Upon A Pale Horse - The Armor Of A God


Fuyu, Fuu Ka (emitted by Kanami with permission)

Date: February 22, 2013


All the stops are pulled out on both sides. Forbidden techniques, secret abilities, legendary powers, and a duel of fates.

"Upon A Pale Horse - The Armor Of A God"

Ancient City - Land of Grass

Fuyu's arm is consumed. At first she doesn't feel anything.—No, that's not accurate. It's not that she doesn't feel anything. It's more like she's LOSING sensation. Where she can feel that hand gripping her right hand, the sensation from her fingertips, her hand, her wrist, and right up into her forearm, just… 'Goes away'. Then the pain hits as she screams out in agony. The Uchiha woman leaps away despite her pain, blood pouring from the frost-bitten stump that ends at about her elbow. As she leaps out into open air, however, Fuyu's determination has reacting despite the loss of her arm. She turns in the air, tracking her eyes towards the masked man. Then she closes her left eye, and the capillaries in her right 'crack' as she once more gains the series of triangles within triangles that define her Mangekyou Sharingan. Black flames sweep over the Devouring Earth construct that Fuu stands upon, engulfing it in inextinguishable black flames. Blood is already pouring from her eye as even more pain hits her.
But she has to pull out all the stops. This villain dies here, now. All Fuyu can do is buy time. She thinks that this guy is trying to keep them apart… To keep them from collaborating… But why? The obvious answer is that no matter how strong Fuu Ka is, taking on both the God of Shinobi, Senju Hashiramako, and a discipline of Uchiha Madara, Uchiha Fuyu, is more than he can handle. But she doesn't feel like just teaming up is going to be enough. This guy can teleport or something. If he really feels like he can't win, can't he just bug out and leave them down here?
No. No, a team-up isn't going to work. And not because Fuyu has lingering resentment towards Senju, or because of arrogance, or anything like that. It's not going to work because her opponent can only be defeated by using HIS own arrogance against him. This man thinks that as long as he keeps Hashiramako and Fuyu seperated, he can take them individually. So he won't run away if he is fighting them seperately. That's what her analysis of her opponent is telling her.
So she'll make sure that Hashiramako stays away and force this monster to fight her alone. She just needs some time to prepare. She has been using up tons of Chakra. She needs to gather some more before she can set her plan into motion. Maybe Amaterasu will buy her the time she needs as she attempts to land after her leap-and-turn, sticking to the side of a skyscraper and moving her left hand — the only hand she has left — to her right eye to wipe the blood away so that it doesn't impair her vision. She has to keep buying time. So she runs along the side of the towering building, sticking to it with Chakra, and holds up her hand in a focusing seal to gather Chakra while she moves.

Those cursed flames again. Amuro managed to destroy Fuyu's right arm — to negate its very existence with the power of his Munashiigan. But he hadn't managed to stop Fuyu. Then again, he hadn't really been entirely trying. This entire time, he was fighting to subdue — appearances to the contrary not withstanding. He doesn't really feel that Fuyu — as dangerous as she is — is a significant enough threat to use out-right lethal tactics. For instance, he could have done many other things with his Void if he felt slaying this Uchiha woman was so imperative… But the Void is dangerous enough to wield that even the things he had done thus far have been risky. More risky than this situation merits as long as Hashiramako stays at a distance. Speaking of which, he has bought enough time.
The Devouring Earth construct is consumed by Amaterasu, crumbles, and falls apart. The masked man leaps off of it and into the air before he is caught in the fire too. There is an eruption of smoke from Amuro's right hand. When the smoke clears, he is riding on top of what appears to be a metal skeleton of some great bird. No tissue evident, but the bird-like machine has rockets that propel it through the air, chasing after Fuyu. Sensor capabilities allow Amuro to keep track of the Uchiha Clan Head, but his attention is on Hashiramako. He has gathered the Chakra he needs. He can tell Fuyu is likewise gathering a lot of Chakra for something, and while would like to stop her, the Hokage is the TRUE threat here. She is the so-called 'God of Shinobi'. If it comes down to a straight battle between Amuro and Senju Hashiramako, it's Amuro who will lose. He knows that. So he points his right hand towards where the Hokage is, the kanji on his palm changing to 'Hell'. "Seal Technique: Infernal Barrier!"
A dome of smoke and flame appears almost instantly, seperating the mountain that Hashiramako is on from the city. Nothing gets out of that barrier until the leader of the Tao Shih says so. Hopefully, anyway. The God of Shinobi may be able to find a way.
That technique used up a lot of Chakra. Amuro is actually breathing heavily from the exertion now, coughing briefly behind his mask. His entire body hurts all the time. But it's getting worse the longer this fight goes on. It's been too long since he has been pushed like this. Where is Fuyu? He needs to get his attention back on her.

Fuyu is still running along the wall of the skyscraper, when that seal technique is used. She doesn't know what that was or what is going on with the Hokage now, but she has to keep her focus. So as she runs down the outside of the towering building, she continues gathering Chakra. The sound of rocket propulsion is unfamiliar, but is still enough that Fuyu decides to attempt stealth. She ducks into an open office window, and into an ancient room covered in grey dust. She almost expects to see skeletons lying around. But there's nothing. Just extremely old vases, tarnished photograph frames with cracked glass, disintegrated furniture, and chokingly thick layers of dust that Fuyu accidentally stirs up with her movements. She tries not to breathe it in, instead just sitting still, back to the wall, and continuing to gather Chakra. Her right arm is still bleeding. She should take care of that before she bleeds out.
Fuyu creates a Shadow Clone with her skill at One-Handed Seals, and that Shadow Clone is oddly also missing its arm — though not bleeding. The duplicate of Fuyu helps get emergency medical supplies out of Fuyu's tool pouch and cauterizes the arm with a small Fire Release, following it up with some bandages. It's extremely improvised, and it hurts like hell. But it allows Fuyu to resume gathering Chakra despite the weakness flooding her body.

The masked man doesn't take long to sense Fuyu's location. Just what exactly is she gathering all that Chakra for? The rocket-propelled transportation is temporary at best, and Amuro does not feel inclined to wait and find out what Fuyu intends to do. He may be confident he can beat Fuyu — kill her whenever he wishes to, infact — but he has not lived this long by taking unnecessary chances. So he raises his right hand and aims it at the building his opponent of the moment is in.
Eruption after eruption of smoke occurs as kunai bombs are summoned from storage and launched by the hundreds… Thousands… Tens-of-thousands… Plastering the skyscraper in explosive tags. He starts at the base and works his way up. Once he feels he has enough of them, he simply says, "Explode." A deafening explosion results from all those explosive tags detonating at the same time.

Fuyu is focusing intently, but she is also listening for her opponent. He seems to be off behind her somewhere, still onboard whatever he is using to fly around. Searching for her. Then her labored breathing ceases for a moment as she hears something. She resumes breathing, but haltingly, as she tries to identify the sound. It's like… Something striking stone over and over. Or more like.. Multiple things striking stone. And it's getting closer and closer—Fuyu's eyes widen. Her Shadow Clone picks Fuyu up while she continues to gather Chakra, leaps out the window of the hundreds-of-stories tall building, and then THROWS the original Fuyu AWAY while in mid-air! Moments before the building explodes, catching Fuyu's Shadow Clone in the fire and destroying it. Fuyu falls through the air, hundreds of feet, only to land on the side of another building hard enough to crack the wall. She leaps from that one to another, and then to another, trying to stay on the move.
Hiding isn't going to work after all. She almost has the Chakra she needs. Almost… She grits her teeth as she flees from the masked giant who hunts her.

Amuro watches this maneuvers with his eyeless vision. He can't see Chakra, but he can see THROUGH Chakra… And he can feel Fuyu as she moves from place to place so swiftly, so agilely… That much Chakra concentrated in one person is like a neon sign to the Sensor-Nin. Sighing, Amuro rumbles, "What a bother." He doesn't have an endless amount of Chakra, his vast Stamina aside. Prolonging this fight is not in his best interests. Particularly as the longer he makes this take, the more chances that Senju Hashiramako will have to figure out a way out of his Space-Time Ninjutsu Seal.
"Summoning: Dire Blade!" Amuro calls out. A black-bladed sword appears in mid-air from a cloud of smoke and then flies towards Fuyu. The sword curves to track her, stops or turns or changes direction to follow her, and is essentially a sword controlled by Amuro but which can move quickly to go where he can't. And it has its target: the Chakra of Uchiha Fuyu. This sword can cut, just like any other sword. But its true purpose, the reason it can track an opponent so readily, is to locate and drain Chakra. The blade spins through the air after Fuyu, gradually gaining on her…

Amuro watches this maneuvers with his eyeless vision. He can't see Chakra, but he can see THROUGH Chakra… And he can feel Fuyu as she moves from place to place so swiftly, so agilely… That much Chakra concentrated in one person is like a neon sign to the Sensor-Nin. Sighing, Amuro rumbles, "What a bother." He doesn't have an endless amount of Chakra, his vast Stamina aside. Prolonging this fight is not in his best interests. Particularly as the longer he makes this take, the more chances that Senju Hashiramako will have to figure out a way out of his Space-Time Ninjutsu Seal.
"Summoning: Dire Blade!" Amuro calls out. A black-bladed sword appears in mid-air from a cloud of smoke and then flies towards Fuyu. The sword curves to track her, stops or turns or changes direction to follow her, and is essentially a sword controlled by Amuro but which can move quickly to go where he can't. And it has its target: the Chakra of Uchiha Fuyu. This sword can cut, just like any other sword. But its true purpose, the reason it can track an opponent so readily, is to locate and drain Chakra. The blade spins through the air after Fuyu, gradually gaining on her…

Just how many weird techniques this man have!? Fuyu snarls as she uses her Sharingan to track the sword and try to predict its movements, but the only movements it seems to make are those designed to close the distance between them and it's too fast to dodge. If it gets close that dodging is necessary, Fuyu doesn't think she can evade it without the Body Flicker Technique or something similar. If only she could use Genjutsu on her opponent! That's her main strength!
But no, that won't be necessary now. Because as the sword closes on her, Fuyu uses an ability she has been practicing mentally, going over and over in her head so as not to destroy her vision needlessly… The sword is likely to find Chakra in a moment. A blazing aura of cold white and ghostly grey Chakra that engulfs Fuyu when she leaps down on top of a shopping mall's roof, and stops moving. She doesn't give the Dire Blade the chance to drain all this Chakra. Instead she turns to look at it, and the masked man controlling it. Her Mangekyou Sharingan is active in both eyes. The top triangle of the three triangles in both of Fuyu's eyes glow a brighter red.
The aura grows, gaining the outline of a ribcage made of Chakra. A pair of arms emerge from the sides, along with a skull from the top. One of the arms lashes out to smash the Dire Blade away. The other points a finger in Amuro's direction. The boney fingertip starts shooting balls of the black flames of Amaterasu rapidly.
Pain burns through Fuyu's body. Like every cell in her body is on fire. But she isn't done yet. The Chakra she was gathering wasn't just for this. She keeps forcing the evolution of one of the legendary techniques of the Mangekyou Sharingan — the Susano'o. Armor starts to slither over the skeletal frame, like plate-mail serpents. The Susano'o grows in size and over-all density throughout. In order to defeat this opponent, Fuyu is going to have to do everything she can… Everything. Even if it means using the knowledge that the fragment of Madara's Chakra that was left with her granted her. The knowledge of how to achieve the completed form of Susano'o.
But she can already feel her eyes are in so much pain that she's sure her vision is weakening. How far must she go?

Amuro grunts as the Dire Blade hits the Susano'o aura, starts draining Chakra, and then is smacked away when the aura progresses into a partial Susano'o. He allows it to be, seeing no point in using it against something of this magnitude. The bird-like rocket transportation he is riding upon is struck by an Amaterasu fireball, and the masked man leaps off to avoid it. He is really starting to hate those black flames. He is rather agile for both his size and his old age, but it's only a matter of time if he has to keep dealing with Amaterasu before he gets hit with it.
As he slams down on a rooftop, he decides it's time to impliment a new strategy. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu! <Summoning Technique!>" Amuro calls out as he slams his hand down on the rooftop. Black Seal calligraph spread outwards rapidly in multiple lines that extend so far that they go beyond the limits of the rooftop, down the walls, and onto the street below before they turn into a huge circle. An eruption of smoke occurs. When the smoke fades, there is a fortress where a city block used to be. Statues of archers line the walls. Statues of siege engineers stand in the courtyard, with catapults. Statues of soldiers, armed with swords and shields, spears, and pikes stand in a dozen different groups. And standing high above all of them is a tower of metal with a dragon's head on top.
The archer statues start firing a storm of metal arrows at Fuyu. Each arrow carries with it some of Amuro's Chakra. He converts those arrows to the Earth Chakra Nature — his affinity — and causes to become incredibly heavy and dense when they reach Fuyu, increasing their penetration ability.

Fuyu snarls as the enemy pulls out yet another high-level and unexpected technique. This man… Just who is he!? She wants to know that really badly. «Madara-sensei knew who he was, I think… But he didn't want to say. What is this man's motivation? How can I stop him?» Fuyu wonders. The arrows come raining in and manage to crack the exterior of Fuyu's incomplete Susano'o. They keep producing more and more cracks, and though she tries to focus on counter-attacking somehow, using the left hand of the Susano'o to launch more Amaterasu fireballs, at the fortress and its archers… The super-dense arrows actually manage to punch through in places stabbing into Fuyu herself and drawing blood.
Letting out a gasp of pain and shock, the Uchiha leaps backwards off the roof as the arrows continue to pelt the building and put holes in it like it's made of paper. Once she's out of line of sight, Fuyu takes the time to yank out the arrows she can with only one hand to do so with. Her frustration, her fear… Her hate… None of these are things that will make her Susano'o stronger. From what she was told by the fragment of her teacher… A meeting in her dreams with her sensei… And what she found out while in that underwater temple where the Deep-Ocean Stone was located…
The Susano'o grows stronger based on emotion. And that emotion is different for each Uchiha. So what emotion will let her develop her Susano'o enough to END this fight!? As Fuyu continues digging arrows out of her body, one at a time, each one so heavy she has trouble even lifting them. There are broken bones inside of her for sure. Pain… Exhaustion… Frustration… No.
Happiness? Love? Hope? No.
The simple desire to kill this bastard for all he's done? All he's doing right now? All he'll do in the future if he's not stopped? Is that all she wants? Just to kill him?
Pieces of masonry rain down around Fuyu and she ducks down. The Susano'o holding up its right hand to shield her. What was this all for? Was her own arrogance, thinking she could fight this guy alone just by using an incomplete Susano'o — an ability she had never actually tested — really so necessary to indulge? Is this all that will come about? Sadness… Regret…
What she going to let Mimi's death be wasted?
Fuyu's eyes blaze as she looks up. Her Susano'o does likewise. That's it.
Guilt. All the things she has screwed up in life. All the expectations she has failed. All the people she has killed or who have died for her. The ones who matter so much that if she could go back and take their place, she'd do it in an eyeblink. All her loathing for herself and her many, many, many failures…
The street rumbles, and the damaged shopping mall starts to fall apart from the vibrations. The glow of Uchiha Fuyu's Susano'o increases as does its size. Soon, it rises up, and up, and up… Hundreds of feet tall… THOUSANDS of feet tall… Armor and cloth of Chakra wrap around it, garbing it robes and warrior's garb. Two additional arms extend from its sizes, a hood swallows up its head. Two pairs of wings grow from its back, and Fuyu floats in the middle of it, at about 'waist level'. Below her, supporting her, is a gigantic, skeletal horse. A horse with a blazing mane of white Chakra.
The emotion that makes Fuyu's Susano'o stronger.

The masked man watches as his archers rain dense arrows of metal upon the enemy. Fuyu fell off the roof top — or did she leap? Amuro can't tell either from this distance or without eyes to see with. He just knows Fuyu seems to be weakening and her 'cover' is going to be gone shortly. But then he feels it. A tremendous surge in power. His Sensor capabilities make him aware moments before it happens. A ridiculously tall Susano'o — monstrous in scale and power. Perhaps equal to Uchiha Madara's completed Susano'o!? Amuro can't tell, but he knows that this is not an ability to sniff at. No, his strategy has changed now. He can't be on the offensive anymore.
A man as old as him knows how to deal with a Susano'o wielded by a Mangekyou Sharingan that is NOT Eternal. He just needs to wait Fuyu out. Eventually her vision and her power will leave her. Then she'll be both blind and bereft of the means to fight. So he runs from the fortress, setting it to fight on automatic. The statues using the catapults launch boulders plastered in explosive tags at Fuyu, detonating in huge clouds of flame and shrapnel. Amuro himself, however, is staying away from the fortress. Let it become a target. It will give him time to conceal himself.

The boulders come in and explode against the Susano'o. The Chakra is so dense that it appears as solid matter. The boulders exploding just causes parts of the horse and the humanoid upperbody that extends up from such to bleed glowing-white Chakra that soon returns to solidity. Fuyu hisses at the pain that burns through her body, building and building the longer she maintains the Susano'o. She has to end this fast. The black pair of wings — looking bat-like and demonic — flap and send out a wave of Amaterasu that sweeps over the city in front of the Chakra construct, engulfing the fortress as well. That should hopefully put a stop to the bombardment.
The top triangle in Fuyu's Mangekyou is glowing so bright red the light pierces right through the Susano'o's body. But her vision is fading. She can feel it. Things are getting blurrier as her eyes burn like miniature suns shoved into the sockets. Did she get him with the Amaterasu or not?

The flames engulf the fortress, burning the statues, destroying them and their weapons, eating through the walls, and climbing the tower with the dragon's head atop it. There is no sign of the masked man within it. Then the tower that has been quietly gathering Chakra has its mouth begin to glow. Moments later, a beam of cyan-white light lances out from the Dragon's Head Cannon, attempt to core right through the center of the Susano'o, where Fuyu is located. An intense beam… But can it penetrate such dense Chakra as composes the construct Fuyu has made?

Fuyu hurts so badly, but when the tower starts glowing, her Sharingan letting her see the Chakra build-up moments before it fires, she forgets her pain. This is an attack coming at her that she won't survive if it hits. She can't let it end here! Not like this! Not after all her othe failures…!
The bottom-right triangle in each Mangekyou glows to match the top triangle. A second Susano'o manifests in the path of the beam and swallows the attack whole. Yes, a SECOND Susano'o. This one is a beast — smaller than the Primary Susano'o. A four-legged monster with boney ridges coming up over its bulky, highly-muscular chest. It has a small horn on its head, and that head is essentially just a yawning, cavernous mouth. That mouth is what 'inhaled' the Chakra beam. The pain that results from manifesting this other Susano'o is more intense than any other pain in Fuyu's life!
…At least physically. Emotionally, she has suffered greater. And that fact causes the bottom-left triangle in each Mangekyou to start glowing too. She screwed this up. She gave this monster the chance to seperate her and Hashiramako. She's fading fast, and if she loses here it will be all her fault. Another Susano'o manifests. The pain Fuyu is suffering becomes even greater, until she suddenly just vomits up a load of blood from the damage being inflicted to her deep inside. But there's three Susano'o on the field. That has to be enough! It has to!
The Secondary Susano'o is this newest one… A great, armored beast with boney ridges up its back, and a sturdy, stocky built. An enormous 'bone-metal' horn on its snout looks like it could be used to impale a mountain. Fuyu can intuitively feel the powers of these three Susano'o. This is good. Because if she had to experiment to learn them, she'd be dead or blind before it happened. As it is, she can't even see beyond where her Secondary and Tertiary Susano'o are standing anymore. So she sends out the Secondary to trample the city and make sure there's nowhere to hide.

Amuro stares. He can't even see, and yet he stares. This has just gotten… Ridiculous. How can any one ninja wield such power as this? "Damnable Uchiha and their doujutsu… They always have some new trick to pull." Well, there have been stronger ninja in history… But not many. The Munashiigan-wielder will just have to cope. But then the Secondary Susano'o comes charging out and starts trampling everything. Argh! It's like an earthquake!
The masked man leaps out of concealment beneath the city streets as they crack open, shatter, and crumble. Ancient streets are no protection against something like this. He just has no idea how he's going to stop Fuyu now beyond outlasting her. He doesn't have the power he did in his youth. Even just 10 years ago he'd have been in better shape than he is now. The man calling himself 'Fuu Ka' decides it's time. The seal on his right palm transforms to a new kanji. 'Youth'. "Forbidden Technique: Hatching Of The Phoenix Egg!" Power surges through Amuro, searing his flesh, burning his muscles, sending his Chakra levels soaring upwards and upwards and upwards! As he stands atop an overpass, light glowing from deep within, his body begins to shift and change…
A ragged cloak of solidified Chakra flows out from about his shoulders and throat. A sword of Nothingness appears in his grasp. A sword of raw VOID. Amuro is no longer an old man. He is in the prime of his life — the peak of his power — and his Chakra levels EXCEED those of Senju Hashiramako. He stands on the edge of the broken road and looks out across the burning city. "Come," he calls out in challenge. "Pit your inheritance from the Sage of the Six Paths… Against MINE."

Fuyu's Secondary Susano'o turns to face the direction all that power is building in. The Primary Susano'o holds up two of its arms, and focuses Chakra. More Chakra builds into a rod of some kind across the palms of those pair of hands. It builds and builds, growing denser by the second, until it turns into… A gigantic scythe. Fuyu has her Primary Susano'o swing the scythe. It slams into the ground and sends up a wave of force that tears through the ground, causing a wall of dust and debris to trail in its wake, headed right for the masked man.
"Just die already!" she spits out… Along with copious amounts of blood. She doesn't understand the change her opponent has undergone — can't even see it. But she knows he's stronger than he was before. She can feel his enormous Chakra from here.

Amuro leaps from thousands of feet above the city below and swings the Nothingness Blade as he falls directly into the path of the shockwave. The weapon of Void negates the force. He lands on a building and aims his left arm at Fuyu. An eruption of raw Chakra is launched from his palm. A sphere of Chakra that flies at the Primary Susano'o. He's off again almost immediately, leaping towards the Secondary Susano'o and slashing at it repeatedly with the Nothingness Blade. Amuro has regained the strength, vigour, and agility of his youth. These combined with the skill and experience of his over a century of life are giving him the means to do things that he wouldn't have been able to back then. Things like take on three Susano'o at once.
Inwardly, he just wishes he hadn't had to use this technique for an opponent of this nature.

The sphere of Ki hits the Primary Susano'o in the chest, right where Fuyu is. Thankfully it wasn't quite strong enough to reach her, but it still leaves cracks and white 'flames' of ghostly Chakra flows from the 'injury'. Fuyu's eyes are searing balls of pain so intense she can't even focus anymore. She closes them and it doesn't help. She clutches at her eyes with both hands and SCREAMS, but she keeps the Susano'o going.
Then she feels her Secondary Susano'o get hit. Parts of it just stop existing. Fuyu tries to control the Susano'o with her mind… To see through ITS eyes instead of her own. It works. She can see the injuries on her Susano'o. And she knows what she must do. Buildings, streets, cars, traffic lights, mailboxes, and everything else all starts to crumble and fly up into the air. It is broken down into its base atoms and then broken down further into particles and then broken down some more until it is raw energy. That energy is turned into Chakra, and that Chakra is then used to replace the parts of the body lost to Amuro. All the while, the Primary Susano'o puts its second pair of hands together and starts making hand seals. Fuyu only has one hand, but she uses it to do the same, finally putting all that Chakra she gathered to use.
The earthen 'ceiling' to this cavern, high above starts to rain down large boulders. Boulders which catch fire as they fall. Boulders which are like METEORS as they fall all over the city, creating a conflagration of immense proportions. Fuyu intends to give her opponent nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run. She will set this ancient city ablaze. And she calls out the name of this technique as several flaming boulders are aimed directly at Amuro. "SHATTERED HEAVEN!"

Amuro is silent now. Just fighting. This is not a battle for banter anymore. This is all-out war between two of the bloodlines of the Sage of the Six Paths. He watches as the Secondary Susano'o regenerates by turning its environment into Chakra. Then he sees that his Chakra Cannonball attack managed to do damage to that 'Primary Susano'o'… He raises his hand to fire another at the same place, but then Fuyu casts some jutsu. Flaming boulders as big as houses start to fall from the 'sky'. Fantastic.
The descendant of the Eldest Son focuses his Munashiigan on the several that come at him. Swirling vortexes of Void appear in the paths of each, sucking them in and destroying them.
THEN he fires another Chakra Cannonball from his left hand.

The Chakra Cannonball veers off course and flies right down the gullet of the Tertiary Susano'o as it 'inhales' the Ninjutsu. The Secondary Susano'o charges at Amuro, attempting to smash into him and trample him under foot. Fuyu starts weaving another jutsu, her Primary Susano'o helping. The upper pair of arms swing the Grand Scythe they wield, and Fuyu screams out, "AKATSUKI KARITE! <DAYBREAK REAPER!>" A 'blade' of 'shockwave' is flung out from the scythe. A crescent-shaped attack… Made of pure Amaterasu. Fuyu is NOT letting this monster win. She can't fail here! She has too much to make up for! How can she face anyone in the next world if she dies now, without accomplishing what she set out to!?

Amuro lets out a 'tch' as he sees the Tertiary Susano'o once again interfere. It doesn't seem to do anything other than inhale Ninjutsu. «It must be ranged-defense.» the masked man decides. When the Secondary Susano'o comes charging at him he almost doesn't notice until it's too late. Instead he raises his left arm and attempts to BLOCK the titanic beast! What a foolish move! Its horn alone is heavier than the total weight of this entire city! Amuro's entire body trembles with the effort of using both physical strength and his Chakra to reinforce his body. Even young now, he is still but a mortal. He is not a physical match for this construct.
But he isn't just squashed immediately either. Instead he uses that contact with the horn to hurl himself up into the air using the same horn as a platform. He runs up its curve, and then leaps when he's close to the top, slashing with the Nothingness Blade and attempting to cleave right through the horn.
Then he hears an attack name being called out, turns his head as he hangs there in mid-air, seemingly in slow-motion, and sees the crescent of Amaterasu. It sweeps through the space he is in and when it passes, Amuro is gone.

The horn is cut through, the massive chunk of concentrated Chakra falling off and putting a ravine in the burning cityscape. Both normal flames and Amaterasu burn freely right now. The heat is so intense that the massive cavern is starting to feel like an oven. Fuyu couldn't see where she was aiming her scythe. She has to rely on the senses of her various Susano'o. But when she realizes where her Daybreak Reaper went…
She suddenly feels the need to put it out. That wave of flames has caught the smoking barrier that Amuro put up before around the mountain Hashiramako was on. Fuyu doesn't want to find out if the flames can pass through or not. The second pair of wings of the Primary Susano'o come into play. The white, bird-like or angellic pair of wings… They flap once, and all the 'normal' flames in the entire city go out. The various spots of black flames flicker but remain. A second beat of the wings suck the oxygen out of the air even more, and halves the Amaterasu all over. Another beat of the wings puts out the Amaterasu completely, and makes the air hard to breathe.
Fuyu is choking on blood, agony, and the lack of breathable air as she tries to scan around with her various Susano'o. Did she do it? Is Fuu Ka dead? She doesn't know, but… She can't maintain this anymore. Her Secondary Susano'o lets out a growling roar as it fades to transparency and then disappears. The lower-left triangle in each of Fuyu's Mangekyou has turned dead-grey. The top triangle appears to be fading to a dull coloration too, so Fuyu has her Primary Susano'o lower her back to ground level even as it starts to vanish. But she's too slow.
The top triangle in both eyes goes grey, and Fuyu plummets from thousands of feet up. She falls and falls and can't see where she's going, is completely disoriented…
She hits a building rooftop and breaks both her legs and her left hip. She screams. She screams from pain. Pain from her Susano'o, pain from the loss of her right arm, pain from these new injuries, pain from her eyes… So much pain. But she at least allows her Mangekyou Sharingan to revert to normal eyes. Not normal Sharingan, just normal eyes. Her Chakra levels are so low now… Her Tertiary Susano'o faded away when she turned her eyes to normal. Everything is blurry, she can barely make out colors. It's all just a big blob.
Well… At least her opponent is dead. Maybe that means the barrier is down and Hashiramako is free. Maybe it's all over.

Fuyu has several minutes to lie on the rooftop and dwell on her pain. Then a shrieking vortex appears a dozen feet away or so. Out of it comes a young man of about 8 feet tall.
'Fuu Ka' is still alive and he looks to be pretty intact, burns on his skin aside. But that youth is rapidly fading. He is aging, greying, his brown hair turning stark white, medical machines WOVEN into his flesh seemingly just appearing out of nowhere as though they had been buried deep inside. Scar tissue everywhere.
Soon enough, wearing tattered rags, and once more his true age, Amuro stands over Fuyu. He says, "Nice try." Then he holds out his right hand and reaches for Fuyu's face. It's time to take all that she knows, and then to take her eyes. They should serve as an excellent sample for future experiments.

Impossible. Just… Impossible. Fuyu's blood feels like it's turned to ice in her veins. Fear grips her. She did all that… Wielded all that power… Pushed FAR beyond her limits… For nothing? This man is still alive? She doesn't have the Chakra to fight him, and she's too weak to use Taijutsu. Any jutsu she uses is going to end her life. So, knowing that she's dying a failure — the incredible student and follower of Uchiha Madara, the head of the Uchiha Clan in Konohagakure, the Legendary Ninja, Uchiha Fuyu… She accomplished nothing. She wasted everyone's trust in her. Everyone's hopes. Everyone's dreams. Everyone's sacrifices.
«Taji… Hinotori… My best friend, who I never even gave a name to…» Fuyu thinks as the man steps closer to her and starts to lean over her. «…Madara-sensei, wherever you are… I'm sorry.» Then she ends it on her terms. She awakens her Mangekyou Sharingan one final time. Only the bottom-right triangle in each eye is still red and it too is fading to grey rapidly. The Tertiary Susano'o appears. Fuyu has it inhale itself. Inhale its own Chakra, concentrate it… And then fire it in one apocalyptic blast.
It's all Fuyu could do now. Both eyes turn grey just before the blast hit her and the building she's on.
«I'll see you soon, Mimi-chan.»
On that day, Uchiha Fuyu died.

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