Testing Upcoming Uchiha


Uchiha Hinotori, Kasumi

Date: Feburary 8th, 2010


Hinotori wants to test his kid sisters skills before she joins Team Goh.

"Testing Upcoming Uchiha"

Uchiha Village

Having followed his sister home, "Come on." he says as he looks to her, his eyes serious and he heads to one of the training grounds within the village. Once there, he looked around and notices that there wasn't any around. "Lets begin your test shall we?" he asks as turns to face her. "You ready?" he asks. "Seeing as you seemed to have sparred just a bit ago." Stretching out a little bit, waits for Kasumi to get ready.

Kasumi nods to Hinotori and stretches out some "Yep, as ready as I can be." She bounces a few times and gets into her stance "So did you want me to go all out? or hold back?" She asks, waiting to hear Hino's response to this. The igrl looked ready to go as always, but training was training, so she waited for now.

Hinotori nods his head, "Go full out, but I won't. This is to test your skills and see how your progressing, I know mom would have wanted to do this, but they haven't returned yet." he tells her. This did disturbed him, because they were supposed to have been back a few hours ago. But he didn't want Kasumi to worry, so he easily moves into his stance and as he does he gestures for her to begin them off, "Now we are going until three successful strikes." he says, "Same as always." he tells her.

Kasumi nods to this and prepares her personal stance "Ok then…here I come!" And without waiting she rushes towards Hinotori, going into a few different florishes before jumping into the air and spinning. Thanks to the hoari her cloak conceals whatever attack she is about to perform until the last moment possible. The first attack she performs is a spinning roundhouse to Hinotori's head which forms down into a low sweeping strike afterwards; the girl has gotten faster, that much is for sure.

As Kasumi rushed towards him, Hinotori watches her movements, her haori did a good job at concealing her strikes. As her first kick came in towards him, Hinotori tries to bring up his right arm and turn his side to the kick ot block it. But the kick breaks through his block slightly, shaken for a moment, Hinotori brings up his knee to intercept the follow up strike and even that one missed and he is struck in the stomach. The strikes were hard, but not enough to push him back and with that, he steps in and does a back spinning kick towards Kasumis chest, then he does a low spinning sweep in an attempt to take her legs from up under her. Upon completing the two strikes he back flips away from her. "Come on Kas-chan." he says to her.

Kasumi smirks some as he calls her that. Quickly she dodges the first attack and gets ready for the second one, barely redirecting the attack; her own personal style was proving to be just what she said, one of the better styles. After Hino flipped backwards she smirked and was already on him "Checkmate." she exclaims, moving to make a quick, fluid strike towards his chest, yep, the girl knew her stuff. After the blow she would jump back and wait for Hino to recover…if he could after it.

As he lands Kasumi was already on him, "Shit." he says as he tries to dash backwards from her. He was faster then her, but today he wasn't doing so great. As he is grazed by the attack, there was enough force from the blow that caused him to slow. It hit pretty hard but also he was a bit shaken. "What the…" he says as he looks to his sister who was standing a few feet away from him. He couldn't believe she was able to beat him this quickly, but as he takes a moment to calm himself, "Looks like you didn't need my test." he says to her.

Kasumi giggles and nods, stretching with a smirk "Told ya I am number one Aniki…" She walks over and moves to pat him on the back, to help him recover a little with a smile "I have been training quite a bit, so I am glad it shows…you should tell them to make me a chuunin already, so then I can join you on missions." She giggles a little once again and looks about "Come on, I will get you an ice pack for those bruises, at least you can provide a challenge, I have trouble finding genin that can give me a challenge."

Grinning a bit, "Well it's to be expected. We are constantly pushed and well we have to show others that the Uchiha clan is still one of the most deadliest clans within Konoha, no matter what we do." he grins. Once she pats him on the back he stretches out a bit and hops up and down to get the feeling back inot his body. "Nah, I don't need an ice pack. Though I do need to start working on my other styles." he states. "Seems you've been holding out on me." he chuckles as he stretches out a bit.

Kasumi giggles and nods, smirking "Yep, I cannot let you watch -all- of my training." She sticks out her tongue at him, smirking some before moving to head back home "…And Aniki? you mean -the- most deadly clan in all of Konoha." Yep, Kasumi was quite prideful of her skill, and of her clan, that is to be sure.

Hinotori chuckles, and follows suit and heads back home, "I stand corrected Kasumi-chan." he says to her as they head home. He was proud of her progress and was hoping to see how her style develops, her and their mom were always strong, but now he needed to focus more on his skills and improve them. Smacking her on t e back of the head, "Last one home makes dinner." he laughs as he flickers away.

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