First Promotion Exams - The Dangers of Uncharted Territory: Ryoji vs. Yui


Ryoji, Yui

Date: January 21, 2012


Ryoji discovers the one main problem with emergency escape plans… well, two in fact. Is that they always lead to further disaster and disturbing yet.. interesting meetings.

"First Promotion Exams - The Dangers of Uncharted Territory: Ryoji vs. Yui"

Tunnel Network Beneath North Shiren Caverns

North Shiren Caverns [Land of Wind]

Welcome to the Shiren Caverns. This place is a maze of tubular tunnels, carved out over the ages by natural forces, some of them of the living variety. As desert locales go, the caverns are a hotbed of life, providing shelter from the merciless sun and collecting moisture. All manner of creepy-crawlies, reptiles, rodents, and even large predators like sand cats can be encountered here.
This area of the caverns features mostly small tunnels in great abundance, enough that exam participants can be sent into the network at different entrances and quite possibly not bump into each other for quite some time. Running and jumping about are limited, but opportunities for stealth and ambush abound.
Recently one of the smaller tunnels leading to the entrance area has been drastically expanded, almost perfectly circular in shape and twice as wide. Burn marks on the rocks themselves indicate this was caused by a great battle.

After surviving another near-death experience (this time by his own ill-conceived idea for an escape plan) a very water-logged, half-exhausted trudged along Shiren Caverns Northern Sector mumbling curses while wringing out as much water out of his hair as he could. Amidst the string of explicative that seemed to run at random from the Igas mouth, many of them revolved around his own name with a few honorable mentions to Shintaro.
Somewhere deep within the caverns, Ryojis probes stir themselves out of the haze that followed a temporary disconnection with their master.
Yui had wonder off from her teacher looking for someone with a scroll while she is sore she much better then she has been since the test started. She creeps along hoping to get the jump on someone or better yet to find someone a sleep so she can just steal the scroll. She is a prideful woman but she not above using under handed tactics.
Once sufficiently dried off (or at least once his hair was anyways) Ryoji flashed through a short set of hand seals as he walked. The final seal, Tori(bird) comes with a murmer to low for even ninja ears as he searched. Truthfully, not in search of more easier prey, but for the sake of figure out just where the heck he landed. Regrettably, none of his probes seemed to have quite reached beforehand the tunnel he found himself meandering in.
His sighs heavily with that depressing thought now weighing on his mind before pulling out a half-charged notepad and pencil to start writing something down mid-walk. After all, who else could be so far off the beaten path save himself for a dumb not error?
Yui spots you and smiles. She slides the mask down over her face and steps out of the shadows. She draws her silver sword with the thin blade, "Hello….Do you have a scroll?" He tone is flat and cold. She does not move to attack just stands there.

After a few moments of silence after seeing Yui step onto the path ahead of him and speak, Ryoji eventually answers with a blank expression, "Yes." before sliding his hands behind him. A trickle of sweat (or maybe just left over water) blazed a path down the side of his face as he waited for her response.
Ryoji can't see, but at /least/ yui had the decency to voice her actions! Sadly.. they merely got an even bigger sweatdrop out of the poor Iga and silence for awhile. "…I.. would not mind that. But, only if you exchange yours for mines, neh?", He asked warmly and casually, intentionally in conflict with Yui's own. Despite his words Ryoji still begins to build up a subtle amount of chakra in preparation of things going sour after his little joke?

Yui listens the the rant in silence before tilts her head, "are you saying you give me your scroll if we have a romantic encounter?" She pulls up her mask showing her pretty dark face. She takes hold of the bottom of her top (with her sword still in her hand) and pulls it off discarding it and then pulls off her pants as well. It seems she has another outfit under the one she was wear. This new outfit is smaller and shows more of her dark skin but all her lady parts are covered.

Ryoji /ever/ needed a reason to be happy for being blind, having Yui practically undress completely was definetly enough! Still a curse in its own right, but at least it gave him just the right excuse in case a former hieress ever asked him about his time in the caverns.
By the time the sound of Yui undressing finally ends Ryoji raises the bangs covering most of his eyes up as if the effort alone would return his sight. But no, only milky sea greenish eyes stare out at Yui before he lets them fall back in place, folds his hands back behind his back, and shakes his head before sighing sadly. "… Romantic encounters.. for me they imply being in love with the person.. or falling in love." He cants his head to the side. "But my heart already belongs to another, and I /doubt/ you've fallen for me in anycase… So no.. not be choice will that do either… hehe.. no offense." He admitted with a weak smile in his voice.

Yui nods, "I understand and respect your point. She then charges forward and slashes at your front before rolling on the ground and slashing at your back, "that only leaves one way to get the scroll."

As sharp as he was, Ryoji was not sharp enough unfortunatly in sensing the path of Yui's first strike before the blade cut out a nice chunk of the Iga's arms in passing as he lept to the side. "Tch!", Is emitted, just before his hair springs to life; shielding him from the second lash while making it harder for Yui to pull out without a greater deal of effort on her part.
Naturally, he wasted no time in capitalizing on this with a few of the outer ring of hairs pulling away to try and scewer and slash at Yui while she's still close enough. ".. There are others beyond this Yui-chan.. such as those that require not blood being shed against one another."

Yui sees the attack coming and does a split so it sails over her head. She quickly get back to her feet and frees her sword. She then nods, "seems we might be close in skills." She slashes at your face then drops to one knee thrusting up at your belly.

Ryoji just has enough time to nod his head before slidding a step back in tune with Yui's slash. A hand raised to 'gently' guide the blade along with the movement. Sadly, a similiar action taken by his hair coiling around to shield his belly couldn't save him from keeping the blade from piercing his gut up to half an inch or so before the Kaguya pulled the blade away. A step back is taken along with the weapon's withdrawal, but instead of placing a hand over the wound Ryoji simply narrowed his eyes at Yui before leaping up just enough to try and hit her with a sweeping leg shot across the face. A fient however to keep her eyes on the first foot when the real strike came with Ryoji twisting around to try and stomp in her neck.
Hands spring out before he has a chance to hit the ground, catching him just in time for him to fold back onto his feet and 'dizzily' circle Yui before building chakra to the palm of his hand. A strike to the gut from the hand will make her puke up a bit of her lunch if she's not careful, then a punch to the throat. Dirty? Yes, but effective nontheless.

Yui is like made of rubber the way she twist and turns her body. She is able to bend her body is such way the strikes pass by her. She then jumps curling her self into a tight ball with her sword blade sticking out. She passes over you the blade will strike you. She then spins being the black at your back, "I might beat you." her voice still flat and cold.

Ryoji's body was no different than Yui's in a matter of speaking. Years of practice finding its way in ever move made. Thus as soon as he heard the first 'whistling' noise of Yui's blade passing overhead he lept and twisted his body around just in time to avoid the first and strike her wrist during the mid-air swipe as he contorted his body out its path. If he was lucky the force would be enough to make her finally drop the weapon for good.
But he doubted that.
Their landing is unison with Ryoji mirroring her spin so that the backs remained facing each other. "… Does promotion in your own village is all you seek?… Or would you rather not say.. my dear?", He asks coyly, twisting his head a ways around to whisper the last before facing forward once more.

Yui speaks in the same flat cold tone, "I want to be a demon." She then rolls stoping at your right side thrusting up from one knee with her sword at your side. She stands and swings the sword at your neck, "I will become a demon and rule my clan and all others."

Ryoji frowned remained in place even as he felt the bite of her blade cut through slide into his side. His hands once more guiding it from the vital at just the right moment at the cost of that two being cut across the palm. The pain is pushed down with a grimace while his hair sprung into action once more to protect him from being behead. This time he gives her little opportunity to draw it away before coiling as much of the chakra enhanced threads around it as he put a foot forward. "One need not be a demon to do that.. so tell the truth… Yui-hime..", He demanded, smirking playfully even as he tried to yank her forward for another chakra enfused palm strike to the gut. Unfortunatly in doing so, the hairs around Yui's weapon are forced to relax even further, releasing it before altering into makeshift spears to pursue Yui should she try to avoid or is hit by the first blow.
Yui Twist out of the way of both attack showing how bendy she is again. She nods slowly, "one does not have to be a demon but being one aids many goals." She thrust at your throat this time. After the trust she spins behind you and thrust at your back, "I will rule the world one day."

Ryoji listened fully in part because her attacks were becoming more predictable. Or at least, enough so to where his feet were already shfiting a step ahead to lean his neck away, then side step the back stab and back pedal away a step or two. "… While I do not doubt you may have a shot at that…. what do you hope to gain by doing that?", He asked pointedly yet with a conflicted curious look in his face.
As soon as she finishes answering (or until enough time has passed to give her chance to) Ryoji merely nods solemnly in uderstanding Ryoji lowers his stance before springing forward. Constantly weavinging feints to distract her eyes and even her hands with faint risky touches to get her to stay focused on the limb before the back of his fist or the heel of his foot finds purchase in whatever join she left open.

Yui pauses, "my clan is the strongest in the world we should rule over all other clans. This peace is making weak I will make them strong again in the ashes the other hidden villages. She then slashes at your throat then drops to one knee and swings at your knees. Quickly she stands and runs around you and slashes at your back.

With every miss Ryoji could feel himself growing more and more frustrated. So much so, he did wasn't thinking clearly in putting his neck on the line just to try and strike Yui's wrist again. A costly mistake that led to a nice size cut across his forehead, but one he refused to make again. A leap aboveher knee strike saves him, but left him to open to keep from avoiding fully her next back attack while he was still in mid-air.
His landing is one tthat comes with him stumbling few steps forward and remain with his back towards Yui. ""… Is that it? /That/ is your only reason?", He asks just audibly enough for Yui to hear. Chakra visibly flickering in and out of view as it he subconsiously tried to condense it around his body as it build. But, he still lacked the control to hold it.. thus, the energy is directed to both palms of his hand; tiring himself out from the effort. "Then what Yui-hime?.. Should you succeed what will you do?" Ryoji glances just over his shoulder. "You can't be so /blind/ as to think strength is everything. That all that matters is truly just to conquer and die a nameless fool for your efforts for a mad dream." He states frostily.

Yui nods, "After all clans all people will be united in one super nation. The Clan will rule them keeping there blood pure as the other races weaken by mixing." She shakes her head, "this is getting sad yield and hand over the scroll. You can not win if you can't hit me and I rather not keep fighting a battle with no challenge."

Ei… was gonna hate him if she ever found out what he said next. Even so, he spoke after taking one last calming breath and intensing the flow of chakra along the palm of his hands. "… Come at me again if you truly believe your way is right. That clan superiority is right. Come at me again with the intent to finish me or leave for I refuse to surrender my scroll — " He whipped around hair fully breaking free from its binds to hang wildly behind him. " — to blind fools…. heh…. especially ones blinder than I.."

Yui frowns at your words, "you are a fool." She then blinks, "your blind?" She waves her hand to see if your eyes follow it, "I'm fighting a blind man." She shakes her head, "I guess that makes you a blind fool." She then charges forward and goes into a base ball slide pass you. She gets to one knee and trust up at your back. She then rolls to your front and gets to one knee and thrust up into your belly. She then hops up to her feet and thrust at your face.

Ryoji's eyes 'did' follow albiet a second after Yui's hands make their pass. His intuition guiding him ahead of time and serving him in charging forward like a madman. His rage blinded him, but the sharp pain lacing through from his back sharpened his focus. Her roll forward being intercepted by a sweep of Ryoji's hand puts his palms just between her breast, collarbone, or abdomen before the pulse is released; blasting both of them away, but ryoji even more so. In her last ditch effort to cut across his face next, Ryoji's hair springs into action to shield it while the current of chakra pushed Yui's blade aside.
His landing is a bad one thanks to his injuries forcing him to a kneel and it is a struggle just for him to rise back onto his feet to face down Yui. "… Hah.. hehehe… *groans*…. Had… had, enough yet… Yui.. hime?", He asked inbetween breathes. Chakra once more begining to circulate at the surface of a palm..

Yui shakes her head, "this is done. Hand over the scroll and I'll help you get to a healer or something." She tries to be cold but humanity still leaks in. She holds out her hand, "My hand is out just put the scroll in it. I do not want to kill a man who can not touch me."

Ryoji smirked, licking up the blood dripping down from his forhead before tearing off a bit of his sleeves to finally cover it up while he still had the chance with his free hand. Once it was tightly in place he chuckles weakily and shakes his head negatively. "You say that.. but this hand says otherwise… Now, I ask for you to give up your plans.. or go after another who can 'appreciate' your plans without… ya know… wanting.. wanting to.. mm.. uugh… just.. go." He stated simply, building his chakra reserves up once mroe just enough for a final assualt or defense of his person. Naturally, he takes no chances with Yui before the rest is focused into turning his hair into armor along the back of his portions of his body.
However, once its clear Yui had no intention of surrendering her attempt at Ryoji's scroll… He sighed heavily and shook his head negatively before shakily raising his hand up to the cieling. With a single snap of his fingers and a stomp the floor beneath Ryoji's feet began to crumble. "Nevermind Yui-hime.. I'll take my leave here." Is all the time he has left to call before the floor caves in completely beneath. While his fall is relatively.. short. Ryoji is given little time to breathe before the very same snake he had led on a marry chase beneath the floor using his probes to weaken it was turning around along with his probes. Leaving him with that unfortunate choice.. run fast or die.

"…. Why does it feel like I'm being… being directed… by a baka?", Ryoji emitted in between labored breathing just as the snake bore its fangs and charged. He ran full tilt away; causing all kinds of havoc along the way for those unfortunate canindates the odd pair passed.

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