The Evil Uchiha


Abel, Taji

Date: October 14, 2010


The talk

"The Evil Uchiha"

Unknown location

Taji enters the training area with a worried look on his face. He pauses though as he sees the training Uchiha and the fire and all. He stands at the entrance, watching, his look shifting from worried to curious as he observes the various seals being put together. He tries to be quiet as he stands there but his arrival is not 'sneaky' and he is likely going to be noticed as he watches Abel do his training.

Looking over at Taji he would smile and waved him over to go hang out, "Hello Taji how are you?" is asked as he started to walk over there to him and smile. Abel haven't seen Taji in a while he would wave him to meet him half way as he walked over with his hands in his pocket.

Taji seems a little bit shaken, "Well, not so good. Was sent on a mission to go investigate a cave. I was sent because I was one of the few who made it pretty far in about a year ago, and no one made it further since. We went out and… well, Rainos was there, but something very evil was in the cave as well. And… in getting out and sealing up the cave I think… well… I think Fuyu-sama got caught inside and maybe… maybe died. I don't know. Some horrible black flames came out and melted the cave entrance shut while she was still inside. And the things inside… visions of dead people you knew… things that you knew had to be illuisions of some kind but didn't react to Genjutsu defenses… it was rather… well, horrible." He gives a little shiver just thinking about it, "So I'm worried about what might still be down in that sealed cave, and what Rainos was doing there."

Abel would smirk as he broke into a cold sweat of his own he would look at Taji, "Tell me something Taji where is this cave?" is asked as he laughed a bit and tapped his foot onto the ground. "Hmm this seems like something bad, but at the same time something good as well." Abel would waved threw some more handseals as he stood there for a moment he would crack his knuckles as and then looked into the eyes of the shaken Taji. "Taji, Fuyu-sama is stronger then any ninja I know."

Taji gestures, "Out on the edge of the land of fire, about a full day's run from here." He says as he tilts his head, "She may be strong but… that 'thing' down there was clearly effecting everyone, including her. And at best she's sealed in with it, at worse she some how destroyed it at the cost of her own life or… actually, I guess the worst case is she died and the damn thing is still there. I hope you're right, I hope she's alive but… there's no obvious way into the cave now. You'd have to dig through a lot of melted stone to get in, unless you could find another way down. It was… insane. Think about your worst nightmares come to life, then imagine something worse. That's what the cave made you face. And it drained you… trying to suck your life it felt like, trying to bring something /else/ to life."

"Tsk…that sounds like fun!" is said as he punched the tree Abel would then jump into the air and land on top of the trees he would flash threw more handseals as he released a nice size flame from his mouth. "Taji….can you show me the cave sometime?" is asked as he stood there he would smirk for a moment and then he would tense his whole body. "This Raions guy must be powerful." Abel would smirk as he stood there his eyes would drift to the sky and then move to Taji.

Taji blinks, "You… want to go to the horrible cave of doom, because… it sounds like… 'fun'?" He says sounding disbelieving. "Rainos was the guy who took over our Village, remember? Criminal? Uchiha? Not a good guy?" Taji shakes his head, "As for Fuyu-sama, I think I need to go back and see if she's alive. I owe that to her, but I have to wait for the Hokage to decide who she's going to send back. Someone with Earth manipulation is going to be needed to dig the way in I think."

Just then Abel blood started to boil as he smirked again but this time with a drapped head, "So the great Uchiha Rainos is doing this is he….since I'm from that clan I'm making it my goal to end him." Abel would lift his head as he stood tehre a piece of sweat would roll down his face, as he clitches his fist he would looked at Taji once more. "I now want to go to this cave to find a way to finish this Rain guy off once and for all.Abel would be working on his flame forms and power as he was using all his skills he would then turn around and smirked as he released his flames and they would travel far and stronger then ever. It seems that the young Uchiha skills over fire has grown great as he did this he would flash threw hand seals left and right. It seemed the his seals has gotten better and the he himself has grown a great deal.

Taji shakes his head, "No, Abel-san, Rainos was there to investigate, as we were. He wasn't doing this, although I think he hoped to profit from what he found there. He ended up fleeing it just as we did. And none of us were in any condition to fight each other when we got out. Our team leader, Fuyu-sama was stuck inside, and the rest of us could barely think clearly. Rainos got away, he's not at the cave anymore, but other than where he is /not/ I have no idea of where he /is/. Still, if you want to 'end' him, you're not alone in that desire. I know a lot of other people who would like to help you." Taji shrugs and looks just tired now, "I want to go back to try to see if Fuyu-sama is still alive, or… to recover her remains at least. The thing in there seemed to feed off of death and souls. To trap them, so even if she died, she might be 'stuck' inbetween worlds or something. I'm telling you Abel-san, this place should not be taken lightly, or you might not come back… at all."

"He's not?" is said as he looked at Taji with a blank look as he shifts his stance he would move his hands into this pockets once more as he stood there and listen to the rest of what Taji had to say. Abel would take his right hand and extend it out to Taji. "I will go with you when you try and reach Fuyu-sama." is said with a lite smile on his face as he stood there he would glance over and look around the trees just incase someone might be looking out.

Taji hesitates, "Abel-san, I may not be allowed to go. I was the lowest ranked person there this last time and…. we lost people. Going in with… well, I was lucky to be part of the team. I would like to go again but it will be up to the Hokage. I can't make that decision, but… I really do appreciate the offer." He reaches out his hand, "And if you can go, if I can go, I would be happy to have you along." He offers, not exactly a promise to allow Abel to go but then Taji seems to feel he has no authority to allow such a thing, so does the best he /can/ offer.

Thanks for the talk Taji but now I have to run take care of yourself and if you need to spar then you can find me in the Uchiha village." Abel would bow to Taji and then head home for the day there was a lot that the young Uhicha wanted to know.

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