The Darkness Before The Light



Date: December 13, 2010

"The Darkness Before The Light"

"Setsuna is a good name for a friend.." He muttered as he made yet
another step. This terrible burden pressed on him even harder. This
feeling, it was deeper than the oceans. And it was more abundant than the
stars. It felt as if every celestial body fell from the sky and smashed
into him. Yet this strange figure kept on walking. It was no surprise
either. He was a terrible force and had rarely a peer with the ability to
rival him. It was expected of him to stand. And walk. A footstep. After

"Kaede and Setsuna…" He repeated, "If Setsuna were here. Kaede would
sing.. sing a song.. about friendship. A song like.." Kaede forced himself
to speak, and than inhaled, pushing the limits as he slowly began to sing.
Sand rushed down his throat, and yet to this figure, it felt like snow. A
happy snow. "So are we, hiding in the grass~ running and laughing with
glee, what we are no one has~" His vision got blurry. His face felt
crumpled up like a paper drawing in the buffeting wind. His voice was no
longer spirited, it grew somber.. empty. And somehow, through his blurry
vision, obstructed by tears welling up, he could see a shape through the
wall of snow/sand. A illusion, he knew it the moment the first tear fell
onto the snow and echoed; the echo was so loud, he thought as if lightning
struck right next to him. "If I am the body, you'll be my hands~ If I.."
His voice broke than. "If I am.. lonely.." He inhaled, the terrible
pressing feeling breaking loose. He could walk no longer, and just looked
up. The snow disappeared and got replaced by reality. Sand. Everywhere. It
was so dark. And there were no stars in the sky. Nothing. Just sand. And
silently, the voice continued, struggling with each word. No longer did he
appear like any force at all. Just a boy, far from home, no friends.
Finally free from hatred. But was the price worth it? All he wanted now..
all he wanted now was.. ".. Will you.. be.. my.. my… frie.. f" Than
this figure with a tortured soul fell to his knees and released a pained
scream that joined the howl of the wind, it's sandstorm embracing him like
the friend he wished he had. "hhrrrRRAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

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