The Business of Revenge - A Stroke of Bad Luck


Mami, Shuuren (as Tadashi)

Date: July 22, 2013


While Tadashi is busy interrogating a couple of Yakuza, Mami's fireflies are wandering about and find this to be an interesting event, so she is informed. The Chuunin observes before stepping out after hearing about his threat to destroy a village — small or not. She is promptly and properly silenced.

"The Business of Revenge - A Stroke of Bad Luck"

The Waterfall, Land of Fire

The night has gone on far past midnight, and the majority of the world has fallen asleep by now, as the time is approaching about 3:30 a.m. At the base of the waterfall, the masked man known as Tadashi is seen standing over a group of three men who look to be rather beaten, their bodies bloody with many swollen areas. He hasn't even bothered to tie them down, as they appear to be barely strong enough to even sit up to look at him at this point. Not only that, they appear to be extremely freaked out, as if they'd just seen ghosts or demons after them. Really, the whole area has an ominous feeling over it, as if something otherworldly dark resides in it.
"You're sure you don't want to go ahead and tell me what you know then?" the masked man's inflectionless voice rings out as he looks down at the men without pity. "Really, it would be much easier on you all if you just went ahead and told me. You may be afraid of them, but I'm much worse."
"It's not just about fear! It's about loyalty!" one of them retorts, obviously in immense pain by the sound of his voice. "They brought wealth to our village. We won't turn on them now, even if they are criminals."

Ominous or not, some creatures are less bothered by such things. Some of these creatures include a particular breed of firefly. Fluttering into the area, but still keeping its distance, one such firefly seemed to just calmly be exploring the area. Mami was a ways behind it, in the forest and doing her usual thing of just letting her kikaichu wander about. Another firefly entered the area near Tadashi and his… work. The first one that was there turned and fluttered off. It brought its information to Mami, who squinted at it and let it lead her. Even so, she kept her distance for now, watching. It wasn't really her business and she, so far, had no reason to intervene.

"Oh, so you're loyal to pigs who turn your town into a haven for criminals and drugs?" Tadashi asks as he looks directly down at the man speaking, who happens to be the one sitting in the middle of them. Before he can respond, the masked man drives a foot directly into his chin and knocks him on his back. "You two feel the same way then?" he asks as he glances between the all, pulling out a scroll from his coat to show a picture of their town. "You see, I already knew your town was run by the Yakuza. I'd almost hoped to avoid having to go there to question the town as a whole, but, since you won't give me the information I need, it looks like I've got no choice," he says as he rolls the scroll back up and tucks it away.
"They won't tell you anything either! We're all just as loyal!" one of the men shouts back.
"Well, isn't that inconvenient," Tadashi says as he cuts his eyes over to him. "Guess I'll just have to use your little village to make a statement then. Congratulations. In a few days, it'll be as if it never existed." With that, three of the shadowy figures called the Children would step out of the shadows of the waterfall behind the men to grab them by their heads and snap their necks to finish them off before they can even respond. "What a pity."

Mami listened, an eyebrow raising at the situation. The firefly that had stayed in the area when the other went to give the Aburame a message fluttered closer to the masked man, flashing lazily. Regardless of his response to it, the woman would come out of the treeline. "You certainly have an interesting way of questioning people," she remarked. "I'm sure Konohagakure officials would love to hear about your intention of destroying a village…" Her arms crossed and she stared at him through her yellow-tinted glasses.

"These men sold their souls and their village to the Yakuza. They were worthless already," Tadashi responds, not even sounding surprised that someone was nearby. Given his extreme sensor skills, he probably already knew. "It take no joy in ending a village, but it's time to make a statement to these fools. Those who side with them will simply go down with them." With a sudden flicker, he vanishes and reappears behind the woman with a syringe in his hand as he goes to inject it into the muscle of her neck. If successful, it's quite likely to cause her to fall over in pain and hallucinate severely. "As for you, I take no joy in ending you either, but take peace in knowing that peace and order are coming to this world. I cannot allow you to report this to your village, else the road will lead to yet more war rather than peace."

COMBAT: Tadashi attacks Mami with BAD-MEDICINE…65
COMBAT: Mami defends against BAD-MEDICINE(65) attack from Tadashi with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…32
COMBAT: You lose your stamina for 1 round(s) starting on your NEXT turn.
COMBAT: Mami loses the roll and sustains 902 damage.
COMBAT: Tadashi drains stamina from Mami

Mami's brows furrowed as he spoke. Yakuza… well, to be fair, they deserved the treatment they got… but a whole village? As he vanished from in front of her, she tensed, immediately trying to replace herself with a leaf. However, she felt the sting of the needle in her back and grit her teeth. She did indeed collapse soon after, shivering in a cold sweat. He heard his voice, but it was skewed. Peace? She couldn't fathom how destroying a village would breed peace, but… now she was in far too much trouble. Shuddering, she shut her eyes tight, her whole body shaking as she attempted to recover.

As the woman collapses, Tadashi move an arm to catch her and hold her standing. Very kind for a man who's about to kill someone. "There will be peace in the world. Find peace in the next life knowing that," the masked man says as he holds her up. Suddenly, another form of him would appear, going to grab her by the waist and torque his torso back to slam her down on her head in an attempt to knock her out.

COMBAT: Tadashi attacks Mami with SHADOW-CLONE…45
COMBAT Mami is poisoned (5 rounds) and loses 39 health.
COMBAT: Mami defends against SHADOW-CLONE(45) attack from Tadashi with a TENSE…8
COMBAT: Mami loses the roll and sustains 1268 damage.

Mami's skin crawled at his touch thanks to the hallucinations that she was slowly starting to recover from. She heard his words and wanted to fight against him, but there was nothing she could do. By the time the hallucinations would have let up enough for her to do anything about it, the clone was sending her hurtling toward the ground. Her glasses shattered upon impact and she groaned, but she was already blacking out. There was some strength left in her body, but not enough to counter the overwhelming amount of pain that she was overcome by. The poison still scorched through her system and the shadow clone's actions mixed with the broken glasses as a result were just too much.

As soon as the girl is unconscious, the clone would step aside. The real Tadashi would step over to her unconscious form, lifting her up to grab by her her head and snap her neck as easily as the Hitokage did to the men before. "Farewell," he says as he produces a scroll, along with a blanket from it that he wraps around her to keep any more insects from escaping. With that, he'd roll out a scroll as his clone and the Hitokage drag the bodies over. As he stores them in the scroll, the clone begins to use the water from the waterfall to wash away all traces of blood. It seems he'll be leaving with more bodies than planned. Meanwhile, Hitokage that had been hiding within the surrounding area are busy destroying any insects that were already out around them to be sure they can't report back to Konoha.

The Kikaichu residing within her attempted to flee their home, enough of them getting away that the ensuing search was certainly necessary. The rest, mostly children, were kept inside by the barrier that was the blanket. They ingested what was left of her chakra, keeping her essense with them despite the fact they would certainly die too. It was all they could do.
Mami was gone.

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