The Dust Trail Gang - Part 1


Hotaru, Kaneko, Nendo

Date: September 11, 2015


What seemed to be an average day turned into a conflict between two genin, Toujitakumi Nendo and Kamizuru Rashoman.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Dust Trail Gang - Part 1"

Iwagakure, Central Alcove

Hotaru waited outside of the Toujitakumi village around the time of the afternoon. Nendo had promised to help her walk, and after the previous night, she trusted him rather well as a friend. Thus, she asked her father where the Toujitakumi village was, and slowly made her way there. It was an exhausting trip down the street, around the corner, and down all the way to the village gate… Yet she remained to surprise the shinobi. She won't get many more opportunities to do this stuff when her first day of academy arrives, after all. If she was going to train her legs with him she was going to need to do it soon.
It was common knowledge that south of the Toujitakumi village, there was a small track of area to walk in peace within the Yoatuna residential center, as well as a hotsprings too. This is the premier relaxation spot of Iwagakure, after all. Nendo ought to take her to the track to walk around. Kaneko-san was also asked to come along, although, Hotaru didn't deliver that message herself. She asked that favor to her father, who would deliver a letter right to Kaneko's parents.

Nendo would slip from around back of his home where the kiln was kept, content that all of the pottery was going over well and none were touching eachother. They could be painted some time tomorrow if the weather held but with spring the mood of the skies were anyone's guess. Still fixing his shirt and smoothing a hand along his sleeve Nendo made sure he felt the comfortable weight of his hidden kunai there as he walked along the beautiful tile path leading from his village. The tiles were a perfect as he always remembered though he'd seen one of them had been cracked from something last night and would need to be replaced before it became a blight on the road. When the Genin reached the gates that divided his village from the rest of Iwa, the sight of a little dragon raised one of the ninja's brows with some amusement at the sight.. His eyes squinted but the mischief in him was well restrained and rather than startling the girl, he continued on from within the village as though he was heading toward her home.. A little bit of teasing would be alright..

"Oyyyyy, Hotaru-chan! What're we gonna do today?" calls Kaneko, the girl dashing over as fast as she can. She skids a bit to a halt, panting heavily as she gets rather tired for her sudden run. "Well?" she asks after a few gasps of air.

Hotaru would stand and smile at the arrival of a friend. "Kaneko-chan! You came!" Hotaru has a bright and enthusiastic smile. She raises a hand high to wave as she holds on to her cane with her other to keep her from falling down. "I'm so happy. Ah! Now we just have to wait for Nendo-sensei!" Her eyes widen as she realizes that Nendo was… over there. Walking away. Didn't he see her? "Nendo-sensei!" Hotaru says waving as she moves as fast as she can over towards the genin. "N-nendo-san! W-where are you going… Over here!" Hotaru isn't fast enough to keep up, so she look over to Kaneko. "Kaneko-chan! He's running away! We can't train without him!"

Nendo smiled and glanced over his shoulder, a slight chuckle slipping free of the genin's chest as his eyes squinted in amusement. "Ohh? This can't be. If Hotaru's here then that means she walked all the way from home and isn't even winded yet." The genin teased before leaning down and picking out a small stone from the side of the road. He'd lift it and gently toss it in hand while eying Kaneko… He could get some dodge practice done while walking with Hotaru and perhaps try focusing his chakra all over again… It would not be anywhere near as easy as in the storm but he couldn't hope to only need a Lightning Release technique when it was storming. Still, Nendo didn't want to get too far ahead of himself and didn't want to get Hotaru to rush too far and wear herself out before they'd even began.

"You can catch up to us, Hotaru-chan!" Kaneko says, taking a big breath before rushing to try and grab Nendo. "SENSEIIIIIIII!" she calls out, rushing once again towards the genin. She pretty much leaps up to tackle him once she gets within range, so he now has to deal with a flying student! Maybe that'll get him to slow down enough for Hotaru to come over. Or it'll get the Murasame a scolding.

Hotaru would try her best to catch up, attempting to emulate what Kaneko does! "O-okay Kaneko-chan!" She tries to run, and is moderately successful, until she miscoordinates her cane with a step, and falls to the ground. "Nnh! Don't worry, I'm gonna… *Huff*… I'm gonna do this!"

Far off on the rooftops of a three story house, a brown almond-eyed boy in sits casually looking down at the genin and two academy students from afar. His short brown top-shaved hair combined with a rather thick shinobi outfit lacking a sleeve on ones side, replaced with a Iwagakure forehead protector tied around his arm looks over at this pathetic display. off to one side, are two twins. Both black-haired, and clearly around Kaneko's age, are pushing each other. "Yo! Stop that! You punk!" One twin replies. "N-no you stop first!" Both boys, being rowdy, are quickly shut down by the genin whom is a few years younger than Nendo. "Hey, you two. Cut it out! This is boring." He leaned forward and rubbed his knee. "Sooo-desu! I know who that is! It's Nendo! Hah. We graduated at the same time. He didn't join my gang when I asked him, so he's another target now. Sashimoto! Who are the two kids he's playing with?" The older shinobi-kid asks. The reply wasn't nice. "Yeah. I know who she is! She's Kaneko! She's cute, but she's kind of annoying. She never sits still in class." The other twin rubs the back of his head. "Oh, the creepy girl. I don't know her name, but she stares out her window a lot. Makes playing kind of hard." … The two twins stop fighting, and in that moment the genin would stand up. "Well, looks like we ought to mark this stretch of road as out turf! Dust-Path, move out! Time to cause some trouble!"

While they aren't quite there yet, it wouldn't be too hard to see them coming…

Dust Gang roll(s) Stealth (General) from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Hotaru

RPCOMBAT: Nendo defends against with a PERCEPTION…17

Nendo started to step out of the way but was surprised by how quick Kaneko had gotten. He'd underestimated her and before he could do anything the young ninja-in-training was already tackling into him. Staggering back a step, Nendo chuckled a little and then narrowed his eyes at her. "Hey hey now, today's the day we start going on walks with Hotaru, and we're going in the wrong direction.. We're heading toward the Residential area today so we're the one's that are going to have to catch up with Hotaru." The genin explained as he patted at Kaneko's head while starting to step toward Hotaru before the poor girl put all of her energy into going the wrong way with them. "Afternoon, Hotaru, are you ready to get going on our walk?"

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a PERCEPTION…16

"Oh, is that what's going on? Shenever said!" Kaneko exclaims, a grin on her face. "Well, let's go, then!" she declares, dragging poor Nendo along towards Hotaru almost as soon as he started walking. "Hotaru-chan, let's get going! We're gonna get you walking a hundred miles by the time we're done.

RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a PERCEPTION…6

Several Kunai (Forunately, relatively blunt) are thrown. Each of the three dust-gang members threw them. Each at their respective target. It was a surprise attack, but more importantly, it was a warning shot. "Hey, Nendo-san!" The ring leader says, as he and the other members drop onto the pavement behind. "Remember me? Kamizuru Rashomon." His tone was rather snide, and the two black haired twins stick their tongue out in unison.

[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Kunai Throw on Hotaru from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Kunai Throw on Kaneko from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 12. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Kunai Throw on Nendo from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Hotaru

RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a DODGE…16

Hotaru must have fallen at the right time. Just as she got up to Nendo, she fell to her knees to take a breather, panting. "Nendo-sensei! Don't be so mean! I… I took a lot of breaks coming over he-Aaaah!?" She heard the Kunai fly just over head, causing her to look back at the nasty set of 'shinobi' behind. "N-nendo-sensei, who are they?"

RPCOMBAT: Nendo defends against with a BLOCK…12
RPCOMBAT: Nendo took 75 damage.

Nendo raised a hand as he saw the kunai fly toward himself and clenched his hand into a fist before knocking the kunai off course. It didn't break the skin and while it spun in the air, the genin caught it to glance down at the thrown tool rather than the genin that had thrown it at him. As he heard the boy introduce himself, Nendo still looked down toward the kunai and then toward Hotaru that had fallen before him. Rather than paying attention to the trio however, Nendo would lean down toward Hotaru and start helping her get to her feet as he looked her over briefly. "Are you alright, Hotaru?" Nendo would question and then glance to Kaneko to see how she faired against the attack. It seemed like he wouldn't need to do any work when it came to training Kaneko in evasion today.

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a DODGE…11

Kaneko fails to dodge the Kunai in time, though her training has proved to be fruitful as it only barely glanced off her leg. "Hey! Why're you picking on Hotaru-chan? Do you want to be beaten up?!" she calls out, charging at the group and trying to bowl them all over.
RPCOMBAT: Kaneko took 95 damage.

COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 8
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 13
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 16

[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 10 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Kaneko's wild charge was totally expected. The two academy students dodge to the left and the right. "Hah! Typical Kaneko! Dodging head-first into everything! Naah-naah!"… The Kamizuru planted a hand on Kaneko-chan just at the last moment, and jumped right over her! It wasn't all either. He'd give her back a kick as he landed on the other side. "Tut! You're not on my level kid." Rashomon says as he points at Nendo. "You're the one I want to talk to. After all, I never got to formally kick your butt at the academy. Feels like now's a good time. Heh… Hey, Sashimoto twins. You can have your fun with the students."
Both of the twins raise their hands and confirm in the same voice at the same time, "Alright Rashoman-senpai! We'll rough them up!" One Student goes over to take on Kaneko, while the other moves against Hotaru. This leaves Nendo fighting an old classmate. "So what's it going to be, Nendo? I know your a Toujitakumi, which means you're already crazy, but I'll call off my troops if you decide to bend the knee and let the Dust Trail Gang take over your village too. Heh."

[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Physical vs Kaneko from 10 to 20 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Hotaru

It's pretty clear that Hotaru doesn't know what to do. "N-nendo san. T-they're gonna hurt us… W-what do we do?" Hotaru has never defended herself, nor has she ever attacked anybody for any reason other than showing off or sparring. She isn't sure what she should do, so she looks to Nendo for orders. She is also worried about Kaneko… "K-kaneko chan is… trying to protect me." Hotaru says with a sniffle. "I… Nnnh…" Hotaru was once again on the verge of crying.

Nendo watched the little debacle of Kaneko's charge while fiddling with his hands, by the time the genin had leaped over her and landed before him so confidently, Nendo had made the last seal with His hands. Two kids and one boy younger than him, maybe he was already annoyed by Maneshi being a higher rank than him and younger, or perhaps he didn't like the boy's attitude but… Nendo let the stone he had held break down to gather around his fingertips. He wasn't smiling sweetly like he normally did either. "Hotaru, when you're under attack, you defend yourself, like this." Nendo stated in a deadpan tone of voice as his fingers straightened to take aim at the boy before himself. The gentle eyes Nendo usually showed were nowhere to be seen as he looked at the Kamizuru before himself… The boy wasn't even able to be cutec he failed, and failed art had no place in the sight of a Toujitakumi.. A pulse of chakra through Nendo's hands, and he fired the bullets at Rashomon.

COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 19

RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a DODGE…17
RPCOMBAT: Kaneko took 150 damage.

COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 13
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 13
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 14

Kaneko yelps as she ends up falling on her face, and she gets a lot of scrapes and bruises. "Grre…. That's no excuse!" she huffs out, charging again at one of them while drawing a random Kunai from her pouch and slashing at the other two.

[NPC System]: Academy Student 1 Intercept roll(s) Block vs Kaneko from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student 1 Intercept roll(s) Weapon Block vs Kaneko from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 7. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student 1 Intercept roll(s) Weapon Block vs Kaneko from 5 to 15 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Earth Style:Sudden Earth Column vs Nendo from 8 to 23 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Kaneko might have aimed at two of them, but it was one of the black-haired twins who would try to intercept her. "Hey, -I'm- your opponent!" The kid would say as he worked to block Kaneko's initial charge, successfully, but knocked right off of his balance, he was unprepared for the Kunai. Kaneko would cut right into the academy student. The reaction to being cut twice was tears, and suddenly, Kaneko's opponent would run off. "A-aaah! She's crazy! I-I'm outta here! L-later Rashomon-senpai!"
Meanwhile Rashomon would be quick to make his own series of hand-seals, slamming his hand to the ground to burst a column of rock in the air, that withstands a few bullets, but the impact shatters the column, allowing the last few to strike him hard and send him backwards. "D-dirt… M-my earth style was overcome!?" The Kamizuru was looking worried now.
The second student would work his way over to attempt to kick Hotaru while she was getting up. "I've always wanted to kick you, cause you've always creeped on me and my friends while we play!"

[NPC System]: Academy Student 1 roll(s) Physical vs Hotaru from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 15. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a WEAPON-BLOCK…14
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru took 150 damage.

Hotaru would stand up, nodding her head, as Nendo's jutsu crushes the pillar and sends the Kamizuru flying. It was inpsiring! "N-nendo-sensei! I'll!" Then suddenly, the second academy student comes-a-knocking, and lands a kick against her. She lifted her cane up to block, but it knocked the cane out of her hands and knocked her back. The cane slides off out of reach, as Hotaru grunts and quickly makes it to her knees. "…. I… I don't want to hurt you! E-even if you are hurting me, you're… a part of our village, but…" She gets on her knees, unable to support her weight upon her feet, and creates a series of hand-seals. It is the only offensive ninjutsu she has, though it's incredibly exhausting to use… "You're hurting important people…" She inhales closing her eyes, and exhales. Kaneko is almost in the danger-zone, just far enough to be out of the way of the flames, but not the heat. A stream of fire exits her mouth, right at the kid who knocked her off her feet!

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with DRAGON-FIRE-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 12

Nendo smirked as he heard the boy being dealt with by Kaneko and would have grinned if he saw what Hotaru was working up in her chest.. Still, he had to deal with Rashomon and the best way to deal with a problem is to make sure they never return… He was happy that he kept a few kunai in his sleeve for this very reason and raised his right hand so that it was easy for Rashomon to see. "If I use normal seals you'll probably recognize this and try defending it, but what if I use one-handed seals?" Nendo bluffed, his right hand beginning to flick through several made up forms to distract the eyes of his prey. After the fourth 'seal' was made, Nendo's left arm shifted in its sleeve and his wrist flicked to whip three kunai toward the Kamizuru. He'd aimed them for one to drive into either of Rashomon's arms, the third being aimed at the foot that had been used to kick off of when he'd leaped over Kaneko. "Ninpou: Kunai Summoning Technique." Nendo called out in a sarcastic tone.

COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 7
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 16
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 14

[NPC System]: Academy Student 2 roll(s) Dodge vs Hotaru from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Dodge vs Nendo from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Dodge vs Nendo from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Kamizuru Rashomon roll(s) Dodge vs Nendo from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Academy Student roll(s) Dodge vs Kaneko from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 9. - Rolled by: Hotaru

No student would expect some crippled girl to be able to breathe flames, even if they weren't exactly at full strength, this was a high-level technique! "Aaah!? F-fire!?" The Academy Student is not enveloped in flame, luckily he dodged enough that only his bottom was on fire. As he move to run away, Kaneko was there to give him the one-two! Two-smacks in his face leaves him with two bruises that he's going to be remembering for a while… FORTUNATELY, by the time Kaneko swung her knife, the boy was running for his dear life. It just missed!
Meanwhile, the Kamizuru had dodged the surprise Kunai. His heart skipped a beat when he said he knew one-handed seals, but luckily, he has one surprise that Nendo didn't count on. His insects helped move his body out of the way just in time. That's right. He's a Kamizuru, after all. "You're going to regret that, Nendo!" The Kamizuru looks to see that his henchmen are gone. It was a three on one. The odds were looking out of his favor. "Heh." Rashomon says as he touches his chest, where one of the stone bullets smashed against him. He wasn't feeling too good after that. "Let's call it a draw, and pick this up later." He says as he grins. before making a handseal. "Don't think for a second that this is over, Nendo. I'm going to get stronger, and then the Dust Gang will take over this entire village, you hear me?" The jutsu he used was clear, when he suddenly turned into a cloud of insects… It was an insect-based replacement jutsu… He was gone, leaving the group to lick their wounds while the Dust Gang is sent scattered. For now, the dust was sweeped off the rock, but dust has a habit of settling if time lets it…

Hotaru looks around. The street was a mess, and it wouldn't be long before chuunin arrive to check on the disturbance. The street was messed up by earth-style techniques, and there are still spots where Hotaru's flames linger… "W-we should g-get out of here before we get in trouble… Papa is gonna be really mad…" Hotaru notes…

Nendo spun and kicked but it was too late, His leg whipping through the cloud of bugs harmlessly before a growl of annoyance left his throat.. He wanted those kunai to leave their mark and make the boy wary of challenging him again. Hotaru's words of reason brought the genin out of his thoughts and focused onto the ruined road.. So close to his village too. Nendo's eyes grew cold for a moment as the genin clenched his fists tightly at the road; scorch marks and warped stone marring the road before him. The burns he could forgive as they were in defense and from the cute Hotaru… The cute Kaneko did wonderfully as well and both helped calm the Toujitakumi blood that was boiling with a need to find that little gang right that instant. "Alright, let's get back to our walk Hotaru, Kaneko. We're going to the springs, lay low, and clean off. Both of you did really well against those boys; I'm sure you'll make great ninja when you graduate." Nendo offered while walking toward them and leaning down to help Hotaru back to her feet, glancing to Kaneko to have a closer look at her condition. "The medicinal baths for both of you, your parents will be mad if you show up at home with scuffs and bruises so we'll wait until we're good as new before going home."

"And don't come back!!" Kaneko shouts at the kids, giving them a big raspberry when they turn tail and run. She grins widely, obviously happy. "I don't think they'll mind. I just proved that I can actually beat someone up, after all!" The girl is pretty sore, though… "Wait 'till I tell my parents!"

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