The Apprentice


Berii, Hitoshi

Date: November 4, 2011


Hitoshi finds out about Berii's part time job, in which she's keeping unreasonably secret.

"The Apprentice"

Hiro's Weapon Shop

The days have gone by relatively quickly, Berii really didn't even notice that it was already Thursday. If her parents didn't remind her she would've completely forgotten to head over to Hiro's shop. Zipping through the relatively clear streets of early morning Konohagakure, Berii starts muttering under her breath as she notices the task of being a ninja starting to weigh on her more lately.
A small grating sound is heard outside the doors of Hiro's Weapons as Berii comes to a stop, shoving the door open to be greeted by the Weapon Shop's owner with a simple smile and a wave, apparently not caring that she was late. The girl's attire was different, it may even look lazy compared to her usual get up, a simple black shirt with the Uchiha Crest on the back and a pair of old denim shorts. As for her hair, it was currently just tied back into a simple ponytail, not much she could do with it after just waking up.

"Sowwy Sensei!" Berii bows deeply, if anyone was already in the store at this time, she wouldn't really notice them as she gets to the behind the counter to pick up some gloves and moves to head to the work room only to be stopped by Hiro. "Oi, Berii-chan." A burly hand is waved, "Slow down a bit. Here." He places a cup of tea on the counter for her to drink before bringing his own cup to his mouth, in high spirits! With this war going on he was making quite a bit of money, he even had to constantly make new tools throughout the day to keep up with demand.
"You're not the only one late. Kazuma-kun's late too… we can't really get to work until he takes up the register. So for now… we wait." Hiro would get a smile from Berii and they both glance toward the door, expecting the first customer to come up to the door any second as they enjoy their tea.

Time had indeed been flying lately. With Hitoshi's family out of pocket for one reason or another - seeing as how he had been gone when they left on yet another trading excursion - he had been living by himself for a few days now. It worked out. He was getting used to this. The only thing that doesn't really work to his advantage in this case is the fact he's… well. He's lazy when he's not got anyone to wake him up.

Even if he has things to do. Oops.

Having gotten up and gotten to the point where he was at least clothed, Hitoshi had departed. Not bearing his forehead protector or any of the usual garb - including his fishnet undershirt, opting just to settle for a regular t-shirt and shorts - he was on his way to the same place… but probably for different reasons alltogether. He had weapons to buy.

"I really need to start recycling my kunai and shuriken I use in training," he remarks softly, sighing a little bit as he reaches into his pants pocket, fishing out a small, worn leather wallet, and thumbing at the few ryou within. "Nn."

Rounding the street in Kanana Moon, and bringing himself to bear on the Weapons shop, he pauses when he sees a flash of pink disappearing through the door. He then blinks again, peering toward the 'Closed' sign that was still flipped over. He crinkles his nose, and sighs a little. "Figures," he remarks softly… and steadily, he makes his way down the street, looking through the window and door to the store… Eventually, deciding to poke his head through the door…

"Uh… I'm sorry… but are you guys open ye—"


At first, he almost didn't recognize her in her casual clothes. Or without her hair being gussied. … Huh…

"I think that Kazuma is over sleeping again. If we weren't blood…" Hiro shakes his head and takes a big gulp of his tea, finishing it in one go. "Gah, guess it's my turn to fetch him. Hold things down little Berii." He places the cup in a little corner behind the counter just as Hitoshi peeks his head in. A glance would go between Berii and Hitoshi, as they seemed to know each other.

Berii frowns a bit, at least he got paid to come in here and yet he keeps oversleeping. "Neh, have fun with that." She takes another sip of tea just as Hitoshi's voice is heard, causing her to spew out team spraying it all over the wall.


Berii slowly turns her head, looking like a deer caught in the headlights and she just freezes altogether. "Ah…. hi Hitoshi-kun." Berii casually acts as if that didn't happen, side stepping and putting herself between Hitoshi and the wall. "Ah, hnn.. n-"

"We're open enough kiddo! Take a look around, Berii'll take care of ya." The man steps from behind the counter, "Hold down the fort for a bit, I'm gonna drag his ass to work." With that the blacksmith extraordinaire goes to the door, pushing the door open fully to let Hitoshi in if he didn't already step in before he headed out himself.

This all left Berii to awkwardly look around the situation, "So neh… know what you'we wookin' fo'?"


Hitoshi, of course, sees the entire spit-take and it kind of catches him off guard, a hand coming up to cover his mouth and lower part of his face to keep himself contained, eyes slightly bugged. Was he trying to keep from laughing, or gasping, at the fact he illicited such a response out of the girl?… In any case, he tilts his head. As Hiro lets him in, though… he nods slowly, lowering his hand and stepping inside, bowing his head.

"Thank you, Hiro-sama," he remarks softly as he older man passes and heads out on his mission to rouse his sleeping relative…

And then, Berii speaks to him. He turns his head, smiling a little bit.

"… Hi, Berii-san. I… uhm, I didn't know you worked here," he remarks lightly, reaching up to rub his neck a little bit. Yeah, awkward situation.

Why'd his face feel a little warm? "I'm… just looking to get some extra kunai and shuriken to stock up," he remarks lightly.

"Uh… yeah I do kinda." Berii's response rather vague, no one really knew outside of Hiro and her parents. The secret wouldn't of gotten out if it wasn't for this never ending war. Berii sighs for what appears to be no reason whatsoever for those who do not read minds. She brings Hitoshi to a few basic kunai and shuriken, assuming that was what he was looking to.

Those wild shuriken that Berii used in their battle against that Kirigakure shinobi were nowhere to be seen, though there were a few /slightly/ modified kunai and shuriken. Mostly just having serated blades on the shuriken or somewhat altered shapes for kunai, used more for close quarter combat than throwing.
With those different types came different costs, the modified weapon of course costing a bit more. "Hnn, it'd be easiew to find what's white if you know what you're going to use them fo'… These awe the basics, I'm guessing this is what you want."

Berii's focus didn't seem all there, the girl's cheeks a bit pink as she felt out of her element just because… she was more in her element than ever when within this shop. It would be a lot less awkward if it was someone she didn't know who came in.
A few glances are given to Hitoshi as she waits for him to make a decision. "Oh! Dunno how often you come in hewe but, by 10 at once you get a 10 percent discount, buy 20 you get 20% off. Worth it if you have the money, hnn. Since they wast fo'eva, unless you wose them."

"Yeah… those are good," Hitoshi remarks softly, still feeling a little warm about the face. He coughs slightly, rolling his neck as he examines the wares Berii had brough back for him. He picks one of the Kunai out of her hand, balancing it in his hand for a moment and kind of rocking it back and forth… before flipping it a time or two, and catching it carefully by the hilt. He nods, and smiles, before handing it back to her… "Those will be just fine," he remarks softly. "I prefer kunai over these shuriken… but they're just as handy, I suppose," he points out gently, "if you wanna use them to just pepper a particular area with sharp, pointy and potentially deadly pieces of metal. Kunai are more… direct. More pointed."

He shakes his head a little. "Sorry. Kinda got off, there…"

Perhaps he's a little distracted? "You look different with your hair in a ponytail," he remarks carefully.

Berii makes no comment on his preference on Kunai, amateurs words! At least to Berii. Doing her best not to lecture a customer, Berii just nods and gives that weak smile of her, seeming locked in to work mode at the moment.

"Diffewent? Neh, how? -don't ansew that" Does one's face reconfigure when their hair was different?! Was she just that ugly when her parents didn't put her together?! It's not like she messed up her hair.. .it's hard to do that with this sort of hairstyle, she thought. Too much thinking, what was this even about. /Hitoshi/ is here, why us he here?! Wait… what was the original thought even?

Berri's face reddens and she looks to Hitoshi out of the corner of her eyes. Not "Hey um, Hitoshi-kun…" Berii goes back behind the counter to the register waiting for him to produce the Ryo for the transaction. "Don't tew anyone I work hewe. Just um… cause, kay?"

Berii then gives a very stern look. The fierce eyes of an Uchiha shining for just a moment as she expected him to agree… or else.

"Of course I won't," Hitoshi remarks softly, shaking his head a little bit and waving his hand softly as he replies to her. He tilts his head though, when she seems to get off on the subject of her hair, and he had already opened his mouth to reply to her…

"Well… uhm… your natural look is actually really nice." He sort of stumbles on those words, and they sort of just fall out of his mouth, unarticulated. Really not put together well in that cognative thought. He pauses, though, breathing. His face is probably another shade of red by now. "Uh… you actually look… really pretty this morning!"

There. He said it. He coughs, then, and promptly starts to dig into his pants to try and find his wallet. Where was it? His gaze was averted, toward the ground, head turned away as he tried to find the pesky moneyholder…

The Uchiha patiently waits for him to get on with the transaction, awkwardness flooding the air the longer he stuck around. The comment of her natural look, causes Berii to raise her eyebrow and give a questioning.

"Hnn… thanks?"

You'd expect more out of her from a comment like that but, Berii was so used to being dolled up, she thought he meant the 'normal' Berii. Was he insulting her current look? She decides not to think of it that way, Hitoshi didn't seem to be the kind to do that. He had to be so caught up in the awkwardness that he was diving for random conversation!
Yes Berii would think through that and many other options, not figuring the most obvious one until she is complimented for the second time. Those words were pretty much nothing special at this point in her life, she's had people tell her that a bajillion times and she would simply respond with a thank you.

Simply respond with a…


Berii goes stiff and starts to make the transformation into a Strawberii. Pale skin easily flushing, her eyes shut as she shouts out. "Thank you Tanuguchi-kun!" While the thank you is given out, she felt the urge to bow deeply with it.

Shutting her eyes may of not been the best of ideas as her head goes flying down, straight into the counter. Casual clothes = No forehead protector. No forehead protector =…. Berii's head richochets off of the counter and flies backwards, leaving the girl to topple over in a daze. Very much conscious, there was no blood or anything of the sort it just looks like that hurt… a lot.

"Bweeeeeh." @.@



When the sound of head hitting wood is heard, Hitoshi winces visibly, and he cringes, for two reasons. This is partially his fault. This is also something he wasn't expecting to happen. And… so sudden! Why did he do that?! Why'd he let those words vomit out of his mouth so carelessly?! He's beet-red, and in a rush, he drops his wallet, hopping onto and sliding across the counter on his hands to get behind it to her to check on her.

"Berii-san, oh, God… I'm so sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry!" He's sort of fretting, not sure what to do. Could she have serious head trauma?! Was there blood?… No… Okay, good! "I'll fix it!"

Handseals formed, chakra focused. "I'm going to try and use a minor healing Jutsu on you that I read abo—"

As he puts his hands on her, though, his own shirtsleeve bursts into flames. "AUGH!"

And so the tussle begins as Hitoshi stops, drops, and rolls.


Berii slowly sits up, holding her forehead and glancing up to spot Hiro standing over the two. Just how long had Hiro actually been there? Berii wasn't sure if she was out for hours or for a few seconds due to the man's sudden appearance.

"Look what you've gotten yourself into a few minutes of me being gone." He sounded a bit disappointed but, he couldn't stay mad at these two adorable little Genin. Especially after what just happened to them. So he would instead wait for Hitoshi to un-catch on fire before announcing, "Since you're a friend of Berii.. those kunai are on the house. But, you might want to leave before you set my life's work on fire." Stern… but a free gift? Was this man scolding or being kind or, what?

"Gomensai, Hiwo-sensei!" Berii gets up and bows again, this time without smacking her head. So caught up in the moment and being utterly embarassed Berii mangages to miss that Hitoshi was on FIRE. She just scampers off into the back room without looking back.

"Damn." Hiro rubs the back of his head looking at the door, he could've sworn he had that boy following right behind him back to the shop. "Managed to slip off again. Is he really worth the trouble?" With a sigh, Hiro just flips the door's sign to open and runs the shop for now. People start flooding in and another day begins.

The un-catching process was a little harder than the setting was. Hitoshi was literally beating his shirtsleeve with his other arm, having fried his arm from the flaming doom. "Kusokusokuskokusko," he curses under his breath, trying to put the fabric… but when it's finally out, he kind of stares blankly, realizing Hiro himself is standing there.

"Nnnh!" He's caught off-guard, such a sudden appearance! He stares up at him, gulping. "I— I'm sorry!" He seems to prepare himself for the ultimate Gibbs-slap… But when it doesn't come, and instead, the offer of free weaponry comes up?…

"R-really?… I— I almost bu—"


"… Thank you, Hiro-sama!" Up on his feet finally, he bows his head deeply, and then, he turns to try and catch Berii…

But she's gone. "Tch… Uh. Hiro-sama." He pauses. "A favor?… if I may… go back? I need to talk to her before I leave, I think…"

Hiro pauses for a moment looks at Hitoshi with a smile. "Oh? Let the boy who set off an uncontrolled fire within my shop into an employee's only location? Hiro is sarcastic but, his body language says otherwise as he starts to gesture for Hitoshi to come in.


The smile suddenly fades as he points to the door. "Don't push your luck kid. She gets out at eight if you really need to talk to her." The smile appears again as Hiro tends to his customer influx, the people in the shop a bit terrified of the man for a moment despite them all being great ninja.

Yeah, he's got that kind of effect.

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