The Coalition Cleansing - The Cowardly Cicada


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Chitose, Shikoge, Itami (emitter)

Date: May 11, 2014


The Pirate situation is closely drawing to a close for Sunagakure and the Land of Wind as a whole. With the combined efforts of both Suna and Kumogakure, they make headway in discovering the identities of the pirates involved. Unfortunately, the pirate in question, Soseki the Cicada escapes their grasp to live for another day.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Coalition Cleansing - The Cowardly Cicada"

Shiroku Hills

A flock of birds fly away from the port, the sounds of boots and crates thudding on the decks of ships as they're being loaded up with cargo. Men and women are shouting across the boat to one another; there's no sense of gender separation present aboard. All are equal voices participating in the activity. If you can do it, you're a part of it. However, compared to other ships, this is an unusual sound. Almost all the others had men working them and said men were confused as they observed this ship while working. They had nothing to say and quite frankly, found none of it their business. It was a pirate ship, after all.
Having been yelled at by their own captain for slowing down in their work, they continued on with their own cargo loading, sweat dripping from their heads and the air filled with mumblings about how the other guys make it seem so easy. It's blistering hot out here, but such is the norm for Shiroku Hills at this time.
It's not very late into the day, barely breaking noon and the resort portion of this place is lively as usual. It's definitely cooler compared to the decks as all places that offer some form of entertainment have misting systems and fountains decorating the outsides of their shops with drinks flowing almost on the hour and every hour. Yet, things are bound to get interesting later on and it isn't because there's a swimsuit contest being held. No, more shinobi are to be passing through here to handle a nasty problem that's been bugging their respective villages. Pirates have not been a welcome presence in either of the villages and now is the time to do away with the problem for the Land of Wind.

Hiei was part of that group of shinobi that would be passing through. Forgoing his duster and vest in favor of the increased heat, he wears the white pants with the sleeveless black shirt with his sword harness strapped on over that. He is moving through the town looking for the recruiting station that rumors stated was going on right now. He enters the entertainment district of Shiorku Hill and ends up in front of a bar that looks damaged. He looks over at Hiroyasu and asks. "You think this is the place? Your sensors are better than mine."

- Hiroyasu also part of the group that was passing though. Dressed in his usual traditional koromo with rakusu all covered by a sandcolored cloak with the hood up around his head and a wrap around his mouth and nose. Looking around the entertainment district with a scrunched face revealed by his eyes at the damage laying about. "I know its called an entertainment district but it looks kinda out of repair.. you think they are against fun?" he says through the facewrap before being reminded that he had a task to do and pulls from his cloak a paper seal and holds it up in front of his face.. "Seal of Omens!" he jests before giving the area a radar-like sweep. "Oh well, that interesting.. Yeah this is probably the place.. several unusual chakra signatures.. beyond the usual Shinobi everywhere kind. I'll have you number in a minute having trouble filtering out the background noise.." there is a pause in his voice "Beyond the usual minions, there are 2.. Threat Level: Omega over by the docks, and a Delta near here down the street somewhere.. honestly that may not be all.. but they are highly trained and are not using chakra exactly like Shinobi tend too.. it might be another dead-end.. you remember that time in Kiri.. where we chased down a strange chakra only to be some kids dog.." he reminds him with a shrug following it. -

For their part, Chitose is following the path laid out previously by some of the Iga. As he arrives, having Shikoge along, she peers around, "This is suppoed to be the place." She nods as she arrives, walking along casually as she looks at the various boats and people about, "We need to be careful and not fly off the handle, so to speak, Shikoge. This is eyes first, thought and then act." She then hmms, "If the situation looks favorable for us, we will act." She nods her head and then starts to notice one thing standing out, her eyes glancing toward the boat with both men and women acting on it, her eyes glancing over it and then she taps her chin, "One of these things is not like the others…"

Trailing well behind was a young lad that was starting to scurry just to catch up with the other Suna shinobi. The task only made more difficult by the giant sword strapped to his back and the tip dragging against the ground. "Hey, wait!" Shikoge called out as he continued his pace until finally matching Chitose's, "Look at this poster I found over there." Holding his hands out to show what was written upon it, "Looks like a swimsuit contest is being held. I bet we could sign up as a couple and take home the grand prize." He started pointing at the bottom, 'A crate of fish.' "We could eat like Daimyo's!" The boy couldn't help but smile thinking about winning such a feast, not even appearing to pay attention as Chitose talks about being careful and thinking before acting…Something that wasn't the boys specialty, "Definitely." Almost seeming to be responding to the girls comment, though his mind was still on the fish as he rolls up the poster and tucks it into his shirt. "What are we here for again?"

Indeed, the two chakra signatures that stood out the most happened to be the First Mate Soseki and Captain Yodo. The signature of the former came from the area of the beach where the swimsuit contest was just getting underway. The Captain, on the other hand, is on the ship where he's managing the cargo on the ship and keeping a watchful eye on those working it. Perhaps a bit too watchful as a couple of workers have managed to sneak away or so they think. It's possible he just let them go with the intent of punishing them later.
They come through to the entertainment district, talking among themselves about how they managed to get away from the Captain. It's darn well never been done before! Now is the time to celebrate, but since this bar over here is closed down, maybe they can head to another. They continue talking to themselves as they pass by Hiroyasu and Hiei headed in the direction of the beach. They intended to get in on that swimsuit action themselves.
As the two workers continue their walk, they look and see the boy with the large sword strapped to his back. They snicker about it to themselves and one points out to him, "Hey, what's a runt like you doing with a sword like that?" He begins to walk over while the other stands back. "You can hardly even move with that thing," he begins to walk around Shikoge while inspecting him and the blade. He glances at Chitose, but doesn't say much to her other than "Are you his sister?" Meanwhile, his partner sitting back and observing begins to wonder about something. He's certain he's seen that girl before…

Hiei nods at Hiroyasu. "Let's get the appetizer before the main course." He turns on his heel and goes off towards the beach. You would think if there was a recruiting station in town, they'd be there. He spots a poster for the bikini contest and smirks. "Jackpot. I bet he's at this thing." Pirates and hot girls. Sounds like a party. Hiei wastes no time in going to check it out.

- Hiroyasu nods "There isn't really any other way.. rushing to the strongest guy is just getting asked to be stabbed in the back by the 2nd strongest.." before looking at the Yotsuki as his attention and attitude shift slightly.. "You can ogle girls in swimsuits at home.. now is not really the time for that.." then sighs "Your probably right, why is it we always end up breaking up something fun with collateral damage?! Why can't they hang out in derelict buildings or old jutsu testing grounds or something.. Get an eyefull before you do your Yotsuki charge.. they will probably not allow back ever.." he chides the yotsuki jokingly tapping him on the shoulder and taking to the general location of the second-mate.. "Ah.. really?! can't we just stay and watch then jump afterwards.. its so hot and those beverages they are serving look cold.. please?" he ask pleading eyes to the Yotsuki. -

Looking at Shikoge, Chitose takes a breath and then shakes her head, "Stop talking…like forever." She nods her head before looking up to see the pair inspecting them. She shakes her head, "No, I'm not his sister. I'm here for something else, just like he is." She then idly rolls her shoulder and glances over the men before saying, "Who are you and where are you heading?" Chitose asks the men as she takes a step forward and then glances at Shikoge, "I mean it, zip it and keep it zipped."

"Who me?" Shikoge would turn instantly upon hearing mention of the word sword, something that gets him more excited than a crate full of fish. "Do you like it? It's pretty amazing; my dad gave it to me. Do you have a sword?" The boy would chuckle at the stranger thinking that he and Chitose were brother and sister when clearly they're boyfriend and girlfriend. "We were just headed…." Meaning to bring up the swimsuit contest, but cut off by Chitose telling him to zip it. It didn't make sense why, but as Shikoge glanced off into the distance he saw a giant of a man accompanied by another. "Oh, I see." Whispering quietly to Chitose, "Those must be who we're after." He'd squint for a bit as he tried to get a better look at the giant. He's obviously carrying swords, that will be his opponent. "I get the giant…"

"Nope, don't have a sword. I got knives, though. Big knives," the worker grinned. "With a little wind, they become something even better. Can cut through anything including that ridiculous sword of yours," he laughs aloud. His partner has lost focus on the conversation and is more or less focused on Chitose still. He spent enough time studying her before he recognized who she was. "Hey…" he starts. "I think we need to head out to the contest," the partner remarked. The other looked back. "Why? Oh, right. The contest! I almost forgot. That sword of his," he gave it a thumb point followed by another chuckle.
"Anyhow…you look like you're not excited. What's wrong with you? There's girls at the beach with swimsuits on." He walked over to his partner, giving him a quizzical look. "We don't have time for the contest. The problem is her," he states, gesturing to Chitose. "She's the one responsible for that," he points to the wrecked bar. "We have to warn Soseki," he states as he begins to leave. In his efforts, he starts to pass by Hiroyasu and Hiei. Looks like he'll need to pick up his pace. "C'mon you idiot, let's move!" He states to his straggling partner who is just getting the information clicking in his head who the girl was. "Why didn't you say anything before then? I was right next to her?" His voice trails as he follows after.

Hiei had his back turned to the group but he was listening in. He already has it on good authority that their chakra levels are above normal. When they turn to leave Chitose and Shikoge, Hiei asides to Hiroyasu. "Now." Turning in place he accelerates quickly, flinging his arm out in an attempt to sucker punch one of the pirates with the great lariat technique.

- Hiroyasu sneers leaning on one foot looking to the side.. "Its so hot.. and the air is so thick.. its like hot soup.." he whines from beneath the face-wrap.. "You got it!" he turns around with spin of his foot trying to hit the same guy as the Yotsuki, in a classic chopblock, The muscle hits him high with the monk using speed to spin a quick kick to the back of the legs.. "Stop!.. You know its always bothered me, we don't shout that before we hit them.. eh" he seems ambivalent about now. -

The poor guy who is getting hit by Hiei will also find someone attacking his legs as well as Chitose moves in to slow the pair, "Now now, I didn't say you could leave." She chuckles and then looks at Shikoge, "Those two are with us, not against us." She nods to Hiei and HIroyasu, "Don't attack them…you'll die."

Shikoge looked at the man in disbelief, "What, no way. You couldn't cut through my sword." Even threatening something so ridiculous was enough to upset the boy, but he knew well enough to not start anything, especially with Chitose on watch. All he could muster was to cross his arms over his chest and shake his head as the pair walked away. Though his anger quickly turned to frustration as they were suddenly attacked by the giant and his partner as well as Chitose coming up behind. Maybe the three was upset as he was for making such claims against Shikoge's sword. "I see."

He tried to pick up the pace, he really did. He put wind into his feet, but it just didn't cut it. In fact, it almost made things worse for him. As he put effort in picking up the pace, he ended up hooked across the neck, legs knocked from beneath him and twisted under in a three man, err, two man, one girl thee way strike against him. His friend, who looked back and witnessed the attack decided he was going to pick up the pace himself. Only problem is he had no real way to do that, so he just kept running. "Boooosss! Booosss!!" He shouted as he continued forward.
Knife goon was still dazed on the ground until the world came into focus and he found who he was surrounded by. Things don't look good. Down at the beach, Sokeki was enjoying himself at the contest and smiling despite sand having been kicked in his face numerous times by the women there and doused in drinks by those women who were in audience. He was completely unaware of what was taking place until the partnerless goon showed up and tried to explain what happened only to have his plight fall on deaf ears. Maybe there was sand in those too.

Hiei looks back as the second guy makes his escape. He looks over at Chitose and Shikoge. "Why didn't you guys take the other one? Buzz!" He looks over at his partner. "Hiro, we gotta get the second guy and the First Mate." He glances back at Chitose and Shikoge. "Treat this guy to a dirt nap." He then turns and runs towards the beach. "Man, we gotta get to this guy before he's hip to what's going on and calls for reinforcements."

- Hiroyasu shrugs "Don't you think they should run after that one?" of course by the time the words finish he looks to the side only to see a blank spot where his partner has been standing.. "BUT ITS TOO HOT TO RUN!" he shouts chasing after the Yotsuki.. who is chasing after the guy who is racing against all odds. His hands fumbling in his cloak as a seal suddenly shoots out tied to small rock.. "Nariko! did you replace all my kunai with rocks again!?" he shouts in angst. -

Looking after Hiei, Chitose nods her head in response to that and then looks over at Shikoge, "You heard him, make this guy regret being alive…the save him from being alive." She then whips an arm down on him with tremendous force toward the man on the ground before looking after the pair, "Lets get past the rabble and get to the real fight."

Shikoge could only stare at the giant in awe, mostly eyeing the swords strapped to the man. Then in an instant he was gone, running after the other that had gotten away, "What was that about a nap? I could definitely use one." Looking over toward Chitose to see if that was possible considering the guy they were just tasked with looking after is already on the ground. "Wait, what? I get that he mocked my blade, but I'm not gonna kill him for it or anything." Luckily there was no need for Shikoge to step up and do anything as Chitose was more than capable of dealing the coup de grace on her own. "Well…Lead the way."

The goof continues trying to get his boss's attention, but the guy would only brush him off as he continued to look at the women. He kept shouting about what was going on anyhow and when he saw a seal beneath his feet, he tried to pull someone else in to take his place, but was too slow and found himself trapped within a barrier of chakra. Sokeki finally looked over and saw what he was inside of and studied it for a few moments. "How come you didn't let me know you were being attacked?" He asked only to shake his head and smile. Of course he knew that was going to happen. He sat there shouting his ear off about it. Oh well.
He decides to leave the goof in there while he stepped away from the beach to come into contact with the ones responsible for the barrier against the worker. It's his fault for skipping out on work anyhow. The knife goon had only just come to, though the world still felt like it was still moving slowly as he tried to recover from the attack against him. He made an attempt to raise up from the ground only to find himself stricken back down and out by a whip arm strike. It was strong enough to crack the ground beneath him and likely his ribs.
Sokeki, upon finally spotting the enemy, he seemed excited and showed it by waving at them. "Hey, hey! You guys! First off, thanks for trapping that idiot. I'm grateful. Second, I think you guys are gonna be a problem, so I guess I ought to make this quick…" He didn't waste any time by initiating his attack against the group. He pulled out a whistle and began to blow into it, the sound of a single cicada ringing in the air. Anyone that heard the sound would likely be trapped in the resultant swarm that would come from it. The crowd at the beach, so far, was unaware of what was going on up until a few people nearby acted as if they were being attacked by something, but that something was nowhere to be found. They were convinced of it much to the confusion of those that weren't within range to understand what was affecting them. Was it the swimsuit girls? The weather?

Hiei heard the sound and then began to get bitten by..bugs? He looks around and noticing that no one else seems to see them, he withdraws a kunai and stabs himself in the thigh with it. The sensation of being bitten goes away. He sighs heavily. "Genjutsu. So weak. You must be the cowardly type." He flings the kunai at the pirate and then takes off towards the guy. He aims an open palm strike towards his middle before spinning around and sending a knee towards his back.

- Hiroyasu sighs for a moment only feeling the wave of uneasy chakra wash against him but some of the other near to him "I think we should invest in ear plugs.." he growls swatting his hands in the air reflexively as they move to form the handseal which pauses then purges the malifeasant chakra. Then his hands disappear into his cloak and a torrent of glowing seals escape hurtling at the captain in-between the movements of the yotsuki.. teamwork and familiarity hooo! -

Attacked by the genjutsu, Chitose stares blankly at the man before tilting her head as she grinds her own nails into the palm of her hand, "THat's…just dumb." She states and then watches as and how the others attack before taking a breath and firing off several blasts of ink at the man, the small sprays of it causing severe burning if they hit.

Following after Chitose, ahead Shikoge would see the swimsuit contest going on, "Oh, we made it just in time!" Already surprisingly shirtless, Shikoge kicked off his shoes and began to stumble through taking off his pants while trying to keep his pace. Unfortunately that was a task not as easily accomplished while running and the end result being the boy falling face first. "Ugh. Owie." Quickly the boy would adjust himself to pick himself back up off the ground leaving him standing in just his underwear and his sword strapped to his back. "I'm coming!" He'd want to start running ahead again only to see a swarm of insects washing over him and begin to sting against his practically naked form. In response he'd start flailing his arms trying to free himself from their stinging bites.

"Cowardly? That's just mean! But probably true…" Sokeki remarked as he changed up the tune of his buzzing whistle. With the effects of it spreading out, those who couldn't defend against the genjutsu cicada found they were being swarmed from behind, causing all the festivities at the beach to collapse and send people running towards the entertainment district to escape from the mass of cicadas chasing them. Sokeki had every intent of getting lost in the crowd, but as he tried to make his daring, cowardly escape, he found his body shudder as electricity flowed through it and sent him falling to the ground. As he was falling, hardened paper came through and gave him a good cut to follow up that burning bruise to his face and all of it was topped off with a corrisive ink spray that he tried his best not to inhale. "I probably didn't think that through…" He muttered to himself. He still wasn't down yet and tried to get lost in the mob fleeing the area, hoping that their numbers would overwhelm the shinobi he was up against. The goof? Yeah, he didn't make it out all that well. Trapped in that barrier, there was nowhere he could go to avoid from being trampled himself.

Hiei frowns as he stands and watches the guy try to get away. "Use gentjusu on me and then run? Not while I'm alive." When the mob reaches him it seems like they go right through his body. He waited until the last moment to dodge and left an afterimage in his place. Increasing his speed, he descends upon the pirate from the sky, dropping an elbow on him. "Oooh Yeeeah! Yotsuki Madness..the Sky is the Limit!"

- "Keep calm, Yotsuki-sama.. we don't need a repeat of the last time!" he says before the Yotsuki disappears from sight doing that Reizisuki thing.. Hiro favored a more organic approach and just shouts "Get out of the way!" and tries not to be in the way.. which utterly fails and he gets caught up in the middle of stampede, kicked, punched, and sweep away in the ocean of idiotic flesh as the herd charges on.. Eventually he can move again and he charges down the beach picking up random beach going items either throwing them directly or flipping them up into the air and catching them an flip-kick at the fleeing man. -

Looking at he others, she atches the guy escape only to end up getting smashed under the foot of quite few people. She slips and falls an ends up beings smashed down. After a few moments, she'll end up getting back up but she's going to have todosome catching up.

Shikoge's flailing was doing nothing against the swarm as Cicada and their numbers only seemed to increase. His only hope now seemed to be outrunning them. Looking ahead, he'd spot the rampaging crowd of beach bodies heading his way. Instinctively he'd reach for the handle of his blade behind his back, pull the sword up and in front of him before twisting it in the air and stabbing it in to the ground. Quickly he'd muster whatever strength he could to fling himself forward and above the crowd, making sure to take his blade with him. Though the plan was smart, it didn't work out in the boys favor. Instead he landed on top of the stampede only to roll along with their running until falling once the crowd had passed.

The beach goers have all run off and fled into the entertainment district where the whistle began to lose its effects on them. The people that were in the area would all have cleared the way for them up until they calmed enough to return to their senses and discover that the cicada swarm has left them alone. Among them was Sokeki who was bruised and battered by the attacks he withstood while in the group. He had lost enough strength going up against those shinobi, but now he thinks he has enough clearance to stumble his way back to the ship to recover. The beatings were not worth it for those swimsuits, though. He's seen much better or maybe that was just the alcohol left in his system talking. He's sure he lost some of it back there somewhere…

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