The Bear Necessities


Kaido, Kajiru, Shinobu

Date: Unknown (log received June 3, 2015)


Kaido takes a couple of green Genins on a C-Rank Mission to trap and kill a problem bear.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Bear Necessities"

Somewhere in the Land of Fire

Alas, even after a three month journey, there's no rest for the wicked. Kaido barely had enough time to get back to his house, drop off his stuff before being summoned to the Jounin Council to undertake a mission. Thankfully, the mission was a simple one, with little likelyhood of a pitched battle. Even though the village was at war with the Recluse, there still were D-rank missions to do and Genin who needed missions like these in order gain skills and experience.
Two such Genin were his cousin, Shinobu and new and unknown one in Kajiru. Messenger hawks would have been sent for both to meet their team leader in front of the village gates and Kaido waits patiently for the two.

Walking up to the front gate, Kajiru has both hands behind her head. She looks at Kaido, eyeing him carefully before she sniffs a little at the air. She tehn hmms and eyes him again before she then nods. She looks as if she is about to say something, a hand swinging around to hold up a single finger as if she were about to have some great thought. Then her hand drops and her mouth closes and she walks a few steps past Kaido and looks further down the road. She then looks back at Kaido suspiciously and squints at him before nodding and then walking around him to the other side and then states, "I am…hungry." She nods her head and starts pulling out jerky to eat.

Shinobu holds Kame to her chest as she approaches the gates. No, she wasn't a Genin /quite/ yet. But graduation was nearing, and the Academy decided that her scores were high enough that she could participate in a small, light mission. As such, she stands here before Kaido. Both Inuzuka perk up, happy to see their cousin after a long time, and Shinobu even manages to draw up enough strength to press against Kaido briefly in greeting. Then there's a yip. ~What're we doing?~

Kaido smiles down at Kame and Shinobu and gives his cousin a quick hug as his two nin-ken, Bolt and Bandit speak up, "Yo" "Hiiiiiii!" in human language. Kajiru is given a look by Kaido as she paces around and is about to say something before a tanuki the size of Bolt pops out from almost thin air and says, "Soooooo! THIS is Konoha huh? Nice place you got he…. OOOOOOH!!!" The Tanuki runs over to Kajiru and says, "You've got hot babes in this place!" He gives her a grin and magically makes his teeth sparkle as he says, "Hey gorgeous, want to go out with me?"
Kaido blinks and then says, "Doborou! She's not even close to being of age! GET BACK HERE!" Not even a few hours back in Konoha and already trouble is starting, he shakes his head and says, "Anyways, I'm Inuzuka Kaido, and these are my nin-ken Bandit" The nin-ken in question raises a paw and says, "Yo" and Kaido says then, "and Bolt" Bolt perks up and wags his tail and gives a doggie grin and spins around and says, "Bolt find new friends?" The introduction is mostly for Kajiru's sake since she's never met Kaido before and Shinobu has. Kaido does say as he grabs the tanuki by his ear and yanks him back and says, "And this little troublemaker is Doborou… Doborou, my cousin Shinobu and her nin-ken Kame, and you would be?" He nods to Kajiru to introduce herself.

A blink at the Tanuki as it approaches her and then Kajiru eyes it a moment before letting out an audible growl while bearing her teeth. One glove, teh one her right hand, literaly sprouts three short blades out of the back of her hand while she eyes the thing. She then takes a big bite of Jerky before saying, "No, you can't have any of my jerky weird raccoon dog." She then looks over at Kaido before looking at the dogs and then states with a mouth partially filled with food, "Kirryu Kajiru." She states and then eats another bite before she nods and then looks at the group and then puts away the rest of her jerky.

Shinobu peeks at the odd Tanuki, giving a small wave before she sorts ducks down behind Kame. The pup is happy enough, though, barking a cheerful greeting. ~Hello! Nice to meet you!~ Then both young Inuzuka turn to peek at Kaido. ~What're we doing?~ the pup asks curiously, tail wagging. The Kirryu is partially ignored as Shinobu awaits orders. She just isn't one to talk.

The Chuunin sticks his thumbs into his pockets and cocks a hip and says, "As you may, or may not be aware, the village is at war with the Recluse. The vast majority of missions are for senior Genin and high ranked shinobi to deal with the threat. That being said, just because we are at war, doesn't mean that simple errands that the village is contracted for are shunted aside." Bandit and Bolt nod as Doborou climbs up onto Kaido's back to peer intently at the jerky in Kajiru's hand.
Kaido continues, "What we've been asked to do is head to the next village in the land of Fire and help the village elders take care of a particularily nasty bear that's been running amok, killing livestock and rooting up crops. Any questions?"

Growling at the Tanooki for a moment, Kajiru eyes him eying her food. She takes a step toward him and stares up at him on Kaido's shoulder. She then blinks and looks to Shinobu. She then walks over to Shinobu with a few blinks of her eyes. She tilts her head one way and the tilts it the other before she waves a hand at Shinobu, "Hello?!" She calls out to her and then waves a hand again before she squints and peers at her closer, "Why you no speak?" She then blinks over at Kaido and then glares, "It's killing livestock?!" She walks toward him and puts her hands on her hips, "I eat that livestock! How dare that bear eat my livestock?!" She then growls to herself and looks to the side, "We're going to put a stop to this villain…"

Shinobu shrinks in her spot when Kajiru comes over to her and yells (well, speaks very loudly) at her. Kame peers at the Kirryu and yips, ~No need!~ before both turn their attention to Kaido. They nod slowly, mostly understanding the instructions. They just needed to drive away the bear! ~Let's go!~ Kame yips cheerfully, excited to go outside the village. Shinobu shares her ninken's feelings, though she doesn't show them as openly. There's always something exciting about a mission.

Kaido says to Kajiru, "Leave her alone, she's very shy." With that he turns and opens the huge gates out of the village and says, "Let's go, the faster we get this done, the faster we can get back and the ramen will be on me." Bolt and Bandit start out ahead of Kaido as Doborou uses Kaido like a horse, lightly kicking him on the shoulders and says, "Giddyup! Haiyo Kaido… AWAY!" and starts to hum the William Tell Overture as they wander along. Kaido says, "No kicking, or you walk like everyone else." Doborou says, "Awwwww, you're no fun Kaido… are you gonna let me kick some baloo today? I've got some big bombs we can use!" Kaido just sighs.

A blink at Shinobu and then a scowl at Kaido. Kajiru just grumbles as they come out of the village and she hears Doborou she moves up to beside him and then looks back, "Right, no fun!" She nods her head and then looks over at Doborou, "Bombs, huh?" She then looks around and considers, "Bombs…" She nods her head even as they move along.

Shinobu follows after Kaido and Kajiru, bringing up the rear with Kame in her arms. Much of the conversation is ignored as they make their way to the next village, Shinobu's eye traveling over their surroundings as she 'explores' and studies everything. A few times she stops completely to study a plant she's never seen before.

Kaido leads them on the long walk to the village where they are met on the road by some of the villagers who are upset. Apparently the bear had just done more than just kill livestock or root up vegetables to eat, when a farmer tried to scare it off, the bear became aggressive and mauled him. Kaido listens to the villagers and then says, "Ok, we'll take care of it."
Kaido then glances back at his two team members and says, "Originally I was planning on trying to trap it when it came on a raid, but now because of how aggressive it's becoming, we're going to track it and kill it before it gets to the village in case it goes on a rampage." He looks down at Bandit and Bolt, "Bolt, Bandit, noses to the ground, get it's scene trail and start following it." He looks back, "The rest of us will follow, be ready for anything. The bear isn't the only enemy that might be out here."

Looking at the area around as they walk, Kajiru ends up approaching various spots to sniff at something or looks behind a bush they pass and hten keeps walking. She seems to be constantly looking at various things as she sniffs the air occasionally before they arrive. She then blinks as they arrive and hears about that. She then growls softly and then looks at Kaido before nodding, "Now we're talking. This bear is really getting on my nerves." She shifts to the side and pops out the claws from both gloves. Each hand now has three roughly two inch claws in place and she nods her head, "I'm ready." She then hears the command for the dogs and then frowns and blinks, "I wanted to try to sniff him out, too…" She then shrugs and hangs back.

Shinobu doesn't actively track down the bear, but she does rely on her sense of smell to see what is going on in the area. The number of strangers makes her shrink a bit in her spot, so she keeps to the edge and where less people are so she can help figure out where this big ol' bear might be hiding. Kame helps, too, hopping out of the girl's arms to help Bandit and Bolt.

Grinning as the bear is found, she rushes off after the group as well. When they stop, she is looking at the den all curiously before looking over at Kaido. She nods to him as he speaks and then the raccoon rushes off and she pops up and points at the racoon and then sighs, "That's something wanted to do." She then nods to the racoon before grinning as he rushes out, "Way to go, racoon dog." She laughs and then looks forward as she watches the bear come out, "You got it." She rushes at the bear and as he throws blades at its back she attempts to slash at its back legs with her ninja claws. She then looks back as she rushes past, trying not to give the bear much opportunity to attack her back as she keeps running. She then grins as she comes to a stop and ends up stopping with a skidding stop on all fours.

Kame yips as well, saying, ~I don't like the smell of bears~ and wrinkling her nose a bit. Bolt and Bandit said all the useful information. Then she blinks and watches Dorobou just go for it, angering the bear. *Wilt…* Shinobu makes a few handseals as Kame growls at the bear, barking for all it's worth so that the bear possibly feels some semblance of fear or something that would drain its energy. However it reacted, the bear would find itself facing a spinning whirlwind of claws as Kame launches herself at the beast.

The Bear isn't at ALL happy with how it was bearded in it's own den by Doborou and fixates on the Tanuki. The Tanuki in question yells at Kajiri, "I'm a TANUKI thank you! I'm part of a distinguished pedigree!" He almost sounds affronted being called a raccoon dog.
That being said, the Bear manages to dodge Kaido's attacks, but ends up being sliced and diced by both Kajiri and Shinobu. It's not enough to kill it, but it does end up making it madder and turns and gets up on two legs, roaring once again, swatting with her (yes it's clear it's a her) claws at both Kajiri and Kame.
Kaido for his part catches his chakram and then pulls out a blowpipe and some knockout darts, hoping to at least tranquilize it to put it down safely.

The swat sends the girl flipping back and she ends up landing on her feet with a wince as she feels the claws. She growls and then goes down to all fours again, staring at the bear. She growls a little and then races back forward at it, "That hurt!" She then ends up tring to take her attacks to the back of the bear's legs again. SHe growls as she attempts to attack its hamstrings and then move past again in a hit and run tactic. She then sniffs, "And it does smell bad, I agree."

Kame squeaks and leaps away from the large creature, able to avoid the swiping claws with ease. She lands beside her partner, and both crouch down, chakra flowing through their systems as they ready themselves. Each Inuzuka then launches themselves in a spinning motion with their claws (or in Shinobu's case, sharpened nails) out and ready to shred the bear again. They make their move after their teammates to make sure they don't get hit by incoming kunai or anything like that.

The Bear roars and Kaido's dart pierces her neck, injecting a poison that starts to make it's movements clumsy and slow. The combined strikes of both Kajiru and Shinobu are enough to finish it off. It falls to it's four feet and stumbles off in the direction of it's den before it collapses, dead.
Kaido is about to go make sure of it when some squalls are hear from the direction of the den and that's when Kaido winces, "Oh mowgli… no wonder it came out… she had cubs…" He peers inside the den and yes, there are several bear cubs that look hungry and are missing Mama. Kaido says, "We can't exactly leave them here…" Doborou says, "I'll take care of it, they can stay in the Tanuki Village, we'll raise 'em and make sure they can survive on their own."
The Tanuki scrambles down and makes sure he touches them all and he along with them all disappear in a puff of smoke. With that done, Kaido looks down at his nin-ken and the rest and says, "Ok, well, let's get this carcass to the village and let them know the deed is done." The group manages to drag the bear corpse to the village who are so grateful they are given a big celebration for killing the offending bear before the group heads back home to Konoha.

A blink as she looks at the bear passing away and then she nods her head, "Take that." She then nods her head and starts cleaning off her blades before she uses the latch on the back to slide them back into the gloves. When it is mentioned she had cubs, the girl frowns. She walks over to look inside to see the cubs before grumbling. Her head shakes and Kajiru looks to Doborou, "Well, at least they'll be taken care of." She nods her head before sniffing once at the air and moving to help with the bear. For once, she's kinda silent.

Shinobu tilts her head at the noise from the cave, looking to Kaido before frowning worriedly. But Dorobou takes them back to his place, so it's okay now. She helps with the bear's corpse, and Kame does too, though both aren't very effective at dragging it. When they get to the village, she ends up staying in various corners to try and keep away from all the strange people. They were nice, but it was like sensory overload for the girl. Other than that, though, she had a good time, returning to the village in relatively high spirits.

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