifted his weight from leg to leg while he listened in silence about forming a team and needing a sensei. Both are something he hadn't tried yet, but is sure it could be quite difficult without being placed into one by the higher ups, "Oh.." Hearing the mispronunciation of his name, but not caring enough to correct it, "Yeah, my dad is pretty set on me training all the time, but using Yamanaka techniques isn't the easiest." He'd shrug before focusing on Mikoto, "Yeah, that'd be great."

Zankuro folds his arms across his chest and closed his eyes. Ears twitch and eyes open by a fraction, witnessing Isura begining to slip away. The stout Sarutobi did not know what to make of that, but for the time being he would let it slide. "Hmm… Let's make it a two on one spar then. You two versus me." Zankuro states firmly.

The boy of twelve would look at the Sarutobi next to him, not knowing what to think of him… Sarutobi? Cousin? Brother…-ish? However, Mikoto would love to spar. "Sure, I'm in for a spar. If our Yamaka agree's, I'm in for a little spiritual fighting." The Sarutobi would leap back from Zankuro, making himself ready for a session as he then would look up at the Yamaka. "You in?"

Yasuki blinked a couple times before letting out another slow yawn. So this was actually going to happen? Two against one as well. He couldn't help but inspect Zankuro for a few more moments before simply nodding, "Yeah, of course. Hard to pass up a chance to train with fellow genin." Not exactly being the hand to hand type or really the acrobatic type, he'd slowly take a few steps backwards to allow himself some space between the two Sarutobi's, "I'm ready."

Zankuro grinned in anticipation for the fight to come. The fact that Mikoto immediately placed some space between doesn't go unnoticed by the elder Sarutobi. Nor does Mikoto's act of distancing himself as well. "Heh, Yoshi!" He claps his hands together, fingers pointed upwards and held as if in prayer. A wellspring of chakra surges to the fore moments later. Seems the stout lad wasn't taking too many chances with the duo. Yet. "First moves on you two."

Mikoto would move back a little more, focussing his chakra as he would make a few hand seals. "Demonic Illusion Jutsu!" If the attack would hit, Zankuro's hands would feel and look like they have been burned with second degree burns, however it is nothing more then an illusion. The boy would swiftly make himself ready for the next attack to come.

Yasuki simply remained stationary as he watched the other two. His plan was to work around Mikoto, helping where he could and considering he didn't know much about either's abilities it was probably the safest route. Again he'd bring his hand up to cover his mouth, yawning through his fingers. It wasn't because he was necessarily bored already, it was more or less his own nervous tic and a distraction to others as he focuses the smallest amount of chakra in case he may need it. Though most of his concentration is lost as his partner for this match lets out a yell, signifying their attack. What it was, Yasuki wasn't quite sure, but perhaps it takes time to charge. "I can start things off." Reaching behind his back and retrieving a kunai that he'd quickly hurl at Zankuro.

Zankuro grudgingly had to admit, Mikoto had put a serious strain on his willpower, which may in turn had something to do why his aim was off when it came to deflecting Yasuki's kunai throw with his own. The scratch across the shoulder is shrugged off. He needed to focus. Focus on their movements, their tactics, their vulnerabilities. He strikes fast and hard. First by testing Mikoto's own mental defense with a little binding illusion, then quickly toss a shuriken at Yasuki to keep from thinking he forgot about the boy again. Plus, he needed to get him more into position for his last jutsu. "Fire Release: Fire Bullet Technique!" He cries out, confident and bold.

Zankuro grudingly had to admit, Mikoto had put a serious strain on his willpower, which may in turn had something to do why his aim was off when it came to deflecting Yasuki's kunai throw with his own. The scratch across the shoulder is shrugged off. He needed to focus. Focus on their movements, their tactics, their vulnerabilities. He strikes fast and hard. First by testing Mikoto's own mental defense with a little binding illusion, then quickly toss a shuriken at Yasuki to keep from thinking he forgot about the boy again. Plus, he needed to get him more into position for his last jutsu. "Fire Release: Explosion!" He cries out, releasing a small ball of flame towards the middle of the two. A mental command detonates it, sending a wave of flame at both boys.

As Zankuro would put a strain on Mikoto's mind, Mikoto would feel like he would be tied down with a rope or something like it. The boy would bite his tongue quite fast and hard, as a little blood would come out of it. The boy then would notice the hand movements of Zankuro, thinking back about Isura's explosion Technique, he would quickly make a few handseals. "Fading Jutsu!" The boy would vanish in front of Zankuro's eyes right before he would finish his seals, making him invisible only for Zankuro, not for Yasuki. The boy would quickly leap onto a tree while then jumping up, grasping two shurikens, while throwing them at Zankuro, while quickly after making a few quick hand seals. Whether the shurikens would hit, there would be a clone summoned next to Zankuro, exploding within a second after right next to him.

Watching the fight, Yasuki would do little movement on his part while instead planning on making the best use of clones should the need arise. Not surprisingly he didn't have to wait long as even though Mikoto was the one that might be the bigger threat, Zankuro wasn't going to allow the Yamanaka to get away with the last kunai and returned the favor. Fumbling through hand seals he'd do his best to avoid the shuriken only to be to slow, but luckily enough make it in time with a clone to take his place when the small explosion happens. "Gonna try…Wait." Hmm, might have been better for Yasuki to have been attacking before Mikoto considering his abilities…Well, whatever. The boy brought his hands up before him forming a triangle between his fingers and extending his chakra out to Zankuro.

Zankuro was in no mood to leave his starting point. Call it arrogance, or call it trying to teach a lesson by doing so. Regardless of which, he uses the giant scroll strapped to him as a shield. Feeling the heat radiating from Mikoto the instant he felt him nearby, Zankuro dives roll to the side on instinct. He rights himself just in time to see Yasuki form an unfamiliar seal. "Newb!" Is all he gets out before his body goes stiff. He tries to find against whatever compulsion has him locked in place, but to no avail.

"What did you do with him?"Mikoto says, while after that quickly a few handsigns."Demonic Illusion Jutsu!" If the Illusion would make sense, Zankuro's both arms would be covered in blisters and burn marks, hurting alike the look of them. However, this would not to be seen by Yasuki. He pauses for one second, while continueing another Batch of Handseals. "Fire Clone Jutsu!" He would shout, as two clones now appear on boh sides of Zankuro. Mikoto would Jump in the air, Flinging a kunai at Zankuro with all his strenght. Not that he has much strenght….

Seeing in action his attack hit once Zankuro locked up, Yasuki lowered his arms to his side before looking to Mikoto and thought about the best way to explain it, "It's sort of like a punch to the brain. Has an effect of temporarily making it difficult to move." His focus quickly returned back to Zankuro as he pondered what to do next. The list of techniques he knew thus far was somewhat limited so he had to make things interesting. ~Mikoto…Don't be alarmed…It's me, Yasuki.~Slowly the Yamanaka would turn around and walk behind a nearby tree before using the forest to help keep him hidden. ~I just wanted to maintain contact with at least you as I attempted something.~

Zankuro grits his teeth. Even if he knew that the blisters opening up were just illusions, Yasuki's mind lock went deep. Illusion or not, the pain seems to snap him out of it. He wastes no time thinking, only acting on raw reflex and rushed calculations to evade the Kamikaze cloens. He kept to the latter as soon as he caught wind of the kunai that was too follow, and subsequently evaded it with an almost too casual looking lean to the side.
"Whew~ Cutting it close Zan-tan." Zankuro admits to himself. Although he didn't look it, he knew where Yasuki disappeared to admist all the action. He had a little surprise for him too, but first…
"Fire release!" He cries out before unleashing a wave of smoke and embers. The attack was only a distraction. Without the wind picking it up for at least another few seconds, it posed no threat on its own; except to conceal Zankuro's movements.
A fireball rockets out of the smoke towards Mikoto. Meanwhile, Zankuro would appear above Yasuki and let it rain darts, hopefully pushing the boy closer to the predicted path the burning smokescreen.

As Zankura would be busy casting his fire barrage, Mikoto would be already making hand seals too, fading off away from the eye of Zankura. The boy would reappear, not noticing the second attack about to be started. The attack hits. The blisters and burn marks Zankuro Felt on his face, are actually right now on Mikoto's face, however they are real,… really real. "Arg!" Mikoto exclaims. ~Can you hear me think also? Where the troop are you? Look out for those ash attacks… they hurt more then you might like~ The boy would think as loud as he could, then trying to move himself up quickly making a few hand seals as he would then would try to hide in a nearby bush.

Another wave of Illusion blisters hit Zankura if he is unable to defend. Together with another exploding fire clone right next to him. ~I wish he wouldn't dodge my suicide clones all the time~

While amongst the trees and foliage of the training area, Yasuki did his best to remain hidden, but despite his best efforts Zankuro was still able to find him. The teen was truly skilled and it shoed as several darts of fire came sailing Yasuki's way. Quickly he'd force his hands into seals only to trip up over the distractions of Mikoto's loud thoughts. Like screaming in someones head. It was a useful trick, but without proper concentration can mess up even the user. Naturally the fire darts would burn against his clothes and send the Yamanaka stumbling back into the cloud of smoke. At first he figured it was simply a cover technique until he felt the embers that started to burn him as well. Too late to get away, he could only wait for the embers to fade. Which worked out for him as he brought his hands up to form a triangle once again, before sending out his chakra, he conveyed a message to Mikoto, ~If my next move hits, please don't attack Zankuro…You'll know when it hits, without question.~ Waiting for Zankuro to come into sight, he'd send out his chakra.

The plan worked, more or less! Zankuro gave a mental cheer as he leaped, clearing the ash range before it disappated on its own. There were bound to be a few forest fires starting as a result, but nothing too severe given how hearty Konoha's trees tended to be; including during the fall. His feet have hardly touched down for a second before he feels more wounds itching away at his conscious. He tries to fight — to tear his thoughts away from the topic, but succumbs.
Still, he's suffered through worst, evident by the way he was able to work out a means to avoid both exploding clone and the resulting sharpnel and still stay aware of Mikoto's presence. He doesn't dwell on the information for long however. The Yamanaka was still about after all. With hardly any forethought, Zankuro leaps to the side during what 'felt' like the most opportune time.
"… *pant*… *pant*… Alright Mikoto, that's it for today. Come on over so I can patch ya up too." He says as he made his way over Yasuki's prone form to apply first aid.

Mikoto would start to stumble, moving towards Zankuro as he let him patch him up. "You should help me train some fire skills of yours… My father is a bit neglectfull in training them to me." The boy would say as he then would look at Yasuki. "Is he okay? The guy fell harshly when he tried something within a bush." The boy would lower himself onto the ground as he would be breathing heavily.

The moment Yasuki attempted his attack, he fell to the ground like a rock. Body looking a bit uncomfortable in its current position and eyes were some what glossed over. Perhaps this is how the boy always ends up taking a nap. Whatever the reasoning, Yasuki was going to be out for a bit while he waited for his subconscious to return to his body. Though his mortal shell would appreciate the healing from Zankuro, Yasuki had no clue what was going on around him.

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