Dreams - Tetsuo Perfect Life



Date: March 7, 2011


None given.

"Dreams - Tetsuo Perfect Life"

Unknown location

Tetsuo was at the top of the roof alone resting as he healed from the
old mission he was on as he laid there he would soon find himself drifting
off to sleep as he slept he would start to dream.

"Hey how long are you going to sleep silly?" Waking up to the sound of a
nice soft voice he would be looking into the eyes of his girl friend
holding a baby in hand as she smiled back at him. "You're late for your
students, you suppose to be a teacher." Yawning Tetsuo would rub his head
and then his face as he looked at her "you look beautiful Tsubaki."
Causing her to blush he would come to a stand and kiss her as he took the
child in hand. "Hey there little guy how's it going?" The small boy would
punch Tetsuo in the eye causing him to laugh and kiss his little hand.
"He's going to be a fighter when he get's older." Laughing she would
cuddle up to her husband as Nebo and Lu Lu enter the room licking the
hands of the master and using their nose to cause their master to pet
them. "Oh yeah my students are going to be pissed that I'm late
again….ready to do boy?" (BARK BARK!) is said as he wagged his tail,
handing his son over to his wife he would kiss them both before taking
off, as Nebo kissed Lu Lu before taking off with his master as well. "Love
you," would be exchanged to them as he went to meet his students.

Tetsuo would them be woken up to Nebo licking his face, "hey how's it
going?" Is asked as the nurse stood at the open door way tapping her foot
onto the ground, "are you ready to go back to your room yet?" Scratching
his head he would shrug and start moving towards the nurse.

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