The Business of Revenge - Revenge Complete


Rockpath (emitter), Shuuren, Daoma, Rain, Ayumu

Date: Septembe 8, 2015


Shuuren finally takes his revenge against the Yakuza that have plagued him for so long.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Business of Revenge - Revenge Complete"

Land of Tea

After months and months and back and forth attacks and information gathering, the time has come at last for the Tea Daimyo and his comrades for this war, including the village known as Suisei, to finally be rid of this yakuza menace. With the fall of night, the compound is basically locked down with guards standing at all entrances and the leaders surrounded by dozens upon dozens of men ready to lay down their lives for them. Luckily the team who's come has no issue with accepting that offering and moving forward.
Through the darkness, a ship built for stealth, colored so it blends in with the blackness of the sea at night, comes up to an island just northeast of the Land of Lightning, almost in Land of Snow Territory, approaching a corner of the island where ships do not normally tread due to there being no place to dock close to the island without running your ship upon jagged rocks and no path made through the wilderness to get to the compound. Luckily the shinobi involved here are quite capable of moving atop water while leaving their ship out where the rocks do not harm it, and navigating a dangerous forest is second nature.
At the helm of this ship is none other than Nagamura Shuuren, the Tea Daimyo. Rather than his signature suit, he is adorned in his black combat attire, outfitted with weapon and scroll slots even more than his suit. Despite a calm look to his face, the seriousness in his eyes could very well pierce the soul of the devil himself. The time has come for this war to end, and it will not end in negotiation or a shaking of hands for business contracts. This time Shuuren will act against his own nature and end a war without a soul left alive on the other side of the battlefield.

Daoma wore combat attire similar in basic style to Shuuren's, though clearly designed for a female figure. Her black hair was caught up in a high ponytail and her crimson eyes watched ahead, flicking now and then if anyone approached Shuuren. She wore two custom swords on her hips and and black partial gloves some swordsmen took to wearing.

She kept mostly silent, taking in those that had joined the assault teams without the slightest hint as to what she thought. One hand lifted to rest on the ral of the ship. "It won't be long.

The mercenary shinobi organization known as Hanpa was made available to Shuuren in his crusade against the Yakuza. As they operate out of Suisei, and are ran and organized by Suisei's leader, it was an easy enough rally to call. However, not all of Hanpa's resources were expended for this. Internal issues of a newly stabilizing country and damage from these very same Yakuza needed to be tended to, thus Rain had procured primarily support personel to help with location, navigation, and if possible, infiltration. While this was a full on assault, it was still prudent to have pieces in play that coule be used as a force multiplier when necessary. Rain was also not in his more official attire, choosing an outfit that was some where between representation and functionality. It has become his new standard for combat in this era where war lords were also politicians. He would look towards Ayumu, giving him a slight nod as they would begin to approach the darkened shore. He would trust the man to choose how he'd operate on tihs mission as his versatility allowed him many roles to fill. Rain would then look to Shuuren lightly, willing to follow his lead, but not entirely sure what he was wanting out of this aside from it all to end. Annhilation was certainly possible… but so was the exposure of Shuuren's true nature. A small smirk would form on Rain's lips. It was time to see the man behind the suit for himself.

COMBAT: Shuuren focuses 8446 stamina to turn it into 12000 usable chakra
RP: Shuuren transforms into COMBAT-MEDIC-PILL-III-A.
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…54
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…49

Shuuren would glances to those on the deck with him before closing his eyes as he begins to gather chakra for the coming battle. At the same time he uses his sensor abilities to try and feel out the entire island for how staffed it is with combatants. "… Dozens upon dozens of men. Guards on every side… This might actually be interesting," he says before opening his eyes again and staring toward the island. "Prepare yourselves." With that he puls a lever, dropping the anchors to stabilize the ship before he flickers to end up on the edge of the island, ducking down in the shadows as he waits for the others to follow.

Daoma followed on Shuuren's heels silently as he flickered, though obviously she did not possess his speed. His words were of little use to her but she landed quietly beside the Daimyo, glancing around for anyone that might be working against them. She then turned her eyes to Rain, a mysterious man for her. She noted that look n his eyes, but though her expression remained somewhere between bored and stoic, she took note mentally.

As Shuuren announces that a veritable army is to be faced, Rain takes this as a good opportunity to go ahead and activate his Sharingan. Normally he would have had it dimly activated the entire time, but even he was cautious to conserve his chakra for this confrontation. He was still curious as to just how Shuuren was able to detect the entire island so easily however. One of the piece to the puzzel he'd keep a closer eye on as things progressed. Leaping from the ship when it is secured, he would choose to spring atop the water, leaping from small ripple to slgihtly large wave as they both carried and accelerated him towards his destination with each agile step. Eventually, he would land near the others, his gauntlet covered hands lightly behind his back. His chakra would gather, drawing from his body and fueling him with antoher sort of power as he waited to see where this path would take him. "Should Shuuren be indisposed due to the numbers or some other… happening, I am capable of some minor treatment of wounds. Just incase." Rain would essentially "introduce" himself to Daoma in this fashion.

Ayumu finally stirred to full attention, having — for once — not given a single finish about interacting beyond what was strictly expected of him. Plus, he sort of needed the rest, seeing as how the past few months have been spent being whisked away from one country to the next to settle various debts. As Ayumu gathered chakra in earnest, sensor organs scattered about his person reawakened and studied those gathered on the deck. Shuuren's peculiar output nearly deafens the Iga, and Daoma… He didn't know what to make of her just yet. Fortunately, they were on even grounds in that regard, for Ayumu abandoned his usual clothing for a cloak and mask.

COMBAT: Ayumu focuses 7303 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

As the ship 'stealthily' approaches, some sort of warning goes off. How the Yakuza knew that Shuuren is coming, one may never know. Maybe it was the huge spikes of chakra that their sensors picked up, maybe it was an unlucky light… But somehow, the alarm was sounded, and shots were fired. Literally. Giant catapults were wheeled in, their contents set aflame and shot at the ship… Of course, being on the ship immediately made one a target!

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(76) attack from Yakuza with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…99
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(55) attack from Yakuza with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…92

Having already left the ship, Shuuren is rather easily able to dodge the incoming flaming heaps. "Looks like someone hired everyone they could to save themselves," he says, likely in reference to them already being detected since your average yakuza goon has no shinobi training, much less Sensor. Reaching to his side, he grabs a large scroll and unravels it, causing a large puff of smoke to reveal a few dozen of what seem to be masked clones of him that dash off toward the catapults with intent to destroy them and everyone around them or controlling them and whoever happens to be in their way of doing such.

COMBAT: Daoma defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(45) attack from Yakuza with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…64
COMBAT: Daoma defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(28) attack from Yakuza with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…66

Daoma watched the flames come at her but all she did was widen her stance There seemed to be a lack of fear in the woman as she waited, starig down the flames headfirst. At the final second her arms crossed, drawing both swords simultaneously with a flourish at just the right place, causing the blades to spin, blowing out theflames as though they were candle flames.
And then Daoma leapt forward, running at top speed toward two Yakuza. With an unchanged expression, the woman leapt into the air higher than should be normally possible for one her size. At the apex she gracefully twisted i mid-air before comming down on both Yakuza, looking to cleave into their exposed necks at the place it et the shoulder.

RP: Rain transforms into SHARINGAN-III.
COMBAT: Rain defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(34) attack from Yakuza with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…37
COMBAT: Rain defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(41) attack from Yakuza with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…41
COMBAT: Rain focuses 6474 stamina to turn it into 8500 usable chakra!

It seemed that they were detected upon landing on the island's soil. Certainly not entirely unexpected, but it was a bit of a shame. Now Rain couldn't simply observe the peculiar nature of Shuuren's chakra… at least he couldn't casually. There were attacks to manuver away from. Rolling around a few of the explosions as he'd kip away, almost allowing the blast to carry him as much as his own body, he'd seem to almost, just barely, miss atacks that he was flying towards, predicting the trajectories as he would slide and twist through the air. His sharingan kept track of everything, but it was still difficult for his body to keep up. Daoma's movements were also tracked when he got the chance, noting that the blade wasn't merely for show. The only one who was not truly followed visually was Ayumu, who was also the only person he kept his flank exposed to purposefully. Two life time's of trust will allow a man to do that.

RP: Ayumu transforms into OMOIKANE-III.
COMBAT: Ayumu defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(60) attack from Yakuza with a ADVANCED-SENSORY-ARRAY…59
COMBAT: Ayumu loses the roll and sustains 693 damage.
COMBAT: Ayumu defends against GREAT-FIREBALL-TECHNIQUE(71) attack from Yakuza with a ADVANCED-SENSORY-ARRAY…57
COMBAT: Ayumu loses the roll and sustains 820 damage.
RP: Ayumu uses FLESH-CLONE.

The Iga's mind may be dulled by rest, but genuine danger had a way of jump starting things. Nerve activaty positively explodes in a matter of moments, reaching a point that the time seemed to almost slow. It isn't enough to save the Iga, not by a long shot. He gets clipped hard abandoning ship, and ultimately goes down beneath the waves after one of the "smaller" chunks barrels into his body. And just like that, Hanpa is down — oh wait, what is that bursting from the ocean!? Why its none other than a completely unscathed Ayumu bull rushing ahead to catch up to the others! However, once he's all caught up, he doesn't pay any mind to any Yakuza members either wounded or still standing along the way. His only concern seemed to be on disabling the catapults. Rather or not this meant letting a few idiots that survived Shuuren's clones try there hand at striking at his seemingly undefend backside or doing so personally depended more on luck than planning.
Meanwhile, the sands closer to water stir strangely for a moment before growing still again. A minor error, and one the source did not intend to make again so long as slipping beyond the front fortications remained a priority.

COMBAT: Yakuza defends against MULTIPLE-DEAD-SOULS(113) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…110
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 876 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against MULTIPLE-DEAD-SOULS(110) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…75
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 1044 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(28) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…34
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(30) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…29
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 568 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against ATTACK-PREVENTION-STEALTH(77) attack from Ayumu with a PERCEPTION-III…58
COMBAT: Goons attacks target 1 with DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 61
COMBAT: Goons attacks target 2 with DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 47
COMBAT: Goons attacks target 3 with DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 45
COMBAT: Goons attacks target 4 with DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 56
COMBAT: Goons attacks target 5 with DEMON-GRAVES with a roll of: 56

Shuuren is so almighty and powerful that the goons in the Yakuza compound find themselves fighting a losing battle against a bunch of dead bodies! Dang it, zombies, go back to your graves! Some of the earth jutsuists about here start trying to do just that, even, hands of earth shooting from the ground to try and grab the undead. In the meantime, those who have become close enough to get within striking range of a sword would find that they are being assaulted by such on all sides. For those who are a bit further away from everything, arrows would simply rain down at whoever was visible. Sadly, Ayumu's attempt to be stealthy had worked like a charm, and Daoma managed to score a few solid hits herself, though the Yakuza had a lot of men, and it would seem like an uphill battle…

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against NPC-A-TAI-ATTACK(77) attack from Goons with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…81
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against NPC-A-TAI-ATTACK(83) attack from Goons with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…68
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 712 damage.

Though he dodges out of the way of the first attack to come his way, Shuuren is actually struck by a few arrows the second time around. He only smirks, however, able to take a lot more damage than most for many reasons. Rather than bothering to get angry, he simply continues his zombie attack on the yakuza, wondering if at some point they might realizing they're being attacked by members of their own armies. How do you fight against someone who weaponizes your own dead against you? It's quite difficult.

COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(45) attack from Goons with a DEFLECT-II…44
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 306 damage.
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(42) attack from Goons with a DEFLECT-II…40
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 315 damage.

Daoma saw the arrows comming, saw Shuuren get hit. And that cost her. That mere few seconds allowed two arrows to fly through her defenses, sinking into flesh. She only blinked before slashing the arrow shafts so that only an inch or so was left outside of the wound.. And kept fighting. Slashing at Yakuza over and over as she went.

COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(43) attack from Goons with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…56
COMBAT: Rain counters against a NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(40) attack from Goons with a PREDICTIVE-STRIKE…60

Continuing to mvoe throguh the chaos of the battle, avoiding the hail of arrows that came their way now as he finally closed in to the melee, Rain would move to land almost atop one of the footman, his sword drawing at the last moment as he'd land, narrowly avoiding a slash aimed at him on his way in as he did so. His attention did not remain on the individual for long however as a sharp snap of a kick would be sent out towards their neck. Shuriken were loosed swiftly after, sailnig along the air before quickly jerking in new directions and attacking at odd angles at exposed flanks. Some of these shuriken have tags upon them which seek to destroy the target from the inside out should they be struck.

RP: Ayumu transforms into THE-ENKINDLER.
RPCOMBAT: Ayumu defends against with a SIGHT-BEYOND-SIGHT…127

Rope after rope comes undone by the flesh clone, as well as a few parts going "missing" during the process. The clone only pauses briefly as the ground trembles to the will of earth jutsuist. It did not take a genius to figure out that a good few undead distractions would soon be out of commission, so he hastened to finish the work at hand before moving to directly assist the others. That is unless of course what Yakuza survived the combined onslaught do not finally take notice of the clone's action.
In the meantime, the original slows and takes a real moment to access the path ahead. The fortifications and traps were laugahble, to say the least. Giant walls and holes filled with spikes? Terrible! But the foes waiting beyond them however /did/ cause some concern. Ayumu presses onwards nonetheless, remaining merged with his surroundings until he reached an empty and free of traps room to risk summoning two more clones of flesh for a vanguard. Then, it is back in the walls for the Iga!

RP: Ayumu stops using FLESH-CLONE.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against MULTIPLE-DEAD-SOULS(104) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…74
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 1032 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against MULTIPLE-DEAD-SOULS(85) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…82
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 940 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(36) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…42
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(40) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…22
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 721 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against PREDICTIVE-STRIKE(60) attack from Rain with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 584 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against VICIOUSNESS(34) attack from Rain with a DODGE…32
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 143 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against MANIPULATED-SHURIKEN(53) attack from Rain with a DODGE…27
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 368 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against DESTRUCTION-DIAGRAM(39) attack from Rain with a DODGE…36
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 390 damage.

Well, they don't realize it right away, but eventually folk start to realize that their own allies are the bodies! This is highly disturbing, and it just ends up with more bodies for Shuuren to use down the line! That being said, there are a /lot/ of Yakuza goons, and they all seem to gang up to send a huge wave of fire that looks like a huge bullet and it's right at Shuuren. Following that up is a lot of guys trying to beat up the doctor. yep! These guys don't want to deal with Shuuren…
Daoma would find, as would Rain, that their attacks are largely effective. The two are able to inflict a lot more damage than they've taken, and the weaker members start to fall. Though there's really no apparent dent in numbers since the pair are basically attacking each Yakuza goon one at a time.
Ayumu would just get to continue along on his merry way, unspotted by everyone!

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(81) attack from Yakuza with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…84
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against FIRE-DRAGON-BULLET(78) attack from Yakuza with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…65
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 1360 damage.
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against TRUE-BEAT-DOWN(104) attack from Yakuza with a NOT-EVEN-A-SCRATCH…103
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 1646 damage.

Seems the yakuza concentrated quite a lot of power here… The onslaught is a lot for even Shuuren to dodge… at the level he's fighting at. While he manages to leap out of the way of one jet of flame, he's hit by the second and then jumped on and wailed on quite heavily. Moving his hands through a seal, he slams his hands on the ground and suddenly causes an enormous white snake to appear under him to lift him up off the ground and move back toward the edge of the island while preparing to share natural energy between them.

COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(44) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…40
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 305 damage.
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(34) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…53

Daoma narowed her crimson eyes when the sword slipped along her sword, sliing into her upper arm. Blood was hard to detet on the black clothing, but the cut fabric was more tellig. Turing her head she watched Shuuren get drug down and let out a short urse before she ran over to those attacking him. She aimed at the largest foe and put her swords together so they were like having two blades in one hilt. It would not be a pretty wound to have to stitch afterwards either. She put her whole body weight and strength into trying to sever the man's torso from his legs.. if that failed she would cut through his spinal cord certainly. Her eyes seemed to glow faintly and were more intense than they had been but she was still emotionless.

COMBAT: Rain counters against a NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(38) attack from Goons with a PREDICTIVE-STRIKE…44
COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(39) attack from Goons with a PREDICTIVE-DODGE…52

Using their attacks against them once more, Rain would manuver just out of the way as he'd flash out a strike to tr to take advantage of the opening created. He was buying time for the most part as Ayumu got to work and as Shuuren would see to his vendetta by not only weaponizing the dead of the enemy but apparently… summoning a great snake. Rain almost took the time to chuckle at that before refocusing his efforts on battle. Side stepping, piroutetting and other wise avoiding the strikes sent at him as he moved along the battle field, he almost remembered when this would have been a warm up instead of taking true effort on his part no matter how easy he made it appear. As he passed by different attackers on the battle field, he would leave behind tags, either on their person or ver close by. These tags would be designed to attack their bodies in multiple ways, drawing their energy from them violently, or infecting their bodies with something similar to a chakra pathogen.

"What — "
"A summon. Snake."
"'That' one."
"Ah… The others?"
"You guys are more than aware of /that/ much by now."
As one, the clones — regardless of distance — chuckle quietly before returning their attention to the convestation at hand. If anyone were to look upon any one of them (out of which, only the one back at the beach being remotely visible), they'd see Ayumu muttering and laughing to himself. Fortunately, they had other matters to deal with.
"In any case — "
"Shall we — "
"Yes. I believe you should." As one, all but the beach clone casually wading through the tail end of the battle field sink into their surroundings. They offer no warnings when the time come to strike except a strange rippling in the wall behind the more powerful Yakuza members. A second later, tendrils of hair from all sides fly out of the wall, seeking to bind the living in makeshift iron maidens, and siphon their chakra.

COMBAT: Goons defends against CLEAVE(29) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…36
COMBAT: Goons defends against PREDICTIVE-STRIKE(44) attack from Rain with a DODGE…21
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 430 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against BLACK-SEAL-DIAGRAM(44) attack from Rain with a DODGE…38
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 427 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against DECAY-DIAGRAM(47) attack from Rain with a DODGE…24
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 636 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(66) attack from Ayumu with a CHAKRA-DODGE-III…94
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(54) attack from Ayumu with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…66
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(70) attack from Ayumu with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…61
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 862 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(88) attack from Ayumu with a CHAKRA-DODGE-II…92

Well, Ayumu may not be in the room, but trailing hairs can be traced back to its owner, and the ones that Ayumu didn't manage to trap and snare quickly attempt to try and pummel the Iga while two poor helpless dudes just struggle in the hairy mess. Shuuren has his own problems, as a number of folk seem to try and combine their jutsu into one huge one. Once again, it's a huge fiery dragon! yay, dragons!
Rain and Daoma find that between the two of them, they've cut down more than their fair share of yakuza members. That being said, there are still a few who are fighting tooth and nail just because they can. Armless warriors, those with only a leg to hop around on… Anyone who can fight is basically just leaping at the chance to try and kill Shuuren's allies.

COMBAT: Shuuren defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK(77) attack from Yakuza with a SLITHERING-SNAKE-MODE…110
COMBAT: Shuuren defends against NPC-A-NIN-ATTACK(85) attack from Yakuza with a SLITHERING-SNAKE-MODE…78
COMBAT: Shuuren loses the roll and sustains 1500 damage.
COMBAT: Shuuren focuses 6543 stamina to turn it into 9500 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Shuuren heals Shuuren for 2443 with NANO CHAKRA SCALPELS.

Suddenly Shuuren opens his mouth wide, seeming to literally shed his skin and dive out, avoiding the first attack yet being struck hard by the second attack that these men are somehow able to combine into an attack together worthy of being thrown by a Kage. He quickly brings his hands into a seal, creating a wave of chakra around him that sinks into him and starts to heal some of the damage done while he thinks about what to do next.

COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(37) attack from Yakuza with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…64
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(43) attack from Yakuza with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…66

Daoma finally showed an emotion. Anger. Her brows furrowed and her eyes glowed faintly as her teeth grit together and one side of her lip pulled bak to expose white teeth. It only aide her i her movements, though and through a series of powerful footwork, Daoma got between Shuuren and those attacking him. Once in place that sneer disappeared but her eyes were like the eyes of a demon. The woman stepped forward and slashed with her twin swords, aiming to give wounds or cut off arms or legs to give Shuuren more time.

COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(39) attack from Yakuza with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…53
COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(39) attack from Yakuza with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…39

The pieces were falling in to place as Shuuren begin to pull out his bigger guns and Ayumu's clones started to attack from the rear. Hopefully they would break throguh to the inner sanctum soon enough. In the mean time, Rain and Daoma had to continue the skirmish and avoid as much damage as possible while conserving what they could. Rain began to lessen his over all movements as he evaded the attacks that came at him, trying not to exert himself further than he already had. His attacks even become more conservative, thoguh they did not lack efficiency in how they were utilized as his strikes would aim for joints, weak spots, arteries, and basically any place that would cause the most pain if not death from being struck, pierced, or cut by his armored limbs and practical weapons.

COMBAT: Ayumu defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(80) attack from Yakuza with a ADVANCED-SENSORY-ARRAY…74
COMBAT: Ayumu loses the roll and sustains 973 damage.
COMBAT: Ayumu defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(57) attack from Yakuza with a SHADOW-CLONE…73

It was too irristible. Once Shuuren showed a measure of his true power, every Ayumu cannot help but turn in the direction of the Tea Daimyo. The taste of such power — Pain explodes from his jaw as one fortunate punch carries the half-submerged Iga out of the wall. He rolls defensively along the ground until his feet are back under him. By then, his fingers have already formed the seals necessary to summon a shadow clone to his aid. It buys him barely a few a seconds, but it is enough time to put the reroute a few tendrils to his attackers. Hit or miss, those already imprisoned in the mantle are squeezed as well for blood as much as chakra.

While Daoma works to defend Shuuren, Ryutaro looks down upon the men below, attempting to cast a Genjutsu to seize them up with fear and separate them to divide the numbers up for what Shuuren plans to do next.

COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(39) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…37
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 571 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(33) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…23
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 657 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against VICIOUSNESS(34) attack from Rain with a DODGE…41
COMBAT: Goons defends against VICIOUSNESS(32) attack from Rain with a DODGE…24
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 178 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against VICIOUSNESS(35) attack from Rain with a DODGE…35
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(72) attack from Ayumu with a DODGE-II…55
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 962 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(67) attack from Ayumu with a DODGE-II…60
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 822 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against IMPRISONING-MANTLE(85) attack from Ayumu with a DODGE-II…63
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 984 damage.
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against SUBMISSION-AURA(30) attack from Ryutaro with a SELF-INFLICT…40
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against SUBMISSION-AURA(34) attack from Ryutaro with a SELF-INFLICT…39

While people keep thinking, the goons keep attacking! Some of them seem a bit more skilled than before! … technically. It doesn't really show sometimes, but they are certainly whittling down numbers. Perhaps these guys are getting closer and closer to the main dude (who is hopefully as weak as an egg, because man, these guys are strong! … or just there's too many). Regardless, sword slashes, arrows, spears, punches, and kicks fly willy nilly. For every one man that falls, it seems that there are two in his place! But the men that take the fallen's place are looking battered as the 'war' wages on… Ayumu finds all of his little targets captured, by the by. Lucky him~

COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(65) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…38
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 623 damage.
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-B-TAI-ATTACK(68) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…62
COMBAT: Daoma loses the roll and sustains 483 damage.
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(42) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…58
COMBAT: Daoma defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(44) attack from Goons with a UNCANNY-DEFENSE…61

With the new power coursing through him, Shuuren brings his hands into a seal and begins to turn the very island itself against the yakuza. The grass, flowers, vines, every plant except the trees on the island begin to spike up and rip and tear at every living thing and structure there with intent on destroying it all in a bloody mess that will span it all. His plan is to leave nothing alive but the main boss to be killed at the very last by his hand as he watches everything he's ever worked for and befriended die screaming around him.

Daoma knew wht she had chosen and when the inevitable happened, the swords cutting through her armor, blades sinkng not flesh. But the woman didn't let that stop her. Not yet. She slashed two blades at her attackers just before Shuuren's garden suddenly bloomed, maing her leap back, putting her next to the serpent king as the plants tured homicidal. The biggest hint that she'd gotten a deeper wound than usual was the hint of blood at the corner of her mouth.

COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(39) attack from Goons with a INTUITIVE-DODGE…55
COMBAT: Rain defends against NPC-C-TAI-ATTACK(31) attack from Goons with a DODGE…26
COMBAT: Rain loses the roll and sustains 436 damage.

Everything was gonig according to plan, Rain had to assume… at least until he was finally struck when he watched all of the plant life begin its assault on the masses. Oh… the nostalgia of this. He was enthralled by it and simply stepped moving like he should, catching a biting cut in to his shoulder. "Hashiramako…" Rain's tortured grin would stretch upon his lips as his body tensed, the pain all but disappearing as he was reminded of his nemesis for a brief moment. Perhaps he would put more effort in to killing Shuuren's enemies after all… It was simply a shame he could not burn them down life dried leaves any longer.

"Old memories resurfacing, boss?" An Ayumu asks as it strode up to stand by his leader. Though his gaze remained largely on the tormented Uchiha, Shuuren's masterful summoning of plants does not go ignored by the wawnderer. The Daimyo did not leave him much of a choice. The very building the original and the few gathered was as much a target for the blooming field of death as Shuuren's enemies. Still, the clone behaved calm and detached about the whole thing. Mayhaps it trusted in what little forewarning Shuuren's chakra spike provided? Either way, it intended to watch by Rain's side until a straggler or some other misfortune ruined the mood.
"Did you feel — " Ayumu cuts the clone off with a sharp cutting gesture. "Me and mines leave you with a choice. Deliver your names and what information you wish to speak of swiftly we will end things swiftly for you. Do not, and you shall placed in such a manner that well after nothing but ruins are left, you will live and suffer for… a day, perhaps even two." Ayumu states calmly even as the building began to quake about him. "I'd choose quickly if I were you." A final suggestion thrown out as the original began merging with the floor, fully intent on escaping while the getting is good. Well before the man has disappeared from view, an exchange was made. Every man captured by the original had been bound by the clones in the original's place in the same fashion. The only freedom alloted is enough to speak one last time through an opening about the face.

COMBAT: Yakuza defends against GRASSY-TERRAIN(100) attack from Shuuren with a DISPLACEMENT…102
COMBAT: Yakuza defends against GRASSY-TERRAIN(100) attack from Shuuren with a DISPLACEMENT…82
COMBAT: Yakuza loses the roll and sustains 614 damage.

Ayumu's targets want to flail around as they are stuck, but… Well, they can't. They're stuck. "Our boss is running… That way. Towards the west." To neutral lands where he might not be found. "just don't hurt me, please," says one. The other goons sort of stare at him, dumbfounded. How the heck could he give up so easily? >:| Other Yakuza are all ensnared in Shuuren's trap, and only a few are able to get out quickly. This leaves a huge opening for Shuuren to find his true target, though…

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SAGE-ART-CHAKRA-SENSE…49
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SENSORY-DIAGNOSTIC…99
RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SLITHERING-SNAKE-MODE…98

What Ayumu is finding out inside, Shuuren would be finding out on his own through his extreme chakra sense abilities with his eyes closed from atop Ryutaro… Apparently someone escape sight during the barrage on him and is hiding their presence. Interesting trick for a Yakuza, which means either that's not the real boss or someone taught him that ability. Either way it was to be checked out. "Ryutaro… Daoma… You may feast… Kill what's left of these peons." With that he leaps off the top of the giant snake, still in his form of having a snake's tail rather than legs himself along with having a much more muscular frame and the horns coming out of his head that make him look almost dragon-like. Seems he'll let Ryutaro, Daoma, and the poisoning vines impaling the yakuza do this part for right now while he makes sure the other man doesn't escape.
"Hai," Ryutaro responds simply before he starts to lash out, his enormous fangs going to sink into any flesh it can that is not an ally. Dinner is served….

Daoma forced herself to stand upright. The hits she had taken so far suddenly seemed to be ignored as she watched Shuuren get up. The orders to deal with the peons secretly made Daoma wish she were stronger. But outwardly she nodded and lifted her swords, following Ryutaro into the fray, blades slashing left and right, her grace and power evident in each motion, her eyes seeming to glow red as she went.

Rain was paying attention to the flow of battle over all, even has he kept fighting the small fry one at a time. He was biding his time since the beginning; waiting for an opportunity to present itself to in the conflict in a master stroke. This may be Shuuren's war, but he was there to assist in ending it. As the boss was fleeing, and the forces largely were dead or captured, Rain took the opportunity to begin to pursue the actual target, leaping from the fray and swiftly moving towards the west, tracking them with his Sharingan.

"Much appreciated." And on that note, the Iga's head slips merges completely with the surface. In anticipation of no further interesting news being handed out, the clones looked to one another once before their gaze returned to their sealed prisoners. Despite representing varied aspects of their creator's psyche, not a one cared much for executions. In fact, if given the chance, they might very well have let the men go. But they had promises to keep, the stench of their wrong doings coated them heavily, and something about Shuuren's form left the masked-nins suspicious of just how far his reach in ninjutsu stretched.
Certainly quite far, seeing as how they sensed him fast approaching the same direction the thug mentioned…
In a span of a few seconds, several bodies fall to the floor bearing tunnels a baseball can easily roll through in their skulls. Their duty performed, the clones sank into the ground with the intent to spread out the Iga's capture array. It paid to be prepared, and there was no telling just how truly resourceful this 'Big Boss' actually was.

COMBAT: Goons defends against SNAKE-BITE-II(39) attack from Ryutaro with a DODGE…27
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 880 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SNAKE-BITE-II(35) attack from Ryutaro with a DODGE…30
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 848 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(45) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…40
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 610 damage.
COMBAT: Goons defends against SWORD-STRIKE-III(39) attack from Daoma with a DODGE…26
COMBAT: Goons loses the roll and sustains 663 damage.

The goons all end up falling to both Ryutaro and Daoma. At least the ones that remain. So Shuuren, Rain, and Ayumu are getting to go hunt down the main baddie. As they start closing in on him, they would see a boat for the man to make his escape. He was already getting in, but the three chasers should be able to reach him if they pushed themselves.

RPCOMBAT: Shuuren defends against with a SLITHERING-SNAKE-MODE…107

CROWN YO BOAT!!! As Shuuren rushes ahead with speed that would make even some Reizei jealous, he brings his hands into a seal and causes the plants of this part of the island rise up in the form of vines against the boss, the dock, and even-you guessed it- the boat! The mass constricts, intent on grabbing onto any lifeforms while destroying the structure of the boat and the docks to ensure there's no way for ANY of them to get away.
With Daoma yet upon his back, Ryutaro has allowed her to settle on his back as they continue to destroy everything in sight. The snake prince has no mercy, using his abilities to make sure absolutely none of these men are left alive.

Daoma flipped her blades, resting one hand on the back of Ryutaro's head as se rode. "Remind me I owe you an animal snack of your choice, Ouji-san." The woman had little problem balncing, ad in fact was pretty easily stuck to the snake's back as he headed for Shuuren's location. On the way she took stock of her injuries, wiping a bit of blood from her lip.

The target was insight, though still a bit away. It was no matter. Range was of little consequence for a mind as weak as this person turned out to be. Leaping high in to the air, the ngiht sky would have twin burning points suddenly rise through the darkness. Rain's Sharingan shown brightly down upon the targets, and even reflected a it off of the water as his genjutsu would begin. The darkness itself would begin to roll about and coil in to life, seeming to be a living mass that suddenly sprung out towards the 'boss' from every direction. If he could not resist, it would seem as if the darkness itself asssaulted him, slashing at him, piercing his flesh, gouging at his weak spots and what ever attempts he tried to cover himself with. The darkness moved to envelope him entirely and send him to a tortorously tenebrous form of hell. In the mean time, the Uchiha would continue to close the distance between them, though knowign at the end of all of this, it he was Shuuren's to punish.

Ayumu raced to catch the guy alright. Sensing Shuuren's fury reach critical mass however gave him all the reason in the world to keep his distance after peeling away from the ground. He couldn't exactly keep up, in any case, what with the injuries sustained fighting the Yakuza. Ultimately, Ayumu settled atop the highest structure possible, took a forced inhale, and waited for the target to try and flee beyond Shuuren's grasp. A single bullet of higly compressed wind would find a limb if nothing else…

Well, how thorough of the doctor. Not that one should expect anything less… The boat is quite destroyed, the only few people in it being the big bad, and a driver/water+wind manipulator. They both end up trapped by vines, and they end up flailing. "My boat D:" cries the captain with a rather unhappy sob. Of course, the sob is cut off suddenly when Rain uses his genjutsu. The Yakuza boss, who did indeed have someone teach him how to compress his chakra, is trapped as well, and his mouth is open in a silent scream.

COMBAT: Rockpath defends against ENSNARING-FIELD(111) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…50
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 688 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against ENSNARING-FIELD(105) attack from Shuuren with a THE-PINNACLE…37
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 718 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SNAKE-BITE-II(36) attack from Ryutaro with a TENSE…19
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 952 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against SNAKE-BITE-II(34) attack from Ryutaro with a TENSE…7
COMBAT: Rockpath loses the roll and sustains 976 damage.
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BLACK-INFINITY-SLASH(45) attack from Rain with a TENSE…19
COMBAT: Rockpath defends against BLACK-INFINITY-SLASH(36) attack from Rain with a TENSE…11

"So we meet at last," Shuuren's voice rings out in its usual calmness, which is quite scary at this point due to the hidden undertones behind it. "I do hope in these moments you've learned the error of your ways, even if it is the last thing you'll ever learn while you yet live and have control over your own actions." With a powerful leap of his serpentine body, he lands on the vine-tattered ship in front of the man.
"How does it feel to have your own methods used against you, to watch everything you've ever worked for or loved crumble around you?… And to know that it doesn't stop here. You see, you're going to die here, but I'm not going to tear your apart or let Ryutaro eat you. No, even after your death, you're going to still be repaying your debts. After you've died, your own hands will sign over everything that is yours and everything you oversee to me. Your businesses will turn from the corrupt circuses they are to something productive. The towns you've tortured and controlled will be made prosperous in their own right again. By your own hand, I will have you undo and make up everything you've ever done to do harm to this world for your own gain."

Daoma tapped Ryutaro's head lightly to tell him she was jumping off the leap down, runing over the water like a shinobi until she was at Shuuren's back and side. She held there then, prepared to execute any order hemight give, or to step in again if needed. She remained silent.

As Shuuren closed in on his target, as he allowed the gravity of the situation to hit him, Rain would provide the… atmosphere. With a slight smirk, he would genjutsu the man one last time, but in this case, he would make him see something of Shuuren. The Naga King already was far beyond the scope and scale of what the man could handle on any day in his life, but now he would begin to feel as if he was not merely looking upon the strength of his enemy, a man with great power, but a god, far beyond his comprenhension. The power that resonated from Shuuren would literally feel as if it was unbearable. The daggers he slyly stared at the man almost felt as if they penetrated his heart, teasing him with the a death that had not come quite yet. Shuuren would, in that moment, trascend anything the man could have imagined havign ever faced. He would know that he never should have been invovled in anything that would have harmed what was Shuuren's, an utter defeat for body mind and spirit.

COMBAT: Rain attacks target 1 with DEMONIC-ILLUSION-PRESSURE with a roll of: 37

With careful control, Ayumu releases the pint up air in one slow exhale. The contract was as good as fufilled once Shuuren reached the boat. So, why remain standing by as another man — corrupt to the core he may be — loses everything? "Do I still…" He trails off into silence truly uncomfortable for the first time of his life with what a possible truth may be.
He remains in place, watching and waiting for the inevitable. Meanwhile, the other clones dulled their connection to the original for the sake of ensuring their missions was fufilled. They could 'discuss' things at a much, much later date.

As the Genjutsu takes hold of the man while Shuuren speaks, he starts to tremble. "I… I… I'm sorry… Please… I'll do anything. Just let me live." It's not long, however, before the light in his eyes starts to darken as he feels the impending sense of doom coming for him and knows there is absolutely nothing he can do to stop it.
Sensing the chakra flow from Rain to attack the man, Shuuren smirks as he watches the effects of his words be multiplied by the Uchiha. Finally he brings a hand up, creating a hue of chakra around it that shapes into a blade that he then sinks into the man's chest viciously, watching every second as the man is torn and then fades away, at last ridding him of an enemy that has plagued his family for generations… It is done.

As Shuuren does the deed, Rain would nod at the conclusion. As decisive victories go, eliminating them entirely was about as decisive as it gets. "Shuuren-dono, This one is free… except that I may have a favor to ask of you in the future. Nothing that will put you in a compromised position… but something that only you can accomplish. I hope that you accept this in lue of typical payment." Rain would suggest.

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