The Business of Revenge - A New Target


Shuuren, Hiroyasu

Date: August 14, 2013


Hiroyasu is summoned to Shuuren's new office in the Land of Tea to discuss a mission.

"The Business of Revenge - A New Target"

Land of Tea - Daimyo's Office

The nice thing about Shuuren being a Daimyo now is that he can actually officially commission members of the Order that are part of Hidden Villages with jobs from Tea Country so there is a clean cover for what they are doing. He's also got enough swing to make the jobs so legit whatever the commissioned job happens to be is actually done. In Hiroyasu's case, of course, Kumogakure probably enjoys him being around a man who was once one of their top Medical Specialists to absorb some of his knowledge. Today is just such a day that Hiroyasu would be commissioned as such with the cover of delivering some very delicate medical supplies.
With the coming of the afternoon, Shuuren is seen sitting in his office with a pile of paperwork as always. Maybe he should have thought about how much the paperwork load would increase before he decided to take over a country. Oh well, he always has Shadow Clones if it gets too bad. He looks through page after page, marking notes and signing off on things as he goes along. Ah, the bureaucratic daimyo hard at work.

What was Hiroyasu exactly supposed to be doing again? He really didn't know, it had been rather shady since he arrived, but finally word had come of a contracted mission from the land of tea, where he was presently..convenient! He makes his way to the office to seek out the law of the land (of tea). "Reporting in for Debriefing." he says looking at the mound of paperwork and actually winces thinking about his own pile of paperwork likely stacking up somewhere crying itself to sleep alone each night on his desk.

As Hiroyasu enters the room, Shuuren would look up and offer a nod. "Ah, Hiro, right on time," he says with a light smile and then opens a desk drawer to retrieve a folder and set it on the edge of the desk. "Come take a glance through this folder. It's got details for your next assignment. Care for some tea? It's pretty amazing here." With that, he'd go back to jotting notes on a scroll. When Hiroyasu picks up the file, he would see information on a Yakuza named Kobayashi Manabu, who happens to be the same height, weight, and build as Hiroyasu and adorns himself in shrouds and a mask. "You'll be taking his place for the duration of this mission after you've disposed of him."

Hiroyasu considers it "Yes Please, and otherwise it would be a poorly named land right?" as he glances carefully through the file. "Extermination and Assimilation? Alright. Secondary Objectives? Targets of opportunity?" figured he'd cover that. "If that's all, then I'll handle it." he adds putting the file back on the desk.

Standing and walking over to a cabinet behind him, Shuuren picks up a kettle of tea he prepared not too long ago by the smell of it. "Basically, there are rumors of a new Yakuza compound that's been built in an underground cave on an island east of here. Which one, I'm not exactly sure of," he begins to explain as he returns to his seat, placing one cup in front of Hiroyasu and one in front of himself. "Figuring that out will be part of your job once you've taken his identity. Since their lairs are usually a bit more on the extravagant side, this one is especially suspicious." With a light pause, he takes a sip of his tea before looking back Hiro, letting out a sigh as his eyes narrow a bit in thought. "Something big is happening, Hiro. I understand you'll probably want to be at the Chuunin Exams, so we'll try to make this as quick as possible. Once you've located and verified the compound, send word to me, and we'll take it out."

Hiroyasu picks up the cup, with a bow of his head. "Thank you" he says taking a sip.. it was good.. and very fresh. "Interesting, that does seem out of character." following along with a sip of his tea then nodding, "There is still several days until the next section of the exams. I finished my written exam awhile ago. It should be an ample amount of time" he before calmly sipping his tea. "So Assimilation, Infiltration, Recon, and Extraction? Minimal casualties, minimal collateral damage." this was definitely a different change from his usual missions with his team of barbarians. "Thank you for the tea, boss"

"Very good," Shuuren says with a nod. "You are showing promise already." With that, he'd grab a paper he kept to glance over a few extra times, dong so before handing it to Hiroyasu. "This is a list of his usual hangouts of late. Be sure he vanishes without notice. I am not sending Banshi along with you to handle the assassination, so this is a chance for you to prove yourself in solo work. Perform well, and you'll find I'm quite generous with wages for your work, and that will be aside from what Kumogakure receives and pays you from."

Hiroyasu nods taking the paper, glancing at it "I understand" he says before looking at him. "That's unneeded, I rarely find myself even using my own pay." it was strange but he really lived like some kind of shadow of the past. Living off the land, and with his need for ninja equipment reduced due to developments his expenses have reached like all time low. "but i'll operate however you wish" trying not to be rude, before moving his way out of the office. "You want a souvenir, boss?" he asks pulling the hood of his cloak over his head before awaiting for an answer before hitting some of the places on the list, time was not what he had to waste.

"Well, if you've got a girl, she might want a house one day," Shuuren replies with a smirk. "You may like to live one way, but she'll want some security. Put it in a savings account or whatever you like until that time, but I do suggest accepting some pay." That smirk would turn into a smile as he says, "After all, once we've brought order to the world, even though it will require maintenance, we will live out our lives in the new world we've ushered in with those we hold dear." At the question, he replies, "I suppose we'll find that out once we enter the compound. As far as your target, I desire nothing from him. What you take is up to you. You will need his attire and personal effects to pull off the part, after all."

Hiroyasu considers it, it would be rude to refuse him, after such a rousing attempt at a speech. "Then establish for me, an account here locally. I'll expect my payments promptly transferred on successful execution of your assigned tasks." that should deal with that issue, and if he never worried about it, it would just accrue in a land friendly to him. "I'll attempt something onsite to give us a better idea of it's purpose. If it's a private spa or something, oh.. i'll.." he grumbles turning out the door with a wave of his fingers over his shoulder. "By your will Daimyo" he says over his shoulder before casually walking off, he wasn't into the theatrics of speed or puffs of smoke.

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