Journey of the Unproven Princess - The Blooming Marlin


Sakuryu, Fulgur (emitter)

Date: June 13, 2013


Since the ship sustained damage, it's been docked on land far out into the north sea. The crew is stuck on land and working on fixing the ship up before setting sail again. Sakuryu, since there's nothing else to do, has been tasked with getting the crew food to keep them going for the repairs.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Journey of the Unproven Princess - The Blooming Marlin"

Unknown location

Since landfall, things have been fairly normal. The cloudy sky has given way to some sunlight, but it won't last for long. The cream tint indicates that the sun is soon to set and that they'll need to find shelter soon. The pirates have since left and the water mines, though some still float around, have largely cleared up leaving no issues for the merchant ship to leave. They won't be going anywhere at the moment, though. The ship needs repairs, so…everyone is stuck.

Sakuryu sighs a little bit as she kicks around on deck with her hands behind her head. "When are we getting there? How close are we? Are the repairs being made quickly?" All what should be typical of a teenaged girl being trapped on a ship without much allowed for travel or visabiltiy. "Can we get the law after those men? Do we know who they are?" It's quite obvious Saku hasn't quite gotten the whole…. *sea life* thing yet. She has a while to go in adjusting and hopefully she'll speed it up before they get North or else they might be in trouble.

"Hush up, grief," the Captain shouted at Sakuryu. "You'll know when we do! If you haven't noticed already, we're docked," he pointed out. "We're as close as we'll ever get unless you want us to sail our way through this land?" He questioned, waiting for her to answer so he could have a reason to deck her. "Why don't you leave the ship and find out if there's something out there that's likely to kill you and then you go kill it. We're going to need something to eat and you yappin' in my face ain't gettin' anything prepared. The sun's goin' down and I don't know what to expect from these parts. This is all your fault, you know!" He added at the end seemingly from out of nowhere.
"Got us all out here…" He muttered some quiet obscenities. "Eh, anyway. Try not to get hurt when you leave the ship. Looks like you got tunnel vision. If you plan to stay here, I suggest you do something worth my time."

Saku huffs a bit at that. "What!? The shirayuki clan is employing you, and compensating your full travels for this. You are to keep my presence secret before we get to the north sea so that we can find the pirates blemishing our name! And I would have left this blasted rot-wood earlier if your men hadn't kept telling me to hide below deck so that I don't get seen!" During the ranting Saku's eyes are flating a bright blue the air around her turning a frigid cold and her hair beginning to flow with the energy of her icy ancestral blood.

"So what?!" The Captain scowled at Sakuryu. "They ought to be paying me for this! While you're on my ship, you go by my rules!" He's pretty loud for someone trying to keep a secret. "The pirates in this area can go swim an icicle! And the rest of 'em, too! When it comes down to it, you're gonna be the one takin' it all in and I'm gonna sit back and drink some rum while laughing about it." He starts to feel the air temperature drop as she begins to cause things to freeze around her.
"If you don't get that under control, you're gonna get your fin kicked off this ship and you can float around like the ice cube you're about to be," he doesn't seemed fazed. "Get it together. We can't put a rush on these things. Either we sit here and repair this ship or we sail off and sink before we get to where /you/ need to go."

Saku scowls and frost crystals begin to form. "Look, you're consigned, We're the masters of the sea in kirigakure, if you don't want to lose your ship, your crew and most likely your life cool your salt jets. I'll get you some dorsaled food just shut up and do what you're supposed to!" She quickly turns on a heel and uses her normal evasive technique to dissapear in a swirl of icy air, reappearing for a moment in the air before shifting farther away still.

"I'm already doin' that and now I'm gettin' more hungry yellin' at your face!" The Captain shouts as Sakuryu begins to disappear. "Bring back somethin' big and worth our while, too!" He added even if she couldn't hear. Now, onward to his responsibilities. He had to see how the crew was doing with his ship. He thinks he's going to need a lot of rum to see this through.

Saku sighs a little and is still quite angry, a trail of frost arcs out from every step as she finds a deep drop off. She decides to try a little trick Aoi showed her and dives to the water, using a few ice jutsu to freeze a little platform, using a wind jutsu to push her out she uses her intuition and stealth to track the fish swimming below. As she spies a large shadow she readies a rope at her side and throws it down, she quickly lets her hands fall into rapid hand seals to use the environment and her swells of chakra to her advantage using the sea itself to help form a large arcing ice lotus, the petals and cage all filling out slowly as Saku pours her chakra into the water, a large marlin unfortunately getting caught inside, freesing into a boyant floating flower behind her. "Yeah! Let's see him complain about this!" She cheers as she sighs jumping onto the large floating flower to use the wind chakra motor boat technique again to ruffle along back towards the ship.

The water is rife with sea life and some of the fish are fairly large out here. Without many people around to fish them out and become predators to them, they've grown to be fairly large. As the sea surface begins to respond to the chakra, some fish that are closest get the hint and split before something happens. For fish like the marlin who are deeper in the water, it doesn't notice anything until its encapsulated by ice and floats up to the surface as a rose. Even if it may not be capable of expression, the fish appears to have a dumbfounded look on its features.
Looks like Sakuryu better make it back quick. The sky looks as if it's about to rain any moment now.

Sakuryu smirks a little bit as she puts wind chakra to her feet using her wind dash technique to kick at the water pushing faster and faster towards the ship before getting a nice momentum and just setting back to let the flow control the movement.

The trip back to the ship goes off without a hitch. The crew members point out the arrival of what looks like a small iceberg, but as it turns out, it's only Sakuryu. The Captain winced. She just came back with a block of ice? What kinda food is that?! He almost begins to grow annoyed until someone states that it looks like something is inside. Further inspection reveals that there's a large fish inside. Huh. Guess she's useful after all.
"You know you're also gonna be the one chipping away at that ice block until you free that fish outta there. Then my crew will take it and prepare it. I don't trust you, you'll probably poison us or something."

Saku moors the ice berg to the shore before stretching out. "Oi~ Appreciate it before I let it back into the water." She huffs before chuckling a little bit using her chakra and techniques to carefully weaken the ice before shattering it with a sigh breaking the ice out to a frozen fish on an open petaled flower.

Looks like the crew will be eating good tonight. "Alright. Oh, by the way I let the crew know about you if that hasn't already been made apparent. They know you're not on the side of the pirates," he stated. "Trying to keep someone like you under wraps has been a bit much to handle without them having suspicions," the Captain shrugged. "So, we'll get this all prepared and worked out. I have a good crew here and they're all hungry. We might as well all enjoy a bite to eat over rum."

Sakuryu nods a little bit with a flicker of her ears. "Ahh, well just make sure the word doesn't get out. The word we have is that these imposters are going to hitail it if a true heir comes about." She nods before tilting her head.

"Oh, is that so?" The Captain grumbled softly and scratched at the scruff around his face. "Eh, they're a bunch of drunks. They can barely work up a coherent setence. Let's forget all this stuff. I'm hungry and the crew is hungry too. We need to eat and fill up so we can continue working on this ship without gettin' exhausted," he explained. "You've done all y'need to for today. So, come on in and get yourself ready for bunkin'. We're going to rest at this place and hop to it once morning breaks again."

Saku sighs a bit as she's told to go back inside. She just nods and leaves the greasy hairy men to hefting the fish, moving down under the deck to her quarters with a little yawn she changes into another set of merchant camoflauge.

The evening goes on and the fish is prepared along with other food items that were available on the ship. The crew gathers and they have a good time sharing stories and having all around good fun, all thanks to the fish Sakuryu caught. Some wondered how a girl like her could catch the fish, but the Captain assured that she was an excellent fisher and that's all they needed to know.

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