The Birds and Chameleons - Hunger Games?


Rockpath (emitter), Itami, Hiroto

Date: June 18, 2016


Itami and Hiroto are out searching the desert for flowers. What they find is a bit far from what they were wanting.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Birds and Chameleons - Hunger Games?"

Land of Wind

It's very late in the year. November 22nd, to be exact, and the weather in the Land of Wind is not that much cooler from its summer counterpart. As such, the creatures unused to such a land are miserable. And, because they were foreign, they didn't understand how to hunt particularly well. Here, in the middle of the desert, was a chameleon who was currently blending in with the sand that surrounded him. That chameleon is just lounging around, hoping for maybe some food to wander over while he soaks up the sun's rays. It wasn't a bad time, per se, but he was pretty hungry and more than a bit crabby…
In the skies, there was a young falcon flying around. With his keen eyesight, he was watching the ground for any sign of movement. A mouse? A vole? Maybe a snake? Heck, he would eat a lizard! He was just that starving at this point. 'And some water too… I should work on finding that,' he says to himself. He was glad, at least, that the weather today was good for flying. If it weren't for the lack of food, he might just want to settle here once all was said and done.

"…Fibers from a plant…" Itami read the note that was left to her from her mother. "A…" She paused and looked closer at the note. This was…its scientific name. She can't say she wasn't impressed, but if she felt the need to name it like this, it must be specific. "I won't try to pronounce this, I can't, but I suppose it's native to this area and particularly rare. So…what we'll need to do is both find the flower and harvest seeds if at all possible so it can be cultivated in the Mystic Flower Gardens." Itami flipped the note over to see a detailed drawing of what the flower looked like.
"This is her way of helping. I can't say I'm upset at this, really. Well, if it's all the way out here, as most things tend to be, we'll just have to keep an eye out for it. At the very least, against this landscape, it's colorful. Look for a deep, yellow flower. Should match this. It appears that it has fibers that, once processed, are very soft. The plant is not without its hazards, though. It does provide food for different animals out here."

Hiroto the designated finder of things for Itami it seemed. Tenshi wasn't here right now actually but one of the other falcons were. He expected something simple. Luckily if anything was of issue it wouldn't be hard for Tenshi to get here. Just would have to send Nisshoku back to the village. She wasn't a slouch in speed. Luckily as well she didn't seem to sit on Hiroto often. She liked flying around a lot. "So. This yellow flower doesn't have anything dangerous about it does it?"

"None that I know of and none that she listed. I would hope she wouldn't place us in danger like that. I doubt it, but you never know. From what she's written, it seems the danger is what lives around the flower and not the flower itself," Itami described as she lifted her head from the note and scanned the landscape. Desert for miles, it appears. At least there was some life to be seen out here. A bird flying around overhead. Probably looking for something to eat.
"I have lived in the desert my whole life and sometimes, there are mysteries that even I am unaware of. Some that don't surface as often as others do. I can describe things I saw in my childhood and they'd never show back up until years later. The perfect recipe for misery and disaster when they sound like a myth."

Hiroto looked around as Itami spoke. "Shouldn't be too hard to find though. Luckily." He continued looking as she spoke and luckily the bird up top that was with them wouldn't get distracted like Hiroto was. "Yeah? I have lived her for a while I guess. Grew up actually in the desert." He smiled slightly.

As the two continue to cross the desert, they would eventually see a falcon swooping down at something … Hiro would not recognize it, though, as any Hayato falcon. The young falcon accompanying the Suna shinobi might be able to see this strange falcon's target, though. It was, in fact, a young chameleon! Of course, as the strange falcon swooped down, it would have to veer away thanks to an incoming ninjutsu attack! What? What just happened? You don't usually see that coming from sand dunes, after all!

"…" Itami winced. "Did you see that?" She questioned. "There was fire that just spat out of the ground. We don't have volcanic activity out this way." Maybe closer to Iwagakure's border, but nothing like that this far. If they do, there's a serious problem. "So you've probably seen it in your travels. This should be simple enough for the both of us…" She changed the subject back to Hiroto and the flower. "But first, we probably should investigate what just happened over here…" She carefully walked over to the area the fire blast came from, hoping to determine its source.

Hiroto quickly whistled to Mussolini to figure out what was going on. With another falcon as well though it meant she was sent to trade spots with Tenshi as soon as she told him everything. He frowned before pulling an arrow free and nocking it on his bow. "Seems like the falcon is trying to eat a chameleon."

The strange falcon would let out a loud screech as he wheeled back up into the air, his wings carrying him high up. And despite his altitude, he could still see his prey. Well, it's not really prey now… Now it was just his enemy. Gathering a bit of chakra, the falcon would stream down once more, tucking its wings against its body for what could only be considered a divebomb. The falcon was likely being a bit reckless, but hunger drives many to extreme lengths. Of course, this course of action brings with it much of the same: a huge burst of fire spitting out of the chameleon's mouth and aimed right at the falcon. "How dare you try to eat the great Mitsusune no Konshosaki! I'll make fried chicken out of you!" the chameleon hisses.

"What the sauce is a chameleon doing all the way out here?" Itami asked. The falcon, sure, it could be out here, but a chameleon? How is it even living? And it's breathing fire. "And it can talk…" She says peering over the rocks it was huddled under. "Should we break this up? I'm not sure I want to see a falcon getting burnt up by a small reptile. A very geographically confused reptile. Did someone bring it out here or what?" She was still clearly baffled by this.

Hiroto looked at them from where he and Itami stood. "I honestly have no clue…seriously…. none at all. Though…about breaking this up. And the joke made there. Sounds like they are both hungry honestly. We should get em some food." He starts walking towards them. "Could you both stop where you are for a moment?"

Being nice isn't really going to work… Especially when the two fighters have their blood boiling (which doesn't help with the desert heat). The falcon would have to gain some altitude, his wings taking him higher and higher until he reached what he considered to be a suitable attack height. Without further ado, the falcon would swoop down again, chakra gathered in his talons so that he can tear apart that stupid lizard.
The chameleon, Mitsutsune no Konshosaki, would snicker a bit. "I can do this all day!" he would taunt, gathering his own chakra and waiting for the falcon to get closer. Wait for it… Wait for it…

Itami watched the falcon ascend into the air and the chameleon begin to brace itself. "It appears force will be needed. Hmm." She considered using earth, but she didn't want to crush the falcon up against the wall. "Do you know I sometimes forget I am capable of doing single handseals?" She inquired of Hiroto as she began to seal different signs with her hands to produce two different kinds of jutsu. One hand would be responsible for wind, the other responsible for earth. She doesn't think she'll stop the attacks from happening, but they can both be diverted. "One barrier of wind for the falcon and one shield of earth for the confused chameleon."

"You know. These two seem much more capable than anything else around here though. You would think they would understand the could probably find weaker prey." He fires off a bola arrow at the falcon to try and wrap it up and prevent flying. "Stop fighting now. If you both are hungry enough to kill each other than maybe you would want something to eat without fighting for it?" He readied another arrow just in case. His eyes drifted to Itami. "You are a kage for a reason. Wouldn't surprise me to find you knowing a new skill every day."

Just as the falcon seemed to be close enough, the chameleon would launch a fireball at it, but that fire would only smash into a barrier of earth that suddenly appeared while the falcon was entangled by some sort of heavy netting and then blown away into some sand. "ACK!" he would squawk, flailing his wings as he tumbled over and over. It didn't look like a pretty sight. "Huh? What the heck? Did I move without meaning to? Why is the ground in front of my face?! Ground! You better go back to under my feet right this instant!" the chameleon would shout.

"My capacity to learn is great, my will to engage that capacity is zero," Itami held up her hand in a ring to emphasize the fact. "I'd hope others would learn more than me so I can do /less/," she laughed. "Well, we managed to put a stop to what would have been something terrible. Good work for the both of us, but now I think we should explain the situation before they both grow more upset. Your ability to be diplomatic may be better now in this case. I live by and generally approve of the idea of smashing things until they agree with me. It's sort of what I learned from my branch. Certainly, we know talking is just as effective as fighting at times, but…it's not as fun as feeling things hitting your fist, you know?"
She peeked behind the slab of earth, just in case the chameleon decided he wanted to spit fire in her face. "Hello there! The ground won't be moving right now, but it can be reset later. For now, let's focus on more important things, like…how you're not native to these sands. Are you lost?"

Hiroto listens to Itami and just nods before following her lead and waiting to take over. "Are you two hungry?" He brings out a small bit of food before you walking over to them. Slowly at first. "And yeah… how about you tell us where you are from? And…I can get you out of the bolas if you don't start fighting when I let you out." He moves to try and help a small bit.

"But the ground interrupted me from getting food!" the chameleon complains. "And I am not lost! I am merely taking a detour on my way to the Land of Sun! I must quickly get to there before I die of hunger! If I can get across this desert, then I can surely make it to the Land of Sun in one piece and win the Tourney!" it declares. "After all, I am the great Mitsutsune no Konshosaki! I can do everything I set my mind to~." If chameleons can do a thumbs up, that's likely what one would call the strange gesture he made…
The falcon would seem a bit disgruntled with the netting about him, trying to escape the bola arrow. Wounded pride maybe? "A bit hungry, maybe. I was starting to see things at the end, though…" The falcon would try to sit up, but Falcons aren't made for sitting up, per se… "I'd appreciate it if you helped me /now/…" he would say, grumpy.

"…When you say food, do you mean that guy over there?" Itami pointed her thumb over to the bola'd falcon. Guess that's what he meant by chicken, but she honestly didn't think it meant eating him. "So, you're headed to a tournament. In the Land of Sun? I can't say I've been to that place, let alone knew it existed," she hummed. "Hiroto, are you familiar with the Land of Sun?" She searched around the desert again for any indications, but she's been all through it without seeing any border that led to a place like that.

Hiroto looks between them as he slowly takes the bola off of the falcon. "There. Now wait right here and we can get ya some food." About this time Tenshi arrives and lands in front of the other falcon. "Now… about this other thing.. no I have never heard of the land of sun. But either way I know what I do know is how to get food in the desert." He whistles and Tenshi shoots off to fetch some food. "He will be back shortly with foods."

The falcon fluffs out his feathers to get the sand out, then would give Hiro a few evaluating looks. "Thank you… I think. Not really, for the arrow… But the food, thank you." The falcon falls silent, feeling a bit awkward and unsure of what to do. He sort of listens to the chameleon, and his beak gapes open with astonishment. "That's where I'm going too!" he would say, surprised. "But why are you going there?" he would then ask.
Mitsutsune no Konshosaki nods. "Yes, indeed! I am so hungry I could eat a chicken! Normally, I can't stand them… But I was willing to make an exception so I could survive and fight and prove my worth! Hahaha!" The chameleon would clamber onto Itami, then, making his way to her head. "Like I said. I'm seeking to test myself~. So many fighters there… I'll beat them all!"

"I tried. Guess I'll have to place more research into this land. Maybe have some scouts look into it at some other point. For now, it appears we're more at a loss than these two are," Itami remarks to Hiroto. As Tenshi arrives, Itami greets him prior to him taking off to find food. "You two just happened to meet in the desert going to the same place?" She questioned, listening in to the chamelon in particular as he speaks about his intent to prove himself. "Perhaps we can escort you both there or at least, provide you both with some means to survive the desert. It's harsh against those not used to it."

"Interesting. Anyways.. the arrow wasn't dangerous at least. I could've done plenty worse." Hiroto looked between the few here and questioned what this place was. First he thought about the possibilities himself before simply asking. During this time Tenshi would come back with some food. "So…this place you are both heading to. What exactly is it about. Every detail. Prizes.. who is hosting it. Rules." He looked at Itami and paused before nodding. "Yeah. I am used to traversing the desert now. And I can continue to provide food along side Tenshi." Speaking of Tenshi, the bird was now examining this other falcon. He seemed rather curious. Probably about how well it spoke like Hiro.

"Nonononono! That is not right! You are doing it in the wrong order! First you have to give us wonderful food and then you find out where we're going after saving us. /Then/ you ask us all sorts of questions! You're doing it all wrong! So terribly wrong! As Mitsutsune no Konshosaki, I must correct this grave error before it spreads!" The chameleon would poke Itami a few times, then, saying, "Can you say your name and the like, though? Yes yes, that is a good piece of information! Thanking the savior is a good idea, yes. It's good that we were saved." This chameleon can't seem to make up his mind on his personality, though… Maybe that's why he was born a chameleon »;
The falcon would say, "I see. Well, I will tell you as much as I can, but most of what I've been going on is rumor and fluff." The falcon's stomach would rumble loudly, then, and he blushes … like how falcons blush. "Excellent! Food! Thank you very much, good sir! I will be sure to pay you back! On my honor, I will definitely pay you back!" he says to Tenshi before he'd start to eat. Hopefully Hiroto doesn't mind… The falcon is very very hungry »;

"Excellent. Our services should be more than sufficient to lead—" *pokepokepokepokepoke* Itami looked up at the chameleon. He had a pretty solid poke for being so small. "We'll feed you along the way. Between Hiroto and I, we can both hunt and get you the food you need," she explained to Mitsutsune. "As for names, well, I'm Itami. As I mentioned, my friend here is Hiroto and his falcon partner is Tenshi," she offered.
Looking between the falcon and the chameleon, it appears the both of them are going to be a lot of work to handle. "Alright, tell us where to go and we'll get you there." Guess that flower will have to wait.

Tenshi stared at this falcon as he spoke and ate and shook his tiny head. Not completely like Hiro. Hiro doesn't sound as… well like that. "Yep. I am Hiroto. And there is food here for you as well if you wanna eat. Anyways… Did we even catch your name?" First part said to Mitsu and the second to the falcon. "Would be easier. For this. Talking and all. Anyways you have no need to repay me. I am easily able to get more food. Now. Can we eat, talk, and move all at once? If we are to escort you I think it would be good to move as soon as we can." Tenshi took that as his queue to fly into the air.

"Yes yes! I am Mitsusune no Konshosaki! I am an awesome chameleon with no few abilities that will lend themselves to my inexplicable win upon entering the tournament! Mark my words! With a very bright highlighter, too!" the chameleon would say, sounding far too upbeat for this situation. The falcon would say, "I am Shen." How simple… maybe a sort of way to keep things balanced between the outrageous and the … Umm… Serious? Shen was a bit bigger than Tenshi, apparently, so he finished off his meal and would fly up to join the Hayato falcon.

"Shen and Mitsutsune. A pleasure to meet you both," Itami stated. "I…err," she looked over to Hiroto with a concerned expression. Shen taking off into the sky bothered her as she was now left with one unstable chameleon between her and Hiroto. She's certain it's the heat… She hopes it's the heat. "How far are we from the Land of Sun?" She asked with some insistence in her voice.

"Well nice to meet you both. I hope." Hiroto just nods to them before Shen joins Tenshi in the sky. He looks back at Itami and chuckled. "Itami. I figure with Tenshi you would be used to things hitching a ride." He shrugs. "Her question is one that I wanna know the answer to as well." He waits to have the answer before moving along. Tenshi already seemed to be flying ahead. Though he was going to turn back around once they moved if he needed to.

"Choochoo! We gotta get moving! The Land of Sun if farrrrrrr far away. We have to travel a long way away to find it, yes yes. To the south, and then further even. An island. Yes, yes…" He might be suffering from the heat… Maybe they should get him to a vet first >.>;; "Onwards and upwards!" he shouts gleefully before he falls over cackling. Yeah, the poor chameleon has lost it.

"In some ways, yes, but I am not used to heat exhausted chameleons. Poor guy looks like he'll give out any second. We'll make a pit stop in Sunagakure to get them refreshed and then we'll go to figure out what this Land of the Sun is all about," Itami looked up to the chameleon and plucked him from her head. He's going to need to be cuffed in her hand a bit or else he may move too much and fall off.

Hiroto just nods his head in agreement before whistling up to Tenshi. Tenshi returns and after a few words is sent back into the air in the direction of Sunagakure. "Alright. Let's go Itami. Anyways. I have to wonder if you leaving is super smart. But… I doubt this is going to be… a…long adventure though." He ponders a thought. "Ehh. Should be fine I suppose. Best to talk more there." And he heads off to follow Tenshi.

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