The Ant Shinobi


Ishino, Amata, Aishio, Takahiro

Date: June 26, 2014


Amata leads a party into freeing a village that is being kept captive by an Ant Shinobi

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Ant Shinobi"

A little village a few miles away from Kirigakure

One of the villages north of Kirigakure has sent word back that they need help desperately. A mad man has shown up near their village and he appears to have a unique jutsu. He controls ants. That wouldn't be really a scary thing if it weren't for the fact that the ants he controls are the size of wolves. The man has been coming to the village demanding that they pay him to protect them from the evils of the world and hail him as their hero or else he'll show them just how dangerous the world can be. So far, no one has been seriously hurt but one young man nearly did lose a leg to the ants when he stood up to the man.
While that young man heals up, the town's medical practioner saying he will walk again, they are hoping that the now arriving shinobi of Kirigakure will be able to put a stop to this mad man. Amata looks back at the group as they walk into the village and states, "Ok, from what I understand of this situation, the man leading this group is likely very dangerous. Probalby a powerful shinobi." She nods her head, "Ishino and I will likely need to face him directly but we cannot do that if his ants are attacking us." She nods to Takahiro and Aishio, "Which is where you two come in." She nods her head, "The ants may be large but they are still just ants. Remember, while they may be strong, so are you." She nods to each before looking over at Ishino.
Meanwhile, even as they walk into the village, people looking toward them seem to already be letting out sighs of relief.

Takahiro would have nodded, the boy was in for a good fight, and well… He was glad it weren't blood ospreys. The boy would have been happy to be in battle again, and he wasn't that pleased that he had been sent back in his last mission. Even though he understood the cause of it, he would rather have faced a good opponent. "If I understand it correctly, we have to fight the ants off you while you two fight off the ant Shinobi?" He would say in confirmation. "I think that will work." The boy followed the group carefully, and was happy to see Ishino being with them aswell. He had to ask him something that Sei would have mentioned, and he wondered if he could get the Puppeteer's help. However he figured that could wait for after this mission. He would look at Aishio, nodding friendly towards her. "Let's show some ants that we have boots, shall we not." He would say while chuckling softly. However the expression on his face would remain unchanged, which was expressionless. "Ready when you are Amata-san."

Ishino went with the others, HARPS left within the scroll and even the normal old man would not be around. Instead, the three gremlins, popping up here and there, scrambled about the swordman as he'd walk with them. A small nod was given to Amata in agreement. "It will make it a bit smoother of a transition between confrontation and capture if we do not have to worry about such things. However, if you do get in trouble, make sure to communicate."

Ants? Simple, drown 'em. Aishio's initial response. Of course, nothing is that simple and eventually the word 'giant' was tacked in. Magnificent! Aishio was a bit disappointed she was surprised as that's the way of the ninja world, either genetically modify or learn to adapt an animal with chakra, make it crazy huge…
"Maybe I should get a ninja pet…." Aishio rubs her chin, looking completely out of it until Amata speaks up, she blinks and looks over to the teen after she mentions her and her fellow Genin will be dealing with the ants. Aishio gives a slight nod as she still seems to be pondering something. "Boooootssss… wh-oh! Stomping, hah I'm dumb." Aishio grins and leans over to Takahiro, "So, I'm gonna guess these giant ants have giant brains right?" Aishio's hands spread to the size of a human sized brain… probably not that big, "Think we can catch one or two and tame them? I mean, ants can carry way more than they weigh right. These ones must lift mountains or something!" Aishio's grin spreads, "We could totally never have to work on a mission again, just send them out it'd be super cool. I mean we'd still train and whatever but hey, get the super ants to do it."
Aishio then pauses when the other The Seven speaks up. "Naaaah we got it. But sure!" The confident Hozuki then goes back into thought phase, trying to figure out how exactly one trains an ant, "…does it work like a dog?"

Amata squints at Aishio for a moment before nodding to Takahiro. She then looks to Ishino, "Indeed. I don't know what this man's capabilities are, that wasn't made clear but we will need to deal with him…" She hmms and looks to the side before looking back to the others a moment, "Did anyone else notice that sound?" And indeed, there's the sound of clicking and clacking. Sounds like that of something large moving. A moment later they'll feel the rumbling as right under their feet, the ground starts to burst open and large ants burst forth to try and latch on to them with their large mandibles. The angry ants attacking almost immediately.
Up on a building a little ways down the street, a shinboi…though in the most bombastic way, appears. His head covered in a mask with a headband around his head tied whoes ends flow out behind him. His body covered in a full outfit right down to the toe shoes. He crosses his arms as he stands there, "Ah ha! I knew I should patrol my village! It is I! The Ant Shinobi who protect this village from people like you! I will put an end to you here and now!" He laughs out loud and leaps down into the street, landing in a crouch before standing up tall and pointing, "Get them, my minions!"

The boy would be startled by a moment when the dear Ants went full raging. The boy however quickly made a handseal or two, and a second Takahiro would appear right on the place where he would have been on the moment they would start to attack him. "Well, time to spark." He would say before making another handseal, focussing his chakra overall before moving a part up into his brains, which resulted some blue sparks in his dark black eyes. The boy would then move slightly quicker before making another handseal, pulling his hands out, opening his palms while tiny balls of lightning would fire off into the ants direction, trying to hit him in tactical places like the knee's of the ant and his brain. He would then quickly look over at the rest, unsure whether to move on his own account and make an area attack or just letting it go for now. The boy readied himself for the next attack while making sure he looked at the rest of the group.

Ishino paused as the ground about them errupted into ants. Raising a brow, he shifted his foot a step back, watching as the ant would go to chomp him.. cutting him right in half!!

The henge would fade, showing that gremlin which had replaced Ishino, who was standing off to the side. The Gremlin's head almost unhinged from it's jaw, cranking back wide to leap forward and CHOMP into that ant, gnawing on it with those twin rows of razored teeth. The other two gremlins would leap at the ant that had attacked Ishino, seeking to chew as many chunks out of it as possible. Dusting some imaginary dust off his shoulder, Ishino looked to the man. "This is a village of the Land of Water. It is not yours. I will request. Politely. This one time. Please stand down and surrender peacefully. If you do not, we shall have to use force.. and much akin to what the gremlins are doing to your ant.. it won't be pleasent."

"Wuzzat?" Aishio looks down as the ground starts to vibrate. Not good but, she doesn't prepare anything just yet as her eyes slowly scan the area, then something bursts out of the ground."Exaclamation mark!" Yep, she said that, as she is assaulted and she apparently makes no effort to defend herself as the ant just latches onto her arm. Looking mighty displeased with the situation, though unharmed. Aishio seems to forget she wanted to tame one of these things. "Weird… get off." The bitten arm swells and then turns into spikes trying to push apart the mandibles while stabbing into its face. Hoping to use the time to slip out with a watery arm she uses her free hand to punch it back into the ground, fist spiked to inflict extra wounds.

The ant on Amata crunches right into air. She had side stepped it and stepped past it to stand closer to the shinobi. She frowns at him and idly reaches back to retrieve Nuibari from her back and looks back at the others, "Remember the plan." She nods her head and then looks forward, "You heard the man." She states to the shinobi. She then nods her head, "Give up now and we'll go ahead and not kill you."
The shinobi himself, the so called Ant Shinobi, laughs out loud and then shakes his head, "I have liberated this village from Kirigakure and given it freedom and peace!" He declares and laughs even louder as he puts his hands on his hips, "I, the great Ant Shinobi, will not have you attack my village! Ah ha!" He declares as he races forward. Even as he does, Amata focuses up her chakra and then he sends a hand spearing toward her gut. Those who pay attention can tell this man is as strong as his minions. Where he had pushed off at, the Earth itself was cratered by the foot he pivoted and pushed off with.
Meanwhile, the ant on Takahiro can't seem to bite the young man anymore than Takahiro can get past that thick ant armor. It simply presses the attack even as more ants start pouring out and attacking. The one on Ishino is eaten alive by Gremlins but more are coming in afterward as well as the one that was on Amata. Aishio's ant is dead but now she has to contend with Amata's ant plus two more of her own.

The boy would have seen the ant coming, and did the same trick again. A second Takahiro would appear, and it would take off the first attack from the ant. Not because it would hit the clone, but because he stopped his first attack halfway, understanding that it was the same trick again. The clone would jump right at the real Takahiro, while he was still in the air, gashing out his left thy, as blood would spill out of Takahiro.
"Aaargh." He would shout. The boy however did not keep it at that. "You… ant." He would say before making a few quick handseals, shooting of multiple bolts of lightning at the ant, all right at his head. The boy would hold his hands out like a gun once more, while it poured out of his fingers. "Time to but this beast to sleep."

Ishino eyed the ants, shaking his head. "Pity. This would of been interesting to study too." As the man would launch himself towards Amata, seeking to strike her, Ishino shifted on his feet again. Those ants would attempt to strike at him, only to find they keep hitting air. The genjutsu was subtle, but solid in simply allowing Ishino to avoid them. With the man closing to Amata, the gremlins would scramble forward, working around what Amata did to attack back with, one of them flicking their wrist out to the side for a rather long, wicked looking blade with a purple hue to it. This would promptly get stabbed into the man's abdomanem.

Aishio looks down at the ant, well it seemed to not like the initial spike to the head and the punch may of just been overkill. There was much more to worry about now though, Takahiro did not seem to handle the situation quite as well as gaining another three ants herself.
Aishio's eyes dart between two attacking ants, once again not moving, to keep it easy on herself. One grabs onto her leg the other dangerously placed on her neck, though the child seems to be confident enough as there are no signs of panic. With both ants latched on to swollen parts of her body she huffs, chakra gathering as she quietly adapts her clan's hidenjutsu throughout the entirety of her body.
"One sec Taks."

The man would spear his hand right into Amata's gut and she'd wince and take a step back, shaking her ehad as her spiders weren't up in front of her quick enough to block the spearing hand. She growls as she grits her teeth even as the man pulls his hand back and laughs out loud. His hand shooting to a blade at his hip and he'd pull it free in time for it to block the incoming blade from Ishino's gremlins. He'd knock it aside and chuckle, "I am the Ant Shinobi! This will not be so easy!" He laughs again and begins in again at Amata as she's still the nearest target. This time, using that same blade to try to cut her twice.
Amata herself, however, isn't letting this simply slide as she claps hands together to try to send webbing up and around the man before she'd sling Nuibari right into the man's chest, or at least attempt to before pulling on the cord and trying to kick him free of it.
Meanwhile, Takahiro would throughly cook that ant in its own carapace only to find two more ants climbing in to try to bite on to him as the previous had. Aishio would be facing a similar problem as ants would climb in to try to bite at her. Snap, bite snap!

The boy would have seen the ants coming. They climbed out of the pit and would lounge both at them, and Takahiro would quickly put up two extra clones. The ants would look quietly confused, as they would see three Takahiro's, and that is where they started their mistake. They chose the wrong Takahiro, and he quickly Raised his arms. He would quickly release his lightning chakra out of his chakra points, electrocuting the air around him and the two ants, trying to hit them both as best as he could. "Time to say hello to my double boot." Before unleashing as much as he could.

Ishino glanced around at the ants rushing the genin and the shinobi fighting with Amata. Shaking his head, he'd pull his pocket watch out, clicking it open to look at it. "Hmm.. Ok. Long enough." With a *BAMF* that cloud of summoning smoke would show and the Time Keeper puppet, no henge involved would slowly straighten up. Ishino clicked the watch closed, starting through those hand seals. "Time to pause this.. Kronos Embrace: Time's Thread." And with that, Ishino would throw all the ants he could see and that shinobi himself into the genjutsu, locking them into that imagination, the ants going on to.. whatever end they might have, while the shinobi would get to imagine their defeat and his eventual rule of the world.. or something. Ishino really didn't care. "Let's finish this up quickly."

"You guys don't learn do you." Aishio shakes her head, these ants probably wouldn't make good pets a dog would've tried something different already. "Don't bother trying to keep them alive they're preeeeetty dumb… ohqueen." Her ego momentarily faulters as they seemed to be squeezing on her squishy body a bit too hard so she uses her partially liquid body she just sort of slips out and sticks with what worked last time. She flips forward in the air quickly, aiming to go for a classic bug kill as two spiked feet come slamming down on the ant heads aiming to crush them.
She didn't check to see if the ants were dead, she just hops off from their heads to mvoe in closer to Takahiro in case he needed help, completely unaware of Ishino possibly making the rest of this even trivial.
Of course, Aishio had no clue what Ishino was doing, in fact to this day she has only encountered one Genjutsu and it wasn't remotely dangerous. So she just waves to him when he mentions finishing it quickly. "On it boss dude!"

And then the man dodges back and away from Amata only to race forward and attack her! With one brutal slash, he cuts her head clean from her shoulders only to point at Ishino. Ishino would be his next target. He moves right into Ishino, dodging past the gremlins and driving the blade into Ishino's gut and up into his chest with a twist. He'd pull it free to leave Ishino to bleed out on the floor before turning to watch as his ant minions overwhelm the two genin. He would then laugh out loud, hands on his hips as the grateful villagers came out to pat him on the back and thank him and marry their daughters to him.
In reality though, Amata is just standing there, webbing him up and staring at Ishino, "Always the boring way with you." She states as the man is being tied up and she stands there shaking her head as she finishes up with him. Takahiro and Aishio will have no trouble bringing down the ants without their leader to direct them. Many ants simply leave.
Amata looks down at the man who is babbling something about 'Best shinobi ever' and then drooling on himself. She then looks up at Ishino, "Efficient but very boring."

Takahiro would see the ants just jolting off jumping in victory while the lightning hits their hearts and stop them forever. "I must say, I never thought I would see an Ant so happy." He would say before turning around to Ishino. "I do not know what you did, but it was great." He said while reaching for his thy, suddenly realizing he is still bleeding like a pig. The boy would look around in the meanwhile, taking a good look at the Ant shinobi while putting his hand in his good thy. "I guess he wont be going to play ant farm anymore." Before waiting ahead, staring at Amata, hoping to get orders.

Ishino shakes his head slightly. "Efficent is not boring. It's efficent." Looking to Takahiro, Ishino smiled lightly. "That, was a genjutsu. An illusion. They are currently locked in their imagination, seeing a world as they want it. Everything goes their way.. While they stand here without any reaction to reality." Ishino would nod his thanks to Time Keeper, the wood and metal construct bowing to Ishino formally before that *BAMF* had it returning to the seal on ishino's watch. The gremlins started picking their teeth of chunks of ant. "His minions were causing sufficent damage that the expenditure of a higher grade action was required. Now that he's been captured, shall we return to Kirigakure?"

Aishio's charge stops quite a few steps short as she was planning on going on an ant rampage and then they all just, leave? "Uh.. what?" Aishio looks over, she stopped paying attention to the two Swords(wo)men fighting for a moment and apparently the guy is beat down and wrapped up. "Ooooh, Genjutsu. Huh pretty sweet, why even fight you could open something like a… brain spa. Become a billionaire to send people to perfect worlds! Then again, you can stay here and make missions super easy." Aishio's head tilts with a bit, a glance given to Takahiro. "Yay us, I guess?" She sounded quite disappointed though this means she gets mission money now~

A sigh escape's Amata and she shrugs, "I guess, though occasionally I do like to enjoy myself." She nods her head at Ishino before looking down at her captive who is still babbling about how there's enough of him to go around for all the ladies. She reaches up and knocks him out before shaking her head, "Enough of that." She then puts him with the others after dragging him over and then states, "Well, lets go."S he nods her ehad.

Takahiro would still reach for the back of his head, scratching it in confusement before following the whole group back to Kirigakure. The boy would walk up next to ishino, clearing his throat, while trying to limp too much. "Hoidara-san, I actually do have a question. You see, I was talking with a genin called Sei the other day, and he talks through genjutsu, atleast it is what I believed he said. He opposed quite a good story about what the benefits would be in a mission if you could communicate like that. We talked on a bit, and at last, he told me he could teach me it, as long as I get to learn my own Genjutsu style." Takahiro would pause for a moment before continueing. "I do not know any genjutsu, other then attempts to release genjutsu from my system, and I wondered if you could educate me a genjutsu style so I can learn that technique. It should be quite handy in missions." He would end before looking back to the ground, hoping for a positive answer.

Ishino had the gremlins free any who might of been stuck with the ants, the three gremlins scurrying about them, just at the edge of sight as he'd look to Takahiro. "I see." Musing for a few moments, Ishino gives a small nod. "Certainly. There's plenty of potential styles we can develop for you. I will designate some time for when we can meet to train, I advise you to not be late.. I tend to treat such things with a mild form of punishment in my students." Smiling lightly, he'd nod again. "I'll help you, as long as you are willing to learn."

Aishio looks down to one of the dead ants, poking it with the end of her toe. "Huh wonder if Genjutsu can trick them into being like dogs…" The Genjutsu venture was starting to seem a bit more interesting. "Hey, can you genjutsu yourself even?" Aishio seems to completely dismiss the fact they have a knocked out captive next to them as she turns on her heels heading back to the village, the trip back will probably be met with a lot more dumb genjutsu questions.

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