The Doctor's New Patient


Shuuren, Aimi

Date: August 27, 2013


A mercenary comes to Shuuren to request treatment for an odd physical condition.

"The Doctor's New Patient"

Land of Tea - Daimyo's Office

With the coming of evening, Shuuren is found in his office as per usual. The stacks of paperwork coming through this place are never-ending between the country's official business and his own businesses. At least those he's promoted into positions to help with necessary duties seem to be doing well, performing their duties along with keeping a watchful eye out for any Yakuza that might attempt to infiltrate. All in all, things are going well for the new Daimyo of the Land of Tea. There have been many sacrifices along with way, some that will be repaid in blood, but it will be worth it…

Of course, there's a medical check up to be done. A rather interesting case. A mercenary who travels with a Mercenary camp. Whats more interesting is that while others in the corp can use chakra, this girl can not. The 21 year old woman walks into the office, and blushes a little bit as she shuts the door. "Is it time for my appointment?", she asks. Its mostly just a check up to see the initial cause of why somebody who fights in battles large and small can't use chakra while so many others can…

As the woman enters his office, Shuuren would look up and give a nod. He smiles slightly as he says, "Yes. You're right on time." Of course, he doesn't appear to actually be checking if that's an accurate statement or not. Rather, he merely stands and gestures to a chair in front of his desk. "Nagamura Shuuren. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You are Aimi, correct?" An unseen pulse of chakra, pretty much undetectable by anyone not able to sense or see chakra, would move out from him as he looks her over. He would continue to speak as he assesses her condition without even having to touch her. "So you've basically got enough chakra to live, but your tenketsu points have some kind of blockage that doesn't allow you to mold chakra effectively? Quite interesting. Most cases of that happen during combat rather than from birth."

Aimi nods her head a bit. "Yes, but I've always had issues with my chakra. And the head of the company has hired a large number of doctors to try to correct it.", she says as she shakes his hand. "They say that there is no safe way to unblock those points without causing damage to the channels. Something to do with how the points are too small, and that it creates natural blockages in my network. And that the more open they are, the body would react violently to it.", she tells. The woman takes a deep breath.

"It is risky to treat, yes," Shuuren would say with a nod. "Your body will need time to adjust to higher chakra level." With that, he would walk around the desk, pondering over the results again. "Hold still for me please," he says as he would place his hand on her shoulder, this time directly sending a pulse of chakra through her to read over the results again. "There are a few ways this could be treated. I can create specialized Soldier Pills that would allow you better chakra usage. The more permanent solution I have is more radical… I use what are called Micro-Chakra Scalpels and manually open the points better bit by bit. This would require several surgeries, as I would want to give your body time to adjust to the greater amounts of chakra in between, but, between that and the pills, I think we could make you a much better combatant given time. I could ever offer you a job here for the time being while you recover."

Aimi blinks a few times, and stares. "But…every…doctor I ever been to has claimed its untreatable.", she says. The girl takes a second to back away, and almost falls over. Somebody saying they can treat her. "I mean, there was a Hyuuga girl who was doing something to me, but I havn't seen her in months. But by surgeries, you mean, cutting me open, and forcing the passage ways open?", Aimi asks. She shivers a little bit. "What…would happend to me?", she asks. "I mean, how risky is this."

"Every doctor isn't me," Shuuren says with a smirk. "Not to blow my own horn, but I'm one of the best in the world, if not the best." With that, he would take a step back to sit on the edge of his desk. "The incisions will be extremely small. You'll hardly notice them, but, yes, we'd open the passageways little by little. You would feel a change in power, but nothing extreme enough that your body couldn't handle it with the correct pacing of the treatment. If something failed, you could experience severe pain of chakra overload or even die, I suppose, but I specialize in surgery. The chances of my failing are quite slim."

Aimi nods her head a little bit. "My next question, will this be a permanent fix, or…Temporary? Like whats the chances of a reoccurrence? I mean, I don't know of anyone who has actually been able to perform such a medical technique. No offense, but based on what you said…", she tells…"Even if the chances of failure seem low to you…Have you ever done anything like this before?", she asks, a bit nervious…Well…we are talking about possibly exploding here…

"The surgical route is a permanent fix," Shuuren states simply. "It will take a while to do it correctly, but, once it's done, it's done." He then waves a hand dismissively, saying, "Don't worry about that part. I'll be well-practiced from a few test-runs of the surgery before you actually undergo it. I have a way of practicing such things before actually doing them. I'll be prepared. You merely need to decide if you're going to do it or not. Once we start the treatment, there's no going back. Your system could collapse if we only do it half-way."

Aimi looks at him for a long moment. "Can…I have some time to think about this? I mean, I want it, but it just…Well, so much of it feels like a dream.", she says. "And from the sounds of things…This isn't just a one job or two job type of deal. You're probably going to be asking me for almost enough money to fund a country…", she says. "And I don't have enough to run the Land of Tea…"

"Of course," Shuuren says with a nod. At her words, he chuckles a bit and waves a hand dismissively. "I'm in no need of you to spend your life trying to earn riches to pay me. Perhaps you could pay it off in a different way. I've got soldiers in need of training. Since you're a mercenary at least around Chuunin level in Taijutsu, I believe, your instruction could help them a great deal since I don't have time to train them myself. If you enjoy it, you could even work toward becoming a permanent general here."

"Good enough. Some of them may like those weapons. I'll have some crafted," Shuuren says, pondering a bit and then moving to sit at his desk. "You have whatever time you need to ponder over your decision. I'll be training you a bit in chakra use as we go along to help you master it so it's not so hard on your body. Let me know when you decide, as I do have many things to do since running businesses all over the world and a country simultaneously."

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