The Death of Renai


Renai, Enbu

Date: January 24, 2015


Renai commits seppuku as Enbu watches on.

"The Death of Renai"

Black Sands Beach, Land of Water


Here lies a long, thin breakwater isle of volcanic black sands, surprisingly soft to the feet despite their fiery birth and the pounding since that has formed the beach. While barely 30 feet wide, the strip is well over 200 long- And is studded with spires of wind-polished obsidian, including the chissel-chipped, flat 'stumps' of stone where obelisks have been drawn forth from this beautiful creation of nature.

While little plant-life lives upon the few inches of sand that cover the volcanic glass and rock that make up the stable substrate, the garbage and refuse of birds can be seen everywhere- And their nests can be found nestled in the shadows of rocks. A single, larger 'hill' of solid rock reaches perhaps two feet above the generally fairly level isle, and upon inspection, a hole is seen in the side of it, leading into a black-glass tunnel lit by phosphorescent moss.




North-East - (NE) [Chill River]

North-West - (NW) [Coastal Road]

Down - (D) [Obsidian Tunnel]

South - (S) [Rock-Strewn Beach]

She had picked a time when the beach would be empty. There's rarely any spot in the Land of Water that isn't constantly occupied by at least one individual in the manic grips of trying to be better or stronger, but in the middle of the night, those empty spots increase.

So, she here, dressed in a kimono of white. The rock-laden sand around her is smooth, not a footprint or blemish leading in our out of it. Only rocks break the black ocean of material, gleaming back at the moon. And Renai, sticking out like a reflective sore thumb.

She has a small, ornate cup in her hands and she sips from it quietly, her eyes distant as they stare out to the ocean in her quiet contemplation. Before her is a small fire contained within a saucer, a blood-stained bundle, and a gleaming, clean knife. Even the birds hiding in the rocks behind her do not stir. The only thing making any noise really is the light breeze rustling the cloth of her kimono and pale red hair and the water lapping at the rocks.

Given the fact that Renai was only recently permitted back in to Kirigakure, she was to be watched for some time to ensure that much the same trechery would not happen again. In this instance, Enbu had taken this late night shift primarily because she was not within the village. If there was to be confrontation with some contact, he may be able to handle it on his own. Though of course upon finding her, sneaking up even on the birds as he witnessed what she was up to, Enbu would find nothing but the girl performing some form of ritual.

Renai finishes her drink and sets the cup down amongst the few things she has. Her hands move to the bundle and she starts to slowly unwrap it. What's revealed from within is actually rather gruesome, a strip of skin a few inches wide with black kanji written upon it. "Glory in Death." It's the tattoo that's been a feature of her lower spine for quite some time now, stripped from her literally. How this was accomplished isn't exactly clear, but from the slight stiffness to her movements, it may be evident that she's in some pain. A welcome pain. Those words are a philosophy she lived by and one she betrayed. The stinging sensation in her lower back helps to affirm what she has given up.

She places the strip of flesh on the small fire, allowing it to start cooking. The smell is something like roasting pork which makes her oddly hungry and just that bit disturbed. Renai makes a face, crinkling her nose and glancing away. She sits there for a time, just letting the philosophy burn as an offering to whatever god she is about to meet.

Her voice is heard then, a soft sound that barely breaks the sounds of the waves. "I used to dream of this place. A meeting of fire, earth, water, and sky. I was chased here and forced to choose. All decisions would kill me. I knew that. The fire would burn me alive. The sky would smother me. The water would drown me. And if I didn't choose, and I normally didn't, the earth would swallow me before I woke." She isn't speaking to anyone in particular. Maybe just to her ancestors.

As the girl would sacrifice her beliefs to the fire, beliefs that every person of Kirigakure should also have in Enbu's world view, the Kaguya began to wonder why. Even in the dishonor she had performed by abandoning her people, she had been forgiven and was allowed a chance to redeem her honor. Was she merely conflicted, wanting to suffer for what she had done and trying to take the toll on herself before beginning anew? Had she abandoned her ideals entirely? If so… she would not have ritualized the sacrifice. So was she seeking salvation or damnation?

"I am Renai. I come from nowhere and belonged to no one. My people are gone. My family has gone." She reaches forward to pick up the knife as she feels the drug she took starting to kick in. She can only tell by the faint quickening of her heart. It isn't a deadly poison, but one she wanted, that Naoya had shown her, to make sure her choice is absolute.

"I have betrayed my country, my village, my Mizukage. I have forsaken all that I call friend and family in the name of cowardice. I was allowed to live on the basis of a lie I told, that I could help kill my closest friend. I am a shame to all that know my name and unworthy of their love or knowledge."

"Let my death release the burden of my dishonor so that those I know can continue in happiness and peace. Tonight, I take my life as the only gift I have left to give."

Renai lifts her arms then to allow the sleeves of her kimono to fall back. It takes only a moment to make the vertical cuts running along the large veins in her wrists. Three for the right and three for the left. The left takes her a bit longer due to the injuries in her right arm, the cuts seeming a bit sloppier but just as effective. The flow of blood from her arms is abnormal. Just what was in that drink of hers? The red looks black in the night and begins to paint the whiteness of her kimono fairly quickly. With an effort, the girl rises and begins to walk to the sea, her steps careful and slow. As Enbu listens, it becomes obvious that damnation is what she is after, more specifically, damning herself to absolve other of her past sins. It was honorable, though unecessary in his mind. HOwever, she she moved to cut her wrists and bleed out the way that she had, Enbu would emerge. He however didn't flash to her location, he merely walked out from the near by foliage, causing the birds to scatter. He would walk after the girl, at first not saying anything at all. But while he could, he would ask her one thing, "Do you desire for your loss to be known?" While he likely could try to take her and get her healed, and while they may be able to convince her of life and survival and duty… it seemed to Enbu that she was choosing instead not to have others artificially continue her existence and her service. That she would rather cease to be on her own terms for her own reasons. As a survivor, Enbu could never agree, but as someone who makes his own choices, he also could not deny it of anyone else.

There isn't much time to think about what she will meet or what she has done. Renai has been thinking of that constantly since she came back. She has made her peace with her sins and is ready to be reborn. She only pauses once, hearing Enbu's voice. She doesn't look back to him, having no idea who he is. All she says is "I have been dead for a long, long time.." and then continues.

She gives herself to the darkness of the sea, wading into it and letting the cold water envelope her. After a time, she simply lies back, floating. Her legs kick slightly to urge her body further out, but even that stops as she lapses into unconsciousness. She remains there, a white spec in the black water for a good half hour before the sharks come. The moonlight can be seen reflecting off their dorsal fins as they circle this tantalizing scent of blood. Renai had done her best to time it so that she would be gone before they came and she had been accurate in her calculation, as always. One brushes her leg, making her body turn and she doesn't stir or move. There's a sudden stirring as one of the sharks breaches the surface, mouth agape. It clamps down on her middle and drags her under. The next few minutes are hard to watch. They rip at her and tear her apart in the busy manner of hungry sharks, but there is nothing left at the end.

Her final choice was the water.

Having his answer, Enbu would watch her cast herself out to see, drain away in to it, and eventually be consumed by the creatures within it. There would be nothing left, but the smoothed sands, the ashes of her flesh, and the blood that dripped behind her out to the sea. Most of it would wash away soon due to the waves, but some would have remained… if Enbu himself did not take care of it. He was meticulous, making the sands natural once again, picking up any evidence and getting rid of any sign of spatter or even visitation to this area of the beach. His training as a hunter made this partial job extremely easy in the end, but he took time to do it right. Renai would simply have vanished, never to be seen again, and all that would remain are rumors perhaps sparked by a shredded piece of the fabric she wore in her final moment.

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