The Berserker and the Wild One: Lessons on Structure


Rise, Sakki

Date: July 3, 2014


The potential beginings for a master and student pair…

"The Berserker and the Wild One: Lessons on Structure"

Raiun Falls [Land of Lightning]


A dull roar is omnipresent in this area, the sound of many thousands of gallons of water a minute flowing down from the heights. The falls are almost 100 feet high, a sharp cliff face with the water pouring off into a natural basin. It flows southwards, the rush of water forming a small river that goes down a smaller set of falls, known as rips. The area is filled with a thin amount of mist.
It appears as if a titanic battle occurred here sometime in the past. A large swath of earth has been blackened and melted by some intense source of heat, charring the stone sides of the waterfall and condensing to a point roughly a quarter of a mile away. The ground is also shattered, as if by an incredibly violent, localized earthquake. In addition, there is a collection of deep gouges, seemingly from fantastically large blades thrust into a tight radius, and three moderately sized craters riddle the area. Off to the side of the waterfall is a large wall of solid iron several feet in thickness, almost reaching the full height of the falls themselves. The wall seems to have burst up from the ground very close to the cliff face. With so much mist in the air, the metal has begun to rust. Nevertheless, it remains standing, as if watching over this pocket of utter destruction in an otherwise scenic setting.
To the south, it flows into a rather calm lake, really nothing more then a very wide and shallow valley that has filled up with water from the falls. To the north southwest and southeast lay trails going out to either side of the large mountain, completely different paths that meet at the peak. They are joined by a small bridge which crosses the river coming down from the basin of the falls.


A gentle cascade of snowflakes drops delicately from the sky. The snowfall is fairly light, however. The ground is clear, with only a few wet patches showing any sign of the gentle snowing. Raiun Falls continues to flow as strong as possible. A regular marble and a sight to see… EXCEPT Rise did not come here to sight see, but instead to physically loosen up. Her coat is quickly discarded, and soon her shoes as well with the latter being done with only the briefest of hesitation. "Brrr… Good thing its still sunny out." She murmurs, then casts her eyes upwards. "Mostly…"

Coming out to this area with a coat on, Sakki squints her eyes at the sight of Rise. She looks at her carefully, approaching with a predatory like movement as she peers at her and her movements before she tilts her head, "Hello." She states and then licks her lips slipping up to a nearby rock and moving atop it as she watches Rise.

Disguised movement or not, Rise hears Sakki long before the girl actually speaks up herself. Perhaps even smelled her too… though not necessarily because she didn't take a bath or anything. >.>; In any case, she just keeps on stretching out as if she had not heard Sakki at first. "Mornin." Rise replies after bending over backwards and peering at the girl, then straighten out and fall forward to touch her toes again. "You gonna join me?" She asks simply.

Looking at Rise bend over backwards, Sakki tilts her head to the side the sameway a cat or a dog might. She shifts off the rock and moves almost primal as she watches her before saying, "join you what?" She asks and moves in closer as she looks Rise over and then looks at the way she moves, "What are you…?" She hmms and then tilts her head as she looks at the woman.

"Uhm… Human?" Rise says, genuinely sounding confused by the question. Afterwards she straightens out again to regard Sakki more closely for a time. "Limbering up, Working out the kinks, Stretching, and ecetera, and ecetera…. Don't you do that before you train?" She asks, lofting a brow and crossing her arms just beneath her breast near the end.

A tilt of her head and Sakki moves in closer to Rise and stands up straight before, her shaking her head a little, "Always limber." She nods her head and from the way the girl moves, that might not seem that off. She always seems so tense and moves every so carefully. She steps back a little and squints at her before saying, "What you train?"

Rise double blinks, then frowns a little. Now she felt old more than anything else. She closes her eyes with an exasperated sigh. When she opens them and sees Sakki further back and squinting at her, the taijusuist grows a little tense herself. "What I… Oh.. uhm… Taijutsu." She says, smirking a little. "Konoha's Strong Fist Style, to be more specific. Would work on another but…" Rise shakes her head. "N'ewayz, yeah. What bout you?" She asks despite her gut giving her a clear enough feeling to guess.

A look at Rise and then she tilts her head, "I hit things hard." She nods her head and then raises up a fist before nodding her head, "I glare." She nods her head, "Cause fear." She then shrugs and then raises her fist up, "Hit hard mostly."

"That's-…" Rise starts after Sakki has spoken, but stops herself short and frowns a little. Standing still on freezing rocks remind her that she needs to move. So, she delays just a tad longer and starts circling Sakki, studying her more critically than before from fresh angles. That is, assuming Sakki allows her back to be exposed for longer than a few seconds. Finally, she draws to a stop and asks of only one simple thing. "Hit me as hard as you can."

A look at Rise and she blinks as she follows her with her eyes. She doesn't give the woman her back at all. She is very paranoid and has reason to be. She moves with her and then blinks and tilts her head, "Hard as can?" She hmms before she blinks a few times, "K." She then races toward Rise and raises her fist, ready to strike.

Rise nods curtly in answer to the question before allowing her arms to hang limply at her side. For all intents and purposes, Rise had her guard completely down. There is not a moment during the charge in which she even looks remotely ready to dodge or strike back. The probationary genin simply stands there, waiting for the inevitable. When Sakki's fist finally does collide with her jaw, and solidly by all appearances, the girl turns with the blow. At that point she had a number of options. None of which she chose in favor of calmly asking for Sakki to "Try again." virtually unbruised by the blow..

Blinking as she rolls with her attack, Sakki blinks her eyes a few times before she rears back and aims right for Rise's belly and tries her best to throw as hard a shot as possible. It is clear the girl has learned to hit really hard in a single blow but obviously that has cost her in the area of accuracy.

A smile almost touches the edge of her lips. Almost. 'At least she doesn't have >that< issue' She thinks. This time when Rise does make her move, she takes a more solid stance. Not one of the basic Kata taught at the academy, but one of the basis of her own taijutsu stance. She side steps the blow by a narrow margin, and while Sakki may still be off-balanced by her own blow, swept around with a wide, circular kick. Hit or miss, her senses remain attuned to the way the girl acts and reacts. Her expression all the while remaining deadlock on the neutral.

Missing, Sakki is forced to follow through, which means when the kick comes, she ends up on her face after stumbling. She rolls over quickly enough and is surprised not to be attacked with a follow up. She then gets back to her feet quickly with a roll and glares at Rise…though that glare has a far more powerful feel to it, attempting to cause real fear before she rushes back in to do a powerful front kick.

Three seconds. That is about how long Rise cognitively allowed her thoughts to flit over how best to follow up her attack. In all that time she could've just as well attacked with brutality or finesse, but again chose to stay focused on taking Sakki's measure. 'Good recovery.. but her focus-…' Rise trails off on thought, eyes narrowing right back in turn as Sakki tried to stare her down. Unfortunately for Sakki, though Rise picks up fear her mind was more than used to enduring far, far worse than what the girl managed to summon up. Still, she cannot help but marvel at Sakki's skill. Most needed hand signs just to cast such jutsu.
Rise answers Sakki's front kick by simply catch her foot with one hand and shoving her back and hopefully off her feet. "Alright. That's enough."

A look at Rise as she is shoved back and Sakki is stumbling back and on to her back but she rolls. She rolls over to her feet with one hand planted on the ground. She growls a little, feral but then finally takes a breath before standing up slowly and glaring at Rise before she starts to calm down and nod, "Ok…"

Rise fingers twitch as the temptation to pull down her face mask and bear her own teeth mounts. If Sakki didn't calm down soon herself, then… "Well alright.." She says with a soft sigh of relief escaping her lips. It takes a few moments more of gathering her thoughts before Rise decides to speak again. She wanted Sakki good and calm first. "Your fighting style is well and good for surviving the wild.. Heck, it certainly did me some good… But, your not gonna get very far with that and guts… I…" 'Bad Idea, Rise. Don't do it. Don't say it!' "I could teach you a thing or two.. *clears throat*.. I'll teach you that and more.. That is, if yer up for the challenge."

Looking at Rise suspiciously, Sakki shifts herself to the side, peering hesitantly at Rise before tilting her head, "What…what will you teach?" She hmms, "Strong…fist style?" She asks and tilts her head as she looks at the woman before looking around carefully and then back at Rise.

The raven-haired girl makes no overt movements that could be considered threatening in the least bit. She only stands there, patiently awaiting for Sakki to say or ask anything she wished. "Mmhmm! That's assuming of course you survive my bo—mm, special training course first to get'cha up to speed… No, let me re-hash all that." Rise closes her eyes and inclines her head, musing for a moment or two. "… As my Ren-san told me, I'll tell you… I'll help you build the foundation, but it'll be up to you from there to choose how yer gonna grow from there." She says softly at first, then her voice grew in strength and firmness as she progressed.

A blink again and Sakki tilts her head the other way before nodding, "Umm…" She then hmms before seemingly having trouble following that before nodding her head, "I see…" She states and then nods her head, "I think…" She then moves over to her rock again, climbing atop it and sitting down, "What first?" She hmms and tilts her head, staring at Rise carefully.

Rise sweatdrops, but holds her tongue. Even if Sakki found some of what she said troubling, the Shirokiri retained faith in most of her message at least getting through. She grins, assuming with Sakki's words that at least a close approximation of what she was after is reached. Then, she waltzed right up to the girl, takes her by the hand if allowed, and leads/drags Sakki off her rock and closer to the river. If they make it so far, Rise would start re-aligning Sakki's stance with a few bumps, pulls, and straightening out as needed if allowed to into the most basic of defensive stances practiced throughout most martial arts. "We start at the beginning.. Now, hold that stance until I tell you to stop."

Blinking as she is grabbed and Sakki's eyes go wide as she is taken over to the riverside. She blinks as she looks at Rise and then is pushed into the stance, looking down at herself and then looking up at Rise with a blink again. She then looks over herself and then states as she sorta recognizes it from the Academy before nodding a little but definitely seeming surprised by Rise's forward nature.

Rise nods her approval with Sakki falling into place nicely enough. It seemed she wouldn't have to do to much work firming up the bare bottom basics in stances. A frown touches her lips as she's reminded of her deslike of some of the more extreme methods her father implemented to teach her as much. She shakes her head, clearing her thoughts and focusing once more on keeping an eye on Sakki's form. Rise made certain that Sakki's placement put her at the very edge of the river. The softer stones would help her keep track of any slip ups. "Good. Very good… I want'cha to keep that form well in mind. I want'cha to use this time to reflect on how every muscle and bone in her body done to the finger tip feels, and grind that image in place… Over time, it'll become instinctive, including when you have to shift." With that said, Rise would leave Sakki to stand in that pose for roughly five to ten minutes before shifting her forcefully into a more streneous stance. From there, it is all a matter of rinse and repeat until the first three are solidly in mind.
Or of course until other needs such as rest put a damper on Rise's new found source of fun.

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