The Company - Sleep It Away


Yoichi, Kiku

Date: September 20, 2014


Kiku follows one of the remnants of Yoichi to ask for a spar, but winds up biting off more than she can chew.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Company - Sleep It Away"

Land of Water - An island north of Kirigakure

Late night in the Land of Water, and one of the rogue shinobi who was lucky enough not to be at the fort when Kadaj attacked has been tracked down by one of the other brothers. He races through the eerie forests, breathing heavily as he dashes around trees and other forestry, trying his best to make his escape. It's to no avail, however, as a dense mist suddenly covers the forest, thickening and thickening to the point he can't see until it's too late when bits of the mist form together to take on the form of the long-haired remnant of Yoichi standing just before him with one of the Kiba blades in hand. "Honestly, do you think this does any good?" he asks, an amused smirk on his face as he cants his head at the rogue as he stops dead in his tracks and starts to back up. "All you're doing is making it so I have to put a sweaty head in the bag when I'm done with you. You should feel honored to be one of the only ones killed by me since my brother and our big sister killed the rest of your little group."

Kiku sighs as she sits high in a tree, using just a little bit of chakra to keep her in place. She's been tracking and watching Yazoo for a little bit now, and analyzing him. Now its time for her to stretch out her legs a little bit, and test his combat skills. The woman yawns a little bit. "If you don't mind, can you hurry it up? I would like to have some dinner after a little practice round. And frankly, Cat and Mouse games are boring.", she tells.

"I'm a little surprised you chose to follow me around, of all people, to ask for a spar," Yazoo says with a glance over at Kiku before finally cleaving through the man's throat to behead him. Producing a sack, he stuffs the head into it and sets it aside. "Looks like another for my score, though brother did cheat a bit in letting Nee-san help him take such a big lead." Finally he looks back up, eyes going back to Kiku as he looks over at her. "Ah, yes. You followed me for a reason. May as well not disapoint." Suddenly a whip of lightning would fling forth from the blade as he swings it her way, attempting to wrap it around her and yank her forward as his other hand takes on the form of an iron ball that he swings as he leaps forward to swing at her diaphragm.

Kiku falls backwards off the tree branch. She focuses, and holds her hand out, bringing out a stronger seal barrier. The lightning whip dances on the edges of it, but the barrier stays true. She thrusts her hand out, and pushes the whip away. As the iron water ball comes towards her, she does much the same, only using the opposite hand to create the barrier. The woman lands gracefully on the ground, slowly bringing her head up. "Hmmmm…Not bad, but Yoichi still does better.", she tells. The woman bursts forward, and steadies her mind. This'll be a good test for one of her new abilities, but she has to set it up just right, as well as figure out just how well this ninja does when tested. Her hand comes up, and she tries to slam home the Northern Heavens seal into Yazoo the Kazoo, and then she spins around, summoning her sword, and lining the edge with chakra. She silently wonders if she's even good enough…

"Oh? You want to see more of Nii-san's abilities?" Yazoo asks, chuckling a bit before he literally splatters into liquid at the strike of the seal's light on his body. He reforms directly behind her, striking out with another whip of lighting as his other hand forms into a long blade that he swings in a rather vicious clothesline at her as he yanks her forward.

Kiku blinks as the splashing occurs. The woman mutters, before she blinks, and the lightning whip gets around her waist. She yells out as it shocks her, and then she gets cut pretty nastily against her side. She's bleeding pretty badly. The woman growls though, and takes a deep breath. The woman tries to disappear form sight, to confuse the snooze out of Yazoo…

Holding the blade, Yazoo assumes a rather oddly open stance with the blade held above his head with lightning crackling around his hands. "Oh my. Where, oh where could she have gone?" he seems to ask him, seeming rather amused still as he looks right past her. However suddenly a copy of him literally jumps out of his body into a flying roundhouse kick directly at her chest. "Oh, there she is."

Kiku mutters a few times as she goes to set up her next move. Save one problem. There's a foot, in the padding on her chest, aka breasts. It hurts. But thats not the problem. Its the fact that she's flying in the air at a high rate of speed. 20 yards, 30 yards, 40 yeards….50 yards….60 yards……And she clips a corner of the manor. There's a whistle, and a no good sign is given! Wide Left! Might take some time to find Kiku…Maybe…

It might take most people a while to find her, but, given his ability to sense through the mist he created, Yazoo simply appears next to Kiku once she lands. "Hmm. Oops," he says, though he doesn't particularly seem sorry. Bending down, he scoops her up and turns to make his way toward the the shore to walk her back across to Kirigakure's island. "You'd best be glad Nii-san hasn't returned yet, or I might be inclined to just leave you here to bleed out. I suggest you stay out of his way when he returns. The Silence are just a sideshow attraction. The real war I suspect is soon to come is not one your pathetic villages can hope to win. Even with this, Nii-san has found nothing further than the only real purpose of this shinobi world, and so he will give it what it desires so that this world may be reborn… But what do you care? Just keep taking your nap. Sleep this life away until the day comes."

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