Alt Meeting - The Drunk and The Adventurer


Eremi, Shikoge

Date: May 21, 2014


After a bit too much to drink, Eremi found himself being awoken by a sharp blade to his side being wielded by a young boy named Shikoge.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Alt Meeting - The Drunk and The Adventurer"

Sunagakure Training Area

Passed out…Once again.

As per usual, the burning sands of Sunagakure were home to Eremi's black outs. Something that happened more often since discovering the poisonous concoction known as the Sand Shark. It was a powerful alcoholic drink offered right here in the village capable of knocking out even the heaviest of drinkers and after a few of them, always managed to help put Eremi to sleep. Surprisingly enough, he had yet to be disturbed during one of his 'outings' regardless of where it occured. As if his appearances suggested that just by getting close to him and his stench might cling to them like that of a skunk.

Poke. Poke. Poke

"Ugh…" Eremi stirred awake from the intense pain he was feeling in his side and slowly lifted his face out of the sand. As he did, the light from the sun hit his eyes forcing him to shield his face with one hand while the other felt around for one of his gourds.

Poke Poke Poke.

"Stop poking me!" Eremi demanded as he rolled over onto his back once having the gourd in his hand and instantly took a drink from it. Most of its contents made it within his mouth, while the rest poured down his face. Once he had his fill, Eremi stood up and peered about for the source of his pain through half-lidded eyes until they fell upon a boy in a brownish tracksuit and a massive sword. "What do you want kid?"

Shikoge shifted about on his feet, dragging the sword on the sand and away from the mans side. "Why are you sleeping here? You know this is the shinobi training area and it's not safe to just take a nap. Are you homeless? You smell homeless. You also look homeless."

Not exactly ready to be bombarded with questions right away, Eremi hid his face within his hands and rubbed at his temples for a bit, hoping if he did it long enough the kid would go away. Though despite the length of time he went at it, he could still feel Shikoge nearby. "I'm pretty sure I saw you sleeping here just the other day. Leaning up against your compensating sword with your eyes closed and head drooping. If you can do it, I can do it kid."

"There's quite a difference between you and me though." Shikoge swung his blade off the sand and allowed it to rest on his now shirtless shoulder. "I'm a shinobi of Sunagakure, a sand worm rider, ant companion, treasure hunter, dragon slayer and friend to a proud bearded woman. Besides…" Straightening up, "I wasn't sleeping. I was perfecting a new move called resting caterpillar. I sleep for a time, regain my composure and emerge as a more powerful warrior!"

"Yeah, sure kid." Eremi took another drink from his gourd before fully opening his eyes and looking at Shikoge, "Wait…What the sobriety happened to your shirt?" Waiting for an answer for only moments before glancing around for where the shirt could have gone, but he couldn't find it anywhere. It was mind boggling and a little frustrating. Thinking it might be the booze, he'd bring the gourd up to take a wiff, wondering if it was something in the batch.

Shikoge tilted his head slightly as he studied the man, "Where you from anyways? I've lived in Suna almost my entire life, but only seen you around maybe the past couple months. What's your plans, are you here to cause trouble?" He lifted the blade from his shoulder and extended it outward near Eremi, "Don't cause trouble in my village, ok. I like this place and some day I'll be Sunagakure's Greatest Swordman."

As the kid talked, Eremi's mind was still stuck on where that shirt could have gotten too. It didn't even make sense. Was it a jutsu of some kind? But why do that. Was the kid messing with him? "Get that out of my face." Lifting a hand to push the blade out of his face. "Go train or something, kid. I'm gonna nurse this for a while."

Seeing Eremi reach for his blade, Shikoge instantly pulled his sword away and put it back on his shoulder, "Don't…Don't touch my blade." The tone in his voice changed briefly as he gave out the warning, as if he was serious, almost daring the drunk to test him about it. "Listen, I just don't want to see you get hurt around here. The bar should be open at this time if you'd rather sleep there. I might go pay a visit to a terrarium and see about breaking it down."

Now that was something Eremi heard, prompting him to stand up with a stretch, "The bar is open you say?" Rattling the gourd in his hand as it was practically empty. "I guess I could go for a fill up. Thanks for wake up kid. Feel free to do it any time you see me lying around..Just." Rubbing his side, "Don't poke me with your blade anymore."

"If I see you lying in the sand around the training area again, I'm going to bury you in it. Then you'll at least be protected by the sand when someone throws a kunai or the likes." Shikoge shrugged as he walked past the drunk and further into the training area.

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