The Birds and Chameleons - The Missing Lizard


Arika, Itami, Hiroto

Date: October 14, 2016


Mitsutsune no Konshosaki has gone missing, so now Arika, Hiroto, and Itami need to find him!

"The Birds and Chameleons - The Missing Lizard"

Land of Wind

There was a problem that Itami may or may not be happy to solve: Mitsutsune no Konshosaki had wandered off! It all started when the chameleon complained about how 'he never gets to do this' and 'he's never fed that', and eventually he just disappeared. Itami may or may not be relieved that his constant complaining is gone, but depending on some things, she may worry about his absence… At some point, after he didn't return for some time, she decided to go out and try to find the wayward chameleon, bringing with her Arika and Hiroto because of their scouting abilities.
Wait, Arika a scout?! ~Hahahaha! I can't believe you're considered one! You're not even a specialist in that.~ '*huff* I have things that are useful fer tracking…' ~Only because of me!~ 'I could do it without you!' ~Suuuuure…~ "Ne, Itami-chan! What're we looking f'r again? And how come we even wanna find it. It's a lizard thingy, right? Why do we wanna find a lizard?" Arika asks with a frown. She glances over to Hiroto for a moment, then up at Kori, who was perched on her head. The falcon didn't provide any insight except for a shrug, so Arika's glance shifts back to Hiroto. "Ne? Hiro-kun? Why do we wanna find it?"

Hiroto would sigh a bit even now as he felt a bit off by them going after this stupid lizard. Why did Itami care about it so much? Because she was a lizard person!? Or because she felt a weird connection to the lizard? Who knows! "Hmm?" He looked at Arika before shrugging a bit. "No idea really. But it is a job. The lizard isn't too bad if you get used to it. But I am not used to it anyways." He frowned. "We should find it anyways. Tenshi go into the skies." And Tenshi would.

Itami was more than relieved by the lack of complaints by the chameleon, but if she had to balance it with his absence, the net result would be a negative zero. Yes, negative zero, because only he is capable of making nothing even worse than it is. "We do have to find him. Letting him loose to do anything on his own would bring chaos upon the world. Do you all want chaos to rule? Well?!" Yep, it's safe to say she's off her t rocker just a tad.

Arika shrugs a bit. ~Chaos ruling sounds like fun…~ 'No it doesn't. Only sometimes!' "Hnnn… So we just gotta go 'n find him. Sounds easy enough." The girl makes a handseal, and a second Arika would appear. Well… Technically. The clone stretches a bit, saying in Arika's higher-pitched voice, "It's good to have some air. But why do you have to be such a shrimp?" Arika would wrinkle her nose a bit. "'m not that tiny!" she huffs. "Le's just go look. Ne, do we really even know where he is, though?" The answer to that question: not really…
Tenshi has the best chance to find the chameleon, but for now, even he can't find Mitsutsune no Konshosaki. Either that means the lizard isn't in these parts, or he's blending in fantastically well. Since both Arika and Gyuki took a moment to send a wave of small ink-scouts across the sand, it's most likely the former… "Hnnn… If I was a lizard, where would I be…" Arika says mostly to herself. Gyu-rika shrugs a bit. "Dunno, but I'm pretty sure I'd wanna be as far away from you as possible."

Hiroto stared first at Itami before turning a head to Arika and then… A second Arika. One who he quickly realized was being manipulated by Gyuki. "Oh. Great. The octopus is free." He said before shaking his head and looking up at Tenshi. The bird would be scanning the area and he flew in a sorta circle. A mile wide radius. "Where would the lizard be? Well it was one that seemed to dislike the desert. Though he disliked everything. I would either check the coast or an area closer to the forested lands near us. Far off really but… My first guesses. Searching the desert forever is a pain too as we could easily run in circles."

Itami took deep breaths. "He's a chameleon that hates the desert, but like any reptile, he probably favors cool areas. We don't have to search the entirety of the desert, we just have to coax him out somehow," she states. "I figure he'll come out if he's given a reason to, though it might be tricky. He's very difficult to deal with." Him and his frustrating nature to contradict almost everything. "Let's go check near the coast. We might be able to accomplish more there and if not, we can come up with a plan to get him to come to us."

Arika nods a bit. "Hai!" she says, following Itami and Hiroto to the coast. The journey itself? Uneventful. There was no sign of the contradictory chameleon. Eventually, though, they reach the coast/docks area. And there were a lot of disgruntled people around. As the three (four?) new faces come by, one of them would say, "Watch out for the lizard…" to Hiroto, who seemed like he was in charge. Then they'd move on. Arika heard the comment and snickered. "Is he rilly that bad?"

Hiroto turned his head towards Itami and shook his head a bit. "I half suspect he would know we would think that and instead would just sit himself in your home Itami." He sighed a bit before shaking his head and walking towards the coast with them. When they arrived he nods a tiny bit to the others and smiled a tiny bit. "Funny. Seems they find him a pain in the butt as well." He pointed to a post nearby for Tenshi to land on and he would do so quickly. "Tenshi. Just scope out this area in specific." He gestured before nodding for Tenshi to take off. "Now…" He looked at the others. "I guess we can look around for this dang lizard."

"He is really that bad, yes. I've only known him for a short time. Just the time we met and up to now. He. Is. That. Bad." Itami emphasized to Arika. "I don't see how you both don't realize it. How? Please, reveal to me your secrets," she nearly pleaded. She hadn't considered that internally, Gyuki may be just as bad and even Tenshi had his moments. She was the only one absent of a companion. Was this normal?
"Mitsutsune! Come out here now! We ran into some helpful people that gave us some ice cold, refreshing water for us to drink! You should come enjoy it with us!"

Arika noddles quickly to Hiroto and would make a handseal. More ink critters disperse to seek out this lizard while Gyu-rika looks around lazily. "Hmm… Wonder where it would be…" he says to himself. As they look around for the lizard, they would hear a loud yell in reply to Itami. "I don't want any water! I have plenty right here, even!! Now go away and help me find a ship!" Wait… What?

Hiroto looked at Arika and just smiled lightly before eyeing the clone. "Well you could look for it instead of wondering." He said and shook his head lightly before raising a brow towards Itami. "You don't think that will wo-…" And it worked. The idiot. "Well… Wow… Okay then. I guess we go that way!" Tenshi would scout that area first. "A freaking ship…" He sighed just a little bit.

"There we go," Itami snapped her fingers. "I fear that I'm starting to think like him. That's territory that I don't wish to be in," she approached the chameleon and upon finding him, she reached to grab him up from the ground. "We're not going to find a ship out this way. We'll need to charter one. What made you think you could just run into a ship just sitting on the shore?" She questioned. "You're going to wear me out, honestly."

The chameleon finds himself grabbed from the ground, and he flails his limbs wildly. "Oy! Put me down! I have to find a ship to sail upon! It is of the utmost importance that I do so!" he exclaims, twisting a bit to clamber all over Itami's arm. "Can't a chameleon get some peace?! And you're the one that'll be wearing me out with you scaring me half to death!" He grumbles.
Arika would poke her clone a bit. "He's sorta looking…" His attention was actually on the ink creatures she sent out. "Guess we dun need t' go hunting, though." She would climb onto Hiroto's back and dispel the clone, causing Gyuki to grumble. ~Could have let me stay longer…~ 'Nope!'

Hiroto looked at Itami and shook his head. "No. I think if you feel you are getting anything like him then it was who you already were to start." He stated quickly. "Now. Could we get this over with? Chasing after your lizard butt is tiring." He stated quickly before looking at Arika as she climbed onto his back. "Oh hey. You know I am just as sleepy as you might be yeah? Warning you now in case I fall face first into the sand on the way back." He chuckled lightly. "Itami. Whats the plan right now? Get a boat. Head home?"

"We're all in this together. You can't just up and leave on your own," Itami scolded him while he slinked out of her grasp and moved around on her arm. "How on earth could I possibly scare you? That's impossible." She huffed. "I look too good for that sort of thing. You, on the other hand, you should have seen me coming. In two different directions," she joked. "Now that we're here, we can't possibly head home. We have to get this one and our falcon friend to their homes first."
She walked away from the beach. "There is no way I'm bringing him home and letting him get in contact with others like him. Absolutely out of the question. Do you have any idea what it would be like with him around? My mother? Sister? All /three/ of them?"

"Nononono, we have to go back now! It's important that we go back for a bit, see? You see? Sea! The correct answer is C! See what I mean? Yes, I'm sure you see. Otherwise you would be in the sea." Mitsutsune gives a small nod, and Arika would @.@ a bit at his words. "Ne, Hiro-kun, yer not allowed t' sleep. That's my job." Then the chameleon butts in. "No, that's my job! Everyone's trying to replace me! Gosh, it makes me want to leave. But I can't leave, I have to go back! Right this instant so I'm not replaced. Then I'll do my job poorly forever after."

Hiroto looked at each of them for a moment before just shaking his head again. "Well would you make up your minds. I won't be arguing with any decision you make right now. And I would rather not talk to the lizard about it because he has mastered the language of nonsense." He states before looking at Arika. "And we can both sleep if these two hurry with their decision making. Especially if we get on a boat. Though Itami…' He paused. "The Kage leaving suddenly is probably not a great idea." He shrugged once more. "Anyways. You two should figure it out." He pointed to Itami and the Lizard.

Itami blanked out at Mitsutsune's words. Whatever he just spoke went through one ear and out the other, but it did manage to carry some of her brain with it. She blinked and waited for her mind to recover and once it did, she shook all the confusion out. "Alright, that was a doozy. You know…I wonder how my mother would respond to this? It's all right up her alley. At least, I think it is. Not sure she's capable of being this unhinged, but I could be wrong. Alright, it's settled. I'm going to send for her. We're getting a boat and continuing our journey, but I'm going to need her expertise."

"Terrible. Absolutely terrible. We have to make haste, not waste. But we always make waste after we eat. We should eat less to waste less, and then perhaps that waste will be less useful. Hastily, now. We must hurry and make sure we secure the ship. Secure it safely to the dock so it doesn't go on without us." The chameleon nods sagely. "Your mother lives in an alley? How strange. Mothers should not live in alleys." He tsks and thumps Itami on the head with a foot. "So, we are going? Yes?"

Itami winced at the foot thump. "Yes, we're…going. I will consider your advice, but right now, I'll have to pass on it." She's never wished for her mother to this extent, but she thinks she'd be really helpful at this time. "The ships are already secured. We just need to get—you know what? Nevermind that. Hiroto, we'll be chartering another ship. We absolutely have to make it to their homeland and have them perform in their competition or whatever it is they're doing."

And so they're off! The Trio and lizard would be able to get a ship quite easily, thankfully. And they even already knew where they were going due to a previous journey… Maybe. The last journey to the strange island actually resulted in failure… But now that the Really do know where to go, it'll be no trouble! Arika just naps for the time being, especially now that they're on a ship and can relax.

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