The Coalition Cleansing - The Burdens of Command


Hiroyasu, Ryouji, Rise, Amani, Kinami, Hiei (Emitter)

Date: April 9, 2014


During a prisoner transfer the Kumo nin are ambushed by pirates attempting to take back their captain. They are presented with a difficult choice and cool heads prevail in the end.

"The Coalition Cleansing - The Burdens of Command"

Mountain Trail in the Lowlands of the Land of Lightning

It's been about a week since Captain Jinru was captured in the lowlands of Kumogakure. He was interrogated and he supplied the location of the Major in charge of the area off the coast of the LoL. Unfortunately his first mate, a red haired kunoichi managed to get away due to the mistake of Junpei and Kenishida. The Captain is currently being taken from lock up in the village down the mountain and through the lowlands to the newly built prison that is designed to hold people of his caliber. However, the ex-Jounin from the Land of Grass doesn't seem all that intimidated that he's being led to the place where he'll most likely spend the remainder of his life. He shuffles along with his hands and legs shackled with chains. It's a rainy summer day, and the sky is overcast making it darker than it normally is. As the sun heads towards the horizon, the shinobi assigned to his transfer detail aren't given a second glance, however every so often, the Captain looks towards the sky expectantly.

- Not only did he have to capture him at great cost to his own health, now he was expected to transport him halfway across the valley to be coddled! The audacity, well that was the thought going through the back of his mind anyways. Hiroyasu with a hand idly resting on the mane of his horse as he rides with the group escorting the prisoner of interest "Keep your eyes open; Not that they would probably come this far inland, it just wouldn't make any sense.. Not like he's worth that much to them" he says with a little bit of trepidation. -

+ Asura Kinami was not much of one to get her hands dirty, however, she was low on funds, and being in Kumogakure, she had offered her services in exchange for a little bit of cash that she could spend in her travels. Needless to say, the researcher was more interested in observing than actually getting her hands dirty in any fashion, but things must be done to preserve one's lifestyle, or so she figured. She was not armed, she looked very unassuming and rather weak too be honest, and for the most part, probably was.

Today's mission was one that Rise felt certain would either make or break her chance at ever redeeming herself after the Ox King incident. And yet despite her own convictions, the teen did not pursue what either gut or brain told her to do so. Thus, beyond the mission briefing and whatever personal warnings may be administered by someone with more experience with the prisoner, Rise would remain as quiet as a church mouse, observant and a little tense. Walking on foot (not that she technically had much choice) seems to calm her down after a time, but the unknown quandry that was Kinami kept her from getting too comfortable. Perhaps even moreso than the prisoner. Not that she didn't bother sparing the heavens a look herself from beneath the hood of her jacket.

Wet and more wet and everything else is wet. It's terrible. Amani is frustrated and her focus is divided between internal dialogue regarding being back at home in the lab…err, in the home. She's been trying not to think of that place so much, but it's hard. Every so often, her thought process is broken by some other hazard that finds its way to her. Horse splashing in a puddle or something. At least it draws her to attention. She grumbles to herself and tugs her hood down over her face to obscure it further from the weather. "I'll keep my eyes open, fists balled, syringes sharpened…and possibly unprotected."

Lightning flashes across the sky, followed by a large boom of thunder as the rain seems to intensify as the trip goes on. The sky darkens even further as the sun begins to slip behind the horizon. The temperature begins to fall, even more than it's supposed to this time of year. A thick fog begins to blanket the area. The sounds of nature begin to quiet instead of get louder as it's supposed to do in the summer. The Captain seems to tense for a moment and then his body relaxes. He comments idly. "You people in the Land of Lightning have such odd weather."

- Keeping his hood gently shielding his face from the pour of rain as best as possible, Hiroyasu begins to feel the chill and see the fog "Be aware; This is a powerful jutsu cast by his sea hag… I've seen it twice before.. and I thought.." he mumbles thinking the genin had done a more thrurough job of dealing with her but apparently she got away from them in their last encounter.. "As worthless as it may seem, we have to protect get him to his destination for this mission to be a success.. failure is not an option just because he probably deserves whatever comes to him.." he says reaching behind into his cloak and preparing several seals from his seal pouch. -

+ The change in temperatures and other weather abnormalities seems to alert the denizen of the Land of Rain, someone familiar with such storms - at least to a degree - and whatever was going on seemed to pique the researchers attention. To her, it could be a great number of things, but it all signalled trouble! Hiro revealing that he had seen it before only cofirms her suspicions, therefore, she prepares herself for whatever was going to happen. "And here I thought it'd just be a nice walk in the rain…" She comments sarcastically.

The abrupt change in weather is no surprise to her. Or at least, it would not have been if not for her own exercusions into the wild prompting her to keep in mind the seasons more readily. Growing trepidation aside, it is encroaching mist on top of the darkened landscape and Hiroyasu's call that prompts Rise to fish out a pair of water-proof goggles and focus more intently on their surroundings. "Hai!" She calls out, then clenches her teeth behind closed lips. It was far too late to — Regrets are tossed to the wayside as Rise catches the shapes in the fog. Disatisfied as she was with what was gleaned, she still passes the information along to the others curtly.

"You'd be correct. This is odd weather. Too odd," Amani commented on the Captain's words as Hiro gave warning to the weather. "And that explains it. A jutsu. Well then," she states as she concentrates her medical chakra and sends a pulse of it out across the area to detect any life forms. "Well, well…" She begins as she starts to draw her own bow. She turns about and flicks out an arrow and draws it back on the string to fire it off into the mist at the one ready to attack. "Quick status. There are about a dozen, the majority of them are moving around in the mist and changing places, but there are four tailing us right now," she explains having already fired her arrow at one of the attackers.

Ryouji squints his eyes into the fog seeing the shapes moving about. He's been through this before and takes in a calming breath so he won't panic. Ryouji nods to Rise and waits for them to make a move first. He's off to the side, near the middle of the group in no place particular. No sense going running off into the mist like a fool, it makes more sense to stick with the group anyway.

Echo location seems to be the thing to have in a situation like this. It's probably a good thing that Amani used that particular skill. There was a faint sound of a 'twang', and the sound of whistling as an arrow zipped out of the fog towards the Captain. Amani's reflexes were so good, that when she fired her own arrow, it knocked the other one off course, making it embed itself into the ground with the shaft still quivering. Then arrows, knives, and shuriken pretty much pepper the area all around as the ambush is officially triggered.

- Spiraling suddenly from beneath the cloak which flaps violently from the sudden gust of energy, a blue barrier of chakra springs forth into existence with the shafts of arrows shattering against and knives deflecting off back into the air, the ground in a clean little sphere around him.. then in a burst of energy Hiroyasu leaps out of his saddle in a backflip moving right through his barrier as it crumbled before him in the mid-air he snatches several of the knives and things which bounced upward off his barrier back into the cloud of mist, why waste your own perfectly good weapons when there was a plethora of theirs around.. His horse taking this moment to follow its training a charges off to a safe distance to await its masters beckon. -

+ Kinami was not much of one for being hit with stuff, so when she is peppered by the hail of sharp objects, she winces as she is cut and smacked by whatever sticks into her before she finally explodes into a swarm of black and red butterflies that flutter off in an attempt to give her some time to recuperate and figure out what is going on!

Rise frowns a little, and just about to ask what Amani meant before the girl delivers the news. Roughly sixteen opponents for a team of less than half as much told her that their enemy was not above overkill or potentially filled with plenty of red shi—er, grunts. Plenty of grunts. >.> Cowardly ones at that from snap of bows and the air being pushed apart by a multitude of blades. She hardly moves her lower body at all to defend against the portions of the barrage directed at her. Just her hands, blurring from one position to the next, deflecting or snatching up some of the projectiles. Soon after, it is only a matter of returning following Hiroyasu's example… with a bit of flare to keep things 'interesting'.

Lightning crackled at Amani's feet and before long a small clap echoed in the air as she shifted through the rain of sharp weapons coming for her. The claps continued as she weaved in and out of the hail, her movements allowing her to whip around and cast an arrow into the air for her to capture and load up to her bow.
She drew it back and sent it forward towards the enemy within her line of sight.

Ryouji sees the many sharp things emerge from the fog and streak towards the group. He pulls the hood of his cloak back and pulls his sword out. Nothing fancy and very straight forward for Ryouji this time around. The blades spark and clash against his sword blade, but never reach him. He stands his ground and does not waver from blocking the blades. It looks like he's not using his speed, but throws out his own shruiken out at the shadows.

There are some sounds that come out of the fog that give the Kumo nin indication that a lot of their counter strikes hit their mark. However, the fog intensifies as figures move out of it at high speed to attack the group. Some of them are wielding swords, some staves, and even others are fighting hand to hand. As the Kumo nin fight, the Captain attempts to shuffle back into the fog itself while their attention is diverted away from him. What some call cowardice others might call strategy.

- Hiroyasu is trying not to find himself tasting dirt in a fist fight with a scallywag of ill flavor, he dodges left but finds the punch lands a heavy hit upon him, when the kick comes sailing towards him he attempts to swirl around it with some fancy footwork which nets him a fancy looking foot to the temple sending him scuttling backwards holding the side of head and spits to the side after readjusting his jaw, before stomping a foot into the ground and the shards of rock swirl upwards around his arms before launching out in a wide spray of earthen shards against everyone in front of his firing arc. -

+ Having failed to disappear, Kinami curses, especially after she is struck with yet another Kunai that slices her thigh quite badly. The wound causes her to weaken and fall, but in retaliation, she releases a wave of sound from her tuning fork to disorient and daze any enemies she can see, which is just the one that attacked her.

With the thrusts of her fists, Amani sends out a number of varying frequencies of sounds to slow the attack against her. Each successive bubble of sound managed to slow the individual enough for her to back away and focus her chakra to recupe what she lost. Now that she was focused, she was ready to get back into the fight more effectively.

With Rise as keyed up the way she is, even the slightest movements picked up gets scrutinized. Such as the prisoner foolishly trying to slip away. His buddies buy him some time by forcing the girl to do an impromptu gymanist routine, but the >instant< she's given a chance to breath, many would pay. Seals are flashed through in short order before with a final stomp of her foot a pulse of chakra goes out. Insidious and selective, those gripped by it would feel the unmistakeable urge to katow before the mighty Rise!
Or something to that extent at least…

One of the swordsmen who comes out of the mist comes at Ryouji with a sword. The reizei stands his ground, lifting his sword up to block the hit and push it away. He takes a step and flashes past the swordsmen, rotates on a heel and flashes back, only to do it again in another direction. The only thing that can be noticed is Ryouji clicking the sword back into place in his saya once again.

Hiroyasu's bullets pepper the three guys in his area and one of them goes down completely, the others are just surprised to get shot in the back. Rise's genjutsu puts her opponent and Ryouji's on their back. They just simply pass out from fear. Kinami's attack does the same thing to her opponent and he drops like a bag of potatoes. Ryouji's slashes simply perform the coup de grace to his opponent who is actually dead now instead of just unconcious. However, a look around the battlefield would let the nin know that all of their opponents are down. Then the fog begins to clear. The Captain is standing a few feet away, his gaze on Rise. He felt the pressure from her genjutsu and bit his own tongue to stave it off. He simply stands there with his eyes blank, as if under some sort of spell. His body sways from side to side slowly.

- Hiroyasu takes several backpeddles to regroup with the others, "That didn't seem right…" he mutters waving them to take a defensive posture with him "Two are on the outskirts of the retreating fog.. high threat level chakra.. and someone clock him in the back the of head.. he is trying something his chakra is all over the place.. and not because of a genjutsu.." he says looking to the others while his senses continue to linger at the perimeter watching the encroaching challengers.. be they friend or foe -

+ Kinami scoots towards the center of the group, hoping to stay away from any more stray projectiles being that she had already been shredded pretty good. It was not turning out to be a good day for her, and she was grumbling about how her pay would probably hardly cover her medical bills by the end of it. "This was so not worth it…" She sighs. Hearing Hiro say there were others out there made her at least prepare to defend herself so she didnt take a kunai to the head or something while she wasnt paying attention.

With their adversaries down or dead, Rise's able to turn the full force of her gaze to the prisoner. Something felt… off. Still, she couldn't quite trust her gut on this one. Nor is the 'command' from Hiroyasu — while welcomed to say the least — isn't enough to bring any relief. So, beyond moving over to pull the prisoner back into the formation with a frown, Rise would not say or do more without being directly commanded to.

With everyone put down, the weather begins to clear and the fog recedes to reveal the bodies that they took out. Amani has to admit…she's satisfied with this image. It goes against everything that's medic, but all that gets tossed aside when she has to focus on trying to survive. "On it," she remarked and approached her target. She rubbed her hands together and balled up her fist before smacking the guy in the back of the head. Not so much a soft touch, but for a noggin' like that, it might as well be.

Ryouji looks around and not seeing any more targets besides those by the retreating fog he relaxes just a bit. He watches Amani for a few moments and will gladly have the captain bite down on his sword's handle repeatedly should the need arise. Keeping his senses tuned outward though he spots something and points. "Hey, we got two more coming at us on foot." he says loud enough for those around to hear.

The assault on the Captain is successful but it's like the lights are on, but nobody is home. When Rise goes to move him, he moves without any trouble and Amani's attack causes him to shiver and kneel on the ground. However, his breathing begins to increase and with each breath that he breathes in and lets out, his muscles begin to expand. Meanwhile stepping towards the group is a familiar face. The red haired kunoichi from the inn that Hiroyasu captured the Captain in. There is a sword sheathed at her waist and her clothing is a billowing shirt that's tucked into breeches with high boots. Beside her walks another man with a long duster blowing in the wind. He's dressed similarly with a wide brimmed hat on his head. The rain slows to a trickle and the fog is mostly gone. Apparently these two wanted to be seen. "Kumogakure shinobi…" The woman speaks. "I am the Captain's First Mate. Release him and let us be on our way. He is to face justice from the one he takes orders from. Do this, and we will leave your land with no more blood spilled. Deny us this, and we will open fire with our ship onto your Lightning Docks. Many will die and none of you are close enough to stop it. What say you?"

- There is a long pause as Hiroyasu stares down the two new entrants, the wind blowing silently between them cause his robe and cloak to likewise billow about with an occasional snap when it strikes them fanciful to do so. Looking at those who he has with him, and knowing that none of them are as versed in special ops handsign as his usual partner. "Take him.. but If you even think about going back on your word on the way out.. there will no hellfire hotter than the pain I will carve into your flesh.. and I will bury your so deep; death will struggle to find the pitiful shards of you that remain to take you to the hereafter.." he says looking at the others holding out his hand for them to hold firm. "I'll accept the responsibility for this decision.. and pay you all out of my own funds.." he says with hand signaling for rise to push the prisoner towards his comrades. -

+ Things had certainly gone awry, or so Kinami figured. They were giving up the person they had been sent to escort, and that meant she was not going to get paid for this…. and then Hiroyasu offers to pay sooo… She keeps quiet and doesnt comment. Not her place to say anything as a mere mercenary, not that she had much to say anyway… Yeah, nothing at all.

Rise looks at Amani with some trepidation, but seeing the eagerness in the girl's eyes… well, it was infectious. So, she helped as much as she could, even though there's some annoying bug in her head trying to remind her of the mission parameters. As it turns out the prisoner is very cooperative! Sort of. He fell to his knees for one, but… there was something off about the — "What?!" She emitted tersely as she whipped her head about to take in account the others… and the new arrivals. To say the decision didn't sit well with her… was an understatement. If perhaps they had more experienced members with them and SHE was in charge they could've gone with option C. But…
"As you wish, Hiro-san." She says emptily before not pushing, but literally tossing the man over to the feet of his comerades.

These actions are ridiculous. Do what we want or people will die. Amani hates that and feels it's the worst kind of way to make a deal. Every bit of her wanted to do to them what she did to the Captain and perhaps much more violently. She folded her arms and gritted her teeth, trying to hold back the swirling mass of curses that want to fly from her lips. Hiro manages to break some of that tension with his agreement, but she can't say she's all that pleased with it at the moment… "It's alright. Everything will be fine," she muttered to herself as if trying to calm her nerves.

Ryouji shrugs and lets his hand slide off the hilt of his sword. He glares at the first mate and says nothing. There's not much to say about it in fact. He just watches the first mate carefully, there could always be a trick hidden someplace.

As soon as Rise tosses the Captain over the man in the hat sweeps his duster back and draws what looks like wooden guns. He peppers the Captain with them for a few seconds before he holsters them. "He was preparing a self-detonation jutsu. Last ditch effort. We just saved your lives." The First Mate smirks a little at Hiroyasu. "It's a deal. We never go back on a contract." She slings the Captain over her shoulder and then they both turn to walk away, the kunoichi pauses and looks between Rise and Amani. "You two look like you have spunk. You ever get tired of doing the right thing all the time..look us up." Then she turns to walk away with her prize. The next time they see her, she'll be the Captain. Before they get completely out of sight, the guy with the hat turns and bows, tips his hat, and then there is a *poof* as his body disappears. And who says a pirate's life isn't satisfying.

- Hiroyasu puts two fingers on the bridge of his nose "Despite what some people might think.. revealing everything you know about a situation in front of your enemy is just a folly for fools. This is why you have to respect the chain of command and trust in your allies… Because the man in the duster was what is known as a Shadow clone.. had we done anything he could just had took the information back instantly to the ship.." before giving a whistle with his fingers and in the distance there is an answer with a whinny and the sound of thunderous hooves approaching. "They have recruited ridiculously skilled jutsuists with the lure of fame and gold.. The sea hag, an advanced clone Ninjutsuist.. and even an Ex-Jounin with quite the substantial bounty on his head.." he says moving to raise up into the saddle. "Ryouji.. use that Reizei speed.. I want you to take a message to the Prison; let them know that there is no high value prisoner transfer and that an official letter with come soon.. extend them apologies. But tell them to expect many new additions" then looking to Amani and Rise "You two.. find those who aren't dead, tie them up, and march them to the prison.. make them wish they died instead.." before looking up at the sky "I am going to rush to the village to first warn the docks in case they don't keep their words and get a garrison together.." he looks at them "Any questions?!" he asks. -

+ Kinami listens to Hiroyasu and then turns to look at the felled enemies lying around. She figured she might as well at least help, if nothing else, keep a watch over the two that were tasked with rounding them up. She was being paid for something, she might as well do it.
Idle message from Kefka:

The movement from the man in the duster prompts Rise to get ready to rush him, unleashing swift justice for going back on their 'deal' so quickly. She hardly slides her foot an inch forward when the 'gun' discharges, filling the captain with holes and effectively neutralizing him, seemingly permnantly. She felt nothing. Nothing but agitation and loathing for the final nail being driven into the coffin regarding any chances of the mission still being succesful.
"Tch!" Her only response to the First Mate before she and the gunslinger are gone from their field of vision. It's Hiro's turn to bear the brunt of her hardened gaze, though only up until reason finally sunk in. Around which point its order time. Feeling a little agitated still, Rise cannot help but asking one, innocent question.
"So long as their not dead by arrival we're free to do whatever we want to them… yes?"

Ryouji says, repeating Hiro's message, "Message to the prison. No high value prisoner transfer and an office letter will come soon with apologies. Expect many new additions soon." He waits a second, in case he got it wrong, and takes off like a shot using his reizei blur to move incredibly fast.
Ryouji has disconnected.

"What was known as a shadow clone, right," Amani placed a hand to her brow and rubbed it gently. "I understand the lure. Who doesn't want to be a part of something like that. It's promising and lucrative," she states. "But fine, we'll handle the stragglers. It's probably best that I do that anyway," she turned about, feeling the need to get to work before she caves in to frustration. It's clear she doesn't have many questions or much more to say on the matter. "Rise, we should get started. We need to handle these prisoners."

Mission End

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