The Academy Thief


Sosuke, Nori

Date: December 29, 2012


Sosuke and Nori catch an Academy student stealing ryo from his classmates.

"The Academy Thief"

The Toshiba Forest Training Fields

This morning would begin like all the others thus far for Sosuke. His routine had been set in the same way since graduation, train until noon then rest for lunch. Though he hadn't voiced it yet Sosuke grew tired of this monotony. His overseer was strict and inflexible in their ways though. To them tradition was law, a sacred creed, and though Sosuke may not like it he was bound by this creed. He enters the training grounds glancing to the group of academy students that practice in a group. Sosuke hasn't worked in a group yet. He often wondered when he'd be assigned to a team and actually get to partake in mission and other various assignments. It would be a nice change of pace from the usual routine. He soon finds a familiar face speaking with one of the assistant teachers. Grantedd Sosuke's only met him once he recalls the events that took place that day very well and suspected that that boy was somehow involved with that talking bird.

The Yamanaka looks up as Sosuke heads over. He nods twice and then breaks away from the assistant teacher. As he walks over, the group of students breaks out of their assembly and starts training in smaller groups. As they do this, one particular student meanders down towards the equipment right next to where the group plopped down their bags.
Nori smiles to Sosuke, "Another genin! I'm sorry, did we meet? I'm Yamanaka Nori." He grins a bit.

Sosuke nods towards Nori "Yes although you were incapacitated at the moment. Or appeared so." Sosuke states bowing slightly to Nori. "Sosuke, Tsukinamida Sosuke of the Gansao. Nice to officially meet you." Sosuke states with a grin. He noticed the disbursement of the student into smaller groups. Sosuke nods softly before looking west towards the genin training grounds. "Not having a nap today? That might be a healthy choice considering the commotion it caused last time." Sosuke notes

Nori smirks. "Ah, yeah, I remember now. I had been training all night long and was out cold where I fell." He shrugs and bows, "Good to meet you officially too, although what commotion did my sleeping cause exactly?" He looks slightly confused.
Meanwhile, the student that is over by the bags, reaches down to grab a training weight. As he's down there, Sosuke and Nori might notice the boy reaching into two of the bags and stealing something out of each of them. Whatever it is, it looks small…perhaps some ryo.
Sosuke shrugs "I guess it was nothing too exciting. You know how Hotaru can be." He explains. Sosuke turns his head in the direction of a lone student by the bags. It also appeared as though the boy was up to something. Curious Sosuke alerts Nori silently with a finger pointing that way. He glances back to Nori before retracting his finger and watching just a little bit longer. "Is that what they're teaching at the academy now?" Sosuke shakes his head in disappointment. It was none of his business what the student took. Thieves don't last long in shinobi villages, especially ones as young as this one.

Nori shrugs, "Well, I only know Hotaru-san a little, but yes." He then blinks as he sees the student stealing too. He looks over to Sosuke as Sosuke looks over to him. "I, I don't think so. I mean, I know stealth is taught, but taht seems like a little more than stealth." He grunts and looks to Sosuke, "Should we do something about it?" The student picks up the weight he had originally dropped down for, starts using it, and slowly walks over to the other side of the bags. The boy drops the weight as if by accident, and bends down to pick it up again. Of course, he reaches into another few bags as he does this and pulls out a few more ryo.
GAME: Save complete.

"You were almost bug food. She feared a bird was going to defecate on your resting body. It did seem to like hanging around you… was a clever bird as well." Sosuke's eyes pan off to the side in thought before Nori poses his question. Sosuke looks back to Nori "Why?" He then glances back to the child as they repeat this method of stealing. "Well…I suppose as genin it is expected of us to lead by example." Sosuke concludes with a shrug. He rotates his shoulders and gets a firm grip on his scythe before moving over to the student. How to go about this? Scare the student? Scold them? Or perhaps he should just alert the instructor? Sosuke would be going over these thoughts as he approached the student. No doubt his presence would be detected.

Nori gahs, "i've been bug food before. It hurts." The Yamanaka states, "Well, I guess because we should right? I wouldn't want someone stealing from my bag." He smiles as Sosuke comes to the same conclusion, albeit from a different angle. "That too, role models and such." He nods twice.
As Sosuke approaches with the scythe, the student immediately feels caught and yells out, "This guy just stole out of my sack!" Nori stops, "Wait, what? No he didn't."

Sosuke stops and blinks at the student. "Ah. Clever. But not well thought out. If a search of our persons were conducted your fib would be rather clear." Sosuke states resuming his approached to the student. "You've been stealing from these sacks. Care to come clean or will we have to prove this?" Sosuke states with a grin. He glances back to Nori "I also have a witness to vouch for me." Sosuke looks back to the student "If you're going to lie and steal you'll have to be more resourceful and witty. Elseways it'll always end up like this. Now, come clean." Sosuke waits.

Nori backs Sosuke up, "Come clean kid. We weren't even over here, but you were." Nori looks over to the assistant teacher he had been talking to, who is now coming to check out what all the commotion is about. Nori states, "Sosuke-san and I caught this kid stealing from the bags. We're not sure what exactly…but I think it might have been ryo." The student looks over to the teacher and just states, "No I didn't. Go ahead and check me out, I have money on me, but that doesn't prove nothin." The student grunts. Nori blinks at the kids audacity, especially when he states, "I'm sure you both have money on you." At that point, Nori aha's, "I'm a farmer's son…I have no money."

Sosuke grins at the child "Still going for it eh? I have to admire your audacity." Sosuke sighs "However I have no money on my person either." Sosuke smirks and looks to the bags "But I'm sure the owners of those sacks will find that they're missing something. And I'd wager that we'd find the sum of their loss on you." Sosuke brings his scythe off his shoulder "Your turn to refute. I'm curious and a bit eager to see how you'll defend yourself." Sosuke almost appeared to be amused by all of this. Perhaps intervening was a good idea after all.

The child looks indignant. By now the teachers have gathered to see the cause of all the commotion. Nori states, "We saw this kid reaching into the other students bags…and now he's denying it. I think the other students should check to make sure their things are where they left them." The thief states defiantly, "And I say it was this guy." He is pointing to Sosuke, and then thumbs Nori, "And that is his accomplice. Besides, even if I do have ryo on me, so what. I always carry it."
The teachers have the students check their bags, and sure enough, ryo is missing. They then check the thief and find a sizeable amount of ryo. One of the teachers says, "I will give you one last chance…and then I'm reaching into your brain and taking out the information the hard way. It will not be comfortable." He looks to Sosuke, as if he too is indicated with that threat. Nori grins sheepishly.

Sosuke finds it rather impressive that the student is still trying to feign his innocence at this point. Sosuke sighs softly rests his scythe back on his shoulder once the teacher has the students check their bags. The evidence was stacked against the thief yet even so he still didn't come clean. When the teacher presented the alternative method of discovering the truth Sosuke frowned. He wouldn't enjoy the invasion of the mind. Fortunately he doubted the thieving student would be very fond of the probe either. Sosuke sigh and nods "The truth will be revealed. I have nothing to fear." Sosuke states before glancing back to Nori. His gaze then settles on the thief. Sosuke's eyes actually begin shoot piercing daggers at boy. These eyes are jagged and full of a subtle yet potent malice. "Are you sure you want to make him go through the trouble?" Sosuke asked the boy, his words coming off light as if the look he was casting was something less than malevolent. His eyes were sending a threat.

The boy apparently has seen the trick used before because he blanches at the thought of his mind being penetrated. He groans and then breaks down. The little bugger starts crying and flops to the ground. "Fine, I stole the ryo, but it is only because I'm so hungry." Nori looks to Sosuke and rolls his eyes. The teacher looks back to Sosuke and Nori and asks, "Well, you two were implicated in what he did, so I leave his punishment up to you. Do you kick him out of the Academy, and thus shinobi-hood forever? Do you give him corporal punishment in some fashion…flogging, whipping, burning his feet?" The teacher seems to like that option. Why are all the Academy teachers so creepy? "Or, take pity on him…" Nori looks to Sosuke, "Up to you man."

Sosuke blinks twice distinctly as the boy bursts into tears. Sosuke watches for a short moment before looking to Nori then the instructor. When the list of possible punishments were presented to the two genin Sosuke intended to leave the decision up to Nori. But, as fate would have it, Nori left the boy in Sosuke's hands. Sosuke looks back the child there on the ground and chuckles softly. "Kick him out of the academy?" Sosuke repeats once more. "What a waste. If he puts that much effort into his studies…" Sosuke shrugs and looks back to the teacher. "Just needs more instruction." Sosuke shrugs "And probably a meal. No sense in wasting man power, promising man power."

He who acts quickest, gets out of doing the dirty work. Nori learned that from being one of eight children. As Sosuke gives his recommendation, Nori shrugs, "Sounds good." The teacher shakes his head, "Fine, that is your decision. It is up to you to get him to fall into line and get that extra instruction. Congratulations, you just earned yourself a ball and chain." Uh-oh. The teacher continues, "And if he continues to mis-behave, and if he doesn't graduate from the Academy, we'll make it so you two pull latrine duty." Nori was all grins until he somehow got included in the conversation, "Wait, what?" The teacher smirks, "You both caught the kid, he's your responsibilities now." Nori is about to protest, but the teacher makes it fairly clear that would be a bad idea. Nori turns to Sosuke and frowns, "Guess we stepped in it after all."

Sosuke nods towards the teacher. "I understand. Gambling is fun." Sosuke states with a smile. He looks back to Nori and sighs "Well I hope you're satisfied." Sosuke states blandly. He sighs and rubs his head before looking back to the student. "The weak go hungry. That's why you got caught. Better yourself so next time you can actually get what you want." Sosuke informs callously. There is a few moments of intense gazes that would be exchanged with the boy. Sosuke nods "Become something more than a mediocre thief so you'll never have to be hungry again."
Sosuke rests his hand on his hip and turns to depart and finish what he came for. "It's right that you share the responsibility too. But you shouldn't worry. Great things crawl from rather mediocre or pretty normal beginnings." Sosuke waves to Nori

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