The Emberfalls Delivery


Shugo, Hige

Date: March 17, 0216


Given a scroll and a mission, Shugo is sent off with Hige as his guard and guide on the Nara's first mission of delivering some secret documents to the far reaches of the Fire Nation.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Emberfalls Delivery"

The Land of Fire

A mission was important no matter how big or small the task was… Which was to say that when a man arrived at Hige's door and handed Shugo a scroll, he accepted the mission that was attached to the item. The scroll was massive, roughly three feet in length and over a foot across of the rolled mass of a scroll. The task however, would take more than just Shugo alone to complete this mission. "By touching this scroll you have accepted the mission to deliver this scroll of secret information to the distant Emberfalls village." The man explained before glancing over the area. "I was expecting Inuzuka Hige to live at this residence but I suppose they sent me here for a reason. Be sure that the scroll does not become damaged, wet, or opened at any point in time. If the scroll is damaged or opened without the proper release techniques the contents will end your life in a violent manner." That was how the bewildered Shugo received the first mission he was going to be leading, and he closed the door to let the man go on his way…. Shugo's near-girlish scream that left him when he closed the door sang out his 'excitement'.

"HIGE HELP!" Shugo shrieked as he clutched the scroll tightly but not so that the edge might lift and open the scroll. He barely even took a step beyond what he needed to turn around.

Hige /had/ been sleeping when he hear that girly scream. Was it excitement or fear? Regardless the Inuzuka was down the steps in a matter of seconds, Konsho right behind and Kizoku…slowly making his way down, looking disgruntled at being jarred from his nap. When Hige sees that Shugo doesn't appear to be in any danger he straightens up from his defensive posture and scratches his head uncertainly. Had he dreamt it? No, not if the other two were here as well. "What the alchemist is going on? What is that thing?"

Shugo stared at Hige like he was oblivious to the horror in the Nara's hands. "It's a scroll… they said I have to deliver it to a village unchanged or it will kill me.." Shugo explained while standing as still as possible with the scroll in his hands. If he could he'd set it down but there was the chance the floor could have a sharp stone somewhere. He was going to make this village spotless when he got back.. if he was alive to do it. "Emberfalls Village… What could they have in this scroll that would kiss the carrier?" Shugo asked as he looked from Hige to Konsho and even to Kizoku for the answer.

"A scroll that will kill you?" Hige seems skeptical as he moves forward to examine the outside of the scroll for some type of seal that might be activated. But they usually required chakra to activate…"Who gave this to you?" He looks up from the scroll to Shugo with a frown, quite unhappy with whoever was in charge of this mission. Actually really kind of annoyed. He sniffed at the scroll briefly, then moved past Shugo to throw the door open and start following the scent, not even caring he wasn't…really…dressed.

"Some person wearing a flak jacket and sunglasses." Shugo commented as he watched Hige go from sniffing at the scroll, the blood hounding his way out the door of the house. There wasn't much that the Nara could do besides follow while carefully carrying the scroll in his arms as he walked after Hige along the road or wherever it was that Hige was going to be going to. "You know, you can wait and get pants on, he didn't say it had any kind of time limit so I think I'm safe as long as I don't let anything happen to it." Shugo announced, trying to remind Hige of his lack of clothing while, not really caring in comparison to the chance of not having to surely die for a roll of paper.

The scent was one that would be fairly familiar, a ninja that worked to hand out missions and on many occasions was tasked with giving Hige his missions when they required a personal hand compared to a messenger bird. At the least, he shouldn't be a fake but also had seemingly hurried off from the area after the delivery, his scent travelling westward into the village and already being fairly faint from the man's haste through the trees of the roads.

Luckily one person in the group takes care of Hige in these instances. Konsho runs up after a few moments with some clothes and Hige slips on the pants and the shirt without even stopping. "It's not the time limit that bothers me. It's him handing off something that could even possibly be dangerous to a Genin. And not just any Genin either, but /my/ Genin." Hige is not happy and his speed increases as he hunts down the man, intent of giving him at the very least a good tongue lashing. Konsho returns to the house to close the door and lock it of course. He seems rather used to these types of things at this point.

Shugo would give Konsho a bow of his head in thanks while following behind Hige at a quick pace for a change, eager to get rid of this scroll at the very least, and to watch Hige beat some sense into that person in the best case scenario. "Do you know anything about Emberfalls? I only leave the village on missions so I don't know the surrounding area." Shugo commented, trying to think of the other parts of the mission besides the scroll that could kill him or be some kind of a joke to torment the Nara. "How often are you tasked with deliveries?"

The person being hunted had moved quickly but not out of the village, the delivery was the last delivery of the day for missions and so the man had taken himself off toward the curry shop in the center of town. It was there that the man could be found, sunglasses on even in the low light of the restaurant and enjoying a extra spicy bowl of curry over rice for his dinner.

"Often enough, though not through these means at all. If it's that important they call me to the administrative building." Hige moves into the curry shop and right up to the mission hander-outer. "What the /destroyer/ do you think you're doing giving items to my Genin without consulting with me first? And how /dare/ you scare him by telling him the scroll will kill him if he opens it. There's not a single seal on the outside of this thing. Not to mention such a seal would require an active use of chakra. Talk." Hige's arms fold over his chest and his feral eyes are narrowed as they stare into the man's eyes.

The mission handler looked up at Hige and then smiled a bit at Hige as he listened to Hige's complaints. They were valid complaints but the man didn't seem bothered in the slightest at Hige's annoyance from his little joke. "I didn't think you'd have genin so soft that a little scare of death would make them go running to their captain for protection." The man said before glancing past Hige to Shugo and back to the Inuzuka. "The scroll isn't going to kill anyone but no one is to open it because the contents are sealed so that when it is opened without the proper application of chakra, that the message inside will bleed off the scroll. If that happens it's a mission failure, which may as well be as good as death when it comes to a ninja failing to handle secret information." The man spelled out in a fairly serious tone while looking at Hige. "And since you're keeping this genin in your house I was sure he'd be responsible and bring it to your attention rather than attempting such an important task alone."
Hige seems far from amused by the joke and as the man continues to speak, especially after calling Shugo soft, his anger grows until his hand flashes out for the man's throat, gripping around it tightly, claws just barely keeping from breaking the flesh. "Next time you decide to play such a bad joke on one of my Genin I'll make sure you're doing nothing but mucking stables for a year, do you understand?" His feral eyes show his anger and while he's threatening stall cleaning, his eyes threaten death.

Shugo was annoyed, deeply annoyed at hearing that it was some sort of joke at his expense. He was close to dropping the scroll but it was at least somewhat important that he not allow it to be damaged even if he was brinked off at the mission manager at the moment. Still, he could set it down and that was exactly what Shugo did, on the table, near the man's food where he could let the Chuunin be conscious of the fact that he might be the one to cause the scroll to destroy its contents. Perhaps being subjected to a little of his own game would help the Chuunin to understand what his little joke really was worth.

The Chuunin was feeling fairly smug and confident about his words though the sudden grip on his throat jostled his sunglasses from his face and exposed those fear filled eyes as Hige went from the over-protective sort, to the still-very-feral-and willing-to-murder you sort… it was a scary change that left a very pungent smell filling the restaurant. It was just a short leak of fear but enough that Konsho would be able to tell with ease, and perhaps Hige as well. "I-I get it… I won't toy with the kid anymore." He answered while looking at Hige and trying to tug free of that grip so he could save whatever face possible when the whole restaurant started to stare. Seeing Shugo plant the scroll by his food didn't help in the slightest however, ant the Chuunin went from trying to reclaim face and back to tugging his food from near that scroll in a slight panic.

Hige doesn't budge an inch when the man tries to leave his grip, in fact in only tightens slightly at the effort, almost daring him to do something stupid. But in the end he does release him and swipes the scroll before holding out a hand to the Chuunin. "The mission specifications," he says simply, waiting for them to be handed to him, his eyes still quite threatening even without that hand around his throat.

Shugo watched Hige's actions closely along with those of the Chuunin, narrowing his eyes slightly while tucking his hands into the pockets of his baggy pants and letting the two of them sort things out as they would. At least with Hige around to handle the negotiations of the mission things should be a bit more clear and orderly for a change. It also gave Shugo the much needed time to get all of his dying fear bottled up and smoothed over.

When Hige snatched up the scroll and demanded the specifications, the chuunin reached to his flak jacket, flusteredly patting and snatching open scroll holders before the right one dropped out and the blue B-rank missions scroll was handed over for Hige to review. Its specifications were fairly simple, telling that the scroll held information which need not be known to the carrier, that the scroll was sealed in a manner to prevent the information being leaked easily, and that the delivery was to be made in a timely manner to Emberfalls Village toward the edge of the nation of Fire's western border. As the information was important, it was a scroll with the chance of enemy ninja attempting to steal the scroll from the carrier as well as the chance of bandits and highway men trying to steal the scroll were high as well. It wasn't a mission for a Genin for sure but the Chuunin had an excuse for that. "The Hokage said that Hige would be able to handle it and said to give it to you."

"Daisuke would, that pain in the vanquisher," Hige mutters under his breath. Yes, Daisuke doesn't go by his title for Hige and he does call him many a name. Perhaps that should further hint that the Chuunin probably shouldn't alric him off since he likely has a closer relationship with the Hokage. After scanning the specifications Hige picks up the large scroll and turns as if to leave, then pauses and looks back at the Chuunin again. "This is your only warning." The threat is given flatly before he turns back and motions for the rest to follow him out. Once outside he'd move back towards his house to gather things for the mission. A sideways glance is given to Shugo as they went, however, to see how he was doing. "You alright?"

Shugo would follow along with the motion and head out after the Inuzuka with a slight nod of his head to that question. "I'm fine now that I know I'm not going to die if that thing gets wet." He answered as though that covered most of the issues though there was still the matter of the scroll being something in their possession. "Perhaps it would be best if I carried it though? I tend to stand off in a fight and don't need to do much else while you… tend to rip roles in things." Shugo reasoned with a bit of a smile, something to help cool Hige's head a little and maybe help ease the tension from that early morning scare.

"If you want," Hige replies blandly, flipping the scroll into the air in Shugo's direction. Hopefully he's ready to catch it. Once they reach the house Hige changes into something more suitable for travel, then packs a few things into Konsho's vest before he's ready to be off. "Are you ready?" Hige calls for Shugo as he heads towards the door, putting on his hitai-ate in one of the rare instances. Really diplomatic missions is about it.

Shugo wasn't expecting the scroll to be launched and had to stagger around watching it before he caught the massive scroll and held it in his arms while they moved off to Hige's house. Shugo didn't have much packing to do since he always carried all of the things he might need and so, mostly the Nara just stood around watching Hige with the scroll held in his arms and watching Hige prepare himself and Konsho. "Kizoku, that's you in five years. A stylish vest of your own." Shugo explained with a slight smirk, wondering how the royal would feel about it. The hitai-ate on Hige was interesting… the Nara hadn't expected that to be added to the Inuzuka's outfit. "Yeah, I'm ready when you are. Lead the way."

After the others are ready they head out, though Kizoku does regally glower briefly at Shugo with that comment. But then he moves on after the rest. After clearing the house and locking it, Hige turns to start heading out of the village and an easy pace, waiting until they get out of Konoha before they start going at speed. "You know you don't have to come Shugo. I won't force you."

Shugo smirked at Kizoku's annoyance and shook his head a bit. This pup could be quite a bit of fun for him while they were on the road if things were like this. When Hige was ready and finally set out at that speedy pace, Shugo formed a hand seal to let his shadowy tendrils reach out and wind around the scroll so it was held to his back while he started off at a steady run off to keep pace with Hige. "I was shoved into the mission, scared first thing in the morning, and screamed like a little girl. The least I could do is actually follow through with it and remind myself I'm not a scared little child." Shugo explained with a tone of annoyance directed at himself. "Besides, you're going on the mission and don't want me to sit in the house enjoying another long vacation, do you?" Shugo asked with a bit of a raise of his brow.

"I could have someone check in on you if I was worried," Hige points out with a fang toothed grin. "I think you're just trying to prove to yourself that you're not a scared little girl, although the scream was rather amusing when I realized you weren't dying." Hige picks up the speed as they get going and Kizoku hitches a ride on Konsho, sitting regally despite the speed they're traveling. "We should be there in a few hours if we keep up this pace. Just make sure you don't drop that thing. It may not kill you, but Daisuke might if you ruin his scroll. You don't want to ordrak off the Hokage and his little pet inside him do you?"

Shugo considered it… after the torment of the morning, ordraking someone off did sound like a good idea actually. And who better to ordrak off than the one that tormented Hige with endless missions and trials that pushed him to never return home… except on the weekends. "I think I'll behave for now. I don't stand a chance against the Hokage until I can at least stand up to you on even ground." Shugo answered with a slight nod of his head and a frown. He wasn't the strongest but he could get close if he kept working at it for another nine or so years. In the meantime, a pest for the feral Inuzuka was good enough.

A nice day's travel through the land of fire was good and dandy but if those who traveled with such an obviously secret filled scroll weren't careful they might come across more than just happy bunnies and fun times in the forests of the nation. It wasn't hard to get lost or turn up missing and there were people everywhere looking forward to taking the secrets of one of the newly formed great nations of the world.. They only needed the slight chance to take action.

"WEll you've got a long way to go for that." Hige smirks over his shoulder at Shugo as they move along at top speed. "But enough of that for now. Keep an eye out. If someone gets a sniff of a secret heading out of the village they may try and get a peek." Hige keeps his nose, eyes and ears open as they travel, as does Konsho and the royal Kizoku.
Shugo nodded his head in agreement with Hige's words both on having a long way to go, and on keeping his eyes peeled and ears listening for any signs of someone wanting to get in between them and their mission to deliver the scroll. He'd keep it secretive but plant a few nodes to begin establishing a basic perimeter around them as they rushed through the trees. It wasn't perfect, in fact, he'd need to enhance his seals soon enough if he wanted to detect anything too specific but it was a start in the right direction and took less effort than trying to search things out with his shadows covering the entire area at all times. Now /that/ would be a pain, one he didn't want to deal with.

The sounds around the quad team of ninja were fairly normal, at the exception of some of the sounds that didn't echo through the trees from time to time. There were bird calls that stopped or never sounded out at all as the Ninja passed which was mostly normal, but the times when the calls never sounded out meant there was some predatory presence in the area stalking the forests. Perhaps it was a simple animal or even just other travelling in a similar direction. At the very least nothing seemed amiss for the moment.

Hige's enough of a predator himself, though he could care less for birds in the end. While they continue on through he continues to keep his guard up, a habit garnered from years of training, and then from years of experience. While it's not a great many years in the end it is an abundance within those years that have helped him hone those skills. He also keeps an eye on his group in case they need to break, or in Shugo's case if he needed to teach him some lesson or another.

Shugo was doing alright for the time being or at the least, he didn't seem to need a break already and was doing well to let his eyes shift from one side to the other while his sleeves let seal tags slip from within and scatter to establish a basic barrier around them. "How often does the Hokage, Daisuke send you missions like this on such short notice?" Shugo questioned to try filling the air with something other than the steady steps of feet and paws on the tree branches while they raced along the road.

The casual nature of the trip would be broken by the flash of light from the left side, a thrown dagger lashing toward Shugo to try silently dispatching of the Nara without bringing attention to the Inuzuka in the front of the group. With any luck they could silently dispatch of the carrier and escape with the scroll before anyone was the wiser. To distract the Inuzuka, a pair of masked ninja lunged from the ground and formed hand seals to send a barrage of earth bullets firing at Hige, another launching a dragon formed of earth and stone toward Hige from the ground below.

So many people focusing on Hige! The Inuzuka reacts quickly, jumping forward to avoid the bullets of mud that shoot at him only to land on the tree branch right above the rising dragon. Only his speed saves him as he flips backwards off the branch as the dragon smashes through it, missing him by inches. As he turns in the air he pushes off the dragon itself down to the ground, going for the first attackers quickly as lightning fills him and he lashes out quickly as he nears. Konsho stays near Shugo for now, though he's too far behind to do anything about those kunai. Still, thinking Hige was the only one to be watching was kind of foolish of them.

Shugo was glad he had been carrying seals as the dagger launched at him was deflected with ease and a shift in his maintained hand seal caused his shadowy tendrils to multiply while reaching out into the trees and spearing through the branches in search of anyone around him that had tried launching that strike. The Nara was quickly aware of his surroundings and trying to take in whatever he could, the sight of Hige being under attack not lost on the genin as a set of the tendrils reached quickly toward the ninja focusing on Hige to try burrowing those sharp shadows into the limbs of the attackers so he could try holding them in place for Hige's attack.

The attacker going after Shugo remained hidde and waiting, those shadows being launched blindly being easily avoided while the others in his team were less lucky. The two that had been trying to attack Hige were soon crying out in shock when the shadows drove into their legs and kept them from jumping away but it left both with the chance of forming a barrier of earth around themselves. All too soon did they realize their mistakes however as Hige's lightning tainted touch tore through their barriers and gouged deep wounds into their bodies. And then they were gone. Shadow clones burst after shedding the slightest amount of blood and revealed that they were not the actual ninja… No doubt, neither were the cluster of six that leaped from the tree line on either side, twin sets of six ninja identical to the two that had lashed out at Hige before. And while the Inuzuka was busy with his team and Shugo was distracted, the ninja would reveal himself from where he hid, pressed to a tree's trunk and lunge at the Nara with a hooked kunai in hand.

Hige growled low in his throat when the two clones vanished, looking up as the six others jumped at him. He simply stood there, waiting. Just as they got close he launches into the air, a flurry of spinning claws and fangs as lashes out at each in quick succession. He might get a few cuts but that's the least of his concerns at the moment. As for Shugo…well, Konsho was there, and as soon as the man moved the ninken was flying at him, his intent to knock him off balance and maybe out into the open as well.

The strike from Konsho was powerful enough to knock the man away from the location, sending him careening out in the open and staggering along the ground rather than lunging at Shugo. That darned dog was going to pay for that! Turning to face Konsho, and raising his knife up threateningly at…. the massive dog. This might have been a bad idea after all.

Shugo was going to help Hige with those people but the next attack caught Shugo off guard, and by that he meant the attack of Konsho slamming into the man and knocking him out into the open. That made things easier and Shugo grinned widely as he flicked through a series of hand seals and let his shadows bleed out like a massive puddle of ink into the land around himself. As the shadows began rolling off his form and blackening portions of his skin with pulsing shadows, the Nara grinning and kneeled while flaring out his Haori in his usual position. Steepling his fingers and curling the index finger in to meet his thumbs, Shugo let far larger tendrils lift from in the shadows, thick, writhing tendrils launching out toward the one that had tried attacking him and now turned their blade on Konsho. The Nara was quick to let those writing tendrils bolt toward the masked ninja with the curved kunai in hand.

The group of ninja attacking Hige were planning to overcome the elemental wheel with sheer numbers but the small Inuzuka was no joke and those flashing strikes landed their marks, every last one of the clones crying out and being launched before bursting into smoke or simply bursting on impact. All but two that was. Two were still in one piece and more wounded than any one clone had been. The backlash of the shadow clones was showing through as the injuries compounded on the user and left them struggling to move away at all. It was their loss. The one that had been attacking at Shugo and Konsho likewise was not prepared for the shift in strength and speed of the Nara's attacks and before he could escape, had been struck and thoroughly sewn to the ground by shadowy needles leaving him helpless.

Hige ignored the few injuries he'd sustained in the exchanges so far, blood flowing from a few small wounds as his feral eyes flicked back and forth between the two remaining clones. He knew that he'd left Shugo in Konsho's hands…well, paws…and that was as good as if Hige himself was there. Now he needed to finish this mess. He let out a loud whistle and suddenly Kizoku was there in all his regal puppy glory. Apparently despite his royal manner and their short time together they'd been training. The pair launch together, intent on drilling straight through one of the clones before bouncing off a tree and heading back towards the last one.

Shugo flicked through a few seals and redoubled the shadowy bindings on the person that had attacked him and narrowed his eyes while more tendrils rose from the shadows to linger threateningly over the captive. "Don't fight, and I won't put these through your eyes… It will be hard escaping when you've freshly blinded and still coping with the pain." Shugo warned while beginning to reign in his shadows slowly, still keeping the large pool of a shadow at his feet to be clear that he wasn't relaxing at all, just restricting the shadow's claim from the territory around him, to just that ninja. Strengthening his shadows as much as he could.

Ohh how those ninja wished they had stayed hidden and not tried joining in the attack for more strength to the attempt… As Hige and Kizoku drilled through the first, it was not smoke, but fresh crimson that burst out to coat the forest in all directions. The blood curdling cries of the masked ninja's screams sounding out while her body flailed futilely to try escaping the horrendous pain of Hige's attack. And then, there was the sweet nothingness as death took her. This however caused the other to scream soon after when Hige redirected himself and began attacking the other. The second shadow clone user was quick however, fear fueling his movements and causing him to spring from harm's way while sacrificing a leg to the torturous pain of Hige and Kizoku's joint assault.

Hige was neither surprised nor did he care that this one wasn't a shadow clone, nor the other one. They forfeited their lives the moment they attacked shinobi of the Leaf. The second one was just a little luckier. Or maybe a little more skilled, plus he had a little more time to react. However once the leg goes Hige reaches out of his spin, grabbing at the remaining leg that's jumping in an attempt to slam the man back to the ground. Escape isn't so easy…

Shugo would look toward Konsho and smile a bit at the canine before bowing his head slightly. "Thanks Konsho, I'm glad you've got my back for me." Shugo called to the massive pup before the sound of those screams told Shugo that Hige was having his own kind of fun and… probably ruining his presentable ninja look in the process. Still, work was work and Hige seemed to have his problems all tied up at the moment. With that in mind, the Nara began trying to wedge free his pouch and the wire within.

The grabbed leg worked all too well and the yelp of shock was silenced by the unforgiving slam that struck the wounded ninja against the ground and knocked his consciousness loose in the process. The ninja was stunned and, for the moment, unmoving which made him not too unlike the one Shugo had captured, as long as you didn't count the missing leg of Hige's unconscious captive, or the fact that he was unconscious while Shugo's was attempting not to move as those shadowy needles were dangerously close to his eyes.

Hige growls again even after the man slams into the ground. Stupid fools. Hige was indeed quite messy while Kizoku somehow managed to stay rather pristine. Hige looks at the missing appendage for a moment before he pulls out some of his own wire. First he ties the man up, then he introduces a little lightning to help stop the bleeding. It probably be best if he stayed unconscious too or it might hurt a lot. With that done Hige wipes at his mouth with a sleeve, blood kind of splattered all over him as he made his way back to Shugo and Konsho. Feral eyes lock onto the shadow sewn man but he doesn't say anything, leaving it to Shugo while he goes to clean up. By the time he returns he's at least a little better off though his clothes are now wet and not all the blood is gone. "Let's finish this," he mutters, nodding his head back in the direction they'd been heading.

Shugo would be working on wrapping the man's limbs in some of the bindings that he kept in his pouches, strapping the ninja to a tree with a noose around his neck so that attempts at escape would be met with strangulation in the nicest of times and a suicide in the worst of times. IT would be the only kindness the person would get from Shugo before the Nara began moving off with Hige and Konsho, fetching a treat for the large dog to enjoy as they started off once more and the Nara could look at the bloody mess known as his captain. "We really need to work on your methods or you're going to need a room just for clothes." The Nara commented as he noted the lingering blood on Hige's clothes even after he'd seemingly tried washing them off.

The man Hige bound indeed did stay unconscious through the process and the lightning charged through his leg would work wonders for keeping him from bleeding out all over the place. The only issue remaining would be the one Shugo tied and with a few struggling attempts, it would be the other shinobi of the leaf who saved the man from strangling himself against a tree. Of course that only meant a lifetime of interrogations awaited him. The matter of the scroll however, would be a smooth one from that point on, either the screams or simply a lack of manpower keeping any other attacks at bay while Hige lead Shugo to the village. The drop location was a abandoned house, or at least it seemed to be abandoned. They were to set it inside the doorway on the right side, then leave and knock three times before leaving. They were not to ensure the scroll had been recovered, simply to leave it in the hands of the operative there, and to report back that the scroll had been delivered. It seemed that would be enough for their mission if they could manage that simple part of the delivery task.

"It gives them character," Hige replies to Shugo as he retakes the lead off to the drop point. Once there he would follow the instructions to the letter, only after doing the dropping and the knocking would he turn back towards the way they came. "Let's get back and send someone for the prisoners. I don't feel like escorting them at this point."

Shugo nodded his head slightly as he looked Hige over and then, shook his head slowly. "I'll send for someone, you should get in the bath when you get home. If you can tell when I've not showered for six hours, you've got to be torturing your nose with that much of a scent on you. Even I can smell it." Shugo explained while they started off on the way back. He'd have to remember to give Kizoku a treat once they were home. No doubt the pup wouldn't eat while on the go….

With the scroll delivered and the knocking done, the mission was at an end, they only needed to report the mission success and they would have officially completed the mission without casualties on their side.. The recovery team sent for the enemy ninja would have a bit of a handful in the cleanup of the scene however… Hige's work really did know how to get everywhere. It was an amazing sight for a few of the team members that he actually left someone alive this time! Kizoku's magic must be working for mercy as well.

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