The Case of the Vanishing Food


Kyuketsuki, Atorei

Date: September 29, 2016


Kyuketsuki was put in charge of a D rank mission for the Uchiha police to deal with food disappearing off a farm.

"The Case of the Vanishing Food"

Land of Fire

Being a member of the Uchiha Police, and also currently a Genin, Kyu managed to talk his way into being put in charge of a simple D Rank mission. Though of course he wouldn't be allowed to do it completely by himself, as such Atorei would be called to accompany Kyu on his mission. Kyu had already prepared some supplies and was ready to head out. Atorei would've been informed of what the mission entailed. A farmer at the northeastern corner of the Land of Fire had reported that vegatables, and even pies and other foods have been going missing from her farm at a faster rate than is normal. She is elderly and not able to investigate on her own. The general assumption is that it could be wild animals, or kids, or nothing at all. Kyu took this mission seriously, even if it was a low priority mission. He waits for Atorei at Konoha's gate, wearing a plain black sleevless cloak, a medical supplies pouch on one hip, and a pouch of ninja tools on the other. His Sharingan was pale, but active, as he scanned the crowd of people, as it was morning and villagers were heading to work, or just going for a morning jog.

Atorei got the mission and would give a small nod. The shy uchiha has been being put on a lot of things like this. A large part of his Chuunin rank is due to how strong he is, not necessarily much else. Either way, with Atorei being a scroll master, his gear was simply carried with him in scrolls. Showing up at the gate in that standard vest and pouches with scrolls, Atorei would nod to Kyu. Atorei's sharingan was that pale red as well, the perpetual ward he holds against the world almost. "Alright. You're l-leading so y-you can take point. Let's figure out w-what's going on and close this c-case quickly, hai?" Atorei would motion to the road and start off himself, heading for the location they were to research while he suspected Kyu would follow along and eventually get into that lead point.

Kyu nods to Atorei, noting his eagerness to just get this mission completed. "Hai." Is all Kyu says seeing as Atorei begins walking almost immediately. He would inevitably take point, leading the way north east. Of note Kyu did not have a map, instead he had memorized the map he was shown with his Sharingan and was running off that memory. It would be a somewhat long trip, some time might be shaved off if the two decided to pick up the pace and take to the trees, but it makes no difference as eventually the two would arrive without issue. The large farm comes into view at the location they were told to find the woman. Large enough that they would question just how one lady would tend to such a large farm. But the trust was, she wouldn't.
Inevitably, when the two reached the front door of the house front and center of the farm, they would hear many voices inside. Children of varying ages. A few adult voices, it sounded like there was a party going on. Kyu, being in charge, would be the one to knock, and the knock would cause one young male voice closest to the door to yell out, "I'LL GET IT!" before the door opens shortly after. A child about thirteen opens the door. He was wearing typical farmer-wear, dirt and grass stained overalls that showed he worked often with in the farm. He looks at Kyu for a moment noting the eyes, and kinda tilts his head. "You the police guys grandma called?"

Sigh. Another one of these runs. If people just looked around they'd be able to see what's going on. Atorei frowned at the farm but like the majority of the trip was silent. As Kyu would step up to knock, Atorei steps to the side, looking around with that sharingan to sweep the area and see if he can pick up anything right off. At the young child's words, Atorei glances over at the kid, rolls his eyes then looks to Kyuketsuki, watching him expectantly for what his response is going to be.

Atorei's Sharing-sweep reveals not much of interest. No obvious signs of large animal activity, no hints as to what could be the cause. Kyu on the other hand was focused and respectful. "Hai. We are Shinobi assigned to the Uchiha Police. We were told you were having an issue with food going missing around the farm?" The kid looks between them and then steps back and out of the way. "Grandma should be in the livingroom." Kyu simply nods, giving a brief "Thank you." before beginning to enter. Inside the house is alive with activity. The younger kids running around and playing, while the older ones chat, though as the Uchiha enter, the kids become much more interested in the strangers, especially with their eyes, while the older ones begin to whisper rumours about the weird eyes. Things they've heard. Or that they're making up on the spot. There's easily twenty or thirty people living in this house, and as such the house is exceptionally large.
When they reach the living room they'd find an elderly woman sitting in a rocking chair. As they enter the woman lets out an "Ah. There you are. I am the one who requested the assistance. I am Joruri Tsurimi. Pleasure to meet you." She'd give a respectful bow, which Kyu immediately returns. "Hello, Tsurimi-san. To get straight to the point, is there any information you can give? Any information you could give us? What exactly has been going missing and where we can find those? We may have to stake the spot out if we cannot collect sufficient evidence, assuming you have no issue with that." Kyu is straight to business. The woman stops to think for a bit. "Well, the vegatble patch out back. Don't get why that would be targetted over the fruits. Doesn't make much sense to me."

Atorei frowns at the review of the area and turns his attention back to the child who invites them in. Following in after Kyu, Atorei is silent in watching the others, alert, but what is an attempt at a polite smile on his face. So many people. SO MANY PEOPLE. o.o; Atorei unconciously stays closer to Kyuketsuki, mentally counting to twenty and back to stay calm. Why are these missions always like this??
Listening to Kyu and the old woman exchange greetings then the information gathered, Atorei would nod slightly. Well that helps narrow this down a lot, doesn't it? Without a word, he'd look over the room, then look to Kyu, figuring their next step is to go look at the veggie garden.

Kyu listens and nods. "Hai. We'll look for evidence immediately." Kyu then leads the way towards the back. As soon as the two were out back Kyu quietly voices his opinion. "Atorei-san, with a family this large my suspicions are that it's an internal issue, not an outside one. Though we'd need proof not suspicion." Kyu shrugs, and begins to look over the vegetables. Both of them could tell some of them were missing. It looks like someone dug them up. Kyu examines closer, humming lightly. "Definitely dug by hand. Not with a tool. Only adding to my suspicions. Likely someone who wanted a midnight snack." Kyu looks at Atorei with an amused smile. "Well. We could start questioning the people inside, we need to find someone who enjoys vegetables. Or we could stake the vegetables out and see… Or uh. Pretend to leave due to lack of any evidence, but stake out in secret… I am not really sure which would be the best course of action."

Atorei would search with Kyu, studying the setup with a contemplative look. He nods slowly. "I t-think the same thing. T-the question is.. who? That many people.. it'll be hard to say which one. Our best b-bet is to stake out without them knowing. T-tell her that we're not finding anything and we'll r-report back. I'll set up a blind in the trees nearby. No t-tools.. it c-could still be an outside source. Someone that's j-just hungry, so stay alert." Atorei would nod and if Kyu agreed, do what he said, a leap had him vanishing into the trees to set up their stake out. Scrolled platforms are so useful!

Kyu nods and watches Atorei vanish into the trees. He considers briefly, before heading back inside. He makes his way back inside and talks to the Tsurimi, "I apologize, Tsurimi-san. We did all we could, and had a look around, but there simply isn't enough evidence. If you manage to track the source down, or gather evidence that would be able to point us more convincingly in the right direction, and tell us when you do, we'll be glad to come back out, but for now we need to head back and file a report." The woman frowns, but nods understandingly. Kyu gives an apologetic bow, and leaves via the front door. Though he takes a moment to make sure noone sees him, before leaping to the roof, and making his way around back. Kyu then leaps to where Atorei was, speaking quietly as he explains. "Okay. They think we left to file our report."

Atorei had a rather good blind already set up when Kyu joins him up there. Atorei nods lightly, settling down on the platform as he'd offer a scroll with the seal note of 'chair' on it. "We have a while then to wait. Good j-job on telling them that. I.. don't think I c-could of gone back in there. It's t-too many people.." Atorei shudders slightly. "I d-don't know how they stand it."

Kyu nods to Atorei. "Hai. And people aren't so bad. At least most of them aren't." Kyu shrugs. He was just naturally more social, apparently. Once they get settled in, it would be quite a long while before anything of interest happens. Hours would pass, the sun would sweep across the sky, before setting. And it would be partway through the night before Atorei, specifically, would spot someone trying to blend in with the darkness. He would be doing pretty well if it weren't for the faint glow his Chakra is giving him, thanks to the Sharingan. Kyu would take a moment to notice him, but wouldn't say a word once he did. Kyu was planning to wait to see if the person would actually take it. Of note, the person looks to be an adult male, rather dirty, as if he's homeless. Kyu, without making a sound, would do a few quick handseals, Atorei would soon hear Kyu's voice in his head. <"This isn't one of the family. Let him take it, and tail him. I'm not too good at stealth, so I'll let you handle that part. I'll tail way behind you, keeping you in sight."> Kyu then watches Atorei, waiting for some sign of confirmation… Hoping he isn't the type to simply confront the man first thing…

Atorei just shudders at Kyu's comment but doesn't respond. He goes into that quiet, patient state that shinobi can use when stalking prey. Or in this case a homeless guy. As Atorei went for a scroll he paused at Kyu's voice.. in his head. Glancing over, he listens to Kyu, letting the connection happen before giving a nod in agreement. Waiting until the man takes something, Atorei would start to track after the guy.
Not that Atorei is a stealth expert either.. but hey.. it works.

The man takes a moment to look around, missing the two pairs of faintly glowing, disturbingly terrifying red eyes in the trees. Instead he starts to dig, taking some time before he finally he has acquired a head of lettuce! He seems content with just getting that as he looks around again, clearly nervous, before leaving. He seems utterly oblivious to Atorei, who is likely tailing him. Kyu continued waiting, as he said. He planned to stick with his plan.

Well, they have a target. Atorei glances to Kyu and nods, then vanishes. Flitting into the trees, he moves along above the man silently, following patiently while he tries to find where the guy is going. Kyu might notice after a moment that there is a wire tied to the branch Atorei was on. This is of course a way for Kyu to easily follow them, no matter where the guy goes.

The man would continue to lead the duo on a bit of a trip. During the whole walk, he seems on edge, as if he knows this is wrong. Though it's also clear this isn't the first time he's walked this path. He would end up leading them to what appeared to be an abandonned hunting shed he is using as a home. One of the first things he'd do is go to a barrel he managed to make into a rain collection barrel and uncover it, grabbing a bucket, before getting a bucketful, and washing the lettuce off to clean it.

Atorei follows along in silence until they reach the hut. Kneeling on the branch, Atorei watches the man closely, this was routine, although the guilt was obvious, especially to the sharingan. Frowning, he waits for Kyu to catch up. This may be something simple, or the guy may be feeding a family and that's why the stealing. They need the full truth before they act, but it may be possible to help this guy and the family at the same time.

The man opens opens the door to the shed, inside is not a family. The storage shed was still being used for storage, though it was for various food. Most stolen, specifically from that farm. It seems he was aiming for variety in his attempts to go unnoticed, but he took a bit too much and got noticed. Kyu arrives near Atorei shortly after the man opens his door. Kyu saw no reason to continue trying hard to remain super-hidden. "Well, I think we have our evidence. Should we take him back to the village or back to the farm? We could ask what they want to do about it. After all they, think we gave up." Kyu isn't yelling, but he isn't using the illusion, just speaking quietly.

Atorei glances to Kyu as he shows up. A small nod is given. "The farm." With that, Atorei would launch forward, landing silently on the ground behind the man, Atorei stands up and folds his arms over his chest, staring at the guy with that faded sharingan. He was patient, waiting for the man to realize he was no longer alone, especially with his stolen goods. This also let Kyu come down and talk, because.. well.. Atorei tried to avoid talking it seems.

The man wouldn't notice initially, worried about finding a place to put the lettuce, deciding on a shelf in the shed that contained a lot of various vegetables. Once that was taken care of, the man would then turn to the door. Kyu would've dropped down as well, Kyu telling the man, "Uchiha police. The farm you've been stealing from reported things on the farm going missing at a higher rate then usual. Seems we've found the source." The man reacts with shock, stumbling a bit back, before realizing he's defeated and has no reason to resist. That would only result in his injury. "Hai…" Kyu nods, "come with us, we're going to take you back to the farm, and see what they want us to do about you." The man is cooperative, he knows he has no combat skills, and judging from the fact he's dealing with people with strange red eyes… He can assume he's outmatched. Kyu begins to lead the way back to the farm.

Atorei, once the man surrenders, starts out with a scroll and ink. Quickly scribing a seal on the shed, he closes the door then continues writing onto a scroll. Once this is complete, he applies the scroll to the seal on the shed and *POOF* no more shed. Atorei rolls up the scroll and picks up the tail of the three of them heading back to the farm. Once they get there, Atorei lets Kyu explain the situation while he picks a clear spot and *POOF* returns the shed from the scroll.

Well… The scroll was an unexpected touch. That said, the two Uchiha take the man to the family. After a thorough explaination, the two are thanked and praised, told to take him in. A long, awkward trip back to the village later, the mission can be called completed!.. Now for one of them to right up the report… And unlucky for Kyu, he was deemed 'in charge'.

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