The Coalition Cleansing - Capturing a Major


Akane, Ishino, Emmi, Amata, Thor (emitter)

Date: May 15, 2014


Pirates come to the shores of Kiri. The Major has come to see why his subordinate hasn't answered any of his hails. He is then captured by the Kiri shinobi.

"The Coalition Cleansing - Capturing a Major"

Off the coast of the Land of Water

After the Kiri nin captured the Pirate Captain of this area, through torture and interrogation, he has revealed the location of his boss, the Dread Pirate Akoshi. Holding the rank of Major within the Coalition's forces, he has come to Kiri in order to find out why his subordinate hasn't reported in. Arriving in his ship, a Galleon class vessel, he orders his crew to hold position and focus his broadside cannons on Kirigakure.

The call went out to any available Nin. There was a large ship off the coast flying the banner of the Coalition pirates. Whatever it was they wanted, it couldn't be a good thing. As the Kiri nin arrive, the ship is about two miles offshore. Before they could deal with the threat, they had to get over there first. And when they did, they would have to deal with the crew and the First Mate, plus the Major himself…who would probably know the location of the leader of the whole organization. He's probably not going to give that information up easily.

The first mate called Ricku 'Chop-soi' Moshi was a little less famous then Akoshi. But he had his nickname for a reason, wielding his fearsome cleaver as if it's just another weapons. "Ya-heard'm boys! Load'r up and make'r hiss!" He shouts after his captain. Heading down the stairs to make sure the crew is actually doing it's job.

Ishino was told to go deal with the pirates. Capture leaders. If viable. Demolish them otherwise. Break the lead and it'll break the followers. Thus it was that Ishino showed up on that shore, riding within his HARPS unit as he'd stare out across that water's surface. Frowning slightly, he'd shake his head slowly. "Seems we need to deal with rabble some more." He looked to the others. "Anyone not have an ability to get out there cleanly? I plan for this to go quickly. The pirates have been harassing us long enough and if we can't capture the leader, we break them as Kiri can do."

Akane was wearing her typical outfit: the leather jacket, pants and bustier, her hair up in a series of woven crimson held in place by six metallic hairsticks, a scar over one eye. Boots on her feet sword at her hip and plenty of kunai and throwing daggers to play with in between. She stuck close to ishino, unable to see the target, but standing at the ready anyway. To Ishino's question she shook her head, there was no problem with her water-walking. She looked up at Ishino, awaiting orders.

- Emmi had not expected to be out fighting pirates, but apparently they had found it a good idea to threaten Kirigakure - not something she'd normally consider a problem, except she was living there and that would be a problem if they started firing cannons at them. Not only that, she did sort of need a bit of money, and if nothing else, she could maybe get a little hand-out if she helped. She had taken up position by Akane, the only person she really reconized, even if they did not known eachother, and when Ishino - their apparent commander - asked if they were able to get out there, she merely nods. Not that anyone cared about her. -

A look to Ishino and then Amata looks out at the water, "Well, my brood still isn't doing as they are asked so all I got right now are my fists and feet." She nods her head, "Subtlety is something I have none of till I figure out what it is that are keeping me from using my spiders." She nods her head, "So, all I have is to run out over hte water and board their ship unless you can fit more people into that thing and make it go underwater." She chuckles.
COMBAT: Amata finishes her turn.
COMBAT: It is now Thor's turn.

Akoshi steps over to the rail of his ship, looking out towards the shore of Kiri. He notices a small band of shinobi gathered there and one of them was in a twenty foot tall monstrocity. He looks over at his First Mate. "Give the order to fire the cannons. Now." He crosses his arms over his chest, his black duster flowing in the wind. He closes his eyes and begins to focus. He could sense their chakra levels. This battle wouldn't be easy.

"You heard the lad, FIRE!" Shouts Ricku, drawing his cleaver as fuses are lit. Soon the rolling thundering booms of the galleons broadside fill the air. "That's it lad, let me hear the music!" Says he, pointing at the reloading bay. "Get some more ammo and get 'er loaded back up!" He says, while peeking out to watch the impact of the cannonballs.

Ishino frowned at the smoke from the ship, the boom a distant rolling thunder that preluded an attack. With a simple manipulation of the system, he interposed that armor between the others and the ship. Feet would whir, locking down into place as the cannonballs thudded all around, those coming close to hitting them would simply thud off the armor without effect. "I see they wish to play. Alright. Attack. As I said, try to capture. If you can. Akane-san, support Emmi-san. Amata, hold on to the back of the HARPS." Both arms had a panel that slid back, opening up to have launchers come out, whirring up as Ishino shifted forward as soon as Amata grabbed hold. He'd charge across that water, the puppet running across it as smoothly as the land while he returned fire on the ship with a spray of kunais.

Akane kept her expression neutral as Ishino handed down the orders. She did not necesarily like being relegated to backup especially as she did not know a thing about the one she was supposed to back up. The tradition that medics should stay in the background and not participate in the fight had never quite took with Akane. Her heart beat with the desire to fight and protect what she could… For the moment she would seem to follow the orders though, waiting for Ishino and Emmi to head out before falling in behid the two and utilizing her water walking as she ran….SShe sent out a volley of medical chakra as they got closer, seeking to 'see' her opponents despite her damaged eyes.

- Emmi heard the cannons fire, saw the smoke, and was preparing herself to evade or defend against attack in some fashion, at least up until Ishino interjected and shielded them with his puppet. A tiny smirk teases at the corner of her lips and she glances towards Akane. She seemed to be enjoying this more than she should - adrenaline can do weird things to people. "Come, let's go, Akane-san!" She shouts before dashing off across the water, her feet touching gently enough to cause only the slightest of disturbances.
Once in range of the ship, she leaps into the air, but only a few feet, not nearly enough to get to the deck, however, once she lands back on the water, she curls her legs, lowering herself down, before propelling herself back up into the air, rocketing towards the deck. Once level she reaches the approropriate height she lashes out with her arm, taking ahold of the railing just in time. Her body snaps around, feet rushing passed her head as she twists slightly, eyes locking targets one-after-another. Just as her feet reached the apex of her ascent, she releeases the railing causing her body to move out over the deck, spinning rapidly and releasing a torrent of senbon needles to her designated targets. Nothing life threatening on their own, but in quantity, they could deal damage. -

A smile and Amata hops up and using chakra, she latches on to HARPS and smiles, "And away we go." She chuckles and they are off. She squints as they move and land on the deck. As HARPS clears the deck of the rabble, or at least tries to, she will leap off of its back and land before the guy who appears to be barking orders and grins at him, "Come now, don't just sit back and bark at your men, get your hands dirty. Experiment a little, have some fun." Even as she speaks, webbing wraps around her hands and feet and then she rushes forward and spins a heel kick for his head to follow it up with a straight cross. Each attack causing a small burst of chakra through the webbing as that very chakra whips her arms out.

Akoshi forms handeals and creates a water barrier around the ship, but Ishino's attacks cut right through it and even hits him, producing a cut across his chest. The kunai attacks are dodged easily as he takes a step forwards. He performs a set of handseals and for those who are caught in the effect, darkness falls like a shroud, cutting off sight for everyone caught within it. Akoshi forms a spear made out of water and sends it for Ishino. He turns to the First Mate. "General summons. Prepare to be boarded. Defend the ship at all costs."

A majority of the shuriken flying towards the ship get caught in a large wall of water coming up, the first mate's hand are seen in a handseals… He grins, starting to weave quite rapidly: "Prepare to fire!" He says with a smirk, completing his seals so the water wall suddenly begins moving, followed by water bullets firing rapidly and all over the team coming towards the boat! An especially big one heading for Ishino!

HARPS would latch onto the edge of the ship, going inert as Ishino opened his pocket watch while launching upward. Time Keeper, in full puppet mode, would land on the deck with Ishino, only for Ishino to reel, going blind and then pounded by water. Gritting his teeth in a hiss, He managed to catch the follow up water assault with that skip in time. A small enough jump that made it so he could avoid it. Standing, he'd run his hands down his suit. "You. Got. My. Suit. Wet." The glare, blind or otherwise, was leveled on the enemy, both Ishino and TK running through a rapid series of hand seals. "That, was a mistake. Kronos Embrace: Blurred Time."

HARPS would latch onto the edge of the ship, going inert as Ishino opened his pocket watch while launching upward. Time Keeper, in full puppet mode, would land on the deck with Ishino, only for Ishino to reel, going blind and then pounded by water. Gritting his teeth in a hiss, He managed to catch the follow up water assault with that skip in time. A small enough jump that made it so he could avoid it. Standing, he'd run his hands down his suit. "You. Got. My. Suit. Wet." The glare, blind or otherwise, was leveled on the enemy, both Ishino and TK running through a rapid series of hand seals. "That, was a mistake. Kronos Embrace: Blurred Time." All those around that weren't specifically the chakra networks of Akane, Emmi, Amata would get swamped with that massive genjutsu. Reality itself would rip apart at the seams, time crashing to a halt as all of time would blur together, past, present, future, now, then, seconds, minutes, centuries. They all felt as if in one, in that moment beyond time, while an incredible darkness, the finale of time, would tear at those who were effected.

Akane kept within 15 feet of Emmi, water walking then simply running up the side of the ship. She reached the top of the railing just behind Ishino's attack and just in time to see her attacks on the pirates. Akane winced then sent a scowl in the general direction of Ishino…. She sighed then leapt forward, drawing two daggers from her belt…intending to end the two Emmi had failed against.. Only to be struck by an engulfing darkness. For just a second she froze, fear lancing through her as she realized a very real eventuality of going blind. Then time sped up again and she realized it was a genjutsu not her eyes. her distraction was enough for her to take the hit from the water bulet straight on to the chest. She stumbled back a step, jaw set, determination shining in her unfocused eyes…. She could feel the blood and the bruise, but she was focused on something else…. She sent out a wave of chakra, well used to limited sight, this wasn't too much harder… She had been seeking out the others but it was Ishino's status that spurred her to action. She moved quickly in the darkness, seeking out Ishino, comming up behind him with a simple phrase. "It's me, Koi." Then she laid hands on his back, injecting him with healing chakra, all her focus was ont aht so she did not attack… "I'm here."

- The last thing Emmi expected was sudden-onset blindness. She had just had her eyes examined, too! So, she does the natural thing and trips over something as she reels back from the blow from a water bullet. Upon recomposing herself, she attempts to use sound to determine the flow of battle, but her only option at this point was to retreat, so she hastily makes her way towards the edge of the ship in order to do just that. -

The attack from the big guy has Amata in a world of darkness for the moment. She takes a step back and her spiders, sensing the danger (along with Amata having seen the handseals prior to the darkness), leap up and cover the area in front of her and catch the water bullet. Sadly, Amata has no idea where any opponents are now, "I'm done till this clears." She states and looks around, trying to wtach for any incoming attacks though all she sees is darkness. She grumbles, "Dammit." She licks her lips slowly, awaiting the next move.

As the darkness clears from the area, Akoshi turns to face Ishino. He forms handeals as droplets of water form in the air around him. "You must be the leader. I am Major Akoshi, commander of this vessel. Where is my subordinate? If you do not produce him immediately, I will destroy Kirigakure." Bodies lie unconcious around him, and except for his First Mate, they don't seem to be getting back up. "Water Style: Water bullets." The droplets of water fire at Ishino and Time Keeper. "You have one minute to comply before I open fire.."

The first mate makes his way to the deck of the ship, holding his head… "Shouldn't have had so much rum.." He says with a defiant grin, slowly getting his bearings back. "Honestly matey, if you want-ta take me down you'll need ta-bring more than yer tricks!" He then rushes off, aiming strikes from his cleaver, enhanced with chakra at Ishino's team. Leaving the big guy to face off with the big guy….~ …Quite poetic!

Ishino would grab onto Akane behind him, being aware of who she said from her words. As the strikes came flashing by, they'd merge, their time blurring together to cycle all over the boat, one long line of past, present, future all going together. When the attacks would miss where they were for where they was, Ishino would settle Akane back on her feet behind him. "Chakra, if you can Koi.." Ishino's sight slowly returned, blinking at the light, he'd stare over at Akoshi. "It's really simple.. I am Doihara Ishino, Seven Swordman of Kirigakure. You have exactly 45 seconds to surrender before I take my revenge on you for getting my suit wet." Ishino would rapidly cycle through those hand seals again. The ticking from Time Keeper kicking up in volume as he'd seek to snare both men into that altered reality. They would skid to a stop physically, while mentally they'd go on within their mind, following that Time's Thread that would allow them to do all that they wished within their life.

Akane remained behind Ishino as Akoshi spoke, keeping her contact with him for as long as possible, maximizing the healing she could deliver while in battle. She could not see Akoshi, but she could hear him… She kept her jutsu up, though, trusting the puppet master with her life. As it was he defended an attack aimed for her that would have required her to break contact with Ishino and thus end the healing jutsu. With the attack negated, she was able to concentrate on the task at hand. Ishino might have noticed the tremor in her hands as she worked, the woman was still shaken by the loss of her sight even under a genjutsu it haunted her. Luckily her body had a ready supply of adrenaline that she used to deflect the full force of the fear. She'd face it later of course and with a bit of a backlash, but it was worth it to make it through the battle. At Ishino's request she left the hhealing jutsu and instead shared her chakra with him, opening her energy to him like a living battery.

- Emmi's retreat to the edge of the ship had gone fairly well She had stumbled a few times, but eventually found the railing. However, at about that time, she realized she was able to see a bit, enough that when she turned around she noticed the impending attack ready to obliterate her. Despite that, she only had time to see it before her attempt to dodge and the attack itself send her flopping over the railing only to plummet into the water below. -

THe spiders part as the attack slams right hrough them and into her. She stumbles back and takes in a deep breath before shaking her head. One more attack like that and it won't matter at all that she can't use her spiders for offensive attacks. Whether or not the lightning style of spiders she had created would succeed or fail was without purpose. She takes a breath tough, not wanting to leave Ishino in the dust, she ushes forward and then states, "Alright, lets try this again." She jumps up for a jumping sidekick into the first mate before landing and attempting to rush back in with an uppercut into his jaw, "Come on!"

Akoshi shrugs off Ishino's genjutsu and then smirks at him. "A Seven Swordsman, you say? Is that supposed to impress me?" He cuts his eyes over at Ishino's team. They weren't looking too hot. Then he glances back towards his First Mate. He looks at Ishino again and smiles. "I accept on one condition. That I be granted asylum." He looks towards Richu. "Stand down." He holds his hands out towards Ishino. "Take me away." Whether he's sincere or not is in question..perhaps he has an angle that he's working. Or maybe he is sincere. Who knows?

End Mission

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