The Business of Revenge - Attack on Tea


Rockpath (emitter), Shuuren, Daoma, Mika, Juudai

Date: June 6, 2015


The Yakuza believe themselves to be strong enough to take down the Tea Daimyo through sheer numbers.

"The Business of Revenge - Attack on Tea"

Land of Tea

As the evening rolls on in the Land of Tea the day after Shuuren's meeting with the Tsuchikage, he's been up in his office working on that giant mound of paperwork per usual. It's basically just been a normal day, nothing too interesting about it… until a few minutes ago when a guard arrived from one of the other posts reporting that unscheduled caravans were making their way along the pathway toward the village… and that they'd hurried to get there even faster once one of the drivers saw him coming toward the village. His training helped him to be able to outrun the horses… but not by much. By the time he arrives to get word to the guards at the main pathway into the village, arrows start raining down at them and citizens in the line of fire alike.
Word of what's happening would be sent to the Daimyo, but his chakra sense has already given him a clue of what's happening, and he literally opens a window and launches himself with a kick off the ledge to move hurriedly toward the village entrance. "Yakuza trash," he growls out before beginning to give orders to guards as he moves along. "Tell the guards to form a line. Do NOT let them cross into the village."
That done, he begins preparing… and, despite the likely class of these men, he's apparently not going to hold back, as a massive spike of chakra is felt by anyone with that ability as he continues to move toward the gates, preparing for battle. "… There must have been survivors that weren't captured at one of those compounds. A pity. They could've all died quietly if we'd only had a day or two more to figure out the location of their bosses."

Daoma had been in her room preparing for a training session when a guard alerted her to what was going on. By the time she got there, Shuuren was already gathering his forces and directing the troops. The guards formed a lie an she stepped closer to Shuuren. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but she could tell that the village was in danger just by how the guards were lining up. So she looked to Shuure and moved up close to him. She was supposed to be a kid of bodyguard, but she cold direct troop moveents as well if he wanted her at another point. "Where do you want me, Daimyo?"

At the top of the tower, the woman known as the Tsuchikage of Iwagakure would be enjoying a drink when her assistant would walk to her. The young man would bow and state, "Tsuchikage, there appears to be a fight taking place at the gate. Many chakra signatures are flaring and…" He glances to the side, "I believe the Daimyo is also involving himself in this situation." For her part Juudai would let out a long sigh. She would set down her drink and slowly stand up. As she does the young man would retrieve her coat and place it over her shoulders.
"Thank you, Rock. You are dismissed to continue to go over the documents." She would then step to the balacony and immediately start moving down the side of the building. She isn't fast as some but she can out pace most genin as she makes her way toward the commotion. As she does so she would start moving right for where Rock had directed her. She uses seal walls from time to time to literaly cover the gaps of buildings so she doesn't even have to jump to get to where she is going. As she is going, she is pumping chakra into herself.

As the group travels to see just what is going on, they would witness fire lighting the sky. Arrows! Fire arrows raining chaos down onto those in the Tea Village, burning houses and people alike. The Yakuza had their caravans, yes, and members were pouring out of them in a constant stream. The caravans were like a clown car or something, considering that many people couldn't possibly fit in them… But yes, fire and brimstone or what have you is raining down on everyone's heads.

Glancing toward Daoma, Shuuren nods to her then motions toward the other side of town. "Take some of the guards and flank them. We'll push them back and toward the ocean. They'll only have one direction to run." That order given, he looks ahead, grabbing a small scroll from his coat, which he opens to release an ENORMOUS scroll. He unclasps the scroll, eyes narrowing as he calls out, "Kage Bunshin!" With a giant puff of smoke, what appear to be dozens of copies of the Daimyo replace the scroll as he tucks the smaller one back into his coat then points forward. The roar of battle picks up as the 'clones' charge ahead through the soldiers holding the line with intent to stab, punch, kick, and otherwise mangle every yakuza they can get their hands on while also trying to help drive their forces back for his part of the plan.

Daoma turned and nodded to Suuren's orders and when she had her men selected the fire began raining down. Daoma stepped forwrd, her sworddrawn and slashed the air with such power it dispelled the flames and defended the men behind her as well. "Let's move!" She stated and headed for the other end of the field, slashing at Yakuza the entire way….

Looking at the incoming fire arrows, Juudai puts up a hand to make a seal. It burns away her jacket and she frowns as it burns away as well as a few new hot marks go over her. She then looks at the area around before spotting the incoming Yakuza. She glances briefly at the cut the arrow had made in her arm before shaking her head and seeking to try to make contact with Shuuren. She immediately makes a few hand seals though and sends up two kunai in two directions as the Yakuza move. The pair of explosions may cause some trouble for the Yakuza as she moves.

The Yakuza are relatively crowded in a single space as they attack, which is probably why they aren't able to avoid as many attacks as they would have liked. Many are able to start making a 'strategic retreat' back towards the water as they fight the trio that have come to meet them. Slashes are met with slashes, even as their comrades are sliced down and blown up. A few of the Yakuza further in back continue to launch their flaming artillery at the trio, arrows coming down in a fiery rain.

While his clones attack, Shuuren reaches his into coat and withdraws a golden capsule marked 3A. He quickly pops it into his mouth, and another giant burst of chakra would be felt, which flows through to his control over his 'clones' to kick them into another gear. He seems to barely even notice the yakuza attacks coming his way, stepping around them like they were merely flies as he lets the copies of himself take care of the fighting. Even his suit doesn't get so much as a singe or scuff. When he spots Juudai coming up to try and find him, he smirks slightly, saying, "My apologies that this happened during your visit, Tsuchikage. After this, we'll tend to your wounds and open a bottle of sake from my personal collection to make it up to you."

Daoma felt a blade slash across her back ad shoulders just before se spotted the flames comming her way. She wasn't fast enough to properly defelct the flames this time but she lessened the impact on her body. Wth a ripping sound she slashed at her own sleeve, cutting away charred material andleaving her with a sngle sleeve on her gi. She kept going, however, leading her group to the other side of the vilage and back around to confront them from the opposite side as Shuuren's group, flanking them. s the men behind her stepped forward so did Daoma, sword flashing.

Looking at the man, Juudai shakes her head at Shuuren, "No need, I have my own medic with me." She then looks over at the people coming in and two of the slash at her repeatedly. The slash and slash and it appears that all of them hit. Yet, despite all the impacts upon Juudai she simply doesn't seem to move at all, just watching as they attack and fire rains over her. As it all comes to a halt for a brief moment, Juudai is completely unharmed and immediately a rush of chakra will paint her face as she stares at all of them, imparting images of their impending doom into their mind as she stares them down and then she shakes her head, "Mourn your life for it comes to an end this day." She then idly pulls out a small orb and states, "I apologize in advance but I'm about to crater the area beyond your front gate."

Slash. Clang. And then Shuuren's clones and other dead corpses (wait, what?) are coming at the Yakuza, which is sort of … extremely terrifying. A lot of them end up turning and fleeing, but there are some unlucky enough to get cut down by Daoma while others catch the Tsuchikage's gaze and wilt under her stare. Well, they be goners… Most of the attacks have stopped now that everyone is focused on running away, shouts ringing out as the 'leaders' call for a retreat.

Even as the men try to escape, the undead clones pursue them relentlessly. Were that not enough, as the Daimyo back in the village brings his hands into a seal, the very grass beneath their feet begins to grow larger and latch onto their feet with a steel-like grip to prevent them from running so the clones can catch them. The act is subtle enough and covered by the actions of the clones that someone not looking right at the ones wouldn't even realize what had been duone… But these cannot be allowed to leave… These are the weak ones, the ones that flee… The ones who WILL give him every last piece of information he needs to end this war before he puts them out of their misery. "It's alright. We've got plenty of men who can can fix that later," he says with a smirk over to Juudai, curious to see her coming display of power.

Daoma heard the call for a retreat and turned to the guards she was directing. "Prisoners. We need information. Go!" Daoma had also moved forward with her sword. She was a small person but her strikes were far from weak. She displayed a power that shouldn't exist in such a small body as she tried to slam the flat of her blade agaist the backs of the skulls of the Yakuza, any successful hit woul be followed by a man moving forward to bind the victim, to cart them off for interrogations.

A nod to Shuuren and then a look toward the way the men are escaping. She watches where the leaders are and immediately she begins to go through hands seals. Even as she starts going through the handseals the orb she was holding begins to float up in front of her, chakra after bit of chakra is flowing into it as she watches the area she intends to level as she then takes a breath and lets it out. As she lets out said breath, the orb starts to fly away from her toward the area she was targeting where the leaders of this attacking group are sounding retreat, "I hope they are not the type of men who are weak of stomach."

There are a lot of men that fall to Daoma, her strikes to the head making the grown men crumple to the ground so they can be dragged off later. They are going to have quite a headache… Many of the ones who ran also find themselves stuck in something… A plant? Eh? What is this??? There's a lot of yelling and slashing at the growing grass, but it keeps latching onto their feet. No fair! Foul play! Time out!

With the yakuza basically taken care of, Shuuren turns to a captain of the guard that instinctively comes to his side now that the battle is close to being won. "Of the enemy, the living go to the prison for interrogation. The dead go to the hospital to be processed." It seems now that, other than having his clones bind up those who've been captured, he's going to let the others do their bit of showing off. May as well let them have fun now that the threat is conquered.

Daoma continued what she was doing with her sword ntil she saw the numbers were leveling out. Then she turned to the men and nodded, patting one on the shoulder. "Good work, men. The daimyo will be pleased." Then she turned and began helping them in what they were doing, carrying unconscious to a group where tey would be rocessed then brought to prison. (Or somewhere equally threatening) She led them, yes, but se had not stood behind them, she had led the charge and was now helping with the menial work. It would earn her some rapport with the men. She carried one yakua and bound him herself beore setting him down with the others. "Keep it up. Kito! Over here. That's right Manemura, that one's alredy a lot cause. Hold him." And she tured and slashed the injured man's throat with a single swipe. A fast merciful death for one that had a long painful death ahead of him. So was her Samurai Code.

"It's kind of sad." Juudai states as she makes the final gestures as the orb reaches its location. She then turns to look at Shuuren, "Those that ran first and their leaders waiting at their caravan would have done well to be captured or die early." She then is starting away back toward the hotel she is staying at and her suite, "Do join me later on in my suite, Daimyo. I brought a particularly nice drink with me from Iwagakure that I am opening up." Even as she is speaking, the orb is bursting apart, smoke flowing every which way.
To those watching what Juudai is walking away from, it appears to be nothing. Was it a dud? The odd mist was spreading across the area where the men retreated to. It doesn't even really block vision or anything. It's just…at that very moment when many are thinking it's nothing a very tiny seemingly nothing bead within that orb ignites. The very air within that mist, the mist itself, all ignite in an explosion that bursts into pure fire. THe shockwave that follows rips the caravan to shreds. It all but liquefies bodies in its path. The gate that leads into this village rattles and shakes as splintered wood, metal, and body parts are sent in all directions.

Poor Yakuza… They never stood a chance. Those that weren't getting dragged into prison cells were decimated completely by the blast. Maybe a few survived, but the destruction from the blast was … quite amazing. There was no way to avoid Juudai's attack. … Well, she isn't the Tsuchikage for nothing. With that all gone, it's pretty easy to go back to sipping tea, right?

"Sounds like a plan," Shuuren says, grinning slightly as he glances over to Juudai then back ahead. He glances over in Daoma's direction, possibly gathering information from his 'clones' that are in her vicinity, then back toward the Tsuchikage as he lets out a blast that annihilates what's left of the yakuza force in their area. "Impressive," he says with a chuckle as he surveys the damage. "I'll have to deal with some things here before I can meet you, but it shouldn't take too long."

Daoma finally made her way back to Shuuren's side, giving him a detailed report of how many she and hers had captured and how many had died (well the ruing total anyway). The blast got her head to turn and her eyes narrowed a bit but she moved back to giving Shuuren her report.

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