Broken Memories Pt. 3 - The Beginning Of The End


Amani, Mune, Shinji

Date: March 11, 2012


Amani is working at the hospital doing mundane chores. A visitor from 'out of town' shows up for the first time in 5 years. She has brought along a friend. These three from different walks of life will be the beginning of something enormous and terrible for the Hidden Cloud.

"Broken Memories Pt. 3 - The Beginning Of The End"

Unkei Hospital - Kumogakure

Kumogakure seemed the same as always and that wasn't saying much. People have just returned from the exams, some with disappointment at the results and others speaking about the thrill they got out of it. To Amani, though, it wasn't much. She can't say she wasn't impressed, but she wasn't enthused either. For one, that place was hot. Very hot and for someone like her it was like walking into an oven set to broil. The majority of her time was spent indoors, barely even going out to get food or water.
Being back here, she's gaining some appreciation for it, now that she's back in this cool air high in the mountains. Still, there was one thing that she can take back from that is that she had no idea how to help with heat exhaustion or other various skills that would have been useful. She'd seen people come and go with varying degrees of problems, but none of which she truly knew how to deal with. With that in mind, she found herself in the hospital much more often than she used to be. Guess it took a bit of a spark and touch of reality for her to get it in gear.

It has been a long, long time since Yotsuki Mune has been to Kumogakure. Back then, she still called herself 'Kishi' Mune, using her father's name instead of her mother's in order to protect herself against those who might seek to harm her based on her Clan. The Hidden Cloud Village has grown. Mune brushes the golden-rod colored, unruly hair on her head out of her eyes as she advances through the streets. Mune would sorely love to have been wearing her red longcoat for its hood. The chilly weather is not something she is used to despite a few weeks of navigating the mountain paths and the wind-swept plateaus. However, the coat is too identifiable, so she is garbed instead in an older outfit… The one she wore for years prior to her match in Kirigakure's tournament. A white longcoat, buttoned at the waist, with seemingly no shirt, bra, or other garment on her torso beneath. White leather pants, black leather combat boots… And the high-collar buttoned right beneath her nose.
Mune doesn't know her way around Kumogakure so well, but she eventually arrives at the hospital and enters. Hopefully no one is going to stop her, question her, ask her if she needs medical assistance, or whatever else. Right now she's just looking around… But if any men fall over themselves trying to help her despite not needing such aid, she'll just have to suffer through this side-effect of having boobs and see if she can get basic information out of them. Nothing secret, nothing suspicious…
But information she needs, none-the-less. Thus, she strolls across the lobby, ignoring with practiced ease any eyes fixed on the movement of her generous chest. And if there are any little Genin running around, well, they're hardly a concern either, are they? Nope. She's just looking around for now, until she's ready to approach whatever passes for a reception desk.

Amani didn't do much around here except push carts and occassionally deliver notes and or charts and other things. Everything that didn't involve actually touching a patient because she's not skilled enough, they said. She thought she could do a little something, even minor work like healing cuts and small time bruises. She wasn't looking to go full on surgery, but even small stuff was too dangerous. They talked as if she'd cut someone's head off by disinfecting a wound. Yeah, she wasn't present around here a lot, but she's a kid. Focus wasn't a strong point for her back then.
And maybe it isn't one now, because while she's busy pushing a cart and seeing if she can identify the different medications each patient takes, she isn't looking where she's going. What she feels after that was like hitting a small rock as the wheels scraped past what was Mune's boot. She frowned and looked to one side of the vehicle before rising up and meeting…Not a head. "Err, sorry?" she wondered as she followed the outfit up to the collar. She couldn't make out a face very well. "I didn't see you," she paused, "Are you looking for someone? I can go and get them after I'm done with this."
While waiting for an answer, she decided to take a few moments to look the individual over. Something about this person seemed familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Her expression changed often ranging from uncertainty to thinking she had it figured out. She lifts a hand to her head to rub it as if it'll jog her memory and something about that thunk to the boot made her think back to the tournament. Thunk…crash…boom? It's a sound that's definitely there and this person is the closest link to it.

The cart runs into her boot, and Mune turns her head with an instant frown ready. The frown, of course, is hidden behind her collar. However, her downwards-angled blonde eyebrows probably pass along her irritation regardless. The apology and the fact it's just some little girl pushing some medical supplies along who hasn't even made eye-contact yet causes her to relax before the other dark-skinned female finishes locating Mune's face. The purple hair is a bit distinct, and Mune doesn't recognize the pre-teen-looking girl at all. They probably haven't met then.
"Not particularly," she replies somewhat distantly as she takes her vividly cyan eyes off of the other female long enough to scan the lobby and see who's looking this way. Crossing her arms under her chest, Mune turns her attention back on the younger girl and offers, "I'm a travelling physician. It's been a long time since I've been to Kumogakure no Sato, so I thought I'd ensure that I am apprised of any health concerns going on right now. Don't want to catch anything nor infect anyone with 'foreigner germs'. Maybe even offer my help if the hospital is short-handed…" She hefts her chest a bit upon her forearms as she shrugs. "You know? I'd be offering to deliver medicine or whatever, but that's considered bad form and basically illegal. 'Poaching' the missions of a Hidden Village is a major offense. But I'm not here for money, so hospital work suits me just fine."
Bright-blue eyes scan Amani subtly, observing and remembering various traits about her. Mune makes a decision. Lowering her arms, she offers a hand to shake and tilts her head the appropriate amount for an adult showing acknowledgement towards a child or younger person. "Yotsuki Mune is my name. Would you happen to be medical staff here, Miss?" Does Amani look like medical staff? Uhhh… That's not the point! By pretending to mistake the younger girl for a nurse or doctor of some kind, she is essentially showing respect and perhaps treating Amani in a way that others do not: like someone of worth in the profession of saving lives. That's important. Mune needs allies in this Village. Friends, even. It will help them all, in the long run.

Amani winced a bit. Both in trying to recognize who this person was and secondly for trying to understand the words she was saying. Apprised? What? Also, she didn't know delivering drugs was illegal, but if that's the case is what she's doing illegal right now? She was a bit confused, it seems. All the poaching she knows about has to do with animals and to hear humans doing it to other people was weird. People poached missions? That's nuts.
While she tried to wrap her mind around all of this, she looked down at the cart she was pushing and then back up to Mune in enough time to see her hand extended to her. She hesitates, if only due to her confusion still being evident, and grasps it to shake. Once she hears the name, the girl's mouth opens and a soft gasp comes out. She knows who she is now! "You're the one that nearly blew that person's head up with that liquid stuff," she remarked quietly, with a twinkle in her eye like she was meeting some kind of celebrity. That was awesome! "I'm Yamayuki Amani," she offered up her name. "Maybe I can talk with the others and see if you can get something here."

It's been a while since he's traveled with his group and honestly it's been some time since he's heard anything from them until recently. Having changed up his looks a bit. His look is more of a traditional fighter from his family home land, with a tie down shirt and baggy fighting pants. The sleeves to his shirt are basically sleeveless with hardened bracers. The trip making it here was pretty fun, besides getting to hang out with one of best looking women in their group didn't hurt at all.
Having seen Mune enter into the hospital, Shinji stretches and then after a few minutes came into the hospital as well. Smiling and just playing the part of a wanderer, well actually being a wanderer he just looks around and nodding his head in greeting when someone spoke to him a few, 'I'm just lookings.' is all he says but not going to far due to needing to just keep in line of sight of Mune for now. Watching her as she spoke and helped Amani up, the wanderer is content to keeping where he is and just asking random questions.

Mune can see confusion on Amani's features. But then it's her turn for confusion at Amani mentioning blowing up someone's head with liquid stuff. Which time was that? Is she referring to when Mune 'accidentally' spilled some water down her front in order to distract a guy from the fact she was drugging his own drink? …On accident? He did kind of 'explode'… Figuratively. Well, she just rolls with it. "Uhh… Sure." Too many big words for the girl before all that, she gathers. But really, kids have to learn sometime, right?
"If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I wouldn't mind volunteering… But I'm also a foreigner, so I might not be trusted around important materials or patient records or all of that kind of stuff. If there's anything simple you wouldn't mind me helping with, I'd be glad to accompany you. Maybe talk a bit in the meantime, hm? Infact…" Mune steps back from Amani and cups her chin with one hand while propping her other hand on her hip. "You know what, I think I can see potential in you. You look like the sort of girl who'd be right at home helping and healing people. Tell me, Yamayuki-san…" Amani being addressed by someone much older than herself as 'san' is probably treatment that she doesn't usually receive. And yet Mune makes sure to show her respect regardless, even if Amani is 'just a kid'.
"…How would you like to learn Medical Ninjutsu? I've even got a patient friend over there." She points out Shinji, completely destroying his attempt to be a discrete wanderer who isn't connected to Mune. Oi. So much for inconspicuousness. "I can show you some healing techniques… And if it looks like something interesting to you, maybe I can take you on as my apprentice. Sound good?"

Amani wasn't too keen on the whole foreigner thing, but then again there's a lot of things she doesn't understand and doesn't bother trying to figure them out either. Too difficult to understand. "I'm from here and I'm not even trusted with that stuff sometimes…" She mutters and looks down as she sinks into her own personal world. "Never lost anything. I know how to keep track of stuff…" She continued to speak to herself as she deviated from the subject. She looked to be irritated about being treated than a nuissance when she hasn't really done anything for that to happen. More would have come out, but she snapped out of it in enough time to nod and start pushing the cart saying, "Yeah, yeah, we can do that. It gets boring around here…" She pauses as she is inspected.
This was an odd inspection as it didn't feel like something regular and the words that came with it were unusual. "I would like to learn Medical Ninjutsu. That's what I'm here for." Her eyes darted over to Shinji. A moment of quiet passed as a devious grin slipped across her face. "Okay, then. You can show me some healing techniques and if I like them, then maybe I can be a…whatever you said. Yeah," she nodded. "I have to go to the patient rooms and deliver this medicine first, though…"

Poor Shinji, he was trying to play as if he didn't know Mune nor was he affiliated with her, but it seems she has gone and ruined that. BUT! HE doesn't know that as of yet and him now flirting with one of the nurses who is constantly blushing at his jokes nods her head about something he's just asked her. Grinning, and stretching a little, the forigner stretches out and slowly starts bobbing his head to a tune that he has in his head from a few days ago. Which where was he again……, ah he doesn't know. As much as he travels it's amazing that he doesn't find himself lost half the time.
But besides that, he does glance down the hall where Mune and Amani is talking and keeping up his part, he grins as he looks at Mune from behind and licks his lips a little. She is delectible isn't she? Though the girl just gets a cursory glance from Shinji as he turns his attention back to the nurse he is speaking to. After a moment he begins to head out seeing as Mune is still talking with a genin possibly and shrugging his shoulders.

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