The Creation of Team Hinotori!


Ryo, Hinotori, Etsu, Naru

Date: October 30, 2011


Hinotori has summoned up a trio of genin to give them the good news of the creation of their team.

"The Creation of Team Hinotori!"

Konoha River Bank

It's early morning, the skies are a dark gray, the smell of rain has scented the air. The sound of birds chirping as well as the rush of the water running through the lake area, a small wave of water filters through the pond. The fishing pond has become the meeting place of Team Hinotori, scrolls were sent out to each member including a surprising Aburame who is about to become given the chance to join them. Sitting in a tree awaiting their arrival is Hinotori himself, arms crossed and asleep.

Etsu, before she left her village, peered out the window of her home and saw the sky. It looked as if it was going to rain and certainly smelled the part. Before leaving, she retrieved an umbrella to utilize should the clouds decide let loose. Just as she was about to close the door, she was called to by her mother who said she received some sort of message. It wasn't anything she was aware of until now, so she stepped back in momentarily to have a look.

She was a little confused by it all, but it seemed interesting and the least she could do was respond. So, she decided to head to the lake as was the request in order to meet with the individual who sent it.
Before long, she arrived at the lake, scroll in hand to bring with her and talk about. She looked around and saw nothing, that is until she decided to cast her sight to the trees. It's there she saw some guy sleeping. Was he the one?

Ryo arrives with a smile on his face. While he seems to be his usual self, there is one new item of clothing being worn by him. He has a leaf forehead protector tied to his upper arm. Yep, the boy just recently left the academy and truly entered into the world of the shinobi. Of course it is at the lowest level, genin. That does not seem to bother him though.
"Hello sensei." the boy states as he sees Hinotori. The fact Hinotori is sleeping does not seem to matter too much. He then turns towards the Aburame girl. "Hello. My name is Uchiha Ryo. That of course is Hinotori-sensei." The boy says as he noticed the girl looking towards Hinotori. "We seem to be just waiting on Naru now."

Stirring slightly as he feels eyes on him, but before he is fully awake another member of Team Hinotori arrives and introduces himself and Hino. A smrik plays on his face and Hinotori simply rolls off the tree branch and lands in a crouch. He yawns and simply leans back to sit on his butt, "Hello." he smiles. "I'm Uchiha Hinotori, which thanks to Ryo-san, you now know." he smiles. "How are you both doing this morning?" he asks. Noting that Naru isn't here, he frowns a little but knows she will be here shortly. "Please sit, we have a little bit of time before we need to go indoors before the rain starts." he says simply."

Stretching out a bit he yawns and looks at Ryo who is now sporting a headband protector, "Also it looks like we are going to have our first celebration later today. Congratulations, Genin Uchiha Ryo." he smiles and congratulate the newly promoted genin. Looking to Etsu, "But first things first, Aburame Etsu, I would like to know a few things about you if you don't mind telling us?" he asks.

Guess this is the one. Etsu looked at Ryo as he introduced himself and then directed attention to Hinotori and introduced him. She tilted her head and then looked back at Ryo saying, "You were the one at the academy. You've graduated, it seems. Congratulations." She offered to him and bowed in response. "Uchiha Ryo and…" Hinotori greeted with his name. "Uchiha Hinotori." She smirked, though it couldn't quite be seen. "I'm doing well, though. Just preparing for this rain. Also, I seem to have received a scroll from you." She pulled out the scroll and allowed it to unfurl to reveal its contents. "I'm…" She hummed. "Well, I'm a genin. I'm still trying to improve my abilities. I have a personal business where I clear pests from homes using my bugs. It's a way for me to train with them and learn to use them more efficiently and the benefit is being paid for it." She chuckled. "I also enjoy pressing flowers and making sculptures with my kikaichu. I study insects as well and catalogue them for what abilities they have as well as for personal interest. In cataloguing, I also list information that may serve for medical purposes, though I am not a medical ninja." She shrugged and began to roll up the scroll.

Ryo nodded his head and offer a slight bow when the congratulations came. He listens to the Aburame girl speak. He had seen her before but not enough to know what kind of team mate she would make. It seemed to be an interesting enough introduction. The boy's eyes then travel to Hinotori. They wondered what he would do next.

It took awhile but Naru finally was begining to head off in that direction, long day of training… Or simply just being lazy the raven haired girl began to appear from one edge of the forest following out the trail until it lead to the pond. It was then she was lead to the group, waving at the three of them all looking familar though one in particular had caught her eye, " Hmm who is she..?" Naru questioned quietly under her breath, before finallly stoping up close to them, burshing off her uchiha garbs and tilted her head and looked at everyone in the group. " Sorry I'm late… I had a few bits of issues getting here…" She replies rather sheepishly. " Hmm is something wrong?"
Listening and not commenting, but noting the time. Naru should've been here by now, he keeps his focus on Etsu and Ryo. Nodding his head once she is finished and seeing as Ryo had nothing to mention he nods his head. "Interesting, so controlling the kikaichu as well as learning medical herbs and possibly creams?" he asks curiously. Smiling, "Well I used to have a really good friend who was a Aburame, he was able to use his kikaichu for survelliance, and silent attacks." he smiles. Thinking for a moment. "I've read and has seen that your not apart of any current team, and the reason I called you here Etsu-san, is because I wanted you to be the final member of my team if your interested." he says to her. Looking up from Etsu, he notices Naru coming in late. He doesn't say anything at first, he gestures for Naru to have a seat then, "Hello Naru-chan." he says to her.

Ryo nods to Naru when she arrives. He moves his arm just enough to show off his new forehead protector before returning his attention to Etsu and Hinotori. He is not shocked by the offer, though he does ponder how three Uchiha and an Aburame look on paper. 'If anything can evade our combined senses, it more than likely deserves to kill us.' the boy thinks to himself. His eyes then look towards Etsu, eager to hear her answer.

Etsu momentarily gave Naru notice as she came in, nodding to her in greeting before refocusing on Hinotori. "Yes, controlling kikaichu, but no." She paused. "I'm not learning medical herbs and creams. I only write down what damage some insects are able to cause to people and keep track so that it may help in medical application." She explains. "As for your friend, well, I may know the person, but I could use my kikaichu like that if it should serve to aid the team." She folded her arms and frowned. "So, all of this leads up to a potential spot on the team." She mulls it over, but there really isn't any true thought behind it. She's…trying to figure out how all of that would look. Three Uchiha and a bug person…
"I am interested. I think we can make this work."

Taking a moment to study Ryo for a long moment, then looking back over to Etsu, studying her for a long moment even as she spoke. This would be a unique team, prodimenatlly Uchiha and one Aburame. This is going to be a very effective team, he's already come up with some ideas. "I want you to be sure this is what you want." he says to Etsu. "This is my very first team and I may be about as old as all of you, but I'm one who's learned quite a bit. I will do my best to train all of you to the best of my abilities." he tells everyone. "If there is more you want to learn and certain path you wish to take let me knwo and we will go down that path together." he says.

Taking a moment to steady himself and fully standing up, "Per tradition as me taking on students, I must also speak about myself." He looks a bit unnerved but suddenly all emotion fades from his face. "I was born during the clan wars and has participated in the wars. Blood of the Senju clan as well as others are on my hand. As for how I'm precieved by the Uchiha. I'm a black sheep, one who doesn't seem all mean and hatefule like most members are. I've heard many jokes about me, but I could care less about them. I see value in life, and in the protection of our village. I do have a best friend which some of you may have seen me with who is Senju. I call him my little brother because honestly he is like my little brother." he states. "I can care less of what the other Uchiha think of him or the Senju but if the want to make things right I'm willing. If that is a problem with anyone please let me hear it now, because if not, then thats fine too." he states and looks to each person in turn. "Any questions?"

Naru blinked for a moment as she heard the offer, for right now remaining quiet as she took a firm seat down enxt to Hinotori. A light grin spred a cross her cheek as she watched over Ryo, grinning at the sight of his head band however for now she wouldn't let her excitment get the best of her, her eyes motioned towards Etsu, she walked in on the conversation about those bug like creatures so she had to be part of the Aburame clan, which was very interesting.. She knew people had a close relationship to animals but she was curious on what the relationship between insects and humans would be.

As Hinotori's speech came in she listened up and nodded… this was going to be the begining of a blissful relationship… Of course the team would have to grow closer and learn more about eachother, Naru cringed slightly at the idea of Hinotori being friends with a Senju… her parents had taught her differently… Hopefully she wouldn't have to meet him. " I don't think I have any questions, Hinotori-sensei," She replies with a smile, crossing her legs in indian style… She missed Etsu' s introduction but she would talk to her later..

The answer was decent. It was not a complete yes, but close enough for Ryo. He was still putting things together as to how this would work. He was certain that he would end up more in a taijutsu role compared to the others. Either way it was fine with him.
The words of Hinotori were not so shocking for the boy either. He really did not care for clan politics. The Uchiha hatred of the Senju was something he had no real part in. No Senju ever wronged him. "No complaints here." the boy answers.

Etsu shrugged. "I'm sure. Just thinking about how oddball this is going to be. There's three of you and one of me. That's not a problem, though. Just filled with fun." She offered a thumbs up. "Also, you guys don't mind bugs crawling on you, right?" She paused to let that hang in the air before waving her hands to dismiss it. "It was a joke. I don't let that happen." She cleared her throat and allowed Hinotori to speak on himself and his history. She didn't know he fought in the wars. Granted, she was born in them too, but didn't fight much. Parents did a lot of that before settling here. She'd been in a few scuffles, but hadn't needed to kill anyone. Must be rough. "I don't have a problem, nope." She shook her head. "Well, maybe there is one…" She started. "I'm hungry and this pond is making me thirsty. Also…" She thinks. "No, that's it. I thought I had a request today, but it was canceled. They got someone else to do the job. Feh." They wouldn't do as well as she would. She's the best pest control.

Sitting down next to Naru, he nods his head and chuckles a little at Naru, "Well now Team Hinotori is now official. Unless you guys have a name for us?" he asks. "As for bugs crawling around, nope have no problem with that." he chuckles. A smile easily comes to the teens face, one that is genuine, and one that is normally on his face that many have come to know him by. "As for hungry and food." he chuckles and reaches into a scroll applies some chakra to it. What appears out of it is some pancakes, bacon, eggs, apple and orange juice and syrup. "Please eat up." he says.

Naru's eyes lit up with joy as food was finally summoned right before her eyes… She had a feeling this wasn't going to meeting without any sort of food. Slowly she began to pick out a few pancakes by hand and holster a thing of orange juice between her legs. " Thank you, Hinotori-sensei… I really didnt think o na name yet though… Maybe that will come with time after we finish a few missions or something? Unless someone else has an idea…" She responded back, her eyes watched Etsu for a moment and shivered at the idea of bugs crawling along her flesh. " So.. you can control bugs? Can you talk to them?" Naru began to start up some small conversation… she needed to get a feel of the girls personality. "Oh and Ryo, its awesome that you graduated! Was the exam hard?"

Ryo smiles as the team is made official. There would be a small laugh towards the Aburame's joke. He then turns his head to the side as Hinotori creates food from a scroll. "I am good. I already ate. Thank you though." he says. Then a smile forms as Naru noticed he graduated. "I do not mind the name, though we could be team 13 or 31. Three Uchiha, one Aburame."

"Good. I'll be using them often. You know, me being an Aburame and all." Etsu snickers. "So, now that this has been settled, I—" She was cut off when a scroll was summoned and filled with food. She didn't hesitate to grab her fill of pancakes, bacon, eggs and juice. All of which would disappear down her collar and into her mouth to be consumed. "Maybe a few missions might do us some good." She starts after she finished her food. She was pretty hungry and was now gulping down juice.

"But yes, I can control bugs and talk to them too." She nodded. "Pest Control. How's that for a name? That's what we'd be doing, right? Going out, dealing with pests and getting rid of them?" She enjoyed her job a lot. Some thing it's odd for her to get rid of bugs, but it isn't like she kills them all the time. Unless it's necessary.

Chuckling a bit as everyone seem to be having a good time. He never thought he would ever put together a team, but now here he is with a team of his own. Having already ate, but making a bacon sandwhich and sipping some juice with his team Hinotori is just in a really good mood. "Well missions will come soon, we still have that Kiri threat which needs to be dealt with but don't worry I will have us some things for us to do." he states.

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