The Coalition Cleansing - A Brother's Revenge


Hiroyasu, Michiko, Ryouji, Nariko, Thor (emitter)

Date: May 14, 2014


The Kumo Nin respond to a call for help from the Lightning Dock workers. A pirate by the name of Lao has come for revenge and the nin must decide whether to put him down, or capture him for information.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - A Brother's Revenge"

Lightning Ferry Docks - Land of Lightning

There had been a disturbance at the Lightning Docks. The reports say that there was a man in an overcoat and a wide brimmed hat that arrived on a ship that's anchored several miles from shore. This man has been described as average height and weight and that he has a nasty temper. That's why the dock foreman had sent word to Kumogakure. The request is simple. Please help. This man is destroying our gear and preventing us from shipping out any goods or ships.

- Hiroyasu was sitting in the office when the request came bursting the door, "Probably more Pirates.." he growls setting down what he was doing. "Send out the messagers, to whoever is available.. Oh and Nariko send one to her anyways.. she has been slacking on her performance reviews.." he says before grabbing his cloak and heading out to met them at the front-gate. -

Having taken the nap of a lifetime with her new favorite pet, was the young Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She had received the message from the hawk, Nariko left her friend at home, much to her dismay. She was a tad disappointed she had to do that, but hey, baby goats do not go to war…yet. She made her way towards the gate and eyed Hiro when she arrived. "Hiro, I was on vacation. I was enjoying spending time with Sakura."

Ryouji is just finishing up pulling the last bandage off his face with a wince. He rubs the freshly healed cuts on his shoulders when a message hawk screeches at him from the window. Ryouji perks up an eyebrow ridge and takes the note. He nods and shoos the bird away before grabbing his swords and runs out the door. A short time later, he walks into Hiro's office and lifts a hand in greeting to Hiro and Nariko. "Mission time?" he asks, as evident by the summons. He grins and looks eager to begin, he's been sitting for too long since that last battle.

Michiko was outside relaxing and enjoying nature! Then a messenger hawk appeared. She takes the message from it and reads it over, then makes a dash homewards to grab all her equipment. She's the last to arrive out of the whole group, a bit out of breath thanks to her not-so-preparedness. "More pirates?" she asks after recovering within a few minutes. "Also, hello, Hiro-san. Nariko-sensei. Ryouji-kun."

- Hiroyasu cuts his eyes at nariko "Everyone has to do their part.. and also you had to be here for Michiko.. If Hiei wasn't out in the lowlands on official business, he would be summoned to be with his student." then bowing his head to Ryouji and Michiko "Well something is going on down at the docks.. the thought is that the pirates are up to something.. Nariko you will be in command" he pulls the hood over his head. "Please Nariko-sensei?" he says teasing her as he starts them on the path down to the docks, before busting up into a run.. -

Nariko nod to the two genin as they arrive. "Hello Michiko, Ryouji." When Hiro give the details, she eyes him once more. "I'm gonna punch you when we get back." She mumbles under her breath. She shakes her head a moment. "Alright. Well, lets get down there first. Lets just hope it isn't pirates." When they get there she would hand out the orders, beginning to run down towards the docks.

Ryouji nods back, "It's ok, I think I can handle myself without Hiei-sensei around for one mission. Michiko-sensei is here." He grins at her, "This mission will go well, I'm sure." He looks over at Michiko and says, "Hi Michiko-chan, it's been a little while since we've seen each other." He listens to Nariko at that point and breaks out into a run as well following along with Nariko towards the docks.

Michiko listens curiously and nods, frowning slightly. "More pirates would be rather troublesome, but I'm sure we'll succeed." She smiles to Ryouji. "Ah, yes. I hope you've been doing well, Ryouji-kun!" Then everyone dashes off, leading to Michiko sprinting again to keep up. Once she catches up, she slows down a bit. "So we don't know much about the enemy, then?"

When the shinobi make it down to the docks, they immediately see the problem. There is a man tearing the place up. Kicking over cargo barrels and yelling. "Bring me the shinobi that killed my brother or I will destroy this entire place." He kicks out at a pillar that holds up an ottoman, his foot glows with blue chakra before he kicks right through it, collapsing the roof and making people scatter. His blue duster billows in the wind coming from the sea. His hat is tilted low on his head to obscure part of his face. He paces back and forth. "Bring me the shinobi responsible. You have two minutes left before I begin killing." He makes fists with his gloved hands and they are surrounded by blue flames.

- Hiroyasu glances at Ryouji and Michiko "Its bad luck to declare a mission a success before you know the situation.." he says before looking to Nariko to give her orders and attempt to fall into line.. it was best for them to believe there was only 1 person in charge.. subterfuge employed. "Pirates.. seems likely" he sighs pulling the up a facewrap across his face and moving to stand behind nariko with the other two.. -

Nariko sighs when they arrive at the docks. "Alright, until he starts attacking, do not attack. Maybe we could end this peacefully. But, be on your toe. Be aware of your surroundings." She walks up a bit closer to the boy, kicking and throwing things. "Look, we need you to calm down. What shinobi? If you would like to speak to us calmly we can help you with this matter."

Ryouji shrugs at Nariko, but nods to Hiroyasu, "Good point, I hope it didn't jinx it." He waits for Nariko to make the first move, but keeps an eye out for any other people kicking and destroying things. "It would help to know who did this to your brother?" Ryouji asks.

Michiko nods to Hiro. "Ah, sorry." She steps in line with the others, watching the rampaging man silently. "Perhaps knowing what happened to his brother would also be helpful," she suggests, making sure her forehead protector is secure around her neck.

The irate pirate spits towards Nariko. "Don't try that fraternity on me. My older brother…Ling. He was First Mate to the Flame-Haired Captain Miryaki of the Armageddon. I know he was here..his ship is currently in dry dock." He continues pacing back and forth. The young man was full of rage. "He wielded chakra guns. Liked to use shadow clones, too. I'm Lao..his younger brother. Member of Captain Imugi's crew of the ship Destiny's Ascension. Answer me or I will rain down a hell on this place the likes that no one has ever seen!"

- Hiroyasu shrugs at them "Its just a superstition, its not like the future is decided by some kind of revengeful source that doesn't like us telling it how our destiny's should be right?" he asks them before the pirate starts talking.. "yea.. about that.. He did die and was killed by kumo shinobi" he says whisping in the ear of Nariko and waving his hands at the genin to be ready.. "But.. but.. Respectful Pirate sir.. its such a large village.. it would take much longer than 2 minutes to find a shinobi.. sir.." he implores through the facewrap.. -

Nariko looks to Hiro out of the corner of her eye. "Yeah, I know. I was there." She silently responds to him. She looks at the pirate. "It really would take awhile to find the shinobi who killed him. It would require a lot of questioning and stuff. I really don't think you'd want us to look for the shinobi." he look to Ryouji and Michiko for a moment, as if telling them to be prepared.

Ryouji does not move, but gets the message. He can instantly go into 'attack mode' and would rather not let on to the crazy guy with the chakra that the ninja in front of him is going to stomp him flat. He keeps his eye on the crazy guy though, just in case he escalates this quickly.

Michiko tilts her head slightly, unsure of who it is that Lao is talking about. She notices Hiro and Nariko's gestures/looks and tenses slightly in her spot. She keeps her eyes steady in Lao, making sure her chakra is at the ready to use as well.

Lao stares at the shinobi in front of him. He scoffs. "You're either idiots are incompetent. I know it'll take longer than two minutes to find the shionbi responsible. But that's just the thing. I don't really care. I know that they'd send a team to investigate me first. And I'm really inclined to just kill you all anyway." Without another word he rushes the shinobi. He aims a kick for Michiko and a foots sweep towards Ryouji. Blue flames sprout over his fists as aims and uppercut towards Hiroyasu and a spinning backfist towards Nariko.

- As the uppercut of the pirate zips right by his face, if he had any hair on his head it couldn't be any closer.. He leaps back looking around he finds alot of broken things, and busted barrels.. so he can conceal his strength a little until its needed.. Spinning around he kicks a leg off a table and kicks the lip of the table as it tips sending the things on it hurling at the pirate "oppps! no no no!" he shouts looking like he didn't mean too. sneaky Hiroyasu -

As she spotted the man come rushing, she made a move, her body vanishing like a cloud of mist. While concealed under the cover of movement, she reached behind her back for her kunai, throwing one towards Lao. She reappears a few feet from where she was standing and looked to Hiro as he shouted. She shook her head. "Michiko, Ryouji, Hiro and I will distract him, you guys hit him hard!" She yells to the two genin.

Ryouji sees the sweep coming a mile away. He hops over the sweep, touching the ground and going into his own sweep. He comes up and makes a quick one two punch combo, but he knows it's weak and a little uncoordinated. Still, it's a good warm up. "Right, are we to kill the target?" he asks, wondering if he should power up all the way so soon.

Michiko tries to avoid the kick, but is a bit too slow and ends up getting knocked backward and into a nearby pile of wooden boxes. Ouch… She hit a few corners there, too. With a huff, she pulls three Kunai from her pouch and throws them at Lao to provide a sort of distraction while she makes a few handseals for her next attack.

Lao had no choice but to backpedal as Hiroyasu kicks things off a table at him. One of the objects strikes him in the chest. It cause him to stagger backwards as Nariko attacks with her genjustu. He pulls his hat over his eyes, protecting him from the blinding flash, but her fade technique cuts him along the arm, sending blood spraying out of the cut. He moves through a series of flips and dodges, attempting to protect himself from the rest of the attacks from the Kumo group. By the end of it, he's standing at the edge of the pier. He performs a set of handseals as the water behind him rises above his head and then washes out towards the group. He's attempting to push them back to get separation so he's not completely overwhelmed. The wave of water washes over the entire area, threatening to drag some of the dock workers out to sea.

Nariko looks to Lao as he takes the hit, but then he starts playing with water. "Not on my watch!" She say, her body disappearing like a faint mist as she move out of the way of the water towards her student. She pushes Michiko out of the way, but isn't quick enough to make it out of the way, her body floating for a moment. "Ryouji! Attack Lao! Hiro and I are trying to keep him off you. Go!" he yell as she moves to walk on the water. "I don't want to repeat myself, but Hiro and I are distracting him, you two are to attack him!"

- Seeing the guy start to form the seals of something nefarious.. He leaps at Ryouji wrapping him up in his cloak as he holds out a seal right at the moment of impact with the wave.. It cuts around them.. "And no, we don't just fight to kill. If you can capture him.. a live person holds many secrets.. and corpse has nothing to tell" he tells the genin who is beneath him.. "In 3 .. 2.. 1.. Break!" he says as he leaps up into the air hurling several glowing seals at the pirate before landing on the side of a boat.. "we need to get the innocents!" he shouts out to Nariko and pointing to the people who had been washed out into the ocean. -

Ryouji listens to Hiro as he saves him and gives him sage advice about the fight. "Then I'll put him down as fast and as gentle as I can without ending his life." As the barrier goes down, he throws out several kunai. Then he begins surging his chakra and slaps his hands together to focus all the power.

Michiko has only had a few encounters with ninja that used water, and sadly fire would not work well against Lao, it seems. Her eyes widen at the large wave of water heading towards her when Nariko pushes her away, allowing for Michiko to escape the torrent (unlike her sensei). Out of the way from danger, she now sends three firebolts in Lao's direction.

Lao does the old dive, tuck and roll trick to avoid Hiroyasu's hardened seals. Popping back up to his feet, he creates a shield of water which renders Nariko's explosions nullified. Ryouji's attacks are dodged swiftly before he performs a quick series of handseals, creating a shield of water which causes Michiko's firebolts to sizzle into smoke. Fire vs water…Lao felt like he had the advantage for the moment, so he shifts back into offense, closing the distance between the genin as their senior shinobi busies themsleves with saving the dock workers that he had intention put in harm's way. He aims a combination chakra infused punch kick combo towards Ryouji and then spins in place, sending a kick towards Michiko. "You shinobi are going to have to do better than this if you want to stop me. Plenty of people around here to get hurt, you know." He sneers as he dances back to see how they fared against his attacks, he finshes his movements in a very pretty looking stance that resembles kung fu. Front let outstretched and his arms out in front of him for defense.

- Hiroyasu nods and lands on the water running next to Nariko as they charge out into the surf. "You get the ones over there and I will get the ones over here" he says pointing at where he is talking about be running to first survivor. "Be calm.. and you'll be getting out of here.." he says lifting up the person out of the water and throws them over a shoulder before running to another one.. "You will be fine.. just stay calm" he says reaching out to help them up too and with two he is at his limit and starts running back to the shoreline. -

NAriko makes it to the first person. "Take my hand." She grabs the person up and putting them on her shoulder. he runs over to a second person and gets them out. "Don't worry, we'll get you out of here." Once he ha two she follows Hiro and runs back to the shore to drop off her people.

Ryouji leaps high, avoiding the kick but gets smacked square in the face with the fist. He goes sprawling and rolls back to his feet in a three point stance. He takes the surging chakra and hits just the right spot in his chakra network, activating his blur and disappears, pulling the handle of his hip tied sword out aiming to connect to a spot spot on the body of his target. Pass or fail, he does a quick step and slash, pulling off a twin flash strike before reappearing in front of the guy and sheathing his sword.

It is certainly a sad sight to see: Michiko getting kicked and getting sent flying again. Then a puff of smoke forms and the clone disappears. Michiko had moved further away from the battle to the opposite side so she could send three more firebolts in Lao's direction once Ryouji moves out of her line of sight (relatively behind Lao, basically). While fire is a bad decision, it's her best attack at the moment.

Lao was fighting with everything he had against the two Kumo genin. He knew that if he could eliminate them quickly, he could then focus on their superiors. But Kumo genin prove to be well trained as he manages to lean back and dodge Ryouji's attack and then side steps his flash strike. However, once the Reizei activates his Blur, Lao couldn't follow his movements anymore and as the sword rakes across his abdomen, blood spews out onto the pier that he's stands upon. Michiko's attacks form behind may have only hit clones, but they make him burn up chakra that he doesn't need to. His breath comes harder now. Why won't these stupid lightning shinobi die? He didn't have this much trouble in Amegakure, where he was normally stationed at. "Enough. I'm ending this right now." He surges forwards again, channeling chakra into his fists and feet as he attacks with a flurry. Kicking out at Ryouji's abdomen, then ducking to sweep out his feet. He spins, fanning his hands out as he strikes Michiko with open palms.

ople on the beach and charges back out in the waves trying to save another two.. "Alright! Good there isn't that many.. and luckily they can swim!" or at least he assumed that people working on the docks could swim. His feet skipping across the water as he moves to the next worker "It'll be alright, we are here to help." he says pulling them from the water and moving slowly over to the next one with a huff.. it was not easy at all..
Looking over he can see Nariko charging down the surf dropping people off and moving back to the working and just pulling them out the water with ease. -

Ryouji gets kicked hard in the gut as he brings his sword around to block but it just misses the parry as if it wasn't even there. He coughs out some blood as he feels something crack inside him. Not a good sign. Sucking in a painful breath, he feels the sweep coming and kicks out a foot out to block it. Through speckled bloody lips he says, "That's….enough….ugh!" The foot braces against the leg for about that long, but even with Ryouji's strength, it sends him spinning and slam into the ground. He pushes himself up slowly and says, "I'm Reizei Ryouji, second boy to the Reizei clan. And you will NOT kill me so easily. I will end you, even if it means my own. My clan and my village will survive, you won't." He pushes off, sending a spray of sand behind him as he disappears for a second, reappearing behind Lao. Then disappears and ending to the side of the target. He disappears and reappears one more time. This time in front of him.

Michiko watches Lao come closer and closer, and then there's a bunch of fire and the dude is hitting nothing. Michiko did end up getting punched in the stomach, causing her to pause and take a break for some air. But she quickly goes back on the offensive with three more firebolts. Ryouji's little speech also helped motivate her. "Good job, Ryouji-kun!" she calls out to him, dashing off to try and avoid whatever attack will be coming in her direction.

Lao attempts to leap out of the way of Ryouji's attacks, but the Reizei proves to be too quick. Very quickly Lao's dodges turn into staggering as Ryouji produces cut after cut on his body, and then Michiko launches her fire at him. Lao doesn't even have time to form the handseals neccesary for his defense as the fire impacts him, causing him to scream out. "No. I won't be defeated! I will avenge my brother! I will kill you all!" Now crazed, he just lashes out at anything or anyon close to him. Swinging wide and no longer even using any kind of fighting style. He just lashes out a range, showing what happened when you lose control during a battle. His grief overtakes him, tears fall from his eyes as he uses the last of his strength attempting to make the shionbi pay for his pain.

- Hiroyasu picks up the last one on his side before shouting over to Nariko "You got them all?" he says looking in her direction while he carts the two dock workers to the beach and after dropping them off he flops on the beach with a sigh.. "Out of shape.. or something" he huffs holding his head with his hands as he looks up at the sky trying to catch his breath.. its hard to carry so much extra weight that moves around unexpectedly and still stay above the water.. he has spent a good bit of energy.. -

Nariko drops off her people once more, before turning around and heading back out. ~Go Michiko! Go Ryouji!~ She chanted to herself as she ran out to the people. "Grab me hand." She felt like she was walking further and further out to sea to get these people, maybe that was the case, who knows. She picked up one, ran to the next, picked up a second. "We'll get you back to safety. Promise." She pick up one more before running back to the shoreline with three in tow. "Got them I think."

This guy has lost it, but that does not mean Ryouji will put him out of his misery. He was told not to kill him. So, seeing Lao attacking with abandon, Ryouji dashes from side to side, letting the fists go harmlessly by. "I'm sorry your brother is dead, but doing this won't bring him back. He wouldn't want you to waste your life like this. So stop already!" He closes in once the last fist goes above his head and pulls the handle of his white sword out, aiming for Lao's breadbasket. He does it three times since one doesn't seem to slow him down much. Maybe thumping him senseless will stop him, or give Michiko time to light him up like a candle. He leaps out of the way in a flash and skids to a half, sword out across him, ready to block any new attacks.

Michiko simply makes a few more clones to avoid the next attacks. It's very simple, thankfully, as the wild and grief-stricken opponent isn't using his head anymore. She isn't about to let down her guard, though. Ryouji makes a good opening for her with his attacks, so she forms a few more handseals and aims at Lao two firebolts, using up some of the last of her stored up chakra. If this battle goes on for much longer, she'll have to fall back for a bit to recover.

Lao wasn't in the condition to defend himself anymore. Ryouji and Michiko's attacks impact him without much in the way of defense. With all of the dock workers saved by Hiroyasu and Nariko, it was the Kuno genin who puts down the rowdy pirate. With blood oozing from multiple places on his body and most of his body suffering from 3rd and 2nd degree burns. The smouldering pirate falls first to his knees before his eyes roll back into his head and he falls facefirst onto the docks themselves. While not dead, he is incapacitated. Not only do the Kumo nin have a new prisoner to interrogate, they have removed another threat from the Coalition.

Mission Complete

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