Naruko Doppelganger - The Applications of Clones


Hinotori, Naruko

Date: November 24, 2014


Hinotori goes more in depth about how Shadow Clones work, and tries to help Naruko make as many as possible.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Naruko Doppelganger - The Applications of Clones"

Land of Fire - Waterfalls

It was now day three of learning what it mean't to learn the full extent of the Shadow Clone Jutsu, if she could actually manage to summon a stupid clone. "Ugh another day of doing this…I really don't think it's even working," Naruko could be heard muttering to herself as she made her way out into the open waters, the flats of her feet motioning about the surface. She is adorned in something she doesn't mind getting wet in, a simple pair of shorts and a tank top. Quietly she looks around for Hinotori, hopeful that Uchiha would eventually show himself.

Hinotori is there and if Naruko looks closely she will find him asleep in the grass, but coming out of the water and onto the water is Hinotori, "Hey Naruko-san!" he exclaimes. Clone. "Alright, come on, you need to get this down, you can do it, besides your like the only other person he's trained outside of his sister and cousin." the Clone says as he stretches a bit, "So you ready?"

"Wait…what…is this another one of those clones…? I don't understand how you are doing it so easily…" Naruko relents, a soft sigh escaping her lips as she eyes hi ma bit further. "Do you mind…explaining things to me again. Explain how they work….and how they are different? I think it's the application that I'm not able to master," Naruko explains, thumbing a finger through her long golden locks, looking between Hinotori and his clone.

The clone laughs, and poofs. Sitting up rubbing his eyes and yawning, yeah he really was asleep. He gets to his feet, he's wearing shorts and t-shirt and barefoot. "There is no easy way. Your doing it the same way I had to learn it." he says to her sitting down. He brings his hand up and does the seal and creates 20 shadow clones. "YOu find that balance within you, the water and the clones." he says to her. "Focus to keep yourself afloat and give the shadow clone the chakra it needs to be who she will be." he tells her.

"Find that balance huh…okay maybe I will just try again then…" Naruko contemplates, frowning as he manages to summon up various shadow clones so easily. "So then…just focus on the water and building up a single clone…" It sounded easy in practice but the reality of the situation was that it was extremely difficult, though she did have the chakra for it. Once again Naruko retained back to silence as she began to summon up chakra from within herself.Trying to focus it into the form of a shadow clone, for better or for worst….

"I'm not having a lot of success with the jutsu… if anything I can't seem to find that balance you are talking about…" Naruko relates back to him, a soft sigh escaping her lips. "A little more guidance on how to do that would be nice…but until then… I don't think I'm going to be able to pull this off," Naruko replies back to him, her eyes remains closed, hands pressed together in a seal as she continues her jutsu. Every now and then 'something' would poof to existence but dispell very quickly. The clones were unstable.

A chuckle escapes him, "Do you think that baka got it in just a few days?" the clone asks pointing over to where Hinotori is sleeping. Yup sleeping pretty soundly. "His original sensei was Uchiha Fuyu, she was pretty utility mean. But through him though, she softend and learned from him just as much as he learned from her." the clone looks up Naruko. "YOur doing fine." he says to her. "Now, the first stage is gathering your chakra, yoru able to not even think about walking on water, so don't change that part, but gather your chakra, seal by seal, gauaging that you create your clone and as you create the clone keep your focus. We will then go from there." The clone poofs and Hinotori yawns and stretches as he wakes up.

Naruk squints briefly at Hinotori, shaking her head at him out of frustration. "Show off…" Naruko comments quietly under her breath, using this as a moment to work through the hand seals and gauging her chakra bit more properly Her chakra control tended to be pretty awesome, and this time around she began to get a better hang of it. Not necessarily summoning a clone but instead making her chakra proportional. Perhaps Hinotori could see that with his Sharingan.

Hinotori does see that, "Yeah, I've been called that." he says as he looks at Naruko. Walking over towards her, he is in shorts and t-shirt and he drops right into the frigid water. He swims under her then comes out and sits on the water. Yawning a little bit, "A bit more Naruko-san." he says as he looks to her. There isn't any harsh coming out of his mouth, he is calm and smiles, "Finish the seals and create the clone." he says gently.

"But…the creating part is the hard part," Naruko comments back, politely shaking her head as she focuses a bit more innately, suddenly as she completes the hand seals once more a puff of smoke expels in the position right next to her. A direct copy of Naruko is born, standing tall with her arms crossed along one another, a wide smirk could be seen on the clone. "How about that?"! Both Naruko's ask in unison, complete with matching grins.

Hinotori smiles, "Good job." he says to her. "Now another Naruko." he says to her as he leans back and looks to both girls. His Sharingan ablaze in his eyes as he watches both Naruko's and he is pretty happy with her results. "Very good." he says as he uses one hand to create a Shadow Clone. His hand blazed through the seals, while hsi other rested at his side. "Whoa, lets see how many she can make." the clone chuckled.

As she attempted to bring about yet another clone she focused and provided the same handseals as before. Perhaps Cockiness got the best of her thought because soon as she made another clone, both of them disappeared in a mere instance making her have to start from scratch. "Ugh…engineer…" Naruko curses quietly under her breath, though unwilling to give up just yet.

HInotori chuckles, "Don't force it, just relax, but now we are going to kick it up a notch." he says as his clone jumps in towards her. "In the midst of combat, you don't have time to remember your seals, right, you have to go about feeling and take the knowledge with you. Meaning you need to retain it through repetition. Show me how many clone you can make while under attack and if you can have your clones defend you while creating more." he says.

"Wait can you explain how I'm even suppose to control these clones….I can't think of myself to follow directs so…nicely," Naruko states as she focuses more chakra throughout her body. " I suppose I just don't understand the principles yet. Why are these clones so much better than my Fire Clones?" Naruko asks hinotori, attempting to get a few answers out of him before proceeding herself.

Her questions were something that needed answered and so looking to his clone, it gestures for Naruko's clone to come with him. "How do you do what you do?" he asks. "Think of them as an extension of yourself. They are able to retain information and if you don't know something, but they read it and learn it, then you call it back, you learn what they learned." he explains. "Shadow Clones are basically real clones in a sense. They can act on their own, and use what you already know and learn what your currently learn." he says simply. "Keep making clones Naruko-san, I will keep answering questions for you."

"Wait you are telling me that can act on their own and relay information. How in the world am I suppose to control them then? What if poor Naruko clone decides to say forget your mission and go to party instead?" Naruko asks, and seemingly had been able to pop out clones rather easily. What became one quickly became five… Perhaps she did things better without having to soley focus on what she was doing. " That sounds useful. I know they can survive more than one hit but this is a different level of good…"

"You don't control them perse, but they are part of you and they know how you think. They will emulate you because they are you." he tells her. "It's hard to get that in your head but the more you use them, the more you understand them." he explains. "I train with my clones, fight against them, they are able to see my weaknesses as I am able to see my own. They can do what you just said, you have to be in some manner of close proximity to them. Or use less of them so that you can use more chakra to keep them active."

"And when you fight with them they react to everything you do? I suppose I could fight my own fire clone but they wouldn't understand…and will probably just go and explode," Naruko further observes, her clones continued to populate, but there was an obvious weariness to her. 4 clones quickly became 6 and then 10…. Using anymore though…. It was starting to pull and tug at her focus. " If I fight with them…. That is how I will learn how to control them completely,"

Nodding his head, "Alright, thats enough. Now dispell them." with that, she will suddenly feel something else that Hino's clone just told her about being able to use all her techniques as well. Hinotori waits for her to respond for a moment, "Learn something else?" he smiles. "Those clones will not understand, it's just a clone. The Shadow clones are very unique which is why not a lot of people know how to use them. So I ask you to not share this with just anyone." he explains.

And just like that…every clone she had exploded in a puff of smoke, Little did she realize though was the flow of information that magically just popped in her head. "That….that was freaking awesome!" Naruko exclaims raising a fist into the air. "Wow I mean really… I managed to perform the clones and everything just zaps back to me? I can get so much information this way…" Naruko then grins and deeply bows before Hinotori. "This is great Hinotori-sensei. I think I'm really understanding how this works now. Maybe the next session we have we can do some sort of battle…"

Smiling, "Now the more you learn how to use your Shadow Clones, the better they become as well." He creates a shadow clone that has one Sharingan in it's left eye, then another shadow clone with the Sharingan in it's right eye. "I can't teach you all my tricks, but it's up to you to learn how to utilize them." These two clones, whispers into his ear, he nods and they poof. "Looks like I'm needed else where for now. You are now an honoary member of my team. As for our next training, we cando that." he grins, "I like your spirit Naruko." he thinks for a moment, "Hey have a seat, tell me a bit about yourself."

Naruko grins and nods back to Hinotori. "How about you take care of what you need to. We can talk and practice more jutsu a bit later?" Naruko recommends as she rises to a stand and dusts herself off. " I think I'm going ot get a little but of dinner…. We can meet up again and then chat some right?" Naruko recommends while folding her arms behind her neck. " Talk to eachother soon then?"

Hinotori nods, "Alright, talk with ya later Naruko-san." he says to his student. Looking towards the waterfall, he tehn begins walking towards teh waterfall then up the water, running up the rushing water, then he flickers out of sight.

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