The Company - Pest Control


Yoichi, Yuuka

Date: October 3, 2014


Kadaj and Yuuka travel to an island village the Silence have infiltrated to do a little pest control.

"The Company - Pest Control"

An island far east of the Land of Water

Evening time in the Land of Water, and the day has gone on about normal. Well, except for one guy. Kadaj and Yuuka pulled him into the woods and used some rather persuasive methods of making him talk to find out some members of the Silence's mercenary army have infiltrated a small village on an island far east of the mainland. Thus, using the same boat he would've used, they sail on toward this village to find them and get rid of this nuisance by whatever means they see fit.
Standing on the edge of the ship, looking up at the black-clouded sky, Kadaj smirks slightly in thought. Once in a while, his eyes would dart ahead, finally spotting the island where they're going. An evil grin tugs as his lips as he glances back at his sword before looking ahead. "Well, well, here we are at last… What a pity it won't be here that long for us to enjoy it."

The ink blankness of her robe blended into the background of the sky, making Yuuka seem part of the night itself. The woman sits calmly inside the boat, silent and gaze trained ahead, much more still than Kadaj seems to be. When his voice breaks through the silence, her dark eyes flit towards him, pausing for a longer moment still. "Pity indeed…" Yuuka is already reaching up over her shoulder to dig into the base of her neck, tearing into the flesh there so that she can begin to pull out her spine.

Glancing over at Yuuka, Kadaj smirks at her readiness to annihilate this village just to get rid of a few pests. He looks back ahead as the ship approaches the dock, reaching back for his sword then stepping off the boat onto the pier. Anyone in his way would be pushed, knocked, or otherwise moved aside simply by his steps directly through them, not interested in playing nice. He'd give Yuuka a moment to catch up before turning back to the dock as his sword lights up with several enormous whips of lightning that he pulls mask then swings forward to strike every boat docked here at the same time, tearing through them and setting them all on fire at once to eliminate the chance of anyone being able to escape.

The spine sword is pulled free of it's fleshy sheath, flicked to the side as Yuuka rolls her shoulders. Kadaj steps off first, followed soon by herself as her feet touch the pier. She doesn't even expect him to wait for her as he pushes through. His whips swiftly set every boat aflame, bright orange licking up the masts as they fall one by one. A dark smile tugs at her lips, and those closest to her are doomed. The ivory blade slashes through several bodies as Yuuka calmly closes the distance between herself and Kadaj.

Already leaving a trail of death, Kadaj chuckles a bit as some actually try to charge them as they move toward the village center, only to meet their ends at the strike of ivory, steel, and liquid points. "Our task here is very simple," he announces as he walks along. "You've allowed members of the Silence to infiltrate your village. They must be eliminated. Since they won't be too keen to give themselves up, I fear the rest of you will have to go with them."

The more that people charge at her, the more bodies fall at her blade, and his. Clean slashes efficiently cutting through those that get in her way. Yuuka is perfectly content with Kadaj taking of the role of announcing the poor village's demise. She wasn't here for talking after all. The Kaguya woman continues to smirk darkly at herself, piecing through the wooden shield of one soldier and straight into his heart.

Finally it seems some of the mercenaries start to come out and try to defend themselves, the only way they know they may have a chance to survive now that their only way of the island was burned to a crisp. Yet they are treated just like any other. Their strikes that are aimed at Kadaj pass straight through him without causing any harm at all as he draws his sword back, creating a whip of lightning that ensnares the nearest one as the Hozuki spins into a devastating slash with the other arm, which grows into a ten foot long blade to annihilate as many of them as he can in a single blow.

Bringing up the rear at a casual pace, Yuuka smirks easily as she watches the body known as Kadaj slice through several dozens of bodies in one swift motion. "Show off." she murmurs. The smirk curls at the corner of her soft lips. "Save some for the rest of us, will ya? You act as if there's a drought on blood." And just like that, Yuuka suddenly disappears with a blur of speed, slashing as several bodies at a blink of an eye.

"Well, there may not be a draught," Kadaj says with a sly smirk as he glances over at Yuuka, allowing strike after strike to pass through him as he repeats that action, binding another mercenary in that lightning whip and flickering forward to rend him and several of his friends asunder. "But it never hurts to bring down a storm to remind the world
Several dozen bodies fall in her wake, only her feet even smeared in blood as they reach the center of the village. Yuuka narrows her gaze a pause as she glances around, instinctively batting away oncoming attacks without paying them much mind. "I would think we would have encountered the Silence by now…" she murmurs. "Are they so pathetic that they blend into the woodwork?"

"Perhaps," Kadaj says with a shrug of his shoulders. "Some of them are mere bandit level, and some are more on shinobi level. I think they basically just get anyone the can on their side and brainwash them to act as meatshields." Finally what appear to be a bit more formidable opponents appear, one flickering to each of the Swordsmen to try and strike them down viciously. In Kadaj's case, he's merely struck through as usual, causing him only to smirk darkly at the man before striking at him with the whip of lightning, attempting to latch it onto his throat and stab directly through his gut with an enormous spike of liquid that his other hand turns into.

With a smooth sidestep, Yuuka dances out of the way of the blade, darkness alighting her features as she takes the momentum to return with a counter strike. The ivory spine slashes cleanly through the body with an appealing sound, the splattering of blood. The Kaguya woman couldn't help a small chuckle to herself as she glances at Kadaj out of the corner of her eye. He was doing well. "We should set everything on fire… Burn it all."

With another shinobi flickering, Kadaj for once is actually struck, drawing a bit of blood. Rather than show pain or even wince, however, he actually smirks and chuckles a bit. "You're right. Let's leave nothing in our wake," he says as he draws the blade back, creating an enormous cluster of lightning whips that fly forward with the swing of his hand to destroy everything within their reach, guiding by his chakra to seek out and destroy every home, building, and living being save Yuuka and himself.

His agreement elicits a pleased purr from Yuuka, a dark, content smirk teasing at her lips again. The large lightning arcs in the sky draws her eye, watching as every thing and everyone that continues to exist still is struck with lightning. Fire instantly erupts, spreading quickly. If there was anyone else still alive, surely they're doomed now.

Were that not enough, Kadaj doesn't appear to quite be done yet. He spins his blade through the air as the whips discharge, channeling more lightning chakra through then stabbing it into the ground. That done, he'd point a hand up, sending a charge of lightning into the sky, causing the black clouds above to begin to boom with electricity far more than is natural before sending down a massive pillar of lightning upon the village that moves around and splits off into several branches, all destroying everything in their path with no hope of survival.

Yuuka arches a pale brow when Kadaj dramatically points to the sky, channeling even more lightning through the whip before casting an even larger pillar of electricity straight towards the ground. Right down at where the last of the village still remains. The carter now exists. A deep whole in the ground with only the charred earth even indicating that an act of god even occurred. Yuuka hums to herself, smirking, satisfied with their work. Or rather, his work.

With the village leveled, Kadaj picks his sword back up and sheaths it on his back once again. A smirk of amusement rests on his face as he looks around at his work then steps over toward Yuuka. Lifting a hand, he pull her chin up a bit with a sly grin. "If they don't take notice now, they never will," he says, his crimson eyes showing something rather dark in taking enjoyment from such an event. "But this is the start of our fun."

Discarding the spine whip, it begins to disintegrate the moment it his the ground, scattering particles of fine dust into the air. Not a speck of it left in it's wake. Hearing his step, Yuuka turns her snowy head to cast her partner a sideways glance, watching his expression. It matched her own.
The vivid of her aquamarine eyes blink once when a hand touches her chin, lifting it subtly to focus more of her gaze on him. There's a long moment before the slight smirk returns to her lips. "That's bold to assume." Yuuka murmurs, removing her chin from his fingers. "More like, they'll notice, but whatever is left won't give any answers to their questions." Not that she really cares.
"True enough," Kadaj says with a shrug of his shoulders, not really reacting much. Finally he turns to start walking toward the shoreline of the island to move out toward the sea. "Let's get going then. I'm sure someone will be along soon enough to see why an entire village burned to the ground."

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