The Business of Revenge - Dire Masonry


Hanpa, Kaede, Haruna (as Sayuri), Ayumu, Yuko, Arika

Date: May 30, 2015


Hanpa, the group, has been hired to rescue an "old friend" of the Nagamura family who has been abducted by Yakuza trying to get rid of their family business once and for all.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Business of Revenge - Dire Masonry"

Land of Lightning – Near the Coast

Jagged Narrow Path [Land of Lightning]


The narrow path continues up the mountain for some distance, sharp rocks and narrow paths up steep slopes, all dangerous. The distant roar of water can be heard as one of the few waterflows in the area is nearby. To the west, the dangerous trail continues downwards into the distance, boulders and the side of the mountain concealing its exit.

To the north, the path continues upwards, on and on towards the distant peak of the mountain. It is not quite as dangerous as before, and is nothing more then a steep and narrow path, actually covered with dirt and not rocks.

To the east of that trail, the sound of rushing water can be heard, and faint mist is floating down the trail from that direction. It is an easy walk in that direction, it is very rare because it is level, no longer an upward climb. In that direction lies another mountain, the peak rising up just short of the on to the north.










North - (N) [Mountain Peak]

North East - (NE) [Raiun Falls]

West - (W) [Trail Split]

While the Steel Soul Tournament was entertaining… work always came first in the end. Hanpa had met with Shuuren to confirm certain details.. finding out that he was right on the money with his mere guess the first time, but had too little to follow up on in Kumogakure then. Thus, this time, armed with the proper information, he would mobilize the group to take the proper action. He gathered those that came with him to Kirigakure and sent word to the rest he'd need for the mission and rendezvous with them within the Land of Lightning in a few short days’ time.

The encampment that they had set up was intended to be mobile. Easy to put up, easy to strip down without a trace. Within the primary tent, Hanpa awaited the members of the group to give them a briefing on just what was happening, and how they would proceed from here. While he himself would have to remain dressed in his normal fair, Hanpa would recommend that any disguises that they wish to utilize would be useful given the fact that the contract that they were acting upon did not originate from the Land of Lightning.

GAME: Save complete.

Sayuri would be one of those choosing to utilize a disguise. She had sent word to Hanpa ahead of time so that he could inform any that he wished of her actual identity. She had no desire to brew distrust between the members of their little organization.

The woman arrives plainly enough, moving into the tent with a swish of the material. She isn't cloaked or hidden in any sort of way, just there. Spotting Hanpa, Sayuri nods to him and moves off to the side to await the arrival of the others.

Admittedly, Ayumu was a little reluctant to leave the Land of Water. While he had a number of ways to maintain a pseudo-presence or watch over the Steel Soul Tournaments proceedings, the Iga preferred the less stressful option than what maintaining vigil there would require. Still, obligations came before personal pleasures and lesser deals, though he made a point of keeping one of the latter closely in mind.

Platinum locks, a simple, white smiling mask, and an oversized trench coat had been the wanderer's choice of disguise. That and a rather noticeable… change in figure. One suggesting feminity even beneath a great deal of heavy, black clothes.

"Ohayo, er'rebody~ 'specially you milord!", He/She says cheerily after poking her head in. Moments later, the tent flap(s) are pushed aside with a great flourish as Ayumu strode right on insider. Unless opposed at some point Ayumu briskly makes her way over to each inside, and practically glomps them one by one before skipping over to the side.

Leave the tournament already?! But-but $.$ ;_;… Ah well. While Yuko didn't like the idea of leaving behind all the potential money to be made selling overpriced food in a makeshift concession stand at the tournament, duty is duty. She is still on contract to this group, after all. While some would have to wear disguises, Yuko herself can basically just dress up like a traveling cook as normal and be basically unnoticed, along with getting a little extra information from lips that sit between hungry bellies and lustful eyes. With her mobile catering pack upon her back, she steps through the tent flap and smiles to those that are already there. "Hey there." Ayumu gets a curious look, the woman lifting an eyebrow slightly before shrugging and moving to the side to set her pack down and get comfortable.

Arika isn't really in the tournament anymore. As such, she finds herself traveling to someplace that is still in the Land of Water, the girl half following Ayumu (?) and half taking her own path. She shows up, looking around at the strangers. Huh… But she's not grumpy, usually, or all that thoughtful, either. The girl slips over and into the area, just plopping somewhere to peek around and watch and wait a bit. see what is going down.

With the bone white mask, emblazoned with a sliced ring on the forehead, marking the sunrise, Kaede— or 'Rin' as he went by that name— is easy to notice for one simple detail: In his hair, where it is braided, a single crystalline bell hangs, and makes a quiet sound with every step. For a shinobi, that kind of noise might be anathema, but to Kaede that didn't seem to matter. But more to the point, how exactly he got into the encampment is a bit of a stealthy mystery. One moment he wasn't there, the next his bells give him away.

"My lord, you summoned for me." Kaede said, as he fell to one knee, fist planted against the ground and head bowed. "What is your bidding?"

Arika isn't really in the tournament anymore. As such, she finds herself traveling to someplace that is in the Land of Lightning, the girl half following Ayumu (?) and half taking her own path. She shows up, looking around at the strangers. Huh… But she's not grumpy, usually, or all that thoughtful, either. a The girl slips over and into the area, just plopping somewhere to peek around and watch and wait a bit. see what is going down.

A hidden smile would stretch Hanpa's lips gently as they all gathered. An entirely unrelated family of sorts… one formed from vices and desires, but also from history and comradery, actions and sacrifices. It was different… but it could easily become the same in the end. A group of Strangers… that know each other better than even siblings. He would note the various disguises, and also note that no one here seemed to question the validity of anyone’s presence. There was already a bond of trust, even if it was just in the fact that Hanpa was unlikely to let literal strangers just walk in on them as they will.

"We owe the Daimyo of Tea a favor… but this time, it won't be free of charge… nor will it be blind. His information kept Suisei on track for being constructed without outside interference, which in turn allowed for me to keep pushing the wavering resolve of those who have not fought to keep anything for quite some time from plummeting altogether. It was a small tip that led to a large result. Moreover, he had helped to send supplies in the first place due to a business arrangement. Our debt is paid… so now it is back to business as usual."

Hanpa would take a moment to 'look' over everyone assembled with a slow nod. Kaede in particular seemed to be given a long pause as Hanpa adjusted to Rin for the time being. "We are to extract the one who was to sabotage our construction efforts in the first place. It appears that the man is an… associate of Nagamura Shuuren and is likely being held against his will for his expertise. I felt that this land would be the best place to look, and it seems I was correct. Now however… we have a supply line to follow and a target to locate. For this mission, we will rely on Ayumu's talents primarily, and our own brand of team work." Hanpa would then open up a map and see that it remain open and flat as he would point to the circles along a linear path that cuts through the country towards a port. "We will need to split up and blend in at these locations. Ayumu's part will be two fold. Each of you need to plant one of his… one of him… amongst a shipment of the materials used for making bricks if not bricks themselves. For this reason, he will be with me, at the port." Hanpa would point this out on the map, making two marks there. "Once he is able to detect where the shipment is altered to be defective, he will notify me, and I will notify you all. After you have planted his little spies, we will regroup… here" Hanpa would point at an 'X' that is located in the middle of the trail of transportation and manufacturing. "This should allow us to make an approach by night fall, when there is less civilian traffic and their guard will be down given the nature of their ploy. That is when we strike. If we are lucky, Ayumu's spy will still be a beacon for us to track directly to the source and he can provide further intelligence so long as that is the case."

Hanpa would then seem to scan over everyone else. "We need to keep the target alive, so this is where it gets more difficult. We need to be able to isolate him, extract him, or protect him before the Yakuza are made aware of our presence. Kaede, or Rin for this mission, I will be relying on your solid barriers for sealing off their approach once the time comes. Yuko, I will need you to personally guard the man himself. Haruna, or Sayuri for this mission, will see to his mental and physical state during and after the extraction. Arika can keep watch around the location and communicate with Ayumu whom I want handling our escape route. I will try to neutralize the guards nonviolently." Hanpa would lay out his strategy thusly. "Any questions or concerns before we begin?"

Sayuri remains quiet and in the background. As the people arrive, she reflects on just how much she's missed while business has kept her occupied elsewhere. She attempts to catch names here and there, putting faces with names to make things easier in the field should she need them. She's drawn out of her thoughts by being glomped by Ayumu as she comes in. Sayuri's eyes widen and then crinkle at the edges, giving away the smile beneath her half mask. She tries to not giggle, as she normally would, and instead emits a low, muffled humming noise. The woman briefly puts herself to rights, looking once more over the others and then to Hanpa, her fingers curling and flexing as if in anticipation.

She listens to their leader attentively, her eyes flicking to each as their purposes are mentioned. Sayuri's hands flex again. Nervously? It's been.. at least fifteen years since she's done any work like this. The woman nods at Hanpa when he finished, confirming her understanding. There likely won't be much for her to do until someone gets hurt so she makes it a goal to stay out of the way for now.

"Solid barriers?" Kaede intones in echo of Hanpa's words. "I can do more than that." He says, but shrugs, perhaps recognizing the fact that his skillset is not quite suited to covert operations.

He glances back towards Sayuri and the others briefly, and then looks back to Hanpa and taps his mask, "Rin." He says, as he steps back, and leans back against a support.

The noise from Sayuri is one that left the wo/man taken aback for a moment, but ultimately not dissuaded from continuing the hug before the time to disengage. Ayumu stood off to the side from then on, his posture formal and rigid at a glance, but in truth, the Iga had primed himself to glomp the next person to come inside the tent. Things however do not quite work out that way.

'No.. its… that couldn't be' He thought, and yet there was no denying the signature picked up by one of his scattered sensors. Ayumu does not know whether to be angry, annoyed, proud, or sad. The emotional deadlock left him so deeply paralyzed that physical movement became difficult, forcing a decision. The masked nin mechanically turned to focus on Hanpa, mind and body numb from a self-imposed geas of sorts.

The mission first, all else was irrelevant…

"If that is all then milord, allow me to prepare for a moment." Without waiting or another word, Ayumu slipped out of the tent. When he returns, there are three — no, five small, burlap sacks in hand. Each he offer to his companions regardless of what part they would play in the mission. If someone even starts to ask what is inside, the contents begin to squirm.

Yuko listens curiously as Hanpa begins to explain the mission and the reasons behind it. She nods simply, the reason being good enough for her. The kind of business she is in, trading favors and business is a way of life, so this is nothing new. Her eyes study over the map as the mission is detailed out in Hanpa's speech, taking in every detail she can so she can perform her part to the best of her ability. Planting an organ or two and protecting some geezer from yakuza goons. Easy. "Got it," she says, shaking her head to the question of needing any more information and glancing around to the others as she waits to go..

Hanpa almost chuckles at Kaede's near pouting. "Our objective is to secure the target. The strategy is broad strokes. Your utilization of your jutsu to block their path will obviously be a point where they are alerted. Once the target is secure… then what you do best is back on the table. As long as they assume that your abilities are defensive in nature, they will be less worried about a counter offensive when they give chase." Ayumu seemed to be… shocked at a particular guise… history that Hanpa himself was unaware of… but he refocused like the professional he was. Perhaps someday he would share the issue with him. The little spies would be doled out to everyone and Hanpa would nod slowly to that portion being complete. "It seems we will be heading out soon. Arika, take the first location, Rin, the second, Yuko the third, Sayuri the fourth. Ayumu and I will take the last. Remember to plant them in a distribution area for bricks or brick making components along within your area, then meet at the regroup location. I want this finished by dawn. If there are no more questions… let's get to it." Hanpa would order.

RP: Hanpa rolled a 4 with 1d5 die.

Kaede nods his head to Hanpa and says, "As always, your strategy is sound." Kaede said, and turned towards Ayumu, walking slowly towards him, hand open to receive one of the bags. Once he has done that, he'd look back towards Hanpa and say, "I will be on my way then." And heads outs of the encampment towards the marked point on the map that was his responsibility.

Sayuri accepts the bag from Ayumu and glances to it. She pokes the side suspiciously, but gently and then moves to shove the sack into the backpack on her back. After tying it closed her attention returns to Hanpa. Sayuri listens and then nods, recalling where her target location is. As the woman heads toward the exit of the tent, she forms a short series of seals and vanishes from sight. The flap of the tent can be seen moving aside by some "unknown" force and then falling as the invisible woman passes outside and off toward her location.

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 1 with INVISIBILITY-SEAL with a roll of: 43

Wordlessly, Ayumu lingers behind as expected until Hanpa himself begins mobilizing. At some point along the way, the feminine physique is discarded for reasons known only to the Iga. Suffice it to say, it made things a little easier in terms of energy management; especially considering there was more than just one jutsu the man had in play at the time.

Shadow Clone. Flesh Clones. Sensory Organs. It was too much to monitor without some aid, so during that time apart from the others, the Iga made the necessary arrangements. The originally would stay behind, leaving his better halves to shadow or play the part of "Ayumu".

COMBAT: Ayumu focuses 7757 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!


RP: Ayumu uses SHADOW-CLONE.

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 1 with ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH with a roll of: 49

RPCOMBAT: Ayumu defends against with a BASIC-SENSORY-ARRAY…34

Taking the sack from Ayumu, Yuko smiles and nods to him before looking back to Hanpa and nodding. Unless spoken to or otherwise hindered, she would make her way out of the tent and onto her designated location. She keeps her eyes peeled as she moves, though she seems to basically be trying to pick out a spot to setup a stand to sell some food. The best disguise is not a disguise at all. A light smile adorns her face as she moves along, humming lightly as seeming as if it's just another day to enjoy and make a bit of money, like there's not about to likely be blood spilled all around her at some point. Of course, the best disguise isn't a disguise still, as none of this bothers her in the least, and she takes in her surroundings as she looks for her perfect mark unassumingly.

Arika takes the bag with very little care for its contents, even making a bit of a face. "Yuck…" she grumbles, giving a small salute to Hanpa. She doesn't know what to think of him, but she may as well trust him, right? Most of that is cuz of Ayumu, but she also is inclined to help so she could learn stuff from the mystery man. Then she takes off along the assigned route, traveling quickly as she seeks out the spot where she should place this off bag.

RP: Arika uses SHADOW-CLONE.

COMBAT: Arika focuses 4253 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with SHADOW-CLONE-STEALTH with a roll of: 51

RPCOMBAT: Hanpa defends against with a CHAKRA-LOCATION-TECHNIQUE…48

As they would know what to do, Hanpa would leave the rest to them. He'd move with one of Ayumu's shadow clones before bidding the original old friend good luck. They would travel swiftly after that, as they had the farthest to go. They avoided the mountains, but other wised used the elevation to their advantage for traversing large swaths of land easily. By the time they arrived, most would likely already be engaged in their tasks. He would look to Ayumu's clone as he noted that the port was set up to receive a shipment from a river based dock up stream. That was to be expected of course, but it also meant that Ayumu would know exactly where he needed to hang out in order to detect if anything in particular was going on here. For the time being, Hanpa would remain near by for Ayumu's analysis while conducting one of his own.

Kaede makes his way towards the indicated location. He rarely shows haste in his movements, but his dedication is endless. He never stops to rest, eat or even scout what's up ahead. There was a word that described Kaede's actions. It was 'Zealous'. But to call him a zealous person would be a mistake. No one really knew what Kaede believed in, or what his reason for being with Hanpa was. The end result is the only thing that whispers hints. He makes it to his destination in an acceptable amount of time. It is only then that Kaede looks about, trying to figure out when to plant the sack with the bricks. To make sure there aren't any guards, and that his way out always remains clear.

Sayuri arrives at her location finally and pauses, moving to lean against a wall so that no one inadvertently bumps into her invisible figure. She studies the people around her, taking note of their appearance. Sliding into a dark alleyway between two buildings, Sayuri performs a Henge and then drops her barrier. The form revealed looks more like a working woman, dark hair tied back and plain linen clothing adorning her shape. Her bag seems more ordinary as well, helping her to blend in with the locals instead of looking so much like a 'ninja.'

Emerging from the other side of the alley, Sayuri moves into the flow of people, walking as if she has somewhere to be, while observing everything around her. The location seems to be some sort of dockside shipping and receiving area. Pallets of goods are everywhere, some being offloaded onto wagons and others being loaded into ships.

Her eyes fall on a group of guards, finding their presence to be out of the ordinary. Sayuri slips between two warehouses again and waits for people to pass. When the coast is clear, she peeks around the side, observing their movements as well as the stacks of bricks. Her eyes narrow and she moves back into the darkness between the two buildings.

RP: Sayuri uses HENGE.

Seeming to finally find a place, Yuko would unload her pack near a wall, her actions basically unnoticed as she seems to just be putting things together to sell when she puts the sack given to her by Ayumu in place. To sell her position further, she serves a dinner rush crowd while she's there, managing to making some extra money while playing her part perfectly within the mission before the packs up once again and heads out to go to the place where they'll regroup and move forward with the information gathered by the Iga.

Arika chews on her lip as she looks around, watching… waiting… Oh! There! A spot that's just perfect for all these yucky organs! Well, she doesn't let all of them loose at once, that'd just be silly. She unties the bag full of sensory things and sort of allows them to spill out where she is, hidden away, then she continues on with her path, slowly moving so that eventually… EVENTUALLY!!! She would get to that spot. That spot that was perfect for dumping a bunch of fleshy parts.

The techniques that Hanpa had to employ, unfortunately, took time for him to recover from. He was able to however gather quite a bit of information… most of which was the fact that whatever shipment that may arrive, had no yet at this port. But this is why he was to come here with Ayumu. He could do a preliminary scan of the chakra within the area, and detect if there was some embedded in places or items they shouldn't be. If it was without a result, which seems to be the case, he would leave Ayumu's copy behind to ensure nothing passed through the port as well, as he could easily detect earth chakra being utilized on his own. So now it seemed that Hanpa was ready to set out and head back to the regrouping point in order to prepare for the second stage… as long as Ayumu was still able to identify the altered bricks.

For Kaede it was quite a bit simpler- his drop location was nearby a stockpile that was unguarded. The semi loaded wagon that was going to transport the clay and finished bricks. That's where Kaede easily dropped the bag and left. When he was still coming in, he had considered various complicated ways of getting the bag in place, but he couldn't have been more disappointed with how simple it turned out to be. Though, he did come across a few people, none of them really looked in his direction. Summoning to mind the map and the X location, Kaede headed back towards the regroup point at his usual pace.

Her arms move to pull the bag from her back and she quickly unties it as well as the bag within that Ayumu gave her to reveal whatever organ(s) he gave her. Her nose scrunches up a bit as she watches the thing(s) depart. That's just wrong.. on so many levels. The medic in her wants to scoop 'em up and go find Ayumu so she can start sewing bits back on.

Shuttering, Sayuri reties her backpack and moves to leave out the opposite side of the alley and back toward the trees. Once within their sheltering shadows, she drops the henge, reassumes her cloak of invisibility, and heads toward the rendezvous.

Once there, Sayuri drops the cloak and approaches Hanpa, a hopeful expression in her eyes. "Have you heard anything yet?"

Arriving back at the camp, Yuko looks between those that have already arrived back. Since Sayuri asked the question she was going to, she simply goes silent and waits for news or orders.

Arika makes a handseal, then… another Arika appears! This one departs the location, seeking out Hanpa while the original Arika stays watching to make sure the sensory organs don't get interrupted as they move. There's not much to do but seek out further instruction, especially since… she really doesn't know what's going on.

Everything so far was going according to plan. The packages were dropped off, the areas surveyed… and now they wait. The regrouping location was designed to be in the middle of all of the routes, not too far away from any of them. It was in the woods a bit, not the most comfortable of locations, but it was temporary at best. Still, even after everyone arrived back, there was no word for a bit. Hanpa was patient… but it did seem to be taking a bit too long. Just when he started to consider this, his seal that connected him to Ayumu's chakra would activate. That was the signal he needed. Everyone else in the group would be relayed that signal as well, though Hanpa would also simply speak to them. "Four pulses… that means the fourth location we marked. Sayuri, that was your area. Inform us of the basics on the way. Let's move out." Two quick pulses through the seal they shared would indicate to Ayumu that the message was received. They wouldn't be able to get any more details specific details until they arrived on the site, assuming he was even able to provide more than he already has. "This mission is a failure if the target is harmed or killed… remember that." Hanpa would be sure to specify.

Kaede waited patiently for the location to be relayed. There was nothing much he could really do other than wait. Besides, he is not as young as he used to be, where he could afford to be energetic and such. Back then he might've picked a fight with Tessen to pass the time. But not now. It's almost like he is lazy. And then the signal finally comes, and almost reluctantly Kaede stands up, and looks towards Sayuri, waiting for the group to head out.

Hearing that her location was the one pinged, Sayuri nods. As the leave, she attempts to give the best overview of the area that she can, "It is a shipping and receiving area located off the main docks. There are several warehouses in a row as well as some residential buildings along the trees. I noticed two guards outside the second warehouse from the end. I have a feeling there are more inside though. There were stacks of those bricks outside, seeming as if they were ready for distribution. That's all I saw myself." Sayuri falls quiet, glancing back to the others and then ahead as they move. She forms a hand seal to focus and ready her chakra should it be needed.

COMBAT: Sayuri focuses 5259 stamina to turn it into 7000 usable chakra!

With the signal that it's time to go, Yuko stands up stretches her arms out a bit. She nods her arms to Hanpa's words then looks over to Sayuri as she starts to give her detailed description of the area. Each detail is mentally noted, as Yuko will have to move pretty quickly to guard the target from enemy attacks. Once it's done, she pops her knuckles a bit and grins. "Alright. Let's do this."

COMBAT: Yuko focuses 2528 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Since her location isn't pinged, Arika allows her clone to disappear. The clone poofs from its spot with little to no news, so she doesn't pitch in anything. "Hai, hai!" she says, giving a salute. She focuses her chakra a bit, knowing that there's really not much to do now. She just followed everyone to their goal when they moved out, working to keep hidden as well.

Hanpa takes in all of the information Sayuri gives and nods about it, almost immediately coming up with their approach from that point on. "We'll approach from the tree line, and utilize your seals to stay hidden as a group on the way in. We can quickly scan the cluster of housing units, where he may be held, before moving towards the site itself. Anyone leaving the warehousing district for the day would be coming towards us, which means we'll be able to see and avoid them far easier before they notice we are there. Once we slip in to the ware housing area, we should be able to locate him as long as he is still on site. I have to assume that he is tucked away somewhere that the villagers and passersby won't notice him too much. Yuko will then take the lead, Kaede will take the rear, Sayuri and I will take the flanks as we approach his location. Arika will hang back as our look out, and Ayumu will remain in his position to keep an eye on our escape route which will be back where we arrive from… should things go as planned." Hanpa would be focusing his chakra as well, far more than he normally would, not bothering with being conservative as he would normally choose to.

COMBAT: Hanpa focuses 5939 stamina to turn it into 7500 usable chakra!

Kaede nods to Hanpa at the strategy and doesn't say anything. He usually doesn't. The mission being what it was, it makes sense that he'd be in rear guard duty. Well, he figured , everyone has their talents. His element was solid, like earth, but even more durable, so it couldn't be avoided that he'd be doing that. A part of him wondered if it was true that those on rear guard always die. Eventually he makes it to the tree line, having focused his chakra somewhere along the way, and he scans area carefully.

COMBAT: Kaede focuses 5295 stamina to turn it into 6800 usable chakra!

RPCOMBAT: Kaede defends against with a PERCEPTION…18

Sayuri stops at the tree line and glances about. "If you want to use my cloak, you'll need to stay fairly close to me. I can't extend it out very far." She tilts her head in a semi-apologetic way. The woman performs a series of hand seals again and vanishes. Those nearby can tell where she is though by the orb of wavering, shimmery distortion in the air. People just have to know where to look. She holds it for as long as Hanpa talks to them, but once they move in, it likely won't be enough to cover everyone. Sayuri opens her senses as she listens to Hanpa's plan, her eyes turning back to the houses and warehouses. She wouldn't be able to pick people out necessarily, but if anyone in channeling a large amount of chakra, she might be able to pick it up.

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 1 with INVISIBILITY-SEAL with a roll of: 48

RPCOMBAT: Sayuri defends against with a CHAKRA-SENSITIVITY…47

Taking lead… Fun… It makes sense since she's basically the tank of the team. Yuko nods to the instructions from Hanpa. As they move, she moves in the front as instructed and starts to examine the area around them casually, trying to pick out any irregularities that might stand out as signs of trouble or that they might have been spotted by an enemy.

RPCOMBAT: Yuko defends against with a PERCEPTION…25

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…45

Arika considers, sticking close to Sayuri since her stealth skills left something to be desired. She makes a seal, and the wind picks up a bit, her chakra seeking those who may be around and hidden. It's not good around crowds, but it's better than nothing. Perhaps she may find something of interest, too. Regardless… She keeps nearer the back, watching with her own eyes and seeking anything that may aim to harm.

[NPC System]: Dock Workers roll(s) Shuffled Steps from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Target roll(s) Hidden Presence: Long Distance from 40 to 80 and get(s) a 65. - Rolled by: Hanpa

As they gather and cluster just outside of the range of the homes, everyone takes view of the area aside from Hanpa himself, trusting in the insight of those around him and reserving his jutsu that will leave him vulnerable right now. When he notes that everyone has taken in the environment, he'd gesture for them to begin to move, meaning their invisibility will be nullified and it was time to simply get to the warehouse district before the workers arrived home. Of course there was going to be one problem with not going in stealthily… any guards they meet along the way needed to be dealt with quickly and silently. "Any targets that you see… take them out with as little noise as possible." Hanpa would state.

Unfortunately… instead of there being less protection at night, there was more. This group of Yakuza was used to dealing with shinobi, and Nagamura Shuuren specifically. They did not take chances just because there were less people about at night. 10 guards were on patrol between the warehouses, half facing one way and half the other. That means they had 5 directly in front of them that would have the best chance of seeing them if they were not taken out now… and more if they did not do so quietly.

Hanpa would keep his position within their formation. He'd allow Yuko to go first, and following her in, he's strike at the two of the targets with a series of pokes and jabs, hoping to cause them to collapse where they stand, but keeping his attention on the 5 that had their backs turned just in case things went wrong.

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 40

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with PRESSURE-POINTS-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 36

Kaede merely remains in the back of the formation, not making any handseals or anything. He figures this particular group can deal with a bunch of Yakuza pretty easily. If not, well, it wouldn't take more than a moment to end this particular group rather swiftly, and Hanpa knows this. But Hanpa hasn't said anything, so he just continues on watching the group's back.

Sayuri moves with the others as they begin to approach the houses. As they begin to move, she drops the cloak, her form shimmering back into place. She hmms quietly, inwardly noting that she needs to improve upon that seal for any further usage. Her eyes scan the area, searching for other guards or anything that might give away the location where their target is being held.

Noting the arrangement of patrol, she separates herself with a soft, "Best to stay out of my line of sight. I'll do what I can to help." Once off to the side the woman stops and begins forming a somewhat complex series of seals. She kneels and places her hands on the ground. Black seals race across it, hidden by the darkness and seeming to do nothing, really. Once they reach the out past the far five patrols, however, a barrier like shape forms. It flickers inward quickly, dying out before it reaches the group, and hopefully taking care of most of the targets? quietly. More or less.

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 1 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 53

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 2 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 45

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 3 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 46

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 4 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 45

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 5 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 58

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 6 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 53

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 7 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 58

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 8 with STUNNING-BARRIER-SEAL with a roll of: 48

Since her own skills aren't really stealthy, Yuko sticks to leading the group. Being that she's rather large, it should be pretty easy to get attention on her long enough for the others to make their attacks to deal with enemies along the way that might try to report their presence or hinder them.

Arika narrows her eyes a bit at the targets before her, and the wind picks up a bit for those that are stunned by Sayuri's seal. The wind has a biting edge to it, slicing people up if they hold still just long enough. Or even if they are generally just not prepared for it! The advantage of using wind: it is a silent and unnoticeable enemy of used correctly. That being said, she may or may not be using it correctly.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 30

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 2 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 35

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 3 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 33

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 4 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 32

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 5 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 28

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 6 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 36

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 7 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 30

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 8 with WIND-CUTTER with a roll of: 35

[NPC System]: Target roll(s) Hidden Presence: Mid Range from 30 to 70 and get(s) a 47. - Rolled by: Hanpa

RP: Hanpa rolled a 4 with 1d10 die.

RPCOMBAT: Hanpa defends against with a CHAKRA-LOCATION-TECHNIQUE…53

At first, Hanpa is hyper aware, thinking that someone has noticed them as they are suddenly surrounded in a barrier… but then after a moment he realizes that it's just Sayuri… doing crazy ninja stuff. She seemed to be getting back in to the swing of this quite a bit faster than he expected. He'd keep note of her abilities with seals and sensory, not just medical jutsu. The victims of his attack collapsed to the ground, barely able to say anything as the shadows attacked. The victims of hers were wildly disoriented, doubled over, some vomiting a bit, others having fallen unconscious and still others simply too dizzy to stand. It may not last too long, but it was more than enough time for a team of shinobi. At that point, blades of wind would tear through the corridor between the warehouse buildings, causing no real sound themselves, but as it was used in a wide enough area to attack a group in a narrow area, the buildings themselves reacted to the force, shuddering just a bit, but luckily not enough to alert those within the building itself as being more than just a strong gust of wind.

"Rin, cover me. Everyone else… get in to a defensive perimeter as we locate the target.” Hanpa would state as he took the time to send out his controlled pulse of chakra that would penetrate through all of the surfaces in a radius around him as he attempted to locate the target. Hopefully this would be enough as Hanpa himself would be vulnerable for a moment after. The pulse would essentially disrupt his own chakra flow for a moment, leaving him with only enough to work with in an emergency for that time. Still, he was successful in this and he stated to the rest, "He is on the upper floor of the second building. It looks like a small room towards the back, isolated from the rest. Unfortunately… there are also three large chakra signatures, one of which is in the way, two of them guarding him." Hanpa would report as he'd take the time to recover. "We will move out in a moment… prepare yourselves. We need to get past the first guard without alerting the other two… and then get our target before they have time to react."

When ordered to cover Hanpa, it is the first time Kaede actually brings his hands up, as if expecting an attack or something. He seems ready to respond to everything with extreme force. But nothing comes to pass, and as his hands come down again, one could wonder if this guy is even useful at all. Probably not.

His eyes eventually move up to the supposed second floor, and he ponders for a moment. "If you want, I could … immobilize everyone in there except the target— we could snatch him and run." He suggests. "But I'd need to know exactly where he is, so I don't hurt him."

Having completed her attack to disable the remaining targets and pausing to avoid getting in the like of Arika's attack, Sayuri moves back into the formation, pulling a couple or tags from a pocket in preparation. Should the mission come to blows, she would be fairly useless, as they'll all likely find out.

Hearing Rin's words, Sayuri turns to glance to Hanpa, wondering what the preferred plan of action will be. She could likely ghost in and grab the target, and put a defensive shield between herself and the guards so that the others could attack freely, but she highly doubts she'd be able to make it in without bumping the orb into someone and giving herself away. That and houses are just noisy.. creaky, drafty, just noisy. It takes more skill than she currently has to move through them in silence.

Shadow or Flesh?

Either way, the Ayumu were connected and maintaining vigil silently from afar. Then a thought occurs to the two, fracturing the mini-team. While one sought to directly study, and if need be, remove any potential threats, the other made his way to the group itself. Those sensitive to chakra might detect its rapid approach, but beyond this the copy is virtually undetectable until it spoke up quietly from off to the side of Kaede. "Coordinates, then, Rin-chan? This I or our lord may provide, though at what risks I idly wonder? Will it compromise the building? The air? The approach? Such idle wonders." The Ayumu speaks, seeming to have returned to his 'usual' demeanor.

Meanwhile, the original began to struggle to keep the connection pure now, so he turned to expanding his limits…

RP: Ayumu transforms into OMOIKANE-I.

Hanpa shook his head at Kaede, "Too much of a risk when we can only see his location in bursts like this and it can't be relayed in real time to your own senses. As I said… cover me…" Hanpa's smirk could almost be seen through his mirrored mask. "Arika, keep watch out here as things are about to get loud. Ayumu, our escape plan has changed… we are walking out with the second floor, be prepared to cover their escape. Yuko, I need you to wait for our little surprise out here and see to it that it goes off without too much trouble. Sayuri, utilize your stealth to get past the one in the hall way and in to the back room. I will start using genjutsu on the one between us and the last two guarding the target. Kaede… rip that room free from the building entirely and do whatever you can about the target we will both be facing. Yuko, use your body transforming jutsu to keep the room from getting too damaged or dropping too hard. Ayumu, see to the startled guards with everyone out. All of your focus is to be on our target inside. If he gets a bit banged up, you know what to do Sayuri. If you can knock them all out, do so."

So that was the plan… a full frontal assault, staggered in to multiple parts. The target would be literally removed from the building, as well as the room that he was in, removing the close quarters advantage that they may have had at the small risk of injury. But there was a reason why he had himself and Kaede stay behind with the person in the hall way. If anything was to foil this plan, it was going to be that one. Hopefully the mixture of their specialties as it were, would at least provide a distraction for the rest. He'd have to trust the rest of the team to carry out the extraction, and his Swiss army knife of destruction to take care of the possible complication. Obviously however… once this plan was set in motion, they needed to get out fast.

"Let's move!" Hanapa would state as he'd blur into the building itself, peeling back his mask for this moment as Kaede was sure to be with him. He would not leave this to chance as much as possible, gazing upon the man that had two sai looped in his loose belt who instantly seemed to see them turn the corner up the stairs, but was suddenly assaulted withdraw, unadulterated power blasting down the hall way and seeming to become the center of gravity in the area, trying to crush him beneath the gaze of the Sharingan.

RP: Hanpa transforms into SHARINGAN-II.

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with DEMONIC-ILLUSION-PRESSURE with a roll of: 30

Kaede nods slowly to Hanpa's plan and smiles, "I didn't think of that. Could work." He'd say, as he intoned again, "Rip the room free…" His voice was a ring, distorting inside the mask and out- but outwardly, he appeared like someone with a crowbar, trying to figure out how topry two tiny magnets free.

Finally they arrive in the hallway, and the man before them is stunned by Hanpa's power- Kaede quickly leaps over Hanpa, placing a hand on his shoulder for support, and says. "Cover your ears."

What he did next was extremely dangerous- on one hand, he could have tried to crystallize the walls, but he didn't really know if that would work. The other option was to destroy the floor, ceiling and walls, around the room. But that would likely leave whoever was inside with only being able to get out through the window. Well, they're Shinobi, should be ready for that.

"Blooming Fields of the Impaler."

That drawn out monotone voice rings out again. It's not what the technique was designed to do- but it's growth into full effect is the same. There is a hiss, like when one puts their ear to a shell. It grows louder, slightly so- and then with a sickening screech and almost like a thunderclap, the space between the room and the hallway is filled with crystals that come from above and beyond- the whole building is impaled by these spears, even the hallway. Except for the room. The likely result is as expected. The room slides out of the building as it's supports are destroyed.

Hanpa, Kaede and their friend? Who knows.

COMBAT: Kaede attacks target 1 with BLOOMING-FIELDS-OF-THE-IMPALER with a roll of: 46

Hearing her orders, Sayuri vanishes from sight and starts moving. She stays within range just long enough to hear the rest of the plan and then she's next to the building, creeping closer to the door. The door opens briefly and closes, seemingly of its own accord and there's a murmur of voices inside.

She waits for Hanpa to stun the man, her eyes shifting to his unmasked face. Sayuri blinks at the sight of his eyes and then quickly pushes the questions arising in her mind out of her head. As they engage, she moves into the room. Sayuri pauses off in the corner to watch the other guards as they take notice of the fight outside, as opposed to engaging them. Remaining under her cloak of invisibility, she moves around the room and toward the target, studying his vital signs and such to see what is immediately necessary.

The woman reaches out to touch the target's shoulder, speaking softly. "We are here to rescue you. Do not be alarmed. Are you hurt?" With that question, a light pulse of chakra would enter the target, letting her asses his being.

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 1 with INVISIBILITY-SEAL with a roll of: 51


"Mah-ee, talk about a lack of faith in ones understanding of multiple dimensions." Ayumu shrugged his shoulders and shook his head in an exasperated manner. "But oi.. as milord commands. Arika… take care." These are the last words to slip out of the Iga's mouth just before he slipped into the wall. Knowing full well just how unsound the building might become soon, the wanderer made sure to put to distance himself until things calmed enough to act again.

Meanwhile, having heard the same message the clones begin to act. While the sole shadow clone sought to intercept any approaching guards, its more fleshy comrade would soon make his way to Sayuri and Yuki's position.

Arika grins and gives a quick salute. She can do that! "Hai!" she says, making sure she has enough chakra at her disposal. A faint breeze appears around her form as she readies herself. Brace for it… Then…. BOOM goes the building as crystals destroy its supports. Arika gets to stand a bit away from the building and watch it all unfold, too! "Whooaaaaa…" is said before she realizes that a noise that big would… probably draw a number of people. She snaps her attention to her surroundings, the wind picking up again as she considers all that's around her.

Yuko nods to Hanpa and stays back as the others prepare to quite literally rip the room off the building. As Kaede goes to his work, she takes a deep breath and suddenly grows to a much larger size. While not quite Bijuu or boss summon-sized, she is at least large enough to catch the room without it breaking to pieces and killing their target. Once Kaede enacts his jutsu, she extends her arms out and steps forward to brace the lopped off structure against herself and set it as gently as she can down on the ground.

RP: Yuko transforms into BODY-GROWTH.

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Alerted Response: Yuko from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Alerted Response: Yuko from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Alerted Response: Ayumu's Clone from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 38. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Yakuza roll(s) Alerted Response: Arika from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Ryuhashin roll(s) Thunder Sai: Hanpa from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Ryuhashin roll(s) Thunder Sai: Kaede from 30 to 50 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Hanpa

RPCOMBAT: Hanpa defends against with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…36

RPCOMBAT: Hanpa took 1000 damage.

The building was pretty much utterly destroyed due to Kaede's approach, but the room that needed to be safe guarded was still intact. The two inside of the room were shaken up and alert, but had no idea what was truly going on. Their prisoner, an older man who was still recovering from some bruising and a split lit from his initial abduction didn't seem to be too panicked as he'd whisper, "So you are the one Shuuren sent…." he'd say as if he was expecting it at some point. Being on good terms with the Nagamura's hadn't ever been a bad situation to be in before after all. As far as he was concerned, this is why the Yakuza would never win… they tried to leverage known entities and talents against their targets… which only made it easier for those with resolve to resist them in the end.

The building was collapsing and the warehouse area began to fill with spot lights as people scrambled from their homes, either away from the area… or directly towards it. Those moving towards it would be loosing volleys of flaming arrows down upon the group, noticing Yuko's large size and using it as their general area to focus their attacks. This was their immediate response: Fire!" They also would be making their way to the building, but they were quite a ways off, and stopping to fire made them even slower. They weren't even entirely sure what was out there aside from the massive, curvy woman that quickly shrank down to size after the attacks began.

Inside the building, the sai user was caught off guard by the sudden genjutsu, leaning heavily against a wall as the crystal spikes and spires tore through the building and in to the man's chest as well. Though he was not quite impaled as the building collapsed. Hanpa would have used tree walking to keep his footing steady and leapt from support beam to shattered wall to broken floor and ceiling chunk until it was all settled. The man would raise from his position, shoving off some of the debris with a deep gash in his chest but otherwise he was focused. "This should be fun! I am Ryuhashin by the way… you've earned that much!" He'd state as he'd rush forward between Hanpa and Rin. His sai would be loosed, lashed out with lightning whips attached to them making their flight paths both chaotic and ignorant of the obstacles, easily cleaving through beams and girders and debris as they sailed to their targets. Hanpa would try to out maneuver them, using the terrain to his advantage and the broken environment to both break line of sight as well as to try to block the attack, only to find that the attack simply was not being stopped by the warehouse obstacles, striking him heavily in his left leg.

Hanpa would respond with a mixture of genjutsu. The first aimed to try to make the wound he suffered unbearable, and the second used to block his vision and leave him with no sense of where he was being attacked from, if at all. His hand seals firmly in place, he's merely say, "Kureno." and leave it at that.

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with BLOODLETTING with a roll of: 33

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with BLACK-INFINITY-SLASH with a roll of: 33

RPCOMBAT: Kaede defends against with a CRYSTAL-CLOAK-DEFLECTION…49

Kaede is like the eye of a hurricane- all around him, twisting and curving like razor sharp barb wire, are the multitude of crystal spikes and spears and hooks of his jutsu. He remembers a time very long ago, when he leveraged this jutsu against the Mizukage- even the villages— even his home town. He had no pride, this time around in using it. Funnily, last he heard, it became a forbidden jutsu. It was a strange thing he was doing here. Using his clan's secrets.

But it did not matter in the end. He had a master to serve.

It does not go unnoticed when Hanpa takes a hit to his leg. The man who was overpowered previously, seems rather swift and agile- a trait Kaede never had trouble against— well, except when it came to that Yotsuki guy who on every occasion beat Kaede. But he was special. This guy? Nothing special.

When the Sai comes Kaede's way, even with its chaotic movement, it takes Kaede but a moment to place his cloak into the path of the attack, by doing a half spin. The attack rebounds off his cloak, as if striking an incredibly dense surface. Crystal.

Kaede narrows his eyes towards his attacker, and makes a single handseal.

"You should have fled if you could move." His hand closes into a fist, and the nearby crystals explode into shrapnel, all heading for the same target.

"Breaking the Clouds."

COMBAT: Kaede attacks target 1 with BREAKING-THE-CLOUDS with a roll of: 34

Sayuri takes her hand off the man once she verifies that he isn't in any immediate danger of expiration, just minor cuts and bruises. She drops the invisibility cloak then, her eyes scanning the room as she hears explosions of a sort. When the floor of the room seems to shift and start to fall apart, she leans forward to grasp the man, perfectly ready to haul him out the nearest window.

In the back of her mind, she can't help but muse at how ridiculous this is. Blowing up a building with the target inside. It's like what crazy people do. Spotting Ayumu, Sayuri calls, "He's fine. Get us out of here!" She seems a little bit panicked. Exploding buildings and all.

RPCOMBAT: Ayumu defends against with a WIND-STEP…64

"'Course darl'n! Just come — oh, actually-…" In a burst of wind, the Iga clone appeared at Sayuri and their targets side, looking a little… winded. "Whew~ Why couldn't.. he had… ah forget it. Come on.. Just.. follow the out of shape gum-drop." It says breathily while motioning for the duo to follow, only to turn back a second later and double check them over. Assuming there's no issue involving running away to deal with, the clone is off again, waving the two on to follow him.

As for the shadow clone, he fears a great deal better. Throwing daggers are yanked out of their compartments the moment archers come into view. They are given but one warning, for it seemed unfair to completely blindside them. It is… an awkward sounding cough from the masked-nin.

"Well, at least the room was secured…" The final flesh clone stated from outside the warehouse. A moment later, it started to make its way into the wreckage, but a silent command from the control tower Ayumu elicits a grumble, followed by a grudging acceptance of shadowing the rescue team.

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 1 with SHARP-III with a roll of: 37

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 2 with SHARP-III with a roll of: 41

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 3 with SHARP-III with a roll of: 42

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 4 with SHARP-III with a roll of: 30

COMBAT: Ayumu attacks target 5 with SHARP-III with a roll of: 38

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a WIND-DASH…30

RPCOMBAT: Arika defends against with a AIR-CURRENTS…46

Arika notices incoming people and squeaks, running around to avoid the flaming artillery and anything else that is incoming. When that sea of fire is over and done with (or at least properly aimed at Yuko), the girl makes a handseal, checking to see how close the targets are. Good? Close? Yep! As soon as they come into range, Arika leaps up and does a front flip to knock wind downwards so that the marchers no longer can attack. Maybe even those projectiles have to stop for a bit since the wind is that strong.

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 38

COMBAT: Arika attacks target 1 with MACROBURST with a roll of: 33

RPCOMBAT: Yuko defends against with a WITHSTAND…23

RPCOMBAT: Yuko defends against with a ENDURE…42

It almost looks like Yuko's not even TRYING to avoid the attacks coming here way, yet they bounce off without even damaging her clothes. In fact it only seems to annoy her. "MOVE!" she calls out, allowing her teammates to move out of the way as she puffs up a bit again, this time literally beginning to spin like a giant tire as she moves forward with intent to plow right over these men and squish them like bugs.

COMBAT: Yuko attacks target 1 with HUMAN-BULLET-TANK with a roll of: 27

COMBAT: Yuko attacks target 1 with HUMAN-BULLET-TANK with a roll of: 35

[NPC System]: Ryuhashin roll(s) Not This Time!: Hanpa from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Ryuhashin roll(s) Not This Time!: Kaede from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 40. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Ryuhashin roll(s) Vajra Sphere: Kaede from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 34. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Two Guards roll(s) What The? RUN!: Arika from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Hanpa

[NPC System]: Two Guards roll(s) What The? RUN!: Arika from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hanpa

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with SLEIGHT-OF-THE-SHURIKEN with a roll of: 47

The chaos of the escape plan would ensue as the extraction team was able to defend themselves from the deluge of fiery arrows, as well as see to attending to their charge. By the time Sayuri and the target are half way out of the window, there was a coordination of cover fire from Arika, a flurry of surprise attacks by Ayumu while he simultaneously assisted with the escape, and in comes Yuko, rolling up the offense, crushing the guards as they are just noticing that their charge is escaping. "Hey! EY! Where the 'orse do y….YRRAAHHH!" was about all they got to comment as what remained of the room would collapse around them as Yuko made her way through it.

Within the building, Ryuhashin would begin to feel genjutsu once more take his mind, his wound from earlier flaring up as he's grit his teeth…. and laugh a bit. Seems his a bit masochistic in the end. "No more of that!" he'd yell then as he dispelled the following genjutsu, and he whirled and twirled and swirled his lightning connected sai in an intricate dance around him, making a perfectly circular area about his form entirely clear of anything, even destroying the ground beneath him as everything within the radius was diced up in to dust. Even Rin's jutsu which used all of the crystal nearby as essentially a gigantic fragmentation grenade was not capable of getting through the defense.

However…. Hanpa had a trio of shuriken following up after Kaede's attack, which Ryuhashin would casually lean away from as he'd comment with a deeply dissatisfied frown, "Now that is just desperate…. ARGCK!!" The razor wire connecting the shuriken catching at his throat and whirling around his form, tying him up quite literally As Hanpa worked his way out of the destroyed building, glancing back as his reflective mask was slipped back on. "Make it quick." was all he'd say to Kaede as he'd activate the seals on the shuriken, causing the Yin chakra contained within them to pour in to the man and pump throughout his body, destroying his body from the inside out like some form of plague as it purged his system of vital energies. Then Hanpa merely turned and started trying to escape himself, deciding to deal with his own wound later.

COMBAT: Hanpa attacks target 1 with DECAY-DIAGRAM with a roll of: 35

As everything went down, Kaede was in an oddly good mood. He was usually in a good mood when he was fighting, but today was special.

"My lord, did I ever tell you the story, when I let myself get drugged up by a gypsie, and I met a person with strange eyes?"

Almost like a side thought, Kaede looks towards Ryuhashin, and then points a finger towards him. Though, Ryuhashin cannot see Kaede's face because of his mask, no doubt a warrior like him could tell the aura of killing intent. Where there was once the Nightmare before, there was nothing now. Not even sadness or any real killing intent. Perhaps Hanpa could tell as well.

The finger comes down in a swipe, there is a loud thunderclap as a spear materializes above the battered building and in an instant impales it all the way through.

Kaede follows after Hanpa immediately afterwards.

COMBAT: Kaede attacks target 1 with HEAVENLY-JEWELED-LIGHTNING-LANCE with a roll of: 47

Sayuri rushes after Ayumu, getting a firm grip on the man's arm to pull him with her. She makes sure to keep the man in step with her as opposed to allowing him to fall behind and get smooshed. Once they're out, Sayuri continues running. She nods to Ayumu and flees toward the safety of the trees. Once inside she brings up her invisibility cloak once more and stays close to their target. Taking up the man's hand, she leads him further away to a good hiding spot and awaits everyone else.

COMBAT: Sayuri attacks target 1 with INVISIBILITY-SEAL with a roll of: 51

'1.. 2… 3… 4.. 5.. 6… 7..'

"You do realize that those will disappear as soon as you go, right?"


With a heavy sigh, the shadow clone cleared its thoughts of counting to focus purely on wounding as many guards rushing to the scene of the crime before taking off. With any luck, a few may yet chase it for a time, increasing the teams odds of getting away safetly. If not, then, at buying a few moments remained worth something, or so he figured the original might think. The thought elicits a grin from the mask nin…

Ayumu the first simply shakes his head after casually tossing the shadow clones ear away, then grudgingly began to get up. Soon enough, the others would be back, and possibly wanting a report about the other side of things. Or not.

"Hrn.. so that explains that. Well, no point in us continuing to expose ourselves." With that said, the remaining flesh clones on the field begin slipping into the earth. One turns back to watch over Hanpa and Rin while the other continued onwards to meeting point. If any of them were concerned for the safety of Arika, they certainly didn't show it but breaking away to double check up on her!

Not that they needed to…

Arika don't need no checking up on! The girl is perfectly fine! And upon seeing people start retreating because the mission is complete, she gives one final burst of down-blowing wind to keep the enemies close to the ground so they can all escape a bit easier. So nice to have an easy way to escape, right? The only thing is that she has to grumble at least a little bit when she notices an Ayumu, not taking perch because he enjoys his clones as much as she does.

Ryuhashin would be gasping for breath and trying to tear himself free, only to open lacerations upon his body as Rin would begin his story, punctuating it with a swift silencing of the sai wielder. "I don't recall you traipsing about with gypsies in particular, no." Hanpa would state as he would try to focus on healing his wound a bit as they would move along with several long hops before easing his leg down when it was 'good enough' as they'd continue to move away from the volatile, fire filled, half destroyed area. "Though I’d love to hear the story."

The battle within the area intensified, as far as the Yakuza was concerned. They were trying to take out this shinobi that had ambushed them, almost forgetting about the explosions and the giant woman they barely saw in the night. The guards that Yuko had taken care of were not getting up again soon, if ever. And Arika's winds made sure that those forces that were coming closer before were beaten and battered back, if not worse. Sayuri had slipped away with the target successfully, escorted by an ever increasing team collectively known as Hanpa as they would depart the area entirely. The old man being dragged along wasn't too indignant through all the fuss and muss. He was kidnapped, threatened, and enslaved to do their bidding, however he was upset about one thing. "What about my son??" he would ask with great concern. Hanpa having caught up by this point would clasp his shoulder as they kept moving, "Shuuren decided to take care of that personally, as I understand it." It was unlikely anything else that could have been said would have been as reassuring as that. All that the man could say was "Thank you!" to that message.

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