Sensing an Owl Summons - The Egg is Found


Nori, Hiroyasu, Hiei

Date: May 22, 2013


Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

While on Patrol during the TFM attacks, a clash between the TFM and Daimyo Levy armies is found. While the TFM sets fire to Toshiba forest, Nori senses a chakra signature in the middle of the battle. Nori teaches Hiroyasu how to sense the chakra ripples while Hiei goes to figure out if there is a shinobi in the middle of the frey. It turns out, the chakra signature was only an egg…that hatches into an owl…and is stolen by another very very quick owl.

"Sensing an Owl Summons - The Egg is Found"

Toshiba Forest, Konohagakure, Land of Fire

Nori, Hiei, and Hiroyasu are officially on a patrol together. Hiei was given the lead role for this patrol (jealous Hiro?), and for the most part, it has been a rather slow day. The hour is getting late and the sun is setting in that magical hour before dusk. The sky is alight with dancing colors: reds, oranges, and yellows. The trees are turning colors too, which makes the color play even more beautiful.
Nori looks tired. Patrolling the same thing over and over is boring, and while Nori keeps up his senses just in case, it is wearing him down a little. "Hey, can we take a break at some point? I mean, we've been out here for hours without seeing anyone. I'm all for that, but I need to drink some water and eat a little. What do you say bossman?"

Hiroyasu agrees with nori "I agree, I could use a break. My goats are barking" he says stretching before looking at Hiei with big ewe eyes "Please, Yotsuki-sama. I have some rice balls I made this morning and some green tea. And a few sweet bean dumpling" his eyes and lips quivering in sync, oh yeah he was putting it on thick.

Hiei looks back at Hiro and Nori and seems to give Nori's request some thought. He wasn't all that tired himself, but he's not the type of guy who will push someone to their physical limit, unless he were training them. He nods. "Yosh. We'll stop here for a bit." He sits down with his back against the tree and sips from a bottle of water. He also removes some rations from his belt and begins to nibble on some jerky. Made from the cat that he killed that stole Nori's fish once upon a time. He eyes Hiroyasu for a long moment. "You know you're not tired. Sensei pushes us harder than this on a light work out day." He takes a bite of the jerky and thinks while chewing. "I'll take a rice ball or two, though. Since you offered."

Nori takes some food himself if Hiroyasu is offering it. I mean, he has all of his own food in the burlap sack hanging by his back, but free is free. Nori too takes some water. It is quiet, peaceful, and serene. That usually means something bad is about to happen. Again, Nori can probably go for a while, but when your senses are on alert, it is good to rest them and replenish the food.
Sure enough, the colors of the skies and trees blur together and swirl. It looks beautiful really, but is that supposed to be happening. Nori whistles, "Look at that, beautiful hmm?" Then the smell of smoke wafts through the trees. Uh-oh.

Hiroyasu offers everyone some of his delicate tasty rice balls, "Just remember, I put a cherry tomato in the center of mine.. so don't freak out when it's juicy in the middle" before sipping some of his cool tea, before the smell of smoke assails his nostrils. "Hiei are you having any unusual thoughts, or deep soul dredging interspection… cause I smell something burning" he says packing up his food really quick into the boulder, ready to leap when the leader commands it.

Hiei devours his rice balls immediately and drinks more water to wash it down. Then he eyes Hiro. " just keep rubbing it in. Just remember that I'm the guy that can punch a boulder into rubble." He pauses. "How hard do you think your face is?" He rises to his feet and looks over at what Nori was talking about. His jaw lowers slightly. "By the Goat-Ogre's beard..what -is- that?" He starts looking around and then he starts slapping himself in the face. "It's genjutsu…has to be.." He whines nervously.

Nori shakes his head, "Not Genjutsu. I can see your chakras and they're not being messed with. Nori looks over to Hiroyasu. "I don't suppose you have any chakra sensitivity. You seem like you'd be the type…being like me and all." The boy herms, "You have your five senses…rely on those too of course, but I personally feel a pulse, a flow, if you will. It reminds me of water with a ripple in it." Nori looks to Hiei, "Maybe we should go and investigate it just in case?"
Assuming the patrol team makes its way towards the smell of the fire, they would find a small portion of the forest that is on fire. This is why they were on patrol apparently. The cause of the fire is immediately noticeable. There is a small skirmish going on. The Daimyo's men are on one side. There are about 20 of them, armored and with yari and shields. The True Fire Movement on the other hand is just a bunch of ragged and tattered villagers. The only thing that speaks TFM is the fire torches in their hands and the mass of numbers, about 60 in total. The Daimyo's men are losing just due to sheer numbers.
True to the name, the TFM members are setting the trees of Toshiba Forest ablaze. Nori looks upset about the trees more than the men fighting down below. He's talking to the one they are standing on in a hushed whisper, "You'll be okay. We'll figure out how to stop the fire. This blaze will help the spirit of the forest if we can keep it contained. New growth is a good thing." Yup, he's officially a lunatic, but at least he loves the trees.

Hiroyasu shakes his head, "No, but you define it like how I think Zen is, a torrent in our soul which churns. Bringing it peace and focus allows me to do my medi-jutsu" he says, "Is the sense of chakra extra sensory in a medical sense or is it the utilization of your regular sensing organs?" it was an odd though to think of it. "And I don't talk to tree's, I just gave that one a make over." he grumps before looking to Hiei for his orders.

Hiei watches the fight between the two factions as his right hand curls into a fist. He wants to draw his blade and slaughter them all…he's got no love for either side. But against those odds? Probably not likely. And then the sensory guy is talking to a tree. And Hiro makes fun of -him- for his weird Yotsuki customs. "Let's just go around them. There's not much we can do without becoming directly involved. We're the only thing they both hate and we're dead if they see us. And unless one of us is proficient in water style, we have no way of putting out the fire. I forgot to bring a bucket." Not to mention the nearest water source was a ways away from here.

Nori considers Hiroyasu's question, "I'm not really sure. I've always been able to do it. I think it is an extension of all of your senses combined though if I had a guess at it. That is sort of how Narusegawa-sempai explained it, but she had her Sharingan, so it was a little different. The zen approach is another one that is similar. I think the idea of being connected comes from someone who senses chakra. There is a connection there to everything. Some things are easier to note, but others are very hard. The people down there are just as hard to sense for me as the trees. You two light up like a torch to the naked eye. Then those shinobi actively using chakra are like sun flares. Of course, it is more like small vibrations, medium ripples, and tsunami floods in terms of how I feel the chakra pulses." Seems Nori doesn't mind being made fun of for his spirit talks because he doesn't comment back to Hiro. Best to ignore it.
Nori looks back to Hiei and smiles, "Sorry, sensing talk." He bows in forgiveness and starts to go around the crowd after Hiei." Nori herms, "Speaking of which, what are all our elemental styles? I mean, I might be able to do something with the earth style to stop the blaze, but not much really." Then, Nori catches sight of something chakra-wise. "There's…there's a big chakra source down there. Maybe they have one of our own. Should we investigate?"

Hiroyasu nods, but he's only catching like every other word or idea at the moment. "So finding a person who doesn't have a well of chakra as we do, it's hard to tell the difference between them and deer or a small tree." when he explains it "So does it manifest as visual data, or is it just something that when it happens you just know." he rubs the back of his head "I guess that one you don't know, since you said you were always sensitive. But I think I will call it Zen, as it's a concept I already grasp, so chakra is a ripple upon the calm water. Does it every act counter to your analogy?" He looks at his hands "My Earth is limited to bullets, but I could trap the fire into Capture Barriers, they would run out of air in a matter of seconds if the barrier can hold the heat." he says.

Hiei grunts. "Stow the sensory talk for later, we got a situation here." He makes a set of hand seals. "Transformation Jutsu!" There is a *pop* as he transforms into one of the villagers, complete with dirty clothing torn in places. "Are you sure, man?" He looks back at Nori. "If there is one of ours down there, we gotta get them out of here. Let's try to do it as quietly as possible." He crouches down and begins to move quietly but rapidly. "Nori, where exactly did you sense this presence?"

Nori listens, "Yes, it is much harder to find animals and villagers than shinobi. That isn't to say that they don't have chakra, just that they have less. Everything has chakra, or life-force if you will, to some extent. I remember telling you guys that the patrolmen at the crossroads were either men or deer right? It isn't the easiest thing to pinpoint, even when you're decent at it." He smiles.
Nori considers the counter question and shrugs, "I guess if you can hide your chakra flow, but no…I've never seen it go counter to my analogy, though I'm sure it could. Still, I can sense emotions, to an extent, based on how fast or slow someone's chakra is moving or swirling through them. And it is just a feeling through all the senses…" Hard to tell if he is saying he can see the ripples or not.
Nori points for Hiei and then goes into mental mode, ~It is down, right smack-dab in the middle. I'm not sure what it is exactly because it is a slow steady pulse. I'm guessing the person is either unconcious or dead. Good luck.~ Nori looks to Hiroyasu, "See if you can sense it at all too."

RP: Hiroyasu makes a Nin and Int roll and got 13 and 12, respectively, for a total of 25.

Hiroyasu says "I bet there are, the world is full of strange things." before looking to Hiei "alright, I know it makes your head hurt." He closes his eyes, using his prayer steeple and focus built from medical level focus. It's like there is just something weird itching in the back of his skull, but it's like drunken blunt ping "Uh.. I think I am having an anurism, tell mother I loved her" and that causes him to lose his focus and calm.. "I uh, don't think it was a connection, I think I was on the precipice of a medical emergency." Before looking at Hiei "Do you want me to Snuff the fires with Capture Barriers?" rubbing the back of his head, it still idly /hurts?/.

Hiei grunts. "It doesn't make my head hurt." He states. They act like he's never done ninjutsu before sometimes just because he -prefers- taijutsu. "Do what you can with the fires, but don't do it where the fighting is. If they spot the jutsu, our advantage is over." And with that, he attempts to make his way towards the middle of the fighting. He stays on the side of the villagers mostly, ducking and dodging the actual fighting.

Nori smacks Hiroyasu in the back of the head, "You're fine." He smirks and then ushers Hiroyasu to go use his barriers since Hiei gave him the go ahead. As Hiei moves into the actual frey, Nori calls out, ~Left, forward, left, right, hot…hot..on fire.~ Hiei wouldn't really find a man there, but instead, right in the middle of the fighting is a small stump of a tree. In a hollow in the tree by its roots is an egg. A friggin egg.

Hiroyasu takes a deep sigh and finds his focus "Triple Capture Barrier!" throwing out thrones of glowing blue seals, they stick to rocks, trees, whatever is close to the fire or on fire but not close enough that it might damage the paper. There is a sudden hush as large sections of fire become trapped in the blue pyramids of chakra, Hiroyasu used his limit uses wisely creating fire lines so that the fire would burn itself out but not spread to the greener untouched areas. "I can't stop the fires but I can retard the blaze from spreading, I can do only a couple more without more preparation this is taxing my Zen" deciding to use the term as it would his and nori's sensor safe word.

Hiei is poached. He came all the way down here, in the middle of a battle, expecting to find a wounded shinobi and all he finds is an egg? His first inclination was to destroy it out of anger. But he remembers that Nori said that it glowed chakra, which means that it had a life force inside of it. ~It's a stupid, friggin egg. I'm bringing it back to you bleeding hearts and then I'm getting out of here.~ There was a lot of anger even in his inside voice. At any rate, he makes it back to the two of them and immediately drops his disguise. He hands the egg to Nori. "Here."

Nori blinks in response to the chakra source being an egg. Not that anyone is there to see him blink at the time. Even when Hiroyasu returns from doing his best to stop the flames, Nori sighs and says, "We should probably go get backup when Hiei gets back here. He found an egg." Nori mentally responds after a moment with, ~An egg? Well, bring it up here. I'm not really sure what that means.~ Nori watches Hiei get through the frey and the young Yamanaka holds out his hand to gently craddle the egg. "Yeah, this is it. I'm not sure exactly what it," and then the damnable thing cracks open and a baby owl chick's beak pops out, only to fully reveal its head after a moment. Nori looks over to the other two. Life above with death below. It is pretty almost.
The bad thing though is that the young owl starts chirping. Out of nowhere, a full-size owl swoops down and snags the newborn right out of Nori's hands. It is fast…like, Ataru fast. Nori barely catches the motion even.

Hiroyasu looks dumbfounded, "An Egg, can we eat it? ooo Omelets" then it hatches and a owl.. "An Owl? With Chakra?" he says but before he can finish his Sentence it's swooped up by an Ataru-Owl "What.. was that? Did Sensei just take your owl? Do you think the reizei had owl fever.. no no.. umm I mean what now? Yotsuki-sama?" he says trying to make sure that no one pays any attention to his outloud thought.

Hiei blinks when the egg hatches. "Good thing I didn't break it." He comments before he feels a gust of wind on his face and throws up his forearm over his face in reaction. "Huh..he looks around for where the bird may have gone, but he doesn't see anything. "I don't think that was sensei. But all the same..I say it's time to hit the road." He looks to Hiro and then Nori before he begins to run back towards Konoha.

A single solitary feather floats down and lands in Nori's hand and Nori looks to Hiroyasu and Hiei, "Yeah, I agree, time to move." And so they do. Time to call the fire-brigade in.

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