The Coalition Cleansing - No Room At The Inn


Hiroyasu, Nariko, Kenishida, Junpei, Hiei (emitter)

Date: March 31, 2014


Kumo nin recieved a report of shady people strong arming some villagers and are sent to investigate.

"The Coalition Cleansing - No Room At The Inn"

Small coastal village in the Land of Lightning

looking characters who are in the lowlands strong-arming people to sign on to their ship. One of them seems to be a mildly handsome man with long black hair and a trenchcoat, and the other seems to be a beautiful woman with flaming red hair. They are offering large sums of money to people to join their cause. Kumo has been asked to investigate, especially since those who haven't joined them are ending up in the hospital. The selected shinobi have been ordered to assemble at the front gate, and then journey the half a day trip to the village in question to see exactly what's going on.
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- From the administration building the outline of a Hiroyasu becomes visible as he exits from a window like anyone attempting a inconspicuous exit from a difficult situation. Easing down the vertical of the building with his cloak dangling beneath him.. he leaps with a small flip landing on his feet then busting out in a pose.. "Ohhhh yeah.. I'm so pretty.." then busting out in a chuckle before moving towards the front gate with a soft chuckle escaping all the way down the street. He stands around waiting for the others to arrive as he sent the message for everyone available to assemble it would be a feat of great ninjucity to beat him.. -

In the midst of training Kenishida would receive a letter from the samurai head, opening it he found himself packing his thinking and setting out for Kumo at once. So after making it on the docks he set his mind on the Raikage chambers, getting a brief overview of the mission and his team members. "Sup guy, the name Kuroyari Kenishida and I'm the samurai that is suppose to be on this mission with ya." Smiling he would take this moment to look his Odachi over before re-sheathing it and waiting for the rest of the group arrival.

Elated doesn't even begin to describe Junpei's mood as he rushes towards the front gate. Whereas other genin might be a bit more apprehensive concerning their first mission Junpei had banished all traces of doubt from his thoughts. Just to be on the save side however Junpei did stop and utter a soft little prayer. After that he was at the gate teeming with confidence and excitement. Anyone with eyes could see that he was trembling. Arriving as what seems to be the last of the team Junpei notes a new face. Subtly he nods towards Kenishida "Oh you're new. Hi there I'm Reizei Junpei pleasure working with you." Junpei then looks to Hiro, the one responsible for the stern lecture he received for that elk fiasco. Junpei didn't want any tension between himself and Hiro so he was sure to mind his manners. "….Hiro-san…" he waved.

- As his heavy warhorse is brought around from the nearby stable, Hiroyasu exchanges greeting "Hello, Jinx; Are we ready today for our tasks at hand?" he says handing out a small cube of sugar and stroking her nose and muzzle as the others appear. "It's not guy; It's Katayama Hiroyasu.. Chuunin overseeing this mission. I can see you are untested and disrespectful.. so I assign you as the effective field commander enjoy the rigors of command and the burden of leadership.." before giving a stern glance at Junpei for no reason before bursting out in a laugh at the level of tension.. "Reizei Junpei; I have heard nothing of you.. this is good. Shall we?" he says hopping up into the saddle of his horse taking the reins "In the lowlands there are reports of people being coecered or forced into servitude of a shipping vessel. With the increase in piracy lately it has been assigned that we investigate the claims for their validity, and only should the situation need it, engage in hostility. Any damages will be subtracted from any pay you might have received so minimize them.." then looking to Kenishida "You have command now.. Sir.." he add lastly. -

The warhorse would stun him slightly however it wouldn't be displayed onto his face, however when he was told that he get to control this mission a little panic is displayed. "Um…understood…then I suppose since everyone is here we should head out…Um, wait does everyone know the mission?" Kenishida scanned everyone before clearing his throat to talk again "If everyone knows the mission we may head out now." Smiling weakly the young genin might be feeling a little pressure however he would be displaying confidence.

"Jinx…" if not for Sasuke this warhorse would've confounded Junpei and vexed him for the duration of the day. Junpei shy's back at the stern glance Hiroyasu is giving him. Suddenly tension became uncomfortably thick and Junpei was about ready to apologize. For what? He wasn't all that sure of. But the tension was quickly and effectively laid to rest with Hiroyasu's outburst. Slightly irritated by all that Junpei let out a sigh and just turned to Kenishida. "First mission?" he asked with a smirk. Junpei folded his arms. "Hiro-san just gave us the gist of it. So on your command I am ready to move out."

The Kumo nin eventually make it to a sleepy coastal village where people seem to be mulling about, going on with their daily lives. Except for the long line in front of the local inn. The line seems to be a mixture of both men and women and they chatter among themselves as they wait their turn. One man turns to a woman and says, "I really don't want to leave my family to sign on with a ship, but for the price they're offering it would mean a bigger house and more food on the table." The woman nods in return. "Hai, but what about the rumors of them putting people in the infirmary when they deny the offer?" The guy shrugs. "Prolly just that, a rumor. I don't plan on saying no, though."

- Its a pleasant ride in the country for the well prepared Chuunin; saddlebags with luscious real food, water and sake.. comfy bedding rolled around the back of the saddle as he leans back. It almost makes the half-day ride seem a shame to waste as the horse idly follows the genin after having been told to follow the odd one. Hiroyasu looks to the two Genin as they roll into town "Alright so what is your plan of action.. do you delegate to subordinates or trust your own instincts and lead by example?" he asks leaning forward on the saddle and hopping off to the side before pointing at the ground "Stay!" he eludes to the horse aloud before pulling the hood over his bald head and forehead protector. -

The amour was slightly heavy and to travel almost a half a day while keeping up with someone on horse back…it was tough, then when they suddenly came into the village tossed back into the fire. "Um that's a good question…"closing his eyes Kenishida took a moment or two to think as he did this he heard talking about a rumor of the mission at hand. "First order of action is simple hide all items of the village, it appears that the line over there by the inn is how they're going about strong arming people…I have a feeling if we get into that line we'll find the people that are doing this…maybe?" The genin brain felt like the most logical course of action at the time. "Yeah so we'll join that line and see where it leads."

After the lengthy trip Junpei concluded one thing and one thing only. "I need to acquire an absurdly named animal sidekick." It seemed rather popular in Kumogakure and he couldn't deny that these absurdly named sidekicks were of great use. "That must have been the longer half of the day." Junpei sighed heavily. His enthusiasm died down a bit but it picked back up shortly after they arrived. He looked to Kenishida to issue a plan of action. The great line did seem like their best lead right now so he was all for the idea. "Sounds like a plan." without another word he made his way towards the line searching for the start.

There is an explosion of glass as a humanoid figure is launched through it. There is a gasp from the gathered crowd before a stunningly beautiful, scantily clad woman with a sword on her hip leaps out of the hole that the body made. She grabs the man by the throat and lifts him up to his feet. She smiles at him. "How dare you not take the offer? After the captain went through such great pains to make it worth your while. Well, if you aren't with us, then you are against us. She then hurls his body against the building itself, there are audible crunches as his body hits the ground. She dusts off her hands and eyes the line. "Anyone planning on not taking our offer may want to clear out." There is some shuffling as a lot of people leave the line. However there are still some desperate souls who stay.

- Hiro nods listening "Not a bad idea, low profile; draw as little attention as possible in a mission which requires no uh…" about then a guy flies through a window and is accosted by a pirate of sorts or a ruffian at least. "Seems that plan isn't needed now." before staring at Junpei.. he heard that "Was about half~ a day, I didn't really count the hours.. or the steps.." then looking at them both before moving to check on the guy "Ooo please.. excuse me.. I am a simple mountain man trained in the ways of medicine.. please if you want this man to serve.. I am sure if I patch him up.. he would agree!" he hees with a thick mountain accent. -

A sudden breath of fresh air washed over him as he was told his plan wasn't a bad one, "good that's a load off." Kenishida giggled to himself as he watched a Junpie blindly followed his half baked order and thought to himself "at least someone is cutting me some slack." However like everything else today it would kill his vibe when a man come flying out of a window and with a low monotone voice "I found them," is said that only this group could head, since it appears that the chuunin took control Kenishida would for no at least follow suit. Moving when the man move to help and not say a single word, his eyes would graze the area for either incoming danger or a possible route of escape if things turned sour.

Junpei stopped in his tracks and watched as this beastly and aggressive woman manhandles this poor guy. Though this was sudden somehow it was also familiar. Junpei was pretty something similar occurred back in Kumogakure…with a woman who was not all too different from this scantily clad beauty before him. Junpei gets in line without thinking. He just didn't want to catch the woman's attention for reasons beyond the mission parameters. Avoiding eye contact with anyone Junpei stood in line trying to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

Riding full force on Stormshadow, her horse; her hair flapping in the wind as she tries to catch up to the group, was the young Yotsuki known as Nariko. She was startled as she woke up from her nap with a bird on her head, trying to give a message. It took her a bit to get up and adjust to being awoke by a bird. When she caught up to the group she saw the man flying out of the window and hmmed. "Think he had a safe flight?" She mutters under her breath.

The red haired woman looks down upon Hiroyasu with a look of complete and utter contempt. "Let him die. It's all he's good for." She speaks with a slight accent as if she was foreign to these lands. She flips a lock of her hair out of her face before turning to walk back in via the door. She passes by those in line before pausing to stop and look at Junpei. "You look like you should still be suckling at your mother's teat, boy. Too young. Go home." She then bellows. "Next in line!" Before she saunters back inside. In the meantime, the man's wounds don't look fatal but they do look very painful. Most of his wounds are internal and he has several ribs broken. For the moment, he is unconcious.

- Hiroyasu does what his job is in life when he is not torturing genin; being a field medic.. going over the options.. first aid may help him live but not well, and nothing else could likely heal the broken bones.. so he has to betray his facade a little as his hands glow a subtle but visible green as he tends to the mans injuries both external and internal.. "Oh Praise the Mountain Spirits! He must have been a humble and pious man!" he says to the other gathered around before looking in the now windowless building. Closing his eyes for a moment to feel out the situation and take meter of the situation.. "So.. what is your plan.. There are 2 of them in there.. both are tough customers if you didn't notice the number they worked on that window.. so Sir.. orders?" he asks again.. the situation was not so far out of hand that he felt he needed to jerk it from the hands of babes yet.. but the arrival of Nariko was unexpected and throws a Yotsuki sized wrench in his plans for peaceful resolving. -

The sudden arrival of another makes things a little easier, they wouldn't however change his mind at all instead he would start to talk; "well its clear that they are indeed doing what the mission said they where…so the next logical course of action would be to confront them and tell them to stop…however this is going to turn ugly fast so I'm thing myself and Jupei should go in first with you and the new coming being our support…as in jump in once I give the signal which would be either of our swords being stabbed into the ground." Nodding his head at the plan he would allow the Chuunin to roll the thought over in his mind first before giving him the ultimate heads up.

"Oh speak of the devil." Junpei remarks as Nariko shows up. As the woman spoke, her words harsh and unforgiving, Junpei bit his tongue and did as she asked. He exits the line, reluctantly, and regroups with Kenishida. "She's very unpleasant." he comments his tone showing that he's beyond annoyed. He looks to Kenishida for a command. "Confront them?" he looks to Hiro now. "Well our hopes of resolving this peacefully flew out the window along with that poor guy over there." Junpei sighs and starts to toy with his ninjato. "But if that's the order I'll be more than happy to comply."

Nariko raises a brow at Hiro as he does his 'mountain man' act and gives a slight eyeroll. "Drama king." She softly says under her breath, she wouldn't ruin his moment. She looks to Junpei and offers him a very polite and nice smile, before returning her attention to the problem at hand. Then she notices that it is one of the genin in charge. She shrugs at his plan. "Sounds like a plan to me." She was going to listen to what he chose to do.

The woman comes back to the door after a few minutes and announces. "We've seen all we're going to see today. Go home." When a woman is a little slow on the uptake, still standing there, she snorts. "I said move you worthless sow!" Before she plants her boot on the woman's backside and kicks her out into the street face first. She then chuckles lightly before glancing back inside. "Captain, I think we have enough idiots from this village. If the people we've hired already are making for the ship, I suggest we burn this place to the ground before we leave. None of them deserve the right to procreate. Worthless scum.." She sneers while continuing to stand in the door. A deep voice from inside the inn speaks. "Now, Naomi. There will be none of that. Get the writs they signed and prepare to make for the ship." A chuckle. "Besides, we can always fire on them from the ship, should I so choose to."

- Hiroyasu snorts "You take too long act; you have only so long to execute an order. Now they could easily have murdered several villagers; and now make set the building on fire.. you shouldn't wait for my approval.. your in command.." then looking at Nariko with a shrug.. "We need to take out the captain; prepare the nariko special could you?" he asks reaching into his seal pouch and removing several seals in preparation. -

Nodding, he would look towards Junpei however at this time he would notice a woman being kicked out of the inn, without thinking he just moved. Using his powerful legs he would leap forward and catch the woman. "No, type of respect." Moving the woman aside he would slowly draw his Odachi before moving into a stance, taking a calm breath he would leap forward and attack the woman with a straight forward slash although it flew in liner path it wasn't any less graceful; Kenishida hoped to push her further into the inn to keep damage to the villagers and/or village to a minimum.

Inspired by Kenishida's actions Junpei readied himself for combat. "I concur." he adds to Kenishida's comment. After what was just heard they didn't have time to waste. Backing Kenishida up Junpei follows behind him remaining out of sight until after Kenishida attacked. Following up without missing a beat Junpei draws his blade and slashes seamlessly. Before one could blink he had already sheathed his sword confident that Kenishida would have his back.

Nariko looks to Hiro and gives a smirk. "You got it." She slides off Stormshadow and walks so her horse is behind her, can't hurt the hooved creature, even if it has a creepy stare. She lets some lightning build around her arms, crackling as she stood there, prepared to act. She takes one look at the two woman, making them think they see a bright light. "Don't worry, the light will burn you." She smirks, lightning still crackling around her arms.

The moment that Kenishida moves to attack the female pirate moves to draw her own sword. Kenishida's attack is so swift that he manages to cut her across the arm, but not before she uses her off hand to block Junpei's attack. Nariko moves into the doorway, now that Kenishida has pushed the female pirate back inside of the inn. She would catch a glimpse of a long black haired guy in a trench coat before she dazzles them both with her genjutsu. The woman yells. "Captain..I can't see!" The Captain replies, his voice still calm. "Neither can I. Remain calm." The both stagger towards the door, or what they think is the door. It's actually the hole that the woman tossed the man out of earlier.

- Hiroyasu leaps in after Nariko has done her witchy ways and begins hurling seals at the two pirate making sure that each get a healthy dose of their strength sapped away as each of the seal attaches them and begin glowing rapidly becoming brighter and brighter until burning into a sudden pillar of blue chakra colored fire.. "The Tempest Witch lives up to her reputation as always.." he says giving her a slug in the shoulder before moving himself between the captain and the Yotsuki.. "You two handle his second in command.. do not think this is over.." he snarls at the two genin. -

Kenishida plan would be working to perfection, the layer of stun would allow him to turn from graceful offensive into sure destructive offensive and thus he gripped the blade with two hand and attack with raw power twice one fore the captain and the other for rude woman. "So far so good hopefully this can end without a little damage as possible knock on wood." Kenishida would flick his blade before taking a neutral stance, "stay down."

Junpei continued to hound the female pirate after she announces she can't see. "Leave her to us." and he is once again upon her. After Kenishida's strikes Junpei would strike again with his iaido drawstrike. He aimed to wound the woman to the point were she couldn't defend herself wanting to end it as quickly as possible so that he can assist with the Captain if need be.

Nariko smirks at Hiro. "And so does the goatman." She raises on hand, making a fist and only pointing a finger at the captain. "You are in for the shock of your life." She smirks as the bolt fires forward.

While unable to see, the pirates notice their strength suddenly take a dip from Hiroyasu's seal. When Kenishida attacks the female pirate, she whimpers from the pain and then again when Junpei attacks her. Blood flows freely from the wounds suffered at the hands of the genin. However the Captain doesn't make a sound when he's struck by Kenishida. He grits his teeth when Nariko shocks him and then he smiles, his eyes still facing forwards as if he can't see. "Actually, Tempest'll have to do better than that. Unlike my companion I am no stranger to the rigors of torture. Therefore I have learned how to deal with pain." He smiles again. "And I can see once again.." From his kneeling position, he leaps up, kicking for Hiroyasu's chest before spinning in place, sweeping low in an attempt to knock Nariko off her feet before he strikes out towards Kenishida like a snake, fingers poised and aiming for his throat. He attempts to make for the hole in the wall immediately after his attacks, abandoning his companion to her fate.

- Suddenly there are 2 Cloneyasu's and one of them catches a knee to the chin and flies into the other one with a ~boofmp~ before Hiroyasu himself grabs a nearby chair and attempts to break it over the Pirate Captain's head several times using his environment to his own advantage.. weapons are everywhere! "…" it looked like he was about to say something but found himself struck for words in his attempt to bludgeon a certain person before him. -

The throat would find its mark rather easily as it knocked the genin clean off his feet, using his sword to catch him on the fly Kenishida would whip the blade around as he held onto his throat. "Fudge what the heck is this guy?" Using the samurai code he would grip the handle of his blade with both hands setting himself up to charge Hiro actions caused a sudden pause, he never seen the man or expected the man to be that type of fighter…"well now…I have truly seen everything." Using the blade he would dash forward and attack with three graceful and swift slashes.

"One down." Junpei says mockingly at the female pirate. He turns to help with the Captain but before he can set eyes on the man he's already attacked Kenishida. Junpei follows after him everyone seems to be keeping up with him just fine. Junpei would attempt to cripple the Captain by stabbing at his legs. Once he got close enough he assaulted with two quick thrusts of his blade.

Nariko was watching the captain intensely as he was moving, her body staying there as the low swipe comes, it turns out to be a mist cloud and she is found a few feet away from where she was. She reaches down for a broken leg of a chair. She walks over holding it down at an angle. As she gets closer she moves gracefully yet quickly as she moves to hit the captain over the head with the leg.

The Captain actually thought that he could get away from the Kumo nin. Being an ex-Jounin himself, he figured that his taijutsu skills would be up to snuff. He was wrong. He manages to block Hiro's first hit, but the second one hits him on the shoulder and finally the chair is smashed against the back of his head, making him stagger towards Junpei, who's sword strikes hit home, cause two more wounds to appear across his abdomen. While bobbing and weaving, the Captain manages to dodge two of Kenishida strikes, but the last one embeds itself into his shouder, imobilizing him for when Nariko cracks him across the head with a table leg. The Captain's eyes glaze over as he falls face-first on the floor. However, seeing as how nobody secured the female and everyone has been focusing on the Captain, when they look for her, she is gone. There's a trail of blood on the floor, but it ends at the door, and the door itself is wide open.

- Hiroyasu points to Nariko "Tie him up.. but make sure he -can- breathe this time.." he adds as an addedem.. "Alright so which one allowed their assigned target to escape. I believe I said clearly you two should handle her right.. so which of you is at fault for her escape?" he asks shaking a shard of the broken chair in his hand. Before looking at it and growling.. "How much for chairs?!" he shouts out trying to find out how badly they are on the hook for damages.. "Is anyone hurt? How many of your people have been taken?" he asks the people standing there. -

Looking about he would notice her departure and with a slight frown on is face he knew he screwed up, "it was my fault I fail in secure her…it was my fault never thought she'll be able to stand after that. And it was that thinking that allowed her to escape," Kenishida would be looking Hiro in the eyes before taking this moment to clean and sheath his sword. "Is there a way to still catch up to her to make things right," kenshida would be breathing heavy as it appears his damages where starting to take a toll on him.

"All right now let's…" Junpei stops realizing now that the woman had made an escape. Peers around for any trace of her or at least a trail. Junpei couldn't let Kenishida take all the blame. "The blame is ours to share. You told both of us to secure her and we both failed." Junpei answers moving up alongside Kenishida. "But we at least got the Captain. He's like worth double or something…right?" Junpei smiles sheepishly. Quick to change the subject he addresses Hiro's second concern. "I'm fine. I wasn't touched. How about you Ken?" Junpei asked noticing Kenishida's heavy breathing.

Nariko looks to Hiro and pouts. "But…can't we start to try to get information now?" She whines, almost as if she were really was going to make it hard for him to breathe. She shrugs and walks over to the captain, pulling out some rope from her pack. She grabs the hands of the captain and then starts to tie him up. Once done she looked to Hiro and crossed her arms on her chest. "There. He is able to breathe." Even though he doesn't deserve it. She looked to the two as they both took the blame and shakes her head. "It isn't about getting the target that is worth the most, mainly because we don't know what people are worth. We could have taken both with us. Both could have invaluable information."

The inn owner approaches Hiroyasu. He shakes his head. "Don't worry about the chairs. I was the one that sent the message for help. I'm just glad that you all responded so quickly." He sighs and shakes his head. "Unforunately Shin, the man that went through the window…he didn't make it." The others outside all lower their heads. "But near as I can tell, he signed up about twenty people and then had them shipped off. Are you going to bring them back home, sir?" He asks hopefully. "My son signed up, not really knowing what he's getting into. I'm worried about him." Meanwhile the Captain is sleeping, probably from the blunt force trauma.

- Hiro looks at Nariko before looking at Kenishida "Are you trained in scouting, tracking and prepared for several days in the wilds tracking wounded prey?" before shaking his head "Its alright; Nariko is correct" that feels dirty to mention "we don't know but on a bright side 1 is definitely preferable to none.." then shaking a finger at Nariko in admonishing "No; you know the procedure, we take him back to the village in a controlled and safe environment.. then you can cast your spells on him.." about then the inn owner approaches with bad news.. " He was stablizied when we left him.." then is blindsided with the questions that he cannot answer.. "We have to report this, and return this criminal for questioning.. Once we know more we can make plans for what comes next." then looking to the Genin.. "So who carries him all the way back to Kumogakure?" he asks moving out of the inn placing a firm amount of money on the table "Sorry for the damages.." he adds moving out to his horse.. "Of course since we rode half a day.. it will be night soon and we can push on straight to the village or camp.. you can decide Kenishida" he says before leaving the doorway. -

Kenishida tensed for a scoulding however his words weren't all that harsh in fact he took them as a learning expreince, "I wont make this mistake again," sighing as he stood there he would toss Junpei a faint smile before frowning at the man. "Sorry wish I can do more, but this is all we can do right now." Shifting about the question on who is going to carry the man is asked and with a stern face he would speak "I'll carry him all the way back," Kenishida would start strape the man onto his back as he moved his Odachi onto his waist.

Junpei nods to Nariko. "You're right." She's more level headed than he thought. Junpei shared the blame but when Kenishida volunteered to carry the man back…well that was the extent of Junpei's comradery for today. Junpei returned the smile to Kenishida. "Well save for one escaping I'd say that went well right?"

Nariko looks to Hiro and basks in the words he utters. She would remember that, and maybe share it with Hiei. She looked to the other two and nodded. "Alright. I could go for a nap and a shower." She stepped out the door towards Stormshadow. She gave his nose a nice rub before hopping onto his back. She would stroke his mane once and awhile as they rode back to Kumo, the captain captured, and the accomplishment of being right.

End Mission

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