The Big Talk


Abel, Tsukiko

Date: October 15, 2010


Talking while eating

"The Big Talk"

Ramen House

Abel would be going to the ramen shop for something to eat as he waited to get word from Kirin walking he would have his hands in his pocket and would be without his ninja tools as he wasn't thinking of doing any type of training today since what happen last time with Hiroshi. He would have his hands in his pocket only taking them out to cover his mouth as he yawned.

After you were inside for a few moments, Tsukiko enters. She stops a moment and looks over at you, trying to guage yourmood before she walks over to you. She walks to the chef first and presents him with a fish, probably fresh caught, knowing her, The chef smiles and greets her, "hows my favorite fisherman?" He asks. She replies, "I'm good. My usual please." She then nods a greeting to you before settling at the table nearest you. She motions to the other seat at it. "Still depressed about your spar with Hiroshi?'

Walking over to you he would then sit down looking into your eyes Abel would smile as he asked for the Uchiha special. "Na…he was the better man in that spar…I just have to try harder next time" Abel would yawn as he placed his head onto the table looking up at you he would smile again. "How do you like being sqaud leader?" is asked as his eyes looked at the lights of the shop the cool breeze could be felt as he waited for his meal.

Tsukiko nods, "well, He was a chuunin while we were both students still. but you were impressive out there" She thinks a moment on the question, "Its alot of responsibility." The chef, meanwhile dispatches the fish Tsukiko brought and uses it for a fish ramen, slicing it thin and cooking it in the broth. "well.. its alot of responisibility when I really am leader.. but we haven't done much as a squad, have we?"

Looking at what your about to eat he would shake a little bit "gross." is said as he Abel would left his head as his food was about to come up next. "I yeah and Daichi left the sqaud." Abel would break the sticks he picked up and had to get new ones but it was at this moment his food would make it there. "Sweet now I can eat." (Uchiha special is red bean soup and tea) as he started to eat he would smile as he looked into your eyes. "You've gotten stronger leader."; is said as he looked back to his meal.

Tsukiko sticks her tongue out at you teasing you when you insult her meal. "I grew up on fish stew. Its good. Besides, I caught the fish myself. She takes the compliment with a smile though, "so have you. You pushed Hiroshi more than he let on in the spar."

"Wow." is the only thing said as he looked at you about to dig into your meal and the he would laugh once more sitting there he would finish off his meal and place the money on the table. Looking out the door of the shop he thought he saw Kirin walking by for a moment he would pause and then look at you. "Tsk…was it him?' is asked to himself but it was loud enough for you to hear.

Tsukiko hmms and glaces to the door, "Was what, who?" She sees nothing out of the ordinary but then, she doesn't know who you are looking for. She looks back a little lost on the subject. "you're kinda jumpy"

Sweating slightly Abel breathing would be kind of off as he stood there he would glance over to you and laugh, "Tsukiko when your done her we should hang out by the pound or something to fish." is said as he was making his way to the door. "My money is on the table pay for the meal for me please"Abel would keep his pace to the door and wouldn't look back at you to wave or nothing."

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