The Coalition Cleansing - The Island Adventure


Hiroyasu, Nariko, Ryouji, Michiko, Yuzuna, Hiei

Date: March 21, 2014


The Kumo nin are tasked with liberating a small island off the coast of the Land of Lightning that has become under siege by pirates.

"The Coalition Cleansing - The Island Adventure"

Small Island off the coast of the Land of Lightning.

An odd request comes into the administration building. A small island in between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Tea seems to be under siege by pirates. Since the people that live there have a trade agreement with Kumogakure, it seemed only natural that they ask for help. And Kumo didn't disappoint. As it always is with Kumo-nin, they sent quality instead of quantity. As the team gathers at the lightning ferry docks, they are presented with their mode of transportation. A small schooner class ship complete with Captain and about 15 crew.
Hiei was excited at the prospect of another mission, and was immediately depressed when he found out it featured being on a boat. He almost refused the order, but he sucked it up and instead asked Hiroyasu for medicine that would help him keep his seasickness under control. Or at least make it not as bad as it usually is. He boards the gang plank tenatively, making sure to board with his right foot first in accordance with sea faring superstition. He grumbles. "I better not lose another sword this time. There better not be a stupid giant squid this time, either."

Michiko was likely eating a small meal when she got the message. Another mission! She gathered her usual gear and headed off to the meeting place. Upon seeing the transport, she grins slightly. Boats were actually fun, despite the… interesting encounter the last time she was on one. She boards the boat behind Hiei. "A giant squid wouldn't be very fun to encounter, no. I'll hope for that, as well, Hiei-san," she says in response to his grumblings.

- Hiroyasu packed extra medicine this time, because someone who won't be named "Hiei" he coughs aloud is going to need it or he might burst into tears. "I liked the giant squid.. too bad it got away.. I had planned butter, lemon, and a little thyme over a hot fire in its future" he says patting Michiko on the shoulder, and giving Hiei a thumbs up. "Guess alot of people are either not comfortable on boats or not on active rosters.." he says somewhat facetiously as he kept the roster.. -

Stepping onto the boat itself, Yuzuna exhales a small breath as a hand instinctively touches the distinct shape of her stomach, as if in an absent protective gesture. Her smile is subtle, faint amongst her usual passive demeanor. Her eyes have purpose on this specific mission, and she's to help however way that she can, however limited she may be. Still, it's nice to get out and actually do something. Finding the closest stool, Yuzuna exhales another small breath from her parted lips. "And how is everyone today?"

Hiei actually smiles at Michiko. "It's great to know that we think alike, kiddo." He looks over at Hiroyasu. "That sounds so good. You're making me hungry…which with my stomach already making me feel sick, isn't a good thing." He moves to help Yuzuna sit down on her stool and smiles at her. "Welcome aboard, Yuzuna-sama. I'm doing..better, now that Hiroyasu's medicine has kicked in. Just make sure you take it easy and if you have to, go below deck if the fighting spreads to the ship." He turns to look back towards the plank. "I had requested Ryouji for this mission, but he's not here. Ah well, we can't wait." He looks over. "Captain, raise anchor!" He sighs lightly. "Here we go again."

Michiko smiles back to Hiei. "Well, if we don't encounter a giant squid, it's just better in the long run." She glances over at Hiro. "Ah, Hiro-san is making me hungry too…" She settles on a seat next to Yuzuna. "It's a shame Ryouji-kun couldn't come…" she comments with a slight frown.

- Hiroyasu nods to Hiei "Sorry.. but the sheer amount of tasty meat on something that size is.. a chef's dream.." then looks around "Well he may be down in the hold. Several Shinobi we offered the chance to report.. its just we 4 seem to be the on deck crew.. well 3.. Lady Yuzuna I assume you are on business maybe pleasure? We will do our best to provide you as safe a journey as possible.." he says.. in the back of his head the several scenario's that would happen to them if Ogo found out.. most involving rocks and 'accidents'. -

Yuzuna gives Hiei a small but genuine smile when he assists her to her stool, thanking him quietly. "That's good to hear." she murmurs, just before she gives him a rather pointed glance. "Do not think for a moment that I can not defend myself. Or the cargo for that matter." Her expression softens, however. "Just let me know if my eyes are needed. The Byakugan is treasured for a reason." Even if she isn't asked, she'll use the Byakugan anyway. The threat of pirates isn't something to lower your guard. The anchor is raised, and Michiko takes a seat beside Yuzuna, eliciting a small smile herself, before she glances to Hiroyasu. "Oh, I am just here to ride along. Just in case. Help if I can. I am not entirely useless after all."

As the boat leaves the harbor the crew seem to be in good spirits, despite what they might be sailing into. The first half of the trip go fine, the Kumo nin have a chance to talk and perhaps catch up on current events before suddenly the temperature drops significantly and a thick fog rolls in. It's so thick that it's hard for the crew, or the shinobi for that matter, to see very far in front of themselves. Those who were on the previous mission would recognize what these events might mean.

When the temperature drops and the fog rolls in, Hiei would normally be at a disadvantage, however, not this time. Remembering his lessons from Hiroyasu, he stretches his senses out into the ether and furrows his brow slightly. "Hiroyasu…I sense..something." He points starboard. "That way. And I think I can hear the faint sounds of…metal clashing? But I can't be sure. Anyone else hear or see anything?"

Michiko seems to be having a good time on the ship just chatting with everyone. When the fog rolls in, she tries to sense what's out there as well, remembering the last time a sea journey went like this. "I don't see anything, Hiei-san… Wait…" She narrows her eyes. "There's something… It looks really big…" She frowns.

- Hiroyasu looks mortified when Yuzuna chides Hiei for trying to protect her.. "Uh Never my Lady; You are capable and we don't think you anything other than that.." interjecting and attempting a goatman classic suckup for Hiei's idiotic bluntness.. no jutsu.. "You do.. really?" he answers looking at Hiei "Didn't ever expect that you would pick up anything from that lesson.." he says rubbing the back of his head.. then again how could he not sense something this massive.. he omits that and praises him "good job.. you are correct. it seems to be a ship.. in fact it was the same ship.. and they are fighting someone.. a lot of someones.. alot of jutsu is flying.." before nodding to Michiko and pointing where she is looking "It's the ship!" he says before looking at Yuzuna.. -

When the thick fog begins to roll in, Yuzuna can feel herself tense subtly, before she forces her shoulders to relax. With a quick, sharp exhale, she closes her pale eyes and clasps her hands together. "Byakugan." she whispers under her breath, chakra pulsing through her and enlarging the spiderwebbing veins that stretch from the corner of her eyes outwards to her temples. "Backside of the island, the village is being overrun by the pirates. The villagers are trying to fight back, but the pirates are strong and cutting them down with weapons and jutsu." Yuzuna murmurs. "On the deck of the ship is a kunoichi, she's creating the jutsu for the fog and cold. And at the rear of the fighting, there's a man in a long coat with two subordinates, he's the one giving out the orders."

Laying below deck, snoring loudly like the typical beariko, was the young and lovely Yotsuki heroine known as Nariko. She felt a chill in the air and she instinctively reaches for a blanket, but finds none. "What the…Why didn't Hiei pack a blanket for me?!" She pouts and then slowly moves out of the bunk, making her way to the higher deck. "Hiei, you forgot.." She trails off, noticing the fog. She squints into the fog, trying to see anything. "Huh, you're right. There is a ship. and it even looks like they're dancing with fire." She looks to Hiei and grumbles. "I wish Hiei would start a fire so it wasn't so cold." She mostly said that to herself, but anyone near her would hear it.

Hiei nods at everyone's input. He looks at Yuzuna. "I am so glad you decided to come on this trip. Thank you for the info, Lady Yuzuna." He turns to face them all. "Okay based on what we've been able to tell, these are my orders. Ryouji and Michiko, I want you make that kunoichi stop her jutsu. Right now it's a hindrance. I don't care if you have to spit in her eye or tell her a bedtime story, just get her to stop." He turns to Yuzuna. "It's a good chance once we engage, they'll make a play for the ship. That's where you come in. DO NOT let them board this ship." He eyes Ryouji for a moment. "Glad you decided to come above deck, kiddo. This one is going to be a little intense. I hope you're up for it." He looks at Hiro. "You and I are tasked with getting as many of those people on the island out of harm's way as we can." He looks around. "I hope there aren't any questions, because we really don't have time for a debate. Everyone clear on their jobs?"

Michiko nods at the orders. "Alright, Hiei-san." She glances over to Ryouji. "Ready, Ryouji-kun? Did you get some rest or anything?" She glances over at the opposite ship, frowning and trying to figure out a good way to stop her. Best plan she's got: knock out the target.
Michiko has partially disconnected.

Exhaling a small breath, Yuzuna merely dips her chin with a subtle nod, "Of course." before pushing herself gently to her feet. She rises gracefully, like the lady of her stature, her keen eyes sharp and focuses as she keeps a lookout from where she stands on the deck. Gathering her strength and focusing it into chakra, she prepares herself to stand vigilant.

Ryouji listens to the orders and nods to him. He looks over at Michiko and smiles, "That genin we sparred with yesterday only gave me a few scrapes. Nothing I couldn't heal from with some rest. I'm fine, thank you Michiko-chan." He makes a hand sign and charges himself up too. "One thing I did learn yesterday, I need some broader skills. A sword won't block everything thrown at me." He smiles, "Just need to figure out what to use is all."

- Hiroyasu pauses to a take a deep breath, getting the standing orders from Hiei was refreshing in their simplicity and honesty. "Yes" he says as his eyes open to reveal their usual green has swallowed by the infinite darkness before thinly lit seals swirl into existence. "Michiko if something goes wrong.. you use a fireshot into the sky to signal us to your position.." trying not to step on Hiei's authority but giving them a robust communication plan.. "May the Goat-Ogre be merciful on us all.." he says with a backflip off the side of the ship and as soon as his feet hit the water he is leaping from wave to wave leaving hardly a ripple as each foot meets water and thrusts me onward to his objective. -

Hiei hops up onto the rail of the ship. "Alright. Let's be careful, but let's get it done." He looks at Ryouji. "I know you're trying to figure stuff out right now but I need you to get your head in the game, buddy. There are lives at stake here. Good luck." He inclines his head to Yuzuna before leaping off after Hiroyasu. As soon as his feet touch the water, he is sprinting alongside the monk. He glances over. "Just like old times, eh? Running head long into trouble?"

As the shinobi receive their given assignments, it appears that they've already gotten the attention of some of the pirates already. Men with arrows prepare to take aim at the boat itself and at the two approaching shinobi. But they haven't fired just yet. Meanwhile, Ryouji and Michiko can see the kunoichi kneeling on the nearby deck of the pirate ship. She is constantly forming handseals while being guarded by two guys wielding cutlass swords.

Michiko jumps into the water, starting to swim across to the other ship. Once there, she waits for Ryouji to make sure they stay together. Then starts climbing up the side. Hanging onto the ledge, she grabs a Kunai from her pouch and throws it at the Kunoichi, ducking back down to avoid any retaliation. "Ryouji-kun, get ready!" she says in a hushed voice.

- Hiroyasu turns his head to the Yotsuki running beside him.. "Your student does remember that he is a Reizei and that he -can- dodge things right? Your teaching profiencency is really in question.. I'll make a note of this later.. expect a review." then spins backwards running backwards looking at the Yotsuki as his hands in a blurr sign the handseals.. and from the surf a pair of columns of dirt, sand and earth hurl them into the sky "Goatman! Arrives in Style!" he proclaims as he attempt to kick three separate but closely grouped pirates from his skyward position. -

First Hiro, then Hiei leaps off the side of the boat, followed by Michiko. Remaining on the deck of the boat, Yuzuna exhales another small breath, her gaze continuing to quietly scan, in constant search.

Ryouji looks taken back, "Sensei, I wouldn't let my personal problems affect the mission. My head has been in the game since we started." He gives a thumbs up to Hiei before he takes off, "I'm good." He looks up at the rigging and gets an idea. Running over to the mast he grabs a line that won't bring the whole sails down if he cuts it but still hauls him up to a high spot on the rigging. He dangles there for a second before he finds a perch, walks out on the beam and grabs a rope again. Ryouji sucks in a breath and swings out like Errol Flynn about to attack the pirate ship. While in mid swing before landing on the deck near Michiko and the rail he whips out a kunai towards one of the pirates.

Hiei looks aghast at Hiro. " can't…he can dodge. Really. I've seen him do it. I think he's just trying to find the right jutsu for him is all." When he's launched by the stone columns he begins his own handseals. His fist crackles with lightning as he shoots his palm out. "Lightning Shotgun!" As his feet touch the ground, he draws both blades as he attempts to become a whirling tornado of death as he slashes and stabs his opponents.

$ When Hiro launches his surprised attack, the group of pirates attempt to dodge out of surprise, but the monk's taijutsu seems to be solid as all of his attacks hit, disorienting the group for the moment. Michiko and Ryouji's kunai attacks hit home, as they each land in one of the pirates guarding the kunoichi. "Kids? They send kids after us?" They each move to attack each of the genin while the kunoichi continues to try to keep up her jutsu. Meanwhile, Lady Yuzuna finds herself on the recieving end of a hail of flaming arrows from archers who are advancing upon her position. "It's just one chick. Come on guys, lets take this ship and claim it for our own!" One of them bellows as they continue firing at her.

Michiko rolls her eyes a bit. It seems the enemy are underestimating her and Ryouji. It's largely to their mistake, she thinks. "We're Kumo-genin, not-" Her voice cuts off as she tries to correct them, a sword cutting her midsection. Then the girl disappears with a puff of smoke and a fireball rains down on the enemies.

- Hiroyasu swirls in the air coming to a stop as the spiral of fabric swishes around him with the faint sound of metallic chanks.. "You will bother these Citizens No-moar! Evil doers!" he leans over to the side lifting one leg off the ground in an unusual looking stance.. before stamping his foot into the dirt with several glowing seals flying like knives at his 3 targets in unison.. Then he dances a sidelong in the sand before taking up another unusual pose "Feel.. the sting of furry justice!" he eludes quite loudly. -

Arrows arching into the air, Yuzuna barely inhales a sharp breath as she pushes off in a sudden spin. The Heavenly Spin deflects all of the arrows, and her hands blur with speed again as she focuses her chakra into the water. The Mist rises from the ocean around them, aiming to blind the archers before the water rises into large wave.

Ryouji brings his sword up just as he's speeding up his blood trait. Too fast and too inaccurate it seems at the blade he's trying to block slips past his defenses his gives him a nice cut on his shoulder. He gasps at the pain and furiously slashes with his sword over and over at his opponent. Anger is plastered on his face as he tries to finish this fight fast, then onto the next one.

Thanks to the actions of Hiei and Hiro, part of the pirate army is in a state of disarray. The chakra seals from Hiroyasu strike their mark, save one. And he doesn't look like he's going to back down. He attacks Hiro in a dazzling display of swordsmanship, slashing out at him multiple times. Hiei is also successful as his lightning sears one pirate and his sword runs through the chest of another. One of his attacks is blocked and the Yotsuki swordsman faces off with him. The swordsman attacks Hiei in the same manner with multiple strikes. Michiko's fireballs miss their mark, but the heat from the fire makes her opponent dance back, giving her a brief reprieve. "You're still children and you have no..chance?" He blinks as Ryouji, using his god given Reizei speed, manages to slice his opponent deep enough so that he falls into a pool of his own blood. Meanwhile, Yuzuna's water jutsu hits it's mark, scattering the archers. However ropes with hooks attach to the side of the ship as battle cries fill Yuzu's ears as multiple pirates attempt to board the ship all at once. A couple of spears fly out from the side of the boat towards the Hyuuga.

Hiei blinks as the swordsman in front of him displays a level of skill that he didn't expect. It surprises him so much in fact that the attack gets past his defenses. He receives multiple cuts to his torso and a deep wound across his abdomen. He ignores it for now, even though it bleeds freely. His katana glows a neon blue as he attacks his opponent, then he follows up with a double slash with both weapons.

Michiko curses quietly as both of her attacks miss, but at least it provides Ryouji a perfect opening to slice one down. She sends another firebolt in the guards' (or is it guard's) direction before throwing a Kunai in the direction of the Kunoichi creating the fog. This is closely followed by another ball of fire.

- Sidesteps abound as Hiroyasu, the furry fiend, dances with the pirate who managed to survive the initial onslaught.. there is the shine of steel as Cutlass sings throught the air, his opponent was skilled more-so than his cohorts would lead you to believe.. Dodge, duck, sidelong leap.. It was everything he could do to avoid it.. and even then it turned out not to be enough as the sweet bitter sting as the blade sings through the air and into his shoulder bouncing off the chain until it finds a chink and pierces into flesh with a flow of blood.. looking left, look right.. he fights the sword with his hand pulling it out as he leaps backward and grabbing the cutlasses from two other dead and dual-wielding the blades engages in close-quarters slicing.. he had never used this kind of sword.. but he was smart enough to stab at them with the pointy end.. and does so to the best his ability. -

Yuzuna pushes off in another spin, the Heavenly Spin dispersing the spears thrown at her, though she waits until the pirates actually jump onto the boat itself before the sphere around her expands, the jutsu swiftly becoming a Great Heavenly Spin.

Ryouji glares at the fallen pirate and sighs, lamenting the death for half a second. An eternity for a reizei flickering and blurring like he is currently. He gives his weapon a flick to rid it of blood, then resheathes his weapon back into his saya. He looks back up at the remainder of the guards and gives them a glare before he stalks them, first one foot, then another, then he's gone using a burst of speed to reappear next to the guard. Out comes the weapon aiming to slam into her stomach to knock the wind out of her. Then he draws it the rest of the way, slashing twice with only the speed of a reizei could.

Returning to the deck after retrieving her forgotten ninja kit, was the young Yotsuki known as Nariko. She puts her hands on her knees, and breathes heavily for a moment. "It's okay guys, I got this. We're going to be alright." She then gives a thumbs up and spots Hiro and Hiei on the beach. Without a moment to spare she runs for the edge of the boat, hopping over the ledge and running on the water towards the two. "Yo bro, heard you needed help." And with that she takes one look at all the evil smelly pirates, making them think they're going towards the light. "Yes, go towards the light. It won't hurt you." She says with some mysticism in her voice. Then raises her hand to flick shots of lightning towards them. "And you don't hurt my cousin. Thats ~my~ job."

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Kumo-nin have officially arrived…and the pirates finally realize it. On the beach, Hiro looks like a master swordsman as he manages to strike twice into his opponent and take him down. Hiei, on the other hand, seems to be struggling a bit. His attacks are blocked and he's still bleeding from that wound across his stomach. Fortunately for him, Nariko steps in, her genjutsu lightning pillar stunning the swordsman and three other of his friends before her lightning attack reduces them to cinders. On board the pirate ship, Michiko dispatches the other guard and then launches a fireball towards the kunoichi..and if she hadn't stopped the jutsu before, she does now as her clothes catch on fire. Followed up by that, the 'Little Demon' Reizei's faster than lightning sword attacks cut into the kunoichi and forces her off the side of the ship into the water. It's unclear if she's dead or alive as her body slips below the surface. The pirates attempting to board the shinobi's boat have a brief victory as they set foot on it's deck, only to be swept away again due to Yuzuna's rather impressive attack. While it seems the Kumo nin have a lull in action for a moment, a new group of pirates appear off in the distance, but it will be some time before they are within fighting range. The blond haired man in the longcoat gathers the two other men with him and begin to make their way back towards the ship. The locals take this time to board up in their homes, allowing the shinobi to defend them rather than run the risk of more of them getting hurt.

Hiei grunts as he is saved by the one person who will never let him live it down. "Thanks, Nariko." He pushes himself back up to his feet as he looks at Hiro and then Nariko. He motions with his chin. "There's more coming." He sheathes his blade. "Hiro can you do something for my wound?" He looks at Nariko. "Fire a bolt of lightning in the air to signal the genin to come to our location. We're going to need their help." He forms a handseal before a lightning infused blue aura surrounds his body. "Time to get serious."

Michiko smiles faintly, glad to see that her and Ryouji's efforts have gotten rid of the Kunoichi. Task complete successfully! "Good job, Ryouji-kun," she says to her fellow genin, drawing back for now. "I guess we should get back to our ship?" She starts making her way back to the ship without waiting for a response, but doesn't take a step off the boat until the Reizei is with her and about to leave. Don't wanna leave anyone behind, even if they can handle themselves great in battle.

- Hiroyasu leaves the two cutlasses embedded in the pirate as the sharp pointy ends do what they do best.. Then a wild Nariko appears and begins laying waste to those who look upon her.. "That.. is.. just.. cruel" he says rubbing the back of his head before charging at the Yotsuki bladesman, leaping off a rock and flipping through the air his hands making a bevy of seals before his extended fingers jab across body of the Yotsuki.. and he lands with a deep bound both arms held out to each side as his body slowly raises with him grabbing the lapel of his robe as he turns to face the battlefield again.. "The hooves of justice strike fear into the hearts of evil.. but to their friends and the innocent they fill them with the gloory of righteousness.." he says striking his best attempt to seem mysterious.. of course next to the form of the destroyer, the paragon of pranks.. he seems just like a crazy rambling idiot.. as he feels around his robe looking for something "Nariko! did you steal my after battle snack?!" he whines.. slumping his shoulders in defeat. -

Ryouji nods to Michiko and says, "You did well yourself, Michiko-chan." He puts his sword back in its saya and says, "You're right, we should." He looks at the rigging he was swinging across earlier but it's out of reach. He heads over to Michiko and dives in with her hitting the water and swimming across quickly before climbing backup. He hasn't seen the signal yet, but will hate having to dive back into the water.

Nariko looks at Hiei and gives him a two fingered salute. "You're welcome cousin!" She gives him a proud smile, she may or may not spread a rumor, she might feel generous today. She looks to Hiro and gives him a peace sign. "That…That is justice!" She pouts a moment when he blames her for the loss of his fod. "No, it was Hiei. Why does it always have to be me? There are other Yotsuki in the area." She scoffs then raises her arm to the sky, making the shape of a gun to fire of a lightning bolt to signal to the others to join them. "There you go!"

With the pirates taken care off, blown away from the deck of the ship, Yuzuna is granted a small moment of reprieve. Taking a longer breath, she closes her pale eyes again and presses her hands together in a smooth motion of seals. She uses her chakra once more to create a fog, surrounding the ship and surrounding ocean with the mist.

As the new wave of pirates make their way towards the group on the beach, some of them branch off, heading towards the ship that the nin came in on. Luckily, Yuzuna has had the foresight to cloak it a bit in her mist which will make targeting a bit of a challenge for them. However as Hiei watches them come he closes his eyes for a moment and when he opens them, they are a completely cold blue. He takes a tighter grip on his swords as lightning lances off his body to strike the ground nearby him harmlessly. He murmurs. "I am not leaving one of them alive. Not a one." Once the genin see the symbol and join them, he states in a calm even voice. "Not one pirate gets past us and into the village. Not. A. One. We take it to these guys Kumo style. Are we agreed?"

Michiko finally gets to the shore to rejoin everyone. She's dripping water everywhere thanks to two swims in one night. "Agreed, Hiei-san," she replies, checking on her supply of Kunai, shuriken, etc as well as making sure her forehead protector is still around her neck.

Ryouji sees the blast of lighting into the sky from Nariko as he climbs over the edge of the boat. "Again?" he says exasperated, "That's it, next training it's learning water walking. I need more chakra control at any rate. Common Michiko-chan." And he jumps over the edge into the water…again. Soon enough, he wades out of the water looking like a drowned rat, but spins around with his blur still going. It blows most of the water off of him. He smiles, "You got it, Hiei-sensei.." and sets himself with one hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw and attack. He stays his ground however, and waits for the pirates to come to him, never breaking the line.

- Hiroyasu cuts his eyes at Nariko "Because they aren't brave enough to steal from me.." before looking to Hiei and knowing that look well.. "NO! Reign it in.. this is not the time or the place for you to go into savage swordsmen.. wake up.. keep it sane.." he says snapping his finger several times and waving his hands trying to get Hiei's attention.. before greeting Michiko and Ryouji with the usual nod. "Good work you two!" he says before taking the moment it takes to center his soul in his body and seals on his eyes grow in number and complexity as the situation is approaching.. "Keep it simple, keep it safe. the only place for Hero's is a shallow sandy grave.." he adds pulling out two seals and holding them between each pair fingers on each hand. -

Exhaling a longer, purposeful breath, Yuzuna closes her eyes as she gathers her strength, focusing her chakra before she presses her attention the ocean again, keeping the fog steady on the ocean. Around the boat. Obscuring the area with the thick mist. All the while, the Byakugan keeps a steady eye on the boat, her team, on the island and village, and the other boat.

Ryouji sees the blast of lighting into the sky from Nariko as he climbs over the edge of the boat. "Again?" he says exasperated, "That's it, next training it's learning water walking. I need more chakra control at any rate. Common Michiko-chan." And he jumps over the edge into the water…again. Soon enough, he wades out of the water looking like a drowned rat, but spins around with his blur still going. It blows most of the water off of him. He smiles, "You got it, Hiei-sensei.." and sets himself with one hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to draw and attack. He stays his ground however, and waits for the pirates to come to him, never breaking the line.

Nariko looks to Hiei and gives him the thumbs up sign. "You got it bro!" She looks to Hiro and rolls her eyes. "Then they are stupid." She shrugs and then reaches behind her, grabbing her Sasuke Goatchiha pez dispenser, now made with real goat sounds! She brings it up to her mouth, popping a pill. When the pill takes affect she flexes at Michiko for a moment before saying "Oooooh yeah! I'm so pretty." Trying to sound a little masculine.

As the pirates come into fighting range, they fire off a multitude of arrows at the shinobi in front of the village, along with spears and crossbow bolts. The ones heading for the ship launch stone rocks into the air, aiming for the deck of the ship. However, since Yuzuna has most of it obscured from view, she only has to worry about half of them getting to her. The other boat belonging to the pirate captain pulls up anchor and starts moving slowly away. It appears their captain has had his fill, but is leaving some of his men to cover their escape.

Hiei replies to Hiroyasu. His voice still cold and distant. "I'm still in control. I'm just very, very focused right now. And very, very angry." The lightning infused aura around him intensifies. He looks up as the sky is almost darkened by the amount of arrows, bolts and spears heading for them. "Do your think, Hiro. Everyone be prepared to move if it doesn't work."

- As the rain of arrows rain ominously hurl towards them, Hiroyasu holds out his arms stopping them from acting.. "I've got this.. make my grave a pretty one" he mutters before leaping into the air throwing out the two seal and weaving his hands for a moment infusing each with the chakra needed.. from the seals violent torrents of chakra spew forth a tsumani of blue chakra which twists, twirls and solidifies into a enormous wall of chakra which sparkles against the blue sky.. The rain of arrows begins to make contact with the barrier which the resounding echoes as they are deflected with ease; the arrows bounce, break, shatter as they fail to make any progress… Hiroyasu flips backwards landing on the ground with a slide and a gasp of breath.. his shoulders slumping.. "All yours.." he gasps for breath.. -

Seeing the stones arching through the air, thrown in the direction of the boat, Yuzuna once more pushes off with a large, growing sphere of chakra. All of the stones are deflected. Then, as the Hyuuga slows, she turns to glance over her shoulder, peering at the ship with the blonde captain as it begins to steadily take off. She shifts her weight to face that second ship, her hands already creating seals. Two large waves are sent straight at the ship's hull.

Ryouji sees the wall coming up and whistles, "Impressive, that's got to take a lot of chakra. Don't over do it, Hiroyasu-senpai." He tries a rare ranged attack by throwing out several shruiken. It's a shame to have these and hardly use them. Plus it gives him some practice at throwing stuff.

Nariko is grateful to Hiro to being protected from the hail of arrows. "Oh no you didn't!" She makes a "nah uh" noise, snapping. She locks eyes with about four of the pirates who were left and attempts to make them feel blinded by a bright light. She looks to Hiro and shakes her head. "Stop being so dramatic." She rolls her eyes and then flicks orbs of fire toward two of the pirates.

It looks like the Kumo team came to play. As Hiro manages to completely stop the rain of arrows from hitting the group, at great cost to his own stamina, the pirates come under the attack of Nariko's genjutsu. As a group of them are blinded, the Yotsuki pulls out all the stops, flinging fire at two of them as the catch fire, not being able to see the attack coming. A non-affected Pirate steps up to attack the Yotsuki female with his sword. Yuzuna sends two massive waves towards the Captain's ship itself, a bold move for the Hyuuga. However the Captain was the master of his vessel, and manages to manuver out of the way of the first one, however his ship is slammed by the second and Yuzu manages to slam them into the outcropping rocks in the water. But the Captain wasn't done yet. A wave of water slams the boat again, after he performs some seals of his own, which is enough to push the boat back into deeper water. He then takes off his hat and makes an eloquent bow towards the Hyuuga woman complete with cocky smile as he sails away. Then Yuzu has to deal with another barrage of rocks. Ryouji's shruiken strike home in several pirates as they advance, one of them falls to the ground, but the other two just keep on trucking. One of them moves in to attack the genin with his sword.

Hiei doesn't move a muscle. He had that much faith in Hiroyasu. When that man says he's got it, he really means it. He continues to stare as the wall of chakra springs up to protect them all. He looks over at Hiro after it's over before he takes his swords and then slams the hilts together and twists. There is a sound as if a lock is engaged before he now wields what looks like a sword staff. "Catch your breath, bro. We got this." He spins the blade staff before his body simply vanishes with a displacement of air. Moving at high speed, he tosses the blade staff in the air before his arm is enveloped in fire. "Fire Style: Falcon Punch!" He moves in a different direction, aiming for a new target as he extends his palm forwards, lightning cracking down his arm. Catching the staff as it comes down, he spins around while facing the group and simply stabs backwards without looking, towards the gut of another pirate. His eyes are still cold.

- Hiroyasu glares at Nariko "LET ME HAVE THIS! NARIKO!" he shouts at her seeming perfectly fine pointing a finger at her accusingly. "Yes" before weaving handseals as the ground and sand beneath him begins to form into sharp shards which begin to swirl around his body slowly spiraling towards his hands as the barrage of bullets attempting to gun down as many pirates as possible.. -

Seeing the other boat slammed, but the captain managing to correct his course, Yuzuna narrows her gaze at him from a distance as he removes his hat with an elaborate and much unneeded bow in her direction. Complete with cocky smile. But she isn't given a moment to glower in his direction. Stones are thrown at the boat again, and Yuzuna pushes off in another hard spin, creating another heavenly spin and deflecting all of the aerial projectiles.

Ryouji waits for the last possible moment as the pirates advance. He picks out the pair coming towards him and waits for the one to attack. He sees the blade and in almost slow motion, he ducks under the blade letting the blade brush against his hair. Without thinking of it his own blade snaps up right at the pirate's chest, hopefully ending the pirate quick. He rolls around the pirate and makes the air sing with three slices of his weapon at the other pirate.

Nariko tries not to laugh at Hiro when he yells at her, due to trying to concentrate on the fight in front of her. "Whatever you say Hiro." She raises her arm, trying to get the lightning to sizzle, but it doesn't go so well and she gets a papercut like slice on her arm. "Where'd you get that paper sword? I want one." The lightning that was barely there comes up full power and she releases shots of lightning from the tips of her fingers. "Hope that is shocking enough." She looks to Michiko. "Michiko go to the village to go check on the people."

Hiei's barrage takes out a small group of pirates and Hiroyasu's earth bullets mow down several more. As Michiko is sent to check on the locals, Ryouji steps up to the plate and delivers a flash strike blow that almost mirrors his sensei's, severing the head of his opponent. He following strikes drop the second pirate as well. Yuzuna defends the ship with her spinning jutsu and then some of the pirates notice that their ship is leaving, has left, actually. There is some yelling of, "Don't leave us here with these monsters, Captain!" As they run towards the beach to dive into the water to chase after their ship. But not all of the pirates are as lucky, Nariko's display of lightning flash-frys an entire group before they can even turn in the direction of the water. With the island saved and trade being established again, this one goes into the win column for the shinobi of Kumogakure.

Mission Complete

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