The Dust Trail Gang Part 2 Brothers


Hotaru, Kaneko, Shu, Nendo, Mitsue

Date: September 22, 2015


Being punished for what you do wrong is bad, but being punished for something you didn’t do? Both parties have been seeking revenge on each other, and this time is the end all be all! Hopefully everyone’s learnt their lesson.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Dust Trail Gang - Part 2 ‘Brothers'"

Land of Earth - Iwagakure

It was the talk of the town for a few days. A skirmish between several local students and shinobi over supposed 'territories'. The road side was deformed by earth manipulation and charred by fire manipulation. First hand accounts looking through windows clearly described what was going on. One was a brown haired girl, whom rapidly attacked the three individuals mercilessly with a blade. One was an athletic and brown haired boy, whom used earth manipulation to attack while the children whom were assaulted used earth manipulation to defend. The final one was a blue haired girl whom spit fire across the pavement and lit one of the children on fire. These individuals could only be known as Kaneko, Nendo, and Hotaru. It wasn't fair at all that those students and the genin that was guiding them were implicated in what is considered a crime to openly attack an opposing group of 'innocent' shinobi and students. They were the ones defending, but news tends to twist things, and eventually it would come to the attention of higher individuals in the village that it was clear that they were in the wrong.
Yet, it wasn't. Kamizuru Rashomon had somehow twisted the story to his parents, and had implicated each one of them in something considered criminal. It would have been enough for the Kamizuru leader. In the end, he technically won. All he needed to do was show the med-nin that his ribs were indeed cracked by Nendo's assault and that was all she wrote.
The resulting punishment was clear for the three students. A chunin level instructor was to guide the three whom had caused the issues to do manual labor. This labor was to be done on farmland, at the farmer's discretion. This task was done nearly a mile outside of Iwagakure proper, hence the need for a chunin guide. It was a simple ordinary farm that was planting radishes late in the spring for harvest come fall.
Kamizuru Rashomon was absolutely satisfied with what had happened. His defeat became a victory and no matter how much Nendo, Kaneko, or Hotaru denied it the evidence and eye-witness testimony created an unavoidable situation. All good, right?
"Wrong." Said a scarlet haired individual whom was seemingly older than Kamizuru Rashoman. This appeared to be his older brother. A proud chunin of the rock village, whom held the pride of his clan above all else. The older chunin's right eye was gone, but his good one was gazing down at Kamizuru Rashomon himself. The younger brother's face was in an awkward frown. He knew that his brother was out for blood. He was going to make sure the little tykes suffered for insuboordination. "Big brother, come on… We got them good. Look at them. They're workin' pretty hard, actually." Far off on a mountain away from the farm, the two Kamizuru are looking down on upon the farm. The older brother slips his hand up to ruffle the head of his younger brother. "Don't worry. Let your bro' handle this. I'll make sure they bend the knee any time a 'zuru crosses their path."
Bend the knee is exactly what the younger Rashomon asked Nendo to do when he aspired to make the Toujitakumi village a part of his 'gang territory'. Now a proud older brother seeks to help him out…
Hotaru was here as a part of some community service that she was required to do as a result of something she had done wrong, but the list of those offenses has been staggering as of late. At the current moment, Hotaru was doing something that no sheltered girl with money ever ought to be doing. Akin to something of a D-rank mission, she was on her knees, sticking seeds into the ground, crawling about it in order to do what was needed to make up for whatever problem she caused this time. Her hands and knees were covered in dirt, and the young girl did not have a happy face. Mitsue, Kaneko, Nendo, and Shu were all present. Luckily for Shu he wasn't actually required to do anything other than watch the genin and three students work. Mitsue? Well… Hotaru managed to convince him to come help out in their time of need. After all, if more people come to help finish the job, the faster it will get done… "I feel… I feel kind of okay about this, Kaneko… It's not actually as hard as Nendo's usual training." She would state. Somehow, despite it all, she has a bright smile on her face. "Nendo-san… this counts as our daily training, ne?" She asks, hopeful. Mitsue was truly the only person who didn't really need to be here. "Mitsue-san… I'm glad you came. No one else I asked to help us actually wanted to help, so… thanks!" She has thanked the Gansao at least twenty times, and they've only been around here a few hours.

"You've gotta be kidding me, Hotaru-chan! You /know/ those vipers from that stupid 'gang' are behind all these rumors, right? I doubt anyone except them would be out for our blood. I don't even get what the big skirmish was about. They were the ones in the wrong!" Kaneko fumes a few moments, hand clenching around the small hand-held shovel. If she were any stronger, the wooden handle of the tool would likely start cracking by now. "They're going to pay for this… Next time I see them, I'll punch their stupid faces in!" she declares, huffing at the end of said sentence.
"The only problem," she continues, "Is that we still technically haven't disproved that the last incident was all their fault. How the heck did they even get that much influence, anyway? Hotaru-chan, can't your dad do something? And Nendo-sensei's even been charged with us. There's gotta be some way to prove that we were /not/ at fault at all…"
As the young Murasame continues her musings, the farmer that they were 'helping' yells over, "HEY! KEEP WORKING!" This results in a startled yelp from the Murasame. "Yessir!" she shouts at him, glancing back down to the dirt and wielding her shovel to dig up a rather stubborn weed that had dugs its roots deep. The field of the earth was a rather nice feeling, so she didn't mind this work so much. And she wore some older clothes today so that she wouldn't get them dirty for the 'mission'. The folk talking way over there? Well, they have not yet been noticed!

Shu blinks twice at the report concerning the Kamizuru and three familiar troublemakers. Though all of the accused involved annoy him he doesn't believe these claims. But this isn't about what's true and what's a lie, this is about who's right and who's wrong. And might is always right. Shu sighs knowing that he's going to have to supervise. "…even when they're not around, they STILL MAKE TROUBLE FOR ME!?" Shu facepalms hard while Kimi stares at him with a look of whimsy on her face. Reluctantly Shu leads them to the farm where they are to serve out their punishment. He's silent the entire time which is probably a godsend to the genin and students. Anything he had to say would come out twice as harsh as normal.
He can't find a decent spot to recline or relax on this farm. To make matters worse there are a myriad of pungent odors that scar his nostrils with their stench. "I feel like I'm being punished too and I haven't even done anything wrong this time." He murmurs with his hand baring his nose and mouth. Kimi seems to be a little irked too. Not for the same reason as Shu though. He hears Hotaru talking and he just snaps a little from the irritation of the entire situation. "Less talky more worky!" he hisses. Shu groans and tries to find something to do to entertain himself.

Nendo was stone-faced during the sentencing of the trio for their supposed crime against the Kamizuru but inside Nendo was horribly unstable.. But the time they were done the taste of copper in his mouth was thick from where the genin had bitten through his lip. It was his fault they were being put through this moronic punishment.. He should really have killed off that little insect when they clashed but he wasn't fast enough. Tilling the soil was the job given to Nendo, making sure the land was ready for the seeds Hotaru was planting. When she spoke to the genin however, he glanced at her with that stony expression for a moment before smiling gently at her like he usually did. "Yes, this can count as daily training since you're working so hard. Just make sure you do exactly as you were told, I don't want shortcuts in your work." Nendo explained before bowing his head and returning to striking the ground with the hoe in his hands.
Kaneko's complaints however were addressed sharply. "No, Kaneko, you aren't allowed to throw the first blow, you need to stay here and work perfectly, prove you are obedient and can follow orders from your superiors.. You leave that little insect to me.." Nendo explained, his tone trying to be calm but the growl of anger slipped through. His normal clothes were on the genin, dirtied by the work he was put to for the day which only made the Toujitakumi more enraged than he would be from just the task. Shu's hissed comment would help though.. The grump was always grumpy and something amused the genin about the chuunin's lazy attitude while the students and Nendo himself slaved away on the fields. "First I'll catch the little pest… then I'll squish his beloved hive one bee at a time.."

Mitsue wasn't involved in whatever the three had apparently been framed for but he had also started to hang out with them more. Not only that but since they were actually friendly and failed to make fun of his sickly frame he found he didn't mind helping out when the time came. Besides this was all good exercise for him and was entirely necessary to help him build up his stamina. As he listens to the others he offers nothing himself as his genjutsu has not been set upon anyone. Instead he just offers Hotaru a smile to show that he doesn't mind before he gets back to work. His eyes flick over Nendo before they return to the ground and some concern for him shows briefly before he begins helping to seed once again.

The Kamizuru were on their way, no doubt. they waited until they were all down in the muck before they even tried it. "Oooy! Nendo-san. I bet you sure regret not bending the knee now, don't ya?" Oh yes, that voice belonged to Kamizuru Rashomon. The young boy wasn't as forwardly aggressive about how he said that. He clearly thought Nendo more an equal in might, rather than inferior. "How does it smell?" He asks. The fiery red-haired Kamizuru grinned before the grin was interrupted by a very large hand that had placed itself on the kid's head and rubbed. "These are really them, huh? Look at you. Down in the dirt. Filthy. Not sure how I should go about doing this to a bunch of kids. Maybe just a few bruises, and then I'll get back to the serious business… The older Kamizuru looks his one eye right at Shu. "Oh, man… Even the guy known for being a loser slacker is around making the loser slackers play in the mud… Rashomon. Take a look at him. If you think you're little Toujitakumi friend could kick your leo in a second… Heh…" The expression on his face is making it seem as if Shu isn't really an issue.
Hotaru can't believe that… Although she really didn't quite pay attention when she was being read the reason she was on her hands and knees getting dirty. "R-really? B-but… But… Kaneko-chan, we didn't… You mean this wasn't punishment for causing that wildfire?" She asks, sort of relieved. "Haha… I guess Tsuchikage sama didn't know about that. Tasukataaaa! I'm so glad this wasn't for that." She says clearly relieved. Now she gets angry. "Wait, Hontoni!? You're talking about those kids? The ones that we beat up!?" She says as her brows furrow. "Kaneko-chan, that isn't HALF as much as I'm gonna do to them when I see them! Especially that red-haired kid!" She growls. As far as how they got that influence. "Ne, Kaneko. Wasn't the first Tsuchikage a Kamizuru?" She asks… Is that why they are able to get away with so much? That's so low! Hotaru straightens up when she hears someone yelling at them. That kind of yelling is sort of… Usual… She sighs as she wipes the dirt off on her clean outfit, when she realizes what she had done she whines. "Eww! I don't like this dirt stuff… Shu-sensei, don't you have a super jutsu that does this for us?" She asks. "Come on… You believe us right? Please tell me you believe we didn't do that, it was that kid! W-whatever his name was."
After Nendo's comment, Hotaru was looking a little disturbed. "Wait… wait a minute… Y-you can't just do that Nendo-sensei! What about us? We're doing work too, don't we deserve to give him what for!?" Speaking of what for. Look over there. Kamizuru… Hotaru blinks a moment in disbelief… "HEY YOU! I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY!" The bothered little dragon says. As soon as she gets her cane… "Oh, splinter… I left my cane over there… M-mitsue-san, could you get that for me?" Hotaru doesn't really make fun of Mitsue, because he doesn't make fun of her situation. It's refreshing to have him around in the academy. He takes most of the insults anymore. Sort of… the scapegoat at the moment.

COMBAT: Hotaru focuses 1799 stamina to turn it into 2000 usable chakra!

Shu blinks at how upset this group seemed. Shu laughs at their claims "Big talk. Save it. You twerps couldn't hurt a fly. Softies." He eyes Nendo though. That kid sounded serious. Shu is a bit amused now though. And when the guests of honor start to near Shu grins. He silently takes their scathing comments. Shu just shrugs at the two and yawns. Kimi does the same. "Hey they've got work to do. Why don't you go give the swine something to roll in, filth." Shu waves dismissively at the two brothers. Answering Hotaru no Shu smirks "Yeah the Shut-the-rocksteady-up no jutsu." He motions her to keep going. "Pay them no mind. Flies buzz. It's what they do."

Well, at least it seemed that Shu was as miserable as the three 'troublemakers' that this was intended to punish! Kaneko couldn't help but have a small smile slip onto her face when she saw Meanie-sensei's exasperated expression. Kimi, being the slightly nicer and more reasonable of the Maneshi duo, got a bit of sympathy from the young Murasame, of course, but Shu's unhappiness just sort of made the tedious task a bit more bearable. If Shu ever looks in her direction, of course, the girl would quickly lose the smirk on her face.
Nendo's little comment were met with a frown, and she retorts rather quickly, "I /know/ that I can't leave my post here. But plotting what to do with that unbearable butt is the best way for me to just … I dunno!" She huffs loudly, stabbing her shovel into the ground to dig up some more roots that just didn't seem to want to escape. "And striking the first blow would be a bad idea, too. We'd just get in even more trouble. Maybe if we just-" She trails off as even more plans start to form in her head. The girl shakes her head a bit, then, refocusing on the task. … until a rather irritating voice cut through the air.
"YOU!" she suddenly exclaims, pointing the hand with the shovel at the Kamizuru. She even flicked a bit of dirt in his direction, though that wasn't on purpose. "You're the ones that are making all this trouble! Why don't you go die in a hole? No wait, that's too kind of a fate for you two. You can't even be called bugs, that's too far in the evolutionary ladder. You guys are the worst!" she accuses. "I'll even help Nendo-sensei when he finally manages to keep you still, that way each of your stupid bugs can die one by one. And you'll even get to watch! Tied up, that is."

COMBAT: Nendo focuses 2526 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!

Nendo would pause as he heard the Kamizuru calling out to him and then drive the hoe deep into the soil with a grunt before he'd release the arm of the farming tool. With his hands free the Toujitakumi would focus his chakra and gather the fertile loose soil to his fingers. "Hotaru, I still need to talk with you about those fires I heard about.." Nendo stated in a warning tone.. She still needed to learn that fires in forests were bad.. Especially when forests were in short supply inside the village. "You both can help but I'll be the one to finish him off. He should know better than to put you two through something between him and myself." Nendo explained simply to the girls while flexing his hands slowly and watching the earth compress to his fingers. It was filthy but it was the best that the bug-boy deserved.. Perhaps he'd make the Kamizuru eat the dirt before he finished him off.. As long as Shu didn't get in his way though from what the other pest said Nendo expected that wouldn't be a problem.. Perhaps that was why the dark expression on Nendo's face vanished at Shu's words.
What? "You're serious..?" the Toujitakumi's eyes narrowed but he reached for the hoe and ripped it from the soil while letting the soil from his finger crumble free. Soon enough the genin was back to working, tilling the soil harshly but keeping himself silent so he could better listen. He didn't care what the bugs said from over there, he only cared about how far off they were and how different any buzzing might be. Pests always brought more and he was in no mood for the bug boys to play a game of sting the angry artist today.

Mitsue was deeply concerned by what his new friends had to say. If they felt this way then surely whatever happened couldn't have been their fault. The teen continues to work on the soil for a time before he hears the new arrivals have their say. Violet eyes raise to look at the two brothers that are talking casey and he frowns, looking at them from beneath the hood of his light cloak as he watches the pair. When no one reacts, however, and Shu even tells them not to, he returns his attention to the soil while at the same time preparing some chakra. He couldn't do much, but maybe he could do…something.

COMBAT: Mitsue focuses 896 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!

The young Kamizuru not only got insulted several times, but Rashomon also got dirt flicked right into his face. "Hey! You little usagi!" The younger Kamizuru as he wipes dirt from his face! That little usagi Kaneko. She's probably the weakest of them all, even the silent kid. He makes sure she knows how little he thinks of her. "You're the worst kind of ninja. Can't even perform a single jutsu, I bet. I could beat you with my left pinky!" He can't say the same for Mitsue or Hotaru. He ignores them completely. He was busy looking at the Toujitakumi right now. "Heh… Oh yeah. Nendo, today I'm going to seriously beat you down. Bro taught me a jutsu that will be more than enough for three students and a weak genin!" Such a braggart.
Kamizuru Satsuo just laughs. It wasn't at anything other than all the rage directed at his younger brother. "Wow little brother. You've got quite a reputation don't you. Everyone here wants to kill you." He barely even registers anyone else's comment but Shu's that relate to him in particular. "Flies Buzz, huh?" He grins. "If that was the best you got, then I'm going to have to test the dead-last of this village's Chunin a different way. Trust me, you're going to have fun today, Maneshi… You look kind of bored, so let me show you just what kind of 'Shut-the-rocksteady-up no jutsu' I have in store for you." The next string of handseals is very, very long. Yet it doesn't seem anyone is attacking, so he takes the liberty of preparing something amazing. "Earth Release: Hive Labyrinth Technique." He says aloud. He says this, because he wants Shu in particular to dodge this technique. Everyone else is welcome to get trapped in the Labyrinth. The earth begins to shake, and the brother drops his handseal before he walks right behind his younger brother and places his foot on Rashomon's back. "This is your chance, bro." He pushes him right into his forming Jutsu. "Go on! Make me proud!" The entire farm risks being ruined as a large honeycomb maze forms around anyone trapped within the ability. Those within would find that as soon as the high and strong stone walls were formed, a cage that can't be slipped through forms along the top… Just enough that wasps can get in and out without any problem… Rashomon is instantly trapped inside the maze with anyone else captured… "Bro, man… This is not good… Why'd you do this!?" Oh yes, While Satsuo is on the outside, Rashomon is on the inside fighting four people at once. "Man… This is… this is really low…"

[NPC System]: Kamizuru Satsuo roll(s) AOE Earth Release: Hive Labyrinth Technique on Shu, Kaneko, Nendo, Mitsue, Hotaru, and Rashomon from 30 to 45 and get(s) a 43. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a TENSE…11

Hotaru would bite her cheek when things started to go south. Already. Not only did Mitsuo not get her cane to her in time when she asked, but now there was NO chance at all of getting to her feet right now… But… There was one good thing. The limited light filtering through the labyrinth at the top made it so that she, and her allies, could visibly see a rather worried looking genin known as Kamizuru Rashomon. This was going to be good fun. "Nendo-sensei! Kaneko-chan! Look! It's him! It's our chance!" She notes. Clearly this was her chance to shine. After all, she did have something to show Nendo… "Nendo-sensei… I learned the technique in that scroll! I'm going to show you how good I got with it!" She says with a clear smile. Oh yes. Her training would finally culminate into something useful. While she was still on her knees, she would begin to make hand seals. The little dragon's confident smile was barely visible under the dim light, but when flames begin to leak from her lips, the clear delight on her face became visible… Then, inhaling and exhaling, tiny pulses of fire shot out. In a tiny space, this seemed to have a good chance of hitting Rashomon…

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE with a roll of: 20
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Shore Return vs Hotaru from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 32. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a TENSE…7

Kaneko hisses softly when Shu tells everyone to relax and not do anything. "Fine…" she mutters, returning back to her chore… And then the Kamizuru feel like opening their mouth. It takes all her will not to react, and she's forced to swallow down her anger. And then the unthinkable happens… The earth suddenly rose up and around her, trapping the young girl within its maze. "DANG IT!" she huffs aloud, getting up quickly and throwing down her trowel. "This isn't funny!" she calls out to the Kamizuru laughing above.
Then the Murasame looks at Hotaru with a blink. "Wha-? No, wait, Hotaru-" she can't even finish her sentence when the Watanabe if firing off bullets at the bug. "Uggh…. I don't even know anymore…" she mutters, drawing a kunai and spinning it in her hand before grasping it firmly. "Hmm… I wonder…" she mutters, glancing to the earthen wall and putting a foot on it. The girl would begin to climb up the wall, then…

RP: Kaneko uses TREE-WALKING.
RP: Shu transforms into KIMI.
RPCOMBAT: Shu defends against with a CAT'S-GRACE-II…55
COMBAT: Shu focuses 2289 stamina to turn it into 2500 usable chakra!

"Flies yeah. Isn't that what you guys are known for? Kamizuru summon flies or something right?" Shu asks with a grin. He and Kimi start to poke fun at the elder brother. He looks to Kaneko though who flicked dirt at one of them. Shu snickers "Hehe nice." He actually gave a compliment. As things progress he can see that the others are getting even more aggravated. As the elder brother flashes through handseals Shu groans. "Really? Here? Now? Right now!?" Shu looks to Kimi and nods "Stress relief I guess?" Kimi purrs with delight. Before they leap into action Shu looks to the other junior shinobi.
"Alright guys listen up. These insects want a fight. Give it to them. Hotaru…show some restraint. I don't want anyone getting badly injured. It'll be a pain in the raph to deal with." Shu cracks his neck "Also if he manages to kick all your mikeys…at once…I'm gonna beat the april out of you next." Shu smiles a cynical razor toothed smile. Shu isn't too worried about Kaneko. Where as the Kamizuru probably saw her as the weakest Shu actually believes her to be the most capable of the bunch. If Mitsue's genjutsu is half way decent this should be easy for them. Nendo on the other hand was an issue. Shu addresses him directly. "You." He points to with a dead serious look in his eye. "They look up to you. So you had better keep it together. You hear me?" His tone was threatening. At like that the jutsu is sprung. Shu turns back and faces the castor of the jutsu already ready to engage. Shu and Kimi leap gracefully evading the jutsu. When they land they're both crouching baring fangs at their opponent. "Ok…so when's the fun part?"

Nendo wouldn't move much as the bigger pest's technique was performed. He was quietly focusing on his surroundings as they changed and since the big pest had such a show of it he knew it was either going to kill them off, or just some kind of a trap to show off his power. Nendo wouldn't so much as lift a finger when the jutsu enclosed the group though he would finally release the hoe but Shu did remind him of his current position. He was the teacher of the girls and Mitsue was in his charge now as well. He would need to keep a level head if he wanted the girls to learn the right way to deal with things.. Nendo would suck in a deep breath and begin forming seals as he started charging up the wall along with Kaneko. All the while, Nendo was gathering up stone onto his fingers and trying to limit his annoyance to something more reasonable. Shu wouldn't complain as long as he only beat the pest half to death, right? "Show me this new move of yours quick, pest! I'd hate to see you knocked out before we get to see it!" Nendo called out as he held his arms forward and fired off the summoned bullets at that bug boy.

RP: Nendo uses TREE-WALKING.
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 24
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 18
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 25
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Shore Return vs Nendo from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 21. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Shore Return vs Nendo from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Shore Return vs Nendo from 20 to 40 and get(s) a 20. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Mitsue stands as the ground around him begins to rise up in a maze of sorts, the teen frowning worriedly. He didn't have a problem with helping them with some weeding and planting but he was /not/ going to help them fix this. He was already tired just from what he'd been doing. Bother. Oh but look…a cane! Um…wait, but where is everyone? He can't call out to them, and he can't exactly cast a genjutsu on them when he can't see them. All he can do is start to wander the maze carrying Hotaru's cane and hoping that he'll hear them enough to be able to find them.
It doesn't take long for the others to talk and he makes his way towards them, hitting one dead end and turning back around with a mental grumble. Once he reaches the center area that the others are in he goes over behind Hotaru, waiting for her to breathe her fire before he would silently offer the cane to her with a gentle tap on the shoulder.

Rashomon flip as fast as he could through handseals, a slight but nervous grin on his face as he is attacked from ABOVE and BELOW. Hotaru pelleting fire from below, and Nendo pelleting him from above. He shifts his stance as he presses his hand to the ground as a large slab of hardened earth to raise itself to defend against the techniques. "You won't get through this attack! It's a C-rank! Guess what Nendo…" He says as the fire is deflected upwards, exiting the labyrinth through the ceiling, pouring through the grates. "I'm a thousand times better than I wa-" Nendo's stones break right through the barrier, pelleting the genin right through it. He came out with quite a few bruises. "W-what!? That was a C-rank! How did a measily D-rank break through it!?" He was surprised, for sure. He rolled his shoulder. "I'm going to put you in the hospital for that!" He says as he rolls his shoulders and wills a wave of wasps to attack everyone in the honeycomb cage.
Meanwhile, above, Satsuo lands on the cage with his arms crossed. Little did Shu know, that as long as he remains in contact with the cage, his chakra can repair it at will. Everyone inside is trapped until he is defeated, or knocked off. "Not so sure it'll be fun for you, bro… I've been a chunin longer than you have." Satsuo might be tokubetsu level, or near it. "Everything has fallen into plan. Little Bee is getting his don kicked though." He chuckles as he uncrosses his arms. "Ah, well, I'll clean up his mess after I'm done with you." Satsuo would clap his hands together fiercely. Wasps begin to leave his veins and form a dome around Shu. One that slowly closes on him, but doesn't quite close… Shu's vision, however, -NIL-. This was clearly a stealth attack. If Shu couldn't penetrate this fog of insects, he'd not be able to fight him properly. "Come on then. Let's see if you can dodge this." Starting basic, Satsuo's fists would burst in at unpredictable angles that wouldn't be followable under normal circumstance. Striking back seems like a moot point either.

[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) AOE Thousand Stings Technique vs Hotaru from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 11. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Hotaru defends against with a DODGE…18

Hotaru would watch as Nendo's attacks break through that pathetic shield one bullet at a time. "Heh… Nendo-sensei is super strong… Kaneko-chan! That barrier only blocks from one direction! Try and get behind him while Nendo and I barrage him from the front!" Hotaru bets that while he's distracted, Kaneko could easily get behind and cut him up! But unless both she and Nendo keep using their barrages, there won't be a chance. She bets the next wall will be harder to break through! As she sees the wasps come at her, she would try and roll out of the way the best she could with her body. The wasps don't seem to follow her for some strange reason. Likely because he's not skilled at maneuvering them. Rolling onto her stomach, she once again makes seals before she breathes in and plants her head on the ground, expelling a many, many more bullets…

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE with a roll of: 24
COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE with a roll of: 22
COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with FIRE-BULLET-BARRAGE with a roll of: 21
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Earth Shore return (Weakened) vs Hotaru (24) from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Earth Shore return (Weakened) vs Hotaru (22) from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 18. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Earth Shore return (Weakened) vs Hotaru (21) from 15 to 35 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hotaru

[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) AOE Thousand Stings Technique vs Kaneko from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 8. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Kaneko defends against with a DODGE…15

"Yessir!" Kaneko shouts over to Shu, giving a quick salute without the kunai in her hand. The girl then makes her way over to the genin that's been tormenting them, keeping to the wall. She's a bit unsteady at first, but she quickly figures out the best way to travel while tree walking, and she soon is running along the 'cage' walls. She grins a bit when she notices Nendo running diagonally towards, and then parallel with her along said walls. Looks like she had a good idea!
Kaneko skids to a halt, then, stopping just above the Kamizuru so that she can dodge the bees that are swarming around her. "ACK!" she yelps, accidentally mis-stepping and losing her grip on the wall. It's hard to keep oneself steady when all the weight is shifted to a single foot unexpectedly! The girl tries to keep herself on that wall, but she ends up falling to the ground.
As she falls, she twists a bit in the air. "That's easy for you to say! And don't shout out our plans, Hotaru-chan!" she huffs out, the girl throwing the kunai in her hand right at Rashomon's head. Then she's on the ground, rolling to avoid getting destroyed by a mere fall. "There goes my plan," she mutters, taking off the other direction from Hotaru's fire bullets and chucking kunai left and right. She doesn't want to be hit by the flames, so she keeps a very careful eye out for (literal) friendly fire.

COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 18
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 17
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 22
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Tense (Overloaded) vs Kaneko (18) from 1 to 10 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Tense (Overloaded) vs Kaneko (17) from 1 to 10 and get(s) a 7. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Tense (Overloaded) vs Kaneko (22) from 1 to 10 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Hotaru

[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Swarm Distruption Technique vs Shu from 30 to 45 and get(s) a 41. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Physical vs Shu from 25 to 40 and get(s) a 29. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Physical vs Shu from 25 to 40 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Shu defends against with a MANESHI-SENSES…34
RPCOMBAT: Shu defends against with a CAT'S-GRACE…28
RPCOMBAT: Shu defends against with a CAT'S-GRACE…36
RPCOMBAT: Shu took 250 damage.

Shu yawns again at Satsuo. He's rather unimpressed thus far. The swarm technique does confuse Shu's ears. So much buzzing he can't ear anything clearly. "Karai this guys is annoying me already." Shu says looking around. Kimi joins him at the ready until a fist comes from nowhere. It catches Shu off guard right in the cheek. Shu flips around and narrowly evades the next punch. Fluidly like clock work Shu and Kimi spin in unison until they're a swirling saw claws and fangs. They not only attempt to shred Satsuo but his bees too to break free of his swarm. After doing so the Maneshi would pull his own disappearing act slipping off out of sight both he and Kimi.

COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with CAT-SAW with a roll of: 39
COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with CAT-WALK with a roll of: 32
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) AOE Thousand Stings Technique vs Nendo from 15 to 25 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Nendo defends against with a SPARK-SHIFT…18

Nendo would rush forward at that swarm without hesitation. "A C-rank used by you will never be good enough!" Nendo shouted, a flick of his right hand marking the change in the genin. His hair stood on end from the static and with the quiet crackle of it, Nendo ducked down below the onslaught of stinging insects. He had no time for them though and didn't even stumble while forming hand signs. Reaching down for the earth, Nendo let it gather onto his fingers but clenched his fists as he charged toward the younger of the two bugs. Drawing back his fist, Nendo whipped his right arm forward in a hook directed for the Kamizuru's jaw. It would only be when that hook had been followed through that it would be clear he didn't care whether it hit or not, his left hand was held before his chest with the fingers curled forward to aim his gathered bullets at the pest's chest. A simple pulse of chakra was all it took to fire off those bullets, his left arm thrusting its palm forward behind the bullets at the Kamizuru's chin.

COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 12
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 23
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with PHYSICAL with a roll of: 19
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Insect Wall (Disrupted) vs Nendo (12) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 10. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Insect Wall (Disrupted) vs Nendo (23) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 13. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Earth release: Insect Wall (Disrupted) vs Nendo (19) from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 14. - Rolled by: Hotaru

[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) AOE Thousand Stings Technique vs Mitsue from 5 to 20 and get(s) a 6. - Rolled by: Hotaru
RPCOMBAT: Mitsue defends against with a DODGE…9

Mitsue finds himself jumping to one side as the bees buzz by and he puts a hand on one of the new walls to help balance himself with another mental grumble. He leaves the cane there so that Hotaru can grab it before he quickly makes hand seals to start sending out his genjutsu. Since he can see the older brother through the grate he even sends it up there as well as he tries to force them to hear the sound of hoofbeats in the distance coming in this direction. IT wasn't much yet, but he could build on it later. He also sends the genjutsu over his friends so he can speak to them seperately. For now he does nothing with it however though.

COMBAT: Mitsue attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 21
COMBAT: Mitsue attacks target 2 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 17
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Insect perception vs Mitsue (21) from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 8. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Rashomon roll(s) Insect perception vs Mitsue (17) from 5 to 25 and get(s) a 17. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Swarm Replacement Technique vs Shu (39) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 28. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Bee Senses vs Shu (32) from 20 to 35 and get(s) a 24. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Rashomon was far from defeated by those simple rock techniques. When he sees Hotaru charging up, he makes the hand-seals again with a big grin. "THIS TIME!" He says, before suddenly he hears horse hooves in his head. He completely ignores his insects telling him it's not real. As soon as he places his hands down to summon his wall, he loses focus as he wonders if… Oh shredder, Iwagakure figured their plan out! The wall is all soft as a result. "B-baxter!" He swares. this wasn't good. The barrage of fire bullets breaks right through, singing him rather good. Once the fire was over, he was too distracted to notice several kunai dig into his side from the little one. A sharp pain continues to distract him. Then, there was Nendo. "It's not over! I will still beat you! No matter what you do!" He would say as his insects flood out of his veins. Nendo's first punch hits the jaw, bursting through the insect barrier, but only lightly. Then the bugs realize that a deadly attack was gathered on Rashomon's chest. They gathered about to soften the blow, many insects dieing in the process… A lack of insects then left Rashomon's jaw unguarded. As he brings his head back forward to look at Nendo, with a fearful look, his final words left his mouth. "You'll bow down to m-" Nendo's final thrust connects with the Kamizuru's chin, as the last of his pride is knocked right out of him. The Kamizuru leaves the ground as he skids back across the ground… defeated…

Up on top, the elder brother receives just as much problems as he quickly replaces himself with a pre-prepared insect group. Yet, that was just Kimi's contribution. Cat Saw is unison attack. Right behind Kimi, came Shu. Satsuo was caught unaware by the dual nature of the attack, and thus the claws buzz right into his midsection, sending him skidding across towards the edge of the cage. "Yoshi it." He says, as even his insect swarm loses track of the Maneshi… "You think I won't find you?" He says as he stands right up and prepares himself with more defensive attacks. He couldn't find Shu. He was careless…
It was done. Hotaru would sigh softly as she watched the Kamizuru was defeated by their triple attack. Not only that, but Mitsue brought her cane back! So focused was she that she didn't notice. "W-we did it! T-there's no way he's gonna get back up after that." She notes, with a deep sigh of relief. "Kaneko-chan! We make the best team ever! I-I think… I've never seen another team, but it seemed like this one was pretty efficient." She falls to her side, even though she knows there is still combat going above. She reaches out and takes the cane, hugging it close. "Arigatou…" She needed a moment to rest her chakra reserves. There wasn't much they could do anyways, given the grating was too small for even Kunai to pass through. Shu had to knock this shinobi off! it was the only way they were getting free!

Kaneko grins when she sees kunai enter flesh. Soon… hopefully she would be able to go in directly with some flashier techniques. Her father said that it would be at least a month before she could pursue what she truly wished… But for now? The girl was doing fine with her kunai. "And that's that!" she declares heartily, giving an assured nod and a grim smile. "Nendo-Sensei, we should probably help Meanie-sensei, right?" she asks with a small frown. "Or maybe we should try and start just cutting through the cage…" she muses aloud, rubbing her chin.
"Hotaru-chan, good job! You fought really well, even without your cane!" Kaneko says warmly. "But now, we gotta focus. You can rest for a bit if you like, though. It looks like you're tired…" She draws a kunai and glances over to Rashomon, but then decides it was Nendo that should be the one to get revenge. "Meanie-sensei, hurry up and beat him!" she calls up.

Shu and Kimi watch Satsuo from the dark of his field of vision. The Maneshi duo's eyes hunger as if they've spotted their prey. Shu has deduced how this jutsu works but then again anyone who's done their homework knows how these sort of things function. The way Satsuo defended told Shu that he needed to remain in contact with the earthen dome to keep it active. Shu's astute ears could pick up a littl of what was going on inside the dome but not all. It did sound like the fighting was over. He wasn't certain who the victor or victors were until he heard Kaneko scream. Shu smirks and glances to Kimi with his florescent orange eyes. The two bare their fangs avariciously and speed towards Satuso from his blind side. Crossing fangs and paths they flawlessly pass by the man feinting him. They trade off of actually attacking to make it even more confusing for the Kamizuru to evade. Their attacks were blindingly fast crossing claws from all directions. Their aim is incapacitate Satsuo or at least force him off the earthen dome with such a pressuring barrage of claw and fang.

COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with SPEEDY-CAT-CLAW with a roll of: 40
COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with SPEEDY-CAT-CLAW with a roll of: 35
COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with SPEEDY-CAT-CLAW with a roll of: 36
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Shu (40) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Shu (35) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Shu (36) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Nendo was thankful for Shu's warning words when the trap began… If not for that he'd most likely not have let the others fight as well. "Kaneko, Hotaru, Mitsue." Nendo called to them before holding out a hand with a smile and giving the three of them a thumbs up. "Excellent use of Kunai, knowledge of chakra and choice of jutsu, and…" Nendo looked at Mitsue and squinted a bit with amusement. "You used your Genjutsu on him didn't you…? You're probably what made him so sloppy that we all really got to wail on him at the end… All three of you did great." Nendo said with a content sounding voice before he bowed his head, bowing at the waist to the trio of students.
"First, I apologizec I showed you all an ugly side of myself earlier." Nendo explained, his tone solemn as he admitted that much. "I lost control of myself and let you three see exactly how a shinobi should never behave.. Emotions are meant to be left at home no matter how small the mission. As for the pest…" Nendo trailed off as he glanced at the fallen Rashomon and narrowed his eyes a bit, but closed his eyes and sighed a little. "Leave him and his bees in the dirt where they belong.. He's almost worthless but he's a part of our village, just tie him up and make sure he can't form hand seals. We have to be ready to help the Maneshi with the big bug if he needs support and then we can see about getting a confession out of them with the farmer supporting our side of the story." Nendo explained after a moment's thought, wanting to be sure they all understood the general idea of what they needed to focus on for the moment.

Mitsue wasn't entirely focused on the others inside the maze with him as he was continuing to try and distract the man above as well. Weaving the genjutsu once again to try and make shouts come on top of the hoofbeats, a lot closer, surely only moments away from appearing. He was doing his best to be a distraction of sorts. It wasn't until Nendo actually spoke to him that the teen Student nods slightly and gives a small, mischevious smile before turning his violet eyes upwards once again. They weren't out of the woods yet. Er, rather, the maze…

COMBAT: Mitsue attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 14

Satsuo's insects coated him in a wall. Each strike of the claw killing insects, but keeping the chunin safe. "Man… My useless brother… I can already tell his hive is critical." He says as he stares at Shu. "Let me ask you something, Shu. How much do you value your comrades?" He asks as he jumps off the honeycomb maze made of rock. He dashes backwards, skidding to a halt as the maze began to crumble while Shu was on it. "… The first Tsuchikage was Kamizuru…" He chuckles and shakes his head as he begins a chain of handseals. "… Just because one of those seppuku explosion losers became the next one doesn't mean we've fallen from grace." His seals stop on that of the snake hand-seal, which is common for earth style moves. "I refuse to let it happen. We're still the best here. Let me show you what I mean." He sinks his hands into the ground, with a big grin. "Earth Release. Earth Mausoleum Dumpling!" He growls aloud incredibly loud as the earth in front of him cracks and shifts… Within moments, a huge boulder nearly half the size of a fooball field in height and length is raised into the air. Such an attack would likely be the death of the genin and students. Shu could dodge it, but could his allies? There was one chance. This technique was a B-rank, but it was imperfect. He needed a moment to focus his chakra on a boulder of this size before throwing it… Everyone has one chance. If this is thrown, anyone caught in the crossfire will be put into the critical zone…

[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum Dumpling vs All (Charging Phase) from 1 to 1 and get(s) a 1. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Hotaru wasn't exactly tired yet. "Kaaaaneko… I can do more. It's just ninjutsu." She notes with a smile. "Besides. Nendo taught me that move. It uses a lot less chakra than my other move… She takes her cane and stands up as the wall begins to crumble. "Look… Shu did it! It's going away. He must have won." Hotaru says as she dodges a falling piece of stone from the ceiling, "Whew…" She had a relieved smile, truly. "If something like that fell on my head it could have hurt." She said with a hopeful smile. Then, she saw it. The wall crumbled, and she saw from a distance a boulder far greater than any Shu has ever rolled at her. It made her stop in her tracks a moment. "N-no way… S-shu didn't beat him." It wasn't over yet. She looked at Kaneko with a very worried expression… W-what should we do? Attack?" She asks. There really was only one way out of this though. If that rolled down on her, there wasn't going to be any way Shu could interrupt it. It was sort of natural that she'd think to at the very least attack the boulder, if not the man underneath the huge boulder. So she tries something… Anything she can, to be honest…

COMBAT: Hotaru attacks target 1 with DRAGON-FIRE-TECHNIQUE with a roll of: 11
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Hotaru (11) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 16. - Rolled by: Hotaru

COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 22
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 11
COMBAT: Kaneko attacks target 1 with SHARP with a roll of: 17
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Kaneko (22) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Kaneko (11) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 23. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Kaneko (17) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 35. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Kaneko blinks a bit when Nendo calls them over. "Hai, sensei!" she says with a small salute, grinning lightly. "And … ummm… Hai. Everything is noted," she says quickly, anxious to defeat the final obstacle in some way shape or form. As the maze begins to crumble, the girl's eyes widen. Because the crumbling earth wasn't falling… Instead, it was gathering into Satsuo's hands! "Uhh, guys, we should do something about this!" she squeaks out, drawing three kunai from her pouch and taking a breath. This throw would require some precision to get through the holes of their little cage, so she aimed the first one carefully, and the second not so much because she was hoping to correct the first one's path. The final kunai was once again thrown towards the gap that showed the bottom of Satsuo's foot. "HEY YOU BIG BULLY, QUIT PICKING ON MEANIE-SENSEI, ONLY WE'RE ALLOWED TO DO THAT!" She yells loudly in hopes of distracting the Kamizuru. Of course, that may have ended up in earning his ire even more…

Shu flicks his claws in disgust. "Eww." He looks to Kimi and shrugs. "We missed. A little lethargic still?" Shu looks to Satsuo who starts to get a little crazy now. He keeps his footing and looks a little shocked to see what the man was planning next. He's lost it. Such an attack could be evaded by he and Kimi but the runts would be crushed like bugs. This was bad because it would force Shu to get a bit more serious. "Seriously? That's your angle?" Shu groans completely and utterly done with this man's nonsense. "They irritate me. Greatly. But you know what? If anyone is going to crush them into dirt…it'll be me. Not some spoiled little Kamizuru with an inferiority complex." The shouting below from Kaneko and the others didn't help either. Shu just knelt down and took a deep breath. "Lazy cat huh?"
Shu and Kimi both get on all fours. "You haven't done your research pal." He and Kimi take off leaving nothing but empty wisps of dirt as they dart around. "You may have been a chuunin longer. leatherhead I only made Chuunin last year. But I've been a prodigy since I was born buddy." Shu and Kimi close in. Kimi appears behind Satuso and Shu in front. They strike attempting to meet in the middle. The moment they connect they burst into a vicious cycle of claws at point blank range. They'd shred through Satsuo and his insects hopefully halting this foolish jutsu.

COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with CAT-SAW with a roll of: 44
COMBAT: Shu attacks target 1 with SPEEDY-CAT-CLAW with a roll of: 34
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Shu (44) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 37. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Shu (34) from 25 to 45 and get(s) a 27. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Nendo's eyes widened as he watched the walls around them beginning to crumble but rather than staring, Nendo knew a charge stage of a jutsu when he saw it. Rapidly formed his seals for the only offensive jutsu he knew, Nendo stared at his target, lining up the shot as well as he could… He focused his chakra in his hands on his fingertips, gathering the dirt and stone in a smaller area. He needed a smaller bullet. Much smallerc rather than thick caps on his fingers, they were thinner; as thin as he could make them without making the bullets too frail to be useful. Taking aim, Nendo fired off each shot as precisely as he could for the most distracting place he could think of. The big pest was a man and every man had the same defect… Internal organs on the outside.

COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 20
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 15
COMBAT: Nendo attacks target 1 with HOLLOW-EARTH-BULLETS with a roll of: 18
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Nendo (20) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 26. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Nendo (15) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 30. - Rolled by: Hotaru
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Insect Wall vs Nendo (18) from 15 to 45 and get(s) a 44. - Rolled by: Hotaru

There wasn't much that Mitsue could do besides try and avoid being crushed by smaller rocks at this point in time. When he sees the large rock forming however his eyes widen…there was no way he could avoid such a thing. Some of the others might be able to, and likely should be trying. But they were staying and trying to attack instead. There was little he could do, but in the end he did the only thing that quickly came to mind. Making the hand seals once more he tries to lay the genjutsu on the older bee. Should it be successful he's much less nice this time as he forces the sound of screaming to come from all around him and right next to him, loud and piercing within his mind.

COMBAT: Mitsue attacks target 1 with AUDITORY-HALLUCINATIONS with a roll of: 10
[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Bee senses vs Mitsue (10) from 10 to 40 and get(s) a 19. - Rolled by: Hotaru

So it was that at the very least, Shu had broken through his insect barriers to get at the juicy bug on the inside. It was the only attack that managed to break through his barrier, but the attacks from all of Shu's comrades helped weaken it enough that he could push through. Thus in a two pronged attack, Shu had completely halted the attack. Clearly, the boulder was going to drop… But… Even as Satsuo dropped to a knee after the strike… The boulder still had a chance to drop on Shu as well as Satsuo. "Not quite." He retorts. "You have no ranged abilities of any real merit, Maneshi. That means…" That was the last moment he had before he dropped the boulder on himself to take Shu with him…

[NPC System]: Satsuo roll(s) Earth Release: Earth Mausoleum Dumpling vs Shu from 30 to 55 and get(s) a 39. - Rolled by: Hotaru

Hotaru watches as Shu does it. He manages to break the defenses, and disrupt a possibly lethal attack. Hotaru would drop to her hands and knees and sigh in relief. "Tasukataaa!" Yet, what Hotaru didn't know was that it wasn't quite over for Shu. He still had to get out of melee range before he was squished by the largest boulder…

"DANG IT!" Kaneko huffs, watching her kunai go flying off in all different directions. At least she had culled some of the bugs. That was a bit of a relief: that she had played a small part in assisting. She doesn't call out any warning to Shu, though, not wanting to distract him. Because there's no way he could miss that huge boulder that was about to fall on him. Or rather, hopefully his body misses the large rock while his mind is able to notice it before getting squished.

RPCOMBAT: Shu counters with CAT-SAW…32
RPCOMBAT: Shu took 1200 damage.

Shu feels his attacks hit home. He and Kimi stopped the attack. They look back to Satsuo and smirk. "Yeah as I was saying…." he looks up and sees that the boulder all though not at full power is still falling. Shu blinks twice alarmed. He could dodge it but then the Satsuo guy would be done for and the possible danger to the students and genin below…well he had to give it to Satuso at this point, the guy was right. "Yeah I don't. Kimi…can I ask you a favor." Kimi already knew what Shu was going to ask and had already moved to support him. "We need to cut it. Save lives. Be a hero. All that krang." Kimi nods and the two take off spinning rappidly to build up speed and cut this stone. Alas Shu doesn't have the strength to power through and his chakra gave out at the last minute. "Bebop." he suffers a crushing blow but he did his job for the most part. Shu lands hard and remains motionless. Kimi was the same at his side but eventually she got up.

Nendo tsk'd his tongue as his shots didn't even phase the chuunin and he was forced to watch Shu working a counter against that massive boulder. "Don't forget that knocked out runt when you get out, I don't want him getting buried. I'll check on Shu." Nendo explained as he watched Shu's counter against that massive bounder. The older brother was even more insane than the younger was. When the clash was at an end, Nendo moved forward quickly to start climbing from in the crumbling cage as well as he could before reaching inside his pouch on the way across the ruined fields and over the rubble so he could move toward Shu and Kimi. It was good to see the cat getting up but it was the annoying chuunin that was always with her that concerned the genin the most. "Are you alive down there, Maneshi?" Nendo called to the chuunin while he fished out his medical ointment and some gauze to use in case there were any wounds that were too severe for him to just apply some cream to. "What about you, Kitty-cat; are you alright?"

COMBAT: Nendo heals Shu for 123 with FIRST AID.

Mitsue breathed a sigh of relief when Shu was able to keep the bolder from hitting the rest of him, but he wasn't happy at the sacrifice he had to made in order to do so. These two we're going to be in some serious trouble Kamizuru or no! He looks to the younger of the bee brothers before looking at the two girls, both of whom were likely stronger than he. ~Let's work together to carry this one out of the maze~ he says with some resignation as he goes to the younger brother. He waits for the other two before trying to lift up an arm so he can carry the little out with the help of the two girls.

Hotaru wouldn't be able to do much. She was left behind as everyone likely moved off to help Shu… Yet, she couldn't herself move very fast so she watched helplessly as everyone went to help him. It's really all she could do. She blinked and cursed her legs quietly under her breath, before sitting back and… simply watching. It wasn't just the students Shu saved either. It was the people in the farm house who were also spared. In fact, those whom owned the farm were witness to everything. No. The Kamizuru wouldn't be able to worm their way though this one. they were caught, and would be appropriately punished under accordance of Iwagakure law. Rashomon would likely be sent back to the academy, under strict disciplinary conditions. Satsuo? Satsuo was likely going to be stripped of his ranks and imprisoned. There was no excuse to attack students. He represented his clan and Iwagakure in the worst possible way. Shu, however, would likely receive the greatest commendation for finishing the equivalent of a B-rank mission as far as he was concerned. The students and Nendo? Let's just hope that this one reached the Tsuchikage's desk… It might even balance out all the mistakes those students have done so far. Let's hope.

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