The Beauty and the Faithful: Eri vs. Hiroshi


Eri, Hiroshi

Date: November 29, 2012


In a effort to conserve chakra and defend his scroll, can Hiroshi resist the lusting temptation of genjutsu?

"Second Promotion Exams - The Beauty and the Faithful: Eri vs. Hiroshi"

Unknown location

The jounin exams would only be a few days into the mix, blood shed and screams filled the area on the first day but for Hiroshi this was no problem. Hiroshi would be in one location resting before a large amount of ruins, the relics of what use to be a great civilization. Hiroshi would be on his knee's in prayer as he clasp both hands before him, as if honoring those who had fallen here. "Pleased be the spirits." He would say as he stands to his feet. It was evening time, around the hours of 3:00 PM, the cold wind blows through the area bringing with it a horrible gusting chill. Hiroshi would be garbed in carapace battle armor, armguards and carapace greaves. The tall figure would stand and tower over the entrance of the ruins, his white eyes peering out into the distance. "Perhaps I should return to hunting for another scroll." He would say to himself with an annoyed sigh.

Eri skips through the ruins humming a happy tune as she did a search of her own. "Alright Eri, you got off to a bad start with Trickster, but things are going to be different. I can feel it." She nods satisfied with that little pep talk and blinks as she accidently comes across Hiroshi in prayer. She tilts her head curiously as he climbs to his feet and she examines him closely. He seemed to be quite an interesting character, but she had to start heeding Kiku's words of advice. No one was her friend here, well some may be, but not everyone. Some people out there were more than willing to kill her in their search for a scroll. She calls over at him cheerfully "Hiya love, please come over here and talk to me! I need to know whether or not you have a scroll or not! Not that I'd want to take it if you did…but I mean if you wanted to hand it over that'd be fine too!" She giggles softly and crosses her arms idly in front of her as she waited on him to answer her. She wasn't exactly the most discreet shinobi when it came to matters like this, but still her entire reason to join the exams was rather spontaneous so she never really bothered preparing much before hand. She wasn't sure if any of her new comrades were nearby, it was so hard to tell with Kitaru, but it was alright if they weren't. She needed to learn how to fend for herself eventually anyways, still part of her wouldn't mind if he just happened to show up like he usually seemed to do.

Hiroshi would only frown as he looked at the girl, hand it over? No he had no intent on doing so, nor did he have any intent on fighting her for it. "Sorry but giving you this scroll is not part of the mandate. And my name is Hiro not love." He would say as both arms fold over his chest, she looked rather young possibly one of those whose screams he heard on day one of the exam, but rather then assault her Hiroshi simply sits down upon a stone boulder.

" Hyuuga Hiroshi to be more formal, and by your perky attitude I take it that you are a person who was unlucky, that or you are simply putting on a sweet act to lul someone into a false sense of safety. Either or I see no reason to keep it up if it is an act, just like I see no reason for you to be on guard. Slaughtering and killing is not apart of my mandate." He would say as he digs into the inner half of his battle suit and pulls out a single scroll, "This is what you want, my scroll? I rather not give it to you, and I rather we not fight over it. Curious however, are you holding its sister? IF so might I obtain it from you?" he would ask in a rather serious tone but he showed no true hostility towards her at all.

A more serious smirk crosses Eri's lips as he attempts to analyze her actions and she chuckles softly at him. "Alright Hiro sweety, it's a pleasure to meet you! I myself am the great and beautiful Kiyotani Eri! And why would someone as sweet and innocent as I lie to you?" She bats her eyelashes kindly at Hiroshi as she continues examining him. Her eyes light up in delight when she sees the scroll in his hand. Jackpot! Just what she was after today. Still he probably wouldn't attempt to confront her unless he thought she had one too. "Well maybe I do sweety maybe I don't, but I can't tell you that. I guess you'll just have to come down here and search me." She winks playfully at him and giggles softly in response. Hopefully that would at least catch his interest enough to at least talk to her more about it. She didn't exactly enjoy fighting, but sadly that was one of the few ways people become willing to hand over their scrolls.

"People lie its human nature, we lie to children and tell them not to be afraid of the dark even though we know what is out there. We lie to our parents when we want to sneak out at night for a party. Now if we can lie to those we love and care so much about, like a mother, a father, a son, and a daughter. What makes you think we as people wont lie to strangers?" He would say his tone flat, as if he were bored even. Hiroshi would sigh shaking his head lightly as she offers him to search her. "No thank you, there is little reason for me to search you and even less reason for me to engage you if you did. I would simply ask you if you had it. If you did not ok, if you had it and lied to me about it, ok as well." He would pause for several moments as he takes this time to brush a few strands of his ebony black hair from his face. "So the last time, do you have a scroll I can have, I rather not fight."

"Because sweety! It is also in the human nature to care for others, in fact it is an urge all living beings feel. Sometimes animals take in those who aren't their's and raise them as their own. Perhaps it is because of more practical reasons like having another hand to hunt for food or less competition to compete against, but I believe it is because some care that much to want to stop another living thing's suffering. Sometimes you just have to trust someone, even if they are a stranger. I have had many strangers spare my life out of the kindness of their hearts, and I have saved many stranger's lifes as well. I know it may sound naive to you." Eri pauses from her ranting and watches him calmly in debate. She needed that scroll, she needed to catch up while there was still time left, but he didn't seem intent on letting her have it. "I'm sorry love, but I don't have a scroll. Which is why I need yours really badly..I can't go back home until I at least give it my all." She takes a deep breath focusing her chakra as she allowed her white aura to surround her. Her eye twitches faintly as the aura finally takes its wing like shape around her and she smiles brightly at him. "Don't worry though, love, it won't hurt at all."

Hiroshi would sigh lightly shaking his head at the girl as she speaks, he truly was not buying this nor was he in the mood to hear this at all, "Ok let me explain our situation a little better to you." He would say as he stands to his feet, the burning intensity of his byakugan coming to head as his pupils dialate to being nearly invisible, the veins around his forehead would pulsate out as a deep intensity shine sin his eyes.

"You forget the mandate of the mission so let me explain. Chuunin are to secure and control both scrolls within the time period. And once that is done the rest move on. Many of you foolishly sacrificed your body and complete mental state on day one but it never occurred to you about what the rules stated. Secure and survive. You broke your bodies and put yourselves in near death states over these scrolls and for what, just so someone can pick you off when you are weaker. You are making a mistake so I am telling you this now while you still have a chance to pull back. You are a target with this scroll, and fighting is not the only solution."

He would say as he gains a large amount of chakra into his limbs, it would circulate around his body, "It is only a downfall in this exam, even if you managed to beat me I would survive and you would be in an extremely weakened state and become a target. It's a thing called survival not a slaughter, do you get it?"

Eri smiles and nods at Hiroshi in understanding. "Oh I know the reason yes, but again. I have to get both scrolls in the first place. Even if it means I have to put myself at risk I still have to try. Part of being a Jounin is to be strong and brave in all the situations you may face, sometimes that requires looking defeat in the face and taking a jab at it anyways. I know I may not be Jounin material yet. I still have much to learn, and you obviously know more than I. But I am trying to learn. I will go back home better from the experience Jounin or not. Nothing is stopping that, so nothing should stop me." She pauses for a moment before bringing her hands forward to quickly go through the hand seals. She softly whispers to herself as she attempted to make a connection with Hiroshi, "Love at First Sight." Perhaps with him more 'friendly' towards her she would have an easier time talking the scroll out of his grasp.

"You still do not get it do you?" He would say as he peers at her, a difference in her chakra is what his byakugan would show him, is it genjutsu? He would mutter under his breath as she attempts to tangle him. Her words slowly creeping upon him as she speaks, he could only shake his head as the genjutsu attempts to invade him. He can feel his feelings bend and turn towards her, but that sensation is quickly shaken off as a small amount of blood is drawn from his lips,

"You are wrong, the job of a jounin is to secure the mission with least casualties and chance for failure as possible. By going through with this you may have increased both our chances of failure, but pity will not fall upon you simply because you are a woman. You will be hunted down and killed possibly. More easier than myself simply because I can see where and when trouble is coming, but can you?" he would ask as he sighs a small amount of chakra gathering in his right hand as he charges forward attempting to Elbow her in the stomach, but his primary attack, was in his right hand the chakra fused palm strike jabbing Eri into her chin if he was successful she would be launched into the air with a large bolt of chakra pulsating through her body locking her nerves.

Eri listens to him in interest as he speaks, just because they were about to fight didn't mean his opinions were invalid. "Well love, at least you telling me that means you've taught at least one person something yes?" Still something about his voice worried Eri, She may have found one person who was actually willing to -really- hurt her. When he charges forward she attempts to place the illusion on him, which seems to work at first. As she fades away though she does not have time to get out of the way from the jab to the chin which sends her flying. She lands roughly on the ground and twitches faintly. As she attempts to get up she winces in pain and finds that she cannot move. This wasn't good. With her delicate state she was practically laid out for execution right here. She tries to struggle against her locked nerves still filled with the urge to fight and survive.

Hiroshi would watch as she fell to the ground, a deep burning white intensity shines from his byakugan as he begins to approach her, watching curiously as her body is locked in its state. "As of now I can stand over you and seal your tenketsu in a way that would leave your chakra network and body exhausted, all the while damaging your internal organs beyond what most can imagine, but to be honest I rather not." He would say as he sighs moving back towards the boulder he was resting at.

"Please don't try genjutsu on me again, as I said survival is the key here, not wasting all of our chakra on a pointless fight that would risk both our lives, yours more so than man. I am not here to slaughter, make enemies, or kill. I am here to survive and win." He would say as he opened a canteen that he took from a nearby backpack, untwisting the cap to drink some of the water from it. "What do you say, focus on complete recovery because from what just happened I would say me and you would almost kill eachother and waste a lot of chakra."

Eri tries to look up at him as he walks towards her blinking a little as he starts to describe what he could do to her while she's like this. It was a punch to her pride when he actually walked away from her. Slowly she relaxes allowing her aura to fade, trying to regain control of her nerves. Finally she manages to sit up at least and rubs at her chin. That really hurt, she wouldn't have been surprised if it started to swell. She pouts over at him as she rubs her minor wound and shakes her head in frustration at him. Honestly she could put up with the guy if she wasn't in such a tight spot. She already lost her own scroll, now he was just rubbing it in her face. "Fine I didn't want your stupid scroll anyway. How am I supposed to survive if everyone out there is better than me? I can't be like you and just wait until someone comes along who happens to have a scroll! I don't know half the people here I can't tell whether or not I have a chance to win…and And not trying at all would defeat half the entire purpose of this stupid exam. That's right! I said stupid." She crosses her arms and pouts still upset. Why'd she have to pass the stupid writing portion to begin with? Someone like Akechi could have had a much better chance out here, why didn't he get in instead of her?

Hiroshi simply sighs as he shakes his head towards her beckoning for her to sit next to him. "Neither do I know anyone here save for one person and he is way beyond my league. So trust me I am not waiting around, but you have the element of surprise on you. Think about what I said and not about it as if it were some form of torture and torment. The first day people were desperate and nearly murdered eachother and they ALL left wounded, that's now how you handle this. You sit back and talk your way through things if you have to. Winning is not about simply who is strong, that is not what being a jounin is truly about."

He would say as he offers his canteen out to her. "Notice how this could have turned bad, yet I talked to you about how I feel, and what you should do, but you didn't listen. Notice I did not burn myself out or blow my load of chakra all over you to prove a point. I simply proved it and sat back. We can talk through things instead of openly slaughter each other." He would say as he kicks back on the boulder. "Its not about whose better in life nor is it about who is the strongest, it is all about how you as a person play by the rules and survive. I am being honest with you so consider this a nature of good will."

Still pouting Eri looks over at Hiroshi before moving over to sit by his side. She watches him closely as she listens to him, but frowns at him. "Have you seen some of the people here? They aren't talkers, they're bullies. Bullies who are willing to kill over this stuff. And the only way people can get through to them is by bullying back. Even if I could talk to them they'd still bully me..if you haven't noticed I'm somewhat…delicate." She pauses for a moment debating on whether or not she go on speaking to him. "It is why I rely on genjutsu, what little strength I have is in my mind. Even that hasn't helped me at all…Trickster nearly fried my brain and pick pocketed the scroll off me our first night here…" She wipes at her eyes a little trying not to get upset and takes the canteen offered to her. She takes a small sip from it before passing it back to him. "Yes, but there is a difference. You also punched me in the jaw and left me there motionless. Of course I was more willing to listen to you since I wasn't able to move. I can't do that like you can..Still I guess I should thank you for talking to me and -not- crushing my organs or anything like that…"

Hiroshi would take the canteen back as she finished, she spoke the truth a lot of people here were bullies and truly were not jounin material considering most only thought with brute force. "Glass is fragile and delicate, yet it can shred you into pieces, the water is gentle and delicate yet it can drown you in its liquid, and freeze you in its frozen state. You however do not give yourself enough credit, you forget one thing about yourself and your body as a human. Human beings bodies are amazing, they are fragile yet they are more powerful than you could ever imagine."

He would say replacing the canteen in his bag as he took from it a single brown string to tie his hair back. " You may not be a bully or a brute but you have surprise on your side, and think about it for a moment, the closer towards the end this exam gets the more feral and desperate people will become. It's a cycle that if you notice it, you can use it. The first day everyone wants a scroll and will kill to get it, avoid fighting on day one, secure yourself a base and fresh supplies. Day two and three, everyone is wounded and recovering, they are without a base and supplies, all of which you have. And you are free to take, bully and beat. Just keep in mind that which was beaten may rise up. Then you have the final days, people are desperate and every turn is danger, yet if you use all your tricks on day one, the final days are harder because you are sore, broken bones maybe? A lot of things from sickness to illness. You have to take in account all of these things as a jounin, if you do not this exam is hard for you. But if you do, it is a cake walk."

He would say as he zips his bag sealing it shut. "Now as for me, I am going to find the person who took your scroll from you, and possibly engage him. Why you may wonder, not because of you, but because people are going to get desperate soon and it is best to strike when the mission can be completed as opposed to failing. So now I am curious who was it that took your scroll, I am sure you will come with me and tell me, oh and again. Do refrain from using genjutsu on me."

Eri blinks when he mentions going after the person who took her scroll and she scratches the back of her head awkwardly. It was true, part of her did want Kitaru to get roughed up for taking away her chance of actually getting two scrolls. Still she did make an allegience with him of sorts, and he did watch her comatose body to make sure no one hurt her in her weakened state. "I-it's alright love, really. To be honest…he made me a deal after he confronted me. He said if I helped him he could get me two more scrolls…And well I was so weak I couldn't have really let him leave me there. Who knows what scavengers would've tried searching me. So in a way we are allies right now. I don't like having to accept help, especially from someone who worked so hard to take my scroll. If you fought him then I'd have to help him too though since I gave Kitaru my word.." She blinks for a moment when she accidently used his name and glances over at Hiroshi making sure he didn't hear that. "If you don't like genjutsu then you won't like him Hiroshi-san. He's like…better than me a hundred fold! His illusions are potent, and hard to break free from.."

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