What if? Future Me - The Dynast on the Concubine


Uyeda, Yuzuna

Date: June 26, 2013


Uyeda enjoys dinner and conversation with his concubine.

"What if? Future Me - The Dynast on the Concubine"

Uyeda's Summer Home

Uyeda stands within the balcony of a grand room, looking out over the cliffs of this high building, green flecked grey eyes turned to the sunset over the sea. The man stands in little more than a sarong, the red silk tied at his waist and covering most between it and his feet. About thirty seven now, his body wasn't quite what it was in his youth, but he was still well kept. Muscular and toned, but softer in certain places than he would once have allowed. But it was a concession he felt secure in making, now. There were many duties to see to when one was ruler of the entire known world. Far too many to spend the whole of the day training to ensure his body was at it's peak, many of them wearing.
But the position did definitely have it's perks, he mused. The huge building he was within this moment, for one. It had only been about a year back that enough of it had been built to be occupied. It took quite a bit of time to convert the entire village hidden in the mist into a summer home, after all. But it was nearly done now, and standing here, quietly enjoying the view over his land, it was hard to say that it wasn't entirely worth the wait.

It had been some years since that Yuzuna was last in the Land of Fire, and she doubted she would ever be able to return. She was so young then, just a child really when she was taken in the middle of her mission. Blindfolded and tied down, weeks passed in darkness before she was finally freed, the chemicals she was forced to ingest effectively taken away her Byakugan and tapered off her chakra enough that it was guaranteed that she couldn't fight back even if she wanted to.
She was turned into a rare and exotic piece of art to be collected and admired. At first the proud Hyuuga girl stubbornly refused to serve anyone in any way, and for several years she was punished for it before she realized it was pointless. She wouldn't be rescued. And it was likely anyone she ever knew or cared for had died when Uyeda swept through the lands.
At her matured age Yuzuna is fully grown, sensual curves. What little she wears is black and sheer against her pale curves and flowing with her smooth steps. Approaching the balcony where Uyeda stands, the woman dips into a low bow before even a word is uttered. "My Lord." she murmurs. "I have come to feed you dinner, and I have the latest report on the renovations to the palace for you to review at your leisure."

Ah yes…
Uyeda took in the evening air — these lands are always crisp — in a large breath before turning around too look at Yuzuna. The Hyuuga. One of his earliest conquests, and the only who has survived being his for so long. And the reason was simple. She was beautiful, yes. Exotic, true. But there were many women to say the same for when you chose from the whole of the world. What set her apart was that she had what his old clan had called Yushai. It is life and fire and steel and joy-of-living. He had extinguished it in many of those he'd claimed before, but this one had managed to hold on to some, and every once in a while it would rise and surprise him.
He steps from the balcony, giving the concubine an assessing glance before walking past into the bedroom proper. She was still very much appreciable. "Set the report on my desk," he says as he moves past the huge four poster bed with golden silk coverings. "I'll peruse it later." He stepped to the pool of lightly steaming water set into the floor in the room. "I'll be taking my meal in my bath." He paused, turning to look back to Yuzuna. "And I have a question for you, pet. Tell me something." His hand makes it's way to the ties of his clothing.
"Do you believe in evil?"

Yuzuna feels him pass her before she straightens from her bow, following him quietly like his shadow. "Yes my Lord." she replies, setting the report on his desk as commanded. Her slender hands push the wheeled cart full of food with her towards the large pool set into the floor and pauses a few feet from it, reaching for a tray to set it on her lap when she takes a seat on the floor next to where Uyeda eventually settles. Her pale eyes blink up at him as he asks the question. A deeply philosophical one at that. Making Yuzuna wonder once more if Uyeda was lonely for company despite all of his power and wealth. "I believe in actions." she replies. "I believe actions defining the good or the bad in people."

By the time Yuzuna takes a seat nearby, Uyeda is already settled within the waters of his bath, arms spread along the the rim of the pool. He arches a brow at her response to him, looking over at the woman. "Actions defining the good or the bad. But do you believe in an abject evil? Something that finds glory in ruination, in corruption and perversion? Something that would look to the models of morality and goodness and spit on them in disgust? Something that is evil for the simple sake of evil?" The man's steely eyes hold the thoughts of the things he's done to many people, some of them to Yuzuna's people. Some of them to Yuzuna herself.

Yuzuna takes a pair of chopsticks and picks at one of the pieces of food on the plate in her lap. She hold sit out for him to take a bite of as her free hand cups beneath, just in case some food happens to spill. His words give her pause and for a silent moment she considers. "To destroy or ruin for personal pleasure and not for the sake of power or riches or conquest… yes, I believe that would be evil. But what is evil to one person may just be commonplace to another…" She doesn't shy away from his gaze. Yuzuna is used to it enough by nwo that she knows that he's trying to gauge her reaction, or trying to see the thought process going through her mind.

Uyeda's mouth closes over the chopsticks, none of the food escaping it as he slides it back and chews. He continues watching the woman as she answers, a little breath of laughter escaping him. "Is it evil?" he asked. "To make evil commonplace in the eyes of man?" His head tilts, chin lifting as the man coming from the Murasame clan regards the woman of the late Hyuuga clan. "To make it so that destruction and ruin for personal pleasure, as you'd said, is simply the way that one lives within my kingdom. Simply the way it is. Is it evil to make evil good?" It was not precisely an impossible concept for one who held singular dominion over all and plenty of time left to make use of it as he pleased.

Leaning back, Yuzuna quietly glances down at at the plate in her lap as she picks another bite with the chopsticks. "I think that is the greatest evil, to make it so commonplace that no one notices, no one cares. Its when evil truly has conquered over hope." she lightly shakes her head to herself, lightly, just once as she leans forward to feed him another bite of dinner.

"Perhaps it is a mercy," speaks Uyeda, taking the next bite of his food and chewing it. He didn't truly think it was a mercy, and the tilt to his lips said so. "Wine," is his command before he continues. "When an evil is unstoppable, perhaps it is better for those subject to it to know that it will see it's will done. Perhaps, in making them join the evil, one will save the lives lost trying to fight it. And then?"

The raven-haired woman is quick to pour him a glass of wine and lean forward to press it lightly to his lips. "If that ever happened, it would save lives, yes. But I would think that it would also eliminate the purpose of evil as well. That constant struggle between good and evil is what makes life interesting and without one, whatever amusement there may be had in conquering lands would be null. No challenge." Yuzuna softly shrugs a shoulder as she looks up into his green eyes. "Why do you ask, my Lord?"

Uyeda lifts a hand, tapping a finger to the bottom of the glass, tipping it more heavily to take a bigger drink before withdrawing. He jerked a brow at Yuzuna and proceeded to listen to her words and reasoning. At the end, he replies, "A fine question, pet. I think I'm done with dinner for now, as well as this conversation. Take the food aside." He sunk a little deeper into the waters, the warm liquid lapping at his collar bones.
"And set the wine beside the report."

Yuzuna quickly lowers herself into a bow as she withdraws the cup, swift to hold onto the tray in her arms as she lifts herself to her feet. As she's commanded, she sets the bottle of wine and the glass on his desk next to his report, returning the tray of food to the cart so that he can eat from it later should he wish. And with that done, she sets herself at the foot of his bed, legs tucked beneath her and hands cupping over her lap.

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