Second Promotion Exams - The Executioner against The Gate Keeper: Onimitsu vs Eremi


Eremi, Onimitsu, Chiaki, Berii

Date: November 26, 2012


The exams had started and while many genin were running through the marsh to get a prime location for hiding and setting up traps, Eremi was hanging out near the entrance as he watched them all scatter. An armored man catches the boy's interest and the two meet face to face.

"Second Promotion Exams - The Executioner against The Gate Keeper: Onimitsu vs Eremi"

Blood Marsh - Within the Mists

The fateful time had arrived, the official starting of the Chuunin Exams and just as quickly as the Blood Scrolls were handed out, the competitors were even faster at running into the swamps to find cover, set up traps, form teams and develop strategies while they lie in wait to attack any unsuspecting, lone shinobi. Though they'd find doing such difficult at first with the terrain of the swamp hazardous to any wrong step that might drag an individual down or release a hungry predator native to these lands that's been lurking about, ready to feast. It was indeed going to be a treacherous and arduous week and a half in the Blood Marsh, but those that survived would see themselves on to the next stage. So long as they acquired another scroll that is.
Which is exactly what Eremi was hoping to do, though he hadn't gone off to hide in the dangerous swamps like the rest, no. Instead as soon as entering he went to the overhanging tree line that blotted out any of the sunlight, moving about the brush and using shadows for cover as he moved. When he got to a decent distance away from the entrance and what he believed to be out of sight, Eremi would turn around and watch everyone else scatter while he himself hung upside down and simply observed the others.. The backpack he always carries with him, dangled above his head, but not as far as the boys own black spiky hair. He wasn't sure who or what he was waiting or looking for, but when it presented itself, he'd know.

While the rest of the competition rushed out the gates as if hell hounds were pursuing them, Onimitsu took his time in following in their wake. Completely confident in the preparation he made before hand for the exams as well as the life lessons taught from his time spent in the Land of Swamps. And yet, a lingering feeling of foreboding echoed in his mind and made it all the more difficult to focus on the path ahead for a short while.

'Care to Switch?'

He growled and shook his head in refusal. There was simply no way he would allow another to guide him through the challenges ahead. Not while there was so much at stake. Thus, after taking a brief moment to take a deep, cleansing breath of chilling air, Onimitsu re-adjusted his knap sack, sharpened his focus for potential ambush, and continued onwards towards the deeper section of the Bloody Marsh. It was, if memory served him right, dangerously close to his 'old friends' territory.

Chiaki stalks through the marsh on high alert, having just recently been given her scroll she needed to keep on her guard for others who wanted to steal it. She had covered herself with mud to mask her scent and attempt to blend into her environment. With no one she could team up with, and people from the village she betrayed participating she wasn't exactly calm and relaxed about the situation. She pauses for a moment and glances around at a noise that caught her attention before moving on. She blinks when she spots Onimitsu, but does not move towards him remaining in her hiding position. She knew the genin from before, and he's even healed her but in this setting it was hard to tell friend from foe right now. For now it was just best to attempt to observe his actions and try to think on a possible strategy for if she were to approach him.

No rush, not in the slightest, the pink haired Uchiha had no issue with standing still as the event kicked off. A lazy look given to the exam head and then to the few others who decided to stick back like her. Eventually there would be a silent agreement to just dive in to it all and the few remaining all go their seperate ways.
At this point Berii may or may not of been tracking Eremi, because she may or may not of been serious about using Eremi to help her succeed. Of course, the rules were slightly different than what she expected, there was more to this survival process, something to promote people going after each other's throats it seemed. The scroll sealed away for now, she'd be completely set for walking about on all fours creeping around through the mists in silence and solitude. Berii pauses, head tilting her trail on Eremi's disappearing, like many others who opted to disperse and go into hiding yet a few tracks remain, those who decided to take their sweet time with this place. 'Huh.'

Berii's stealth eases, she gets up onto both feet and actually does a casual walk. She was no longer trying to hide, it was her now natural ability to keep quiet that kept her partially hidden now that she was almost certain few were around. Time to catch something's attention.

Many more competitors would continue to show up through the old, wooden archway of the Blood Marsh only to look left and right after entering and then instantly dash off in one direction or another. The fear, panic and desperation in their eyes and how they moved about was clear to even Eremi from the shadowed, false skyline of trees from which he watched those below and with each passing Shinobi, there was a feeling tugging at the young teen to chase after one, but as he continued to wait, it eventually and surprisingly, paid off.
It was quite a massive sword, strapped to a flamboyant, armor clad individual that lazily strolled into the marsh as if they could take on any one and anything that stood in his way. The air of confidence or uncaring nature that which attracted Eremi to notice the other the most was also that which prompted him to believe this may be a trap, ready to get those that wait much like he is right out the entrance. The thought of such causing Eremi to scan the area below, his eyes spotting a patch of Auburn red hair through mud. A stealth of which he wasn't even trained in yet, but was lucky enough to make out before possibly being attacked. However, it was the much more noticeable and least caring pink haired shinobi that drew Eremi's focus.


Having never sparred with the girl, he had no clue of her abilities, but seeing the way she entered the area she was either incredibly powerful or incredibly dense. He had however been on missions with her and this was about opposite to her normal routine. Leaving Eremi to believe she acts different when in command of others, then by herself. Regardless, Eremi saw his target in the armored individual. As he worried little for the mud covered shinobi that was trying to remain hidden and a fellow shinobi of Konoha, he couldn't believe this to be much of a trap.
Unslinging the strap of his backpack off his shoulder, he'd allow it to fall. The backpack was heading on a direct course with the waters, ready to splash all those that wear near enough. The teen would come to a crouch, bending at the knees and then push off toward the swamp, passing the backpack as he did. Chakra would be infused with his feet, allowing him to land on the murky waters just in front of Onimitsu, instead of going for a swim. His hand would extend and at that moment he'd catch the pack and throw it over his shoulder.

Try as he might, Onimitsu nagging feeling of forebodence refused to be easily dismissed. The very fact that he could already feel a set of eyes upon him did not help in suppressing these feelings, thus, he masked a glance back as if to casually take in his bleak surroundings. Rather or not having only one eye to work with actually helped the illusion is another matter entirely. "Mizukiyo?", He mumured underbreath with his head bow and chin set to rest in the knook between thumb and forefinger. In losing himself to an inner debate (if not perhaps simply his being inept in perception ;) ), Onimitsu notices neither Berii or Eremi until it is too late to do anything except to halt all movement and devote himself towards examining the latter once he gave himself.
A cold sweat dropped down the side of face upon belatedly realizing another key factor. He did not sense Eremi's prescence at all…

"… This one shall presume that thou intends a direct challenge for a scroll… correct?" He asks calmly and let his knapsack fall to the wayside in order to make room to better grip the Yoshimitsu at a moments notice. Chakra too is gradually built up, but only enough to either spark his would be opponent to act hastily and give away a few key techniques OR prepare for the worst. "If so, then let this duel commence with thy move first, neh?"

Chiaki simply glances between the two raising an eyebrow as Onimitsu seems to spot her. She climbs to her feet assuming the other Genin had spotted her as well. She definitely needed to improve on her hiding techniques, although if she had assumed her other form then perhaps she could have had an easier time of hiding. She gives a faint nod to Onimitsu but otherwise stays out of the way, not seeming to notice Berii. This seemed to be Oni's fight, and she couldn't exactly speak to him with one of her competitors still around.

Berii was, very disappointed, it looked like 'this one' was already caught by someone. Someone else from her village. It was already distasteful enough to dive in on someone when they were weak but, if it were to be her villagemate it'd be terribly so. Lucky for her everyone came out of hiding so it wasn't too difficult to assess the situation or at least she assumed this was everyone. A faint replica of Berii's true Sharingan fades in as she settles in from a distance, dropping to a crouch.
Her eyelids lower as she becomes just a bit more serious, it would be her first time seeing how real these exams were and, to possibly see Eremi when really pushed into a corner. A faint smirk showing on her face as she does her best to contain herself.

Though the place was possibly littered with the eyes of several chuunin hopefuls peeking through the shrubs, vines, shadows and red mist that practically covered all of the Blood marsh, Eremi kept his focus on the one in front of him. "The sooner, the better." He'd offer with a smile while walking away from the man and heading toward a nearby stump in which he unslung his backpack and dropped it with a thud. He wasn't so much worried with the contents being stolen, the scroll was on him. Though if anyone else was able to pick up the backpack and make off with it, he'd be quite impressed.
Slowly, Eremi would turn his head to one side and then the other, tilting it this way and that as he went, cracking each spot in his neck that it would allow. "Nothing like getting loosened up first, would you agree?" Eyeing the other as they too dropped off their pack. It was clear to Eremi he'd need to keep his distance if he was going to avoid that massive sword, but as luck would have it, he didn't have any skills to be able to stay at a distance. This was going to be a fight where if he gets hit, he was going to feel it.
"The name is Satonezu Eremi by the way, from Konoha." Not expecting the other to give away their name so easily, but it was something he always did. Being given permission to strike first, the boy shifted his stance atop the murky swamp waters and simply watched how the other would react, using this time to gauge the distance between the two. "Dy!" And like that he was off. Running toward Onimitsu at full speed, boots hitting across the top of the water, but only causing ripples and waves to form with each step. As he got closer, Eremi would jump into the air with one leg tucked into his side and the other extended. "Namic Entry!"

Onimitsu nodded sagely in agreement but otherwise stayed firmly at the ready for any suprises or tricks. As a result of this mindset, just about every statement spoken by Eremi that followed the first is only answered with silence. The one exception to this unspoken rule was to open properly introduce and himself as well as consider even bowing respectfully to his opponent. Hopes of carrying out that thought however were quickly dashed by Satonezu springing into action, recklessly at that, considering no long range attempt to prod his opponents defenses were made first. This mistake was quickly exploited by Onimitsu waiting until Eremi's leg came within range, then reach out to grab the offending appendage using the same hand meant for the sword. Without pause given to allow Eremi to gather himself, the armor-toting shinobi spun about and slammed Eremi into the ground.
"Onimitsu no…. Manji Onimitsu. Kirigakure Shinobi." He stated after letting the leg go. "A word of advice young one should be heeded. Advance with caution or sacrifice hope through folly… Now come again." As if to heed his own advice, Onimitsu quickly sprung away to put both distance between himself and Eremi as well as to draw closer to the water from which the first charge began.

Chiaki smirks faintly as the Konoha nin is slammed to the ground and she shakes her head to herself. He was just like some of the Konoha nin that she used to know, but at least Onimitsu was able to put him in his place even if only temporarily. She takes a step back as she puts a little more distance between herself and the fighters. From the look of it Onimitsu would make a very helpful addition, but things were only just getting started. This Konoha Genin could find some way to turn it around. It was unlikely, but possible.

Berii tilts her head head to the side. Why the heck does he yell that out and such a straight forward attack. Berii slowly brings palm to face and frowns. Maybe Eremi wasn't going to hold up well, assuming Onimitsu was holding back, she remembered how strong the armor clad ninja was long ago before she had her Sharingan, she could only assume that he's gotten better. Maybe. "Hnn." Berii's eyes roll, maybe she should just step in just to get a bit of revenge. Her hand goes to her scarf, though not another move just yet.


The only sound Eremi was able to get out the moment his leg was grabbed, his body swung around and then slammed into the swamp with a thwack that forced his body to tense up in response before slowly starting to sink into it's dirty depths the instant his leg was let go. Though it didn't take him long to quickly regain his composure and climb back on top of the waters in a kneel before being binded and strangled from the vines and roots that could and would ensnare those that weren't cautious.
Head hung down, fists starting to clench into tight balls that threatened to rip the bandages that bound them tightly he could only find himself letting out a soft chuckle, "Thanks for the advice, but it's not needed. I was simply holding back as a sign to show I mean you no harm and despite the exams sometimes meaning death, I figured for some a friendship or camaraderie could be built, despite being from different villages." Shaking his head, "Though I often forget the cold hearted nature of Kirigakure." Slowly raising his head just enough for his eyes to peer through the mist and lock onto the only visible eye of Onimitsu he could see behind that white mask the man wore, "I won't be making that mistake again."
Hunching his back and placing both hands against the water, Eremi would push himself up just enough to lift himself out of the kneeling position so both feet are flat. After which he didn't wait long to decide upon attacking again, though he feared going too easy on the man as being slammed against the water felt less then pleasant, so he'd kick it up a notch, just enough to not have to do anything drastic. The boy would take a step forward and like that he vanished completely out of sight. Looking left, right or up would do little good as Eremi was already underneath the armored individual with a swift kick into Onimitsu chin to send him skyward.

Onimitsu frowned and murmured something along the lines of "This speed.." just before he felt pressure against his chin begin to build up forced the reflexive attempt to pull back away from it with the aid of strength and chakra. Sadly, neither were enough to keep the strike from impacting and subsequently launch him skyward. By the time he reached the peak of his flight the world stopped spining (for the most part) but when all attempts to locate when and where the younger male would strike from next, Onimitsu was forced to reconsider a few things.
Naturally, Eremi's skill level was definetly at the top of that list..

Chiaki frowns to herself as the genin seems to be turning things around but continues watching the fight. It was odd to say the least that Onimitsu did not seem to be doing much to fight back, but that was a pretty strong kick right to the chin. She wouldn't want to meet anyone who could start swinging with punches after that. She sighs faintly and shakes her head slowly as she whispers to herself. "I hope Onimitsu-san will be ok…"

The armored man was sent flying straight up into the darkened sky that was blotted out by hundres of branches twisted together. Normally a shadow would appear on the ground, marking the targets ascension and trajectory through the air, but with the only light shining in from the distant entrance that quite possibly served as the only exit out of the place, the name of the skill was a little less then what it truly was. Still, that did nothing in stopping Eremi from pushing off the ground after the kick had landed to catch up to the backside of Onimitsu and fly in sync with the individual until reaching the peak of the attack.
Through the use of opening up any of the gates, this skill would be far more devestating, but with Eremi still feeling the need to hold back he instead decided upon a different route, at least for now. Reaching up he'd find an opening in the armor, twist the man and himself around in mid-air for better positioning then spin himself about with a series of kicks that would return the favor of blasting the man into the water below.

The only warning that Onimitsu received before being forced into a mid-air spin is Yoshimitsu quivering in its sheathe. Afterwards his vision grew blurry from the explosion of pain that followed Eremis successive series of kicks. Each one packing enough force to be felt even through the armor, as well as propel the unfortunate bearer of the steel can suit on a crash course for the water below.
And yet, by some twist of fate (if not mercy on Yoshimitsus part) Onimitsus body righted itself during the descent just enough to hit it rolling with the reflexive aid of chakra. As he recovered the water exploded upwards in his wake, incidently shrouding Onimitsus form long enough for an idea to pop into mind and implemented while there was still cover to hide his form. "Have at the!" He cried out as he burst out after the fall of the last curtain of water. Sword raised high for a downward stroke meant to cut Eremi in two while there was still very little room to maneuver. Upon contact however, Onimitsu instantly explodes; revealing the first attack to be a decoy while the real shinobi appeared behind in much the same position! Even before any contact can be made, Onimitsu explodes as soon as it entered a foot away from Eremi.

Did Onimitsu intended to keep trying to fake the Satonezu out?

A good question to ask but in reality the plan was simple. Distract, Blind (using the smoke left behind by the last clone), then unleash a quick bullet of water just outside Eremis peripherial before drawing the Yoshimitsu and exploding forward along a path meant to cut off any attempt to evade (even if only partially) Onimitsus real attack.

Watching Onimitsu's collision course toward the water, Eremi noticed from his view while descending toward the ground himself that something seemed a bit odd. As if he expected the blow to have a much greater impact then it did. Then again, his eyes could have been playing tricks on him in this dimly lighted, slightly hazed covered Marsh.
Trying his best not to think much on it, Eremi readied himself as Onimitsu came charging at him with sword primed to strike. The massive sword would barrel down to attack and at that same instant, Eremi shifted his feet and twisted his body in what he thought would be just enough for the strike to miss, but instead got a face full of clone smoke that left him rather confused.
Realizing it was a distraction, he'd quickly spin around to spot the real Onimitsu charging at him once more, only for this one to be the same as the first. Now surrounded by a rapidly fading and still just as thick smoke, Eremi wasted no time simply diving from his location and rolling on top of the swamp waters to avoid what ever was coming forth. Which as luck would have it, nearly avoiding the bullet of water only to end up in the exact spot Onimitsu was hoping the boy would arrive and get sliced by the massive sword across his arm, digging into the bandages and across his now exposed flesh.
Instinctively clutching the now bleeding wound, Eremi flipped to his feet and then jumped further back to give himself some distance from the blade wielding, armored man. "That was a good manuever. Had me completely surprised. I have something not as well thought out as that was and probably won't even work. In fact a pink haired Shinobi told me I shouldn't try tricks like that and should just stick to punching. Still, I think I have to give it a try once more."
Releasing the wound, the blood would trickle down his arm and drip from his finger tips. Eremi's focus however, would be on the man in front of him. The young teen took in a deep breath and then ran as fast as he could at the other, jumped into the air when only a few feet away, spun around as if preparing several kicks that would force Onimitsu into defending one way or another only for the the boy to completely vanish by using his speed to take off in one direction or other that if he wasn't spotted, would leave Onimitsu wondering where Eremi went.

The scent of first 'true' blood being spilled elicited an low, animalisitic growl from the armored man as he half-turned back to peer at Eremi. During those first few seconds in which Onimitsu's eye is visible it is all too clear that something had awakened within the man. The chaotic collage of colors had settled upon a shade of violet that truly radiated hunger and menace. All of which was focused intently on every move, be it subtle or open, that the Satonezu made. "Come then little one." He stated icily. Then As Eremi charged Yoshimitsu was brought calmly to bear in antipation. However, during that brief instance in which the armor bearing man was forced to step back and re-affirm his stance in order to better ward off the kicks with the flat side of the blade another change inside erupts. At which point he stumbled back, eyes closed and sword waved about frantically at first as he stumbled back a few steps.
"This one… said… no.." He murmured heatidly underbreath, slowly opening his eye once more to reveal their return to the norm. Breathing heavily, Onimitsu gradually regain full focus on reality and began to truly search for his adversary. With no signs of the younger male in sight Onimitsu sighed and shook his head, then sheathed the Yoshimitsu. "It would seem that this one must follow Sensei's path then.." He said airly as he flashed through a short series of handsigns. Just as the soon as the last sign the mist about the area begins to thicken behind Onimitsu then sweep over him, leaving only a faint silhouette at first…. followed by no sign of 'samurai' at all…

The manuever had actually worked, why or how mattered not, only that Eremi was now in hiding. The path chosen was that toward the nearest tree and up it's base to the tallest branch that would support the boys weight and hide him well within the shadows. From this vantage point, Eremi could see a wide surrounding of the marsh and swamps below, but most importantly, Onimitsu.
Watching as he was, Eremi was curious how the armored man would respond. If he would believe his opponent had simply ran away, feeling this fight wasn't worth it. Would the man lower his guard as well? Though that was silly for Eremi to think it would work that easily, especially with the thick hidden mist that was starting to form around the area. It was a technique he had gone up against several times before and even though it was difficult to see completely through, if focusing long enough and training your eyes properly, you could make out glimpses of whom you are looking for.


A quick spot of the armored man through the mist and Eremi would be leaping from the branch and into the air as he fell silently toward the swamp. The young boy would land in a crouch on the murky waters, forcing it to spread out and ripple beneath his feet, possibly even giving his location away, but it was too late for Onimitsu to respond properly to such. As fast as he could, the boys arms reached out to grab onto what ever piece of armor he could get his hands on, twist his body around and then toss the man off in the distance like planned.

Onimitsu narrowed his eyes, widen and lowered his stance, then raised a hand to hover over the Yoshimitsu as he waited for the mist to spread thoroughly about the area. Sadly, by the time he felt it reach his limit the tremors felt along his back from Yoshimitsu quivering came. Warning its wielder all too late, but at least granting him a chance to better wither the assualt before the quick little Satonezu grabbed a hold of the arm furthest away from the blade, then flung him into the mist…
Trees, boulders, and an unfortunate hibernating(?) gator are crashed into if not through in the space of two minutes before Onimitsu finally finds himself embedded into the trunk of one of few hardier trees, gasping upon impact as well as coughing up a bit of blood. After a moment or two is spent catching his breath before forcing himself free of the trunk and land upon the moist earth shakily. "This one… understimated that one.." He chuckled hoarsely as he rose up and began to head back the way it appeared he came from.

Tilting his head left and right to crack his neck and then rolling his shoulders to losen the muscles, Eremi couldn't get over the fact how light that man was. Heavier then most genin definitely, but that's mostly due to the fact Onimitsu was practically a senior citizen in Shinobi terms. Still, Eremi figured that with all that armor, it would have been a lot harder to do and caused him to put more of his back into it then needed, sending the man a lot farther then he intended.
"Hope you're alright!" He'd shout through the mist, only partially caring about the mans condition while in fact trying to lure the other to his location or to get Onimitsu to give his own away with any sort of response. Besides finding each other, there was still the matter of not having a second scroll yet and the fight was going on longer then he expected. It would put a bitter taste in his mouth as he thinks that he might have picked the fight with the strongest genin in the exams. At least if that were the case it wouldn't be so bad. If it was actually that the rest of the genin were this tough as well, he'd be in trouble.
Either way, Eremi had picked the fight and he was going to see it to the end, one way or the other. Quickly before being spotted, Eremi would raise his arms in an X-shape in front of his face, focus deep within himself and push open the first of the gates. It was only the first day after all and this should be all that was needed.

Onimitsu paused for a second then shook his head in exasperation, mumuring, "One would think.." with every shake before trudging forward. His steps becoming more firm and head held a little higher to show just how 'alright' he was by the time Eremi is able to see him again. Although as soon as he spotted the dazed gator from earlier he began to pick up the pace a little bit. c.c;
After a minute or so of walking, Onimitsu could vaguely make out Eremi's form through the quickly disappating mist from earlier and came to a stop, cracking his fingers then wave them in the air at his sides. Despite the dangers of his next action, Onimitsu's fully crimson eye momentarily broke its focus upon the younger genin to scan their surroundings. Noting as it scanned every weak branch, potential sink hole, and barely perciptable rock embedded in the soil before a plan is hastily pulled together. "Satonezu-san, Do you truly understand what it takes beyond brute force to become a chuunin?" He called out as his fingers quickly blurred through a familiar set of hand sings. Upon the final hand sign, at around six visible columns of smoke erupt around the chuunin. Revealing with their disapation an equal number of clones. "Or shall thy reaction be enough of an indicator?!" The foremost 'Oni' called out just as it chucked a couple of pebbles at Eremi. Should they get close enough to connecting one of the rocks would explode revealing itself to be none other than Onimitsu lashing out with his sword! Hit or miss, so long as Eremi stayed close enough 'Oni' self-destructs regardless a few seconds before another 'Oni' comes leaping through the cloud, leg extended for a round house!
And yet, it too explodes a second later following its swipe..
Its intentions (presumebly if Eremi leaps away as predicted) is only to force Eremi closer to an ambush of more 'Oni'. Each originally disguised as rocks before the henge is cancled and the trio lept towards Eremi in a pincer removal. Once again, regardless of rather they make contact or not, at least two of them explode (if not all three depending on if Eremi strikes back. :P), temporarily removing part of the battlefield behind them from direct sight. The last to survive is persistant however. Swipping, slashing, and even lashing out with a punch or two but overall never connecting. Could it too be another clone…. or another decoy?

Truth be told it IS the latter, distracting Eremi hopefully long enough for their creator's needles to embed themselves into the pain sensitive pressure points in his legs.

The first gate now opened, Eremi would shift into his stance, spreading his feet apart with one in front of the other. A hand would be dropped to hang lazily at his side while the other was raised out in front of his body, flat palm facing skyward. His bright green eyes peering into the mist in front of him, knowing…feeling, that Onimitsu was walking toward him now. The gentle ripples against the swamp waters reaffirming this as they pushed against his feet.
The minutes would pass and Eremi made out the armor reflecting off the slowly dissipating mist. The man was walking more slowly then he expected, a calm about the other that was refreshing and a bit troublesome. The question would be asked and Eremi could only chuckle. "Do you remember the questions on the written portion? I do and it didn't involve asking how you would use brute force in the situations posed. It tested how you would over come obstacles to the opposite of just beating people up, and I can only imagine I answered them correctly considering I'm standing here in front of you right now. Because this portion…This portion is about using brute force."
Lowering his head, his eyes would shift left and right between the many fake clones that Onimitsu created. He knew that they were intangible and they couldn't hurt him, the only problem was figuring out which one could. Though that wasn't really much of a problem, for as each pebble that was thrown his way only to reveal itself as a henged clone, Eremi would twist and shift his feet and body, moving as little as possible to avoid each blow as if it might in fact be a real attack capable of inflicting damage. An attack would come in from the left and he'd shift to the right, doing the opposite for each clone that appeared as if truly being a leaf in the wind, unable to be captured or movement inhibited.
A set of needles were thrown from one of the Onimitsu's towards the already in movement legs of Eremi. Seeing the needles not disperse in a cloud of smoke he knew which was real and crouched down low before racing forward, "Now it's time to test your reaction." He didn't have any tricks up his sleeve, only the taijutsu skills that he practiced on a daily basis. The boy jumped to the right of the man and then into the air with a powerful kick to the side only to disappear himself like a clone and reappear on the left side of the man with another kick. The illusion of being there and not there all thanks to his speed. Eremi would completely vanish once more before throwing a kick at the mans chin to shoot him skyward.

'You should have listened to us…'

Onimitsu narrowed his eyes to slits. His attention becoming splintered between reading the sudden influx of information from an andrenaline bolstered senses and suppressing the pressures placed upon him by Yoshimitsu. Unfortunately for the swordsman, multi-tasking has never been his best ability. It also did not help that his eye remained the one sense he relied on the most. Thus, despite his best efforts to read then leap out of the path of the Eremi's barrage of kicks Onimitsu still found himself being knocked back a foot, then a meter with every strike that slammed against an instinctively raised up gauntlet covered arm meant to ward off the blows.

'Listen to us… Switch with him… Trust us… Let him the demon have its due…'

Repulsed by the maddening whispers, Onimitsu shook his head before reflexively sending a pulse of chakra to his feet. Hoping that he reacted in time… but suffering nevertheless the pressure behind Eremi's uplifting kick before being sent skyward. Into the branches and onward with the Satonezu sure to follow.

'Switch with him now!!!' They cried out, but no answer, not even a groan, is offered in reply.

Without missing a beat, Eremi was quick to follow behind the man as he was sent skyward, the speed at which the boy was catching up slowly decreasing just in time to match up with that of the other. The two of them now moving as one to the height of the attack, almost impossible to see to any prying eyes within the forests as no light can reach in this completely blotted out sky. "I'll make this quick. As my first opponent in these exams, you were truly the hardest I've faced before entering, and I doubt there are others like you in here."
Without another word to speak, Eremi flicked out the arm where the bandages weren't cut from the massive sword and they flew out with ease before wrapping around Onimitsu's form, completely encompassing the man. The two would start to flip over backwards, now diving head first towards the ground. Wanting to accelerate this, Eremi gripped tightly to the cocooned individual and began to rotate at an incredible speed. It seemed as the ground came closer they would both impact, but just seconds before doing so Eremi released his grip and leaped away. Hopefully Onimitsu wasn't able to do the same.

Once the bandage concoon were complete the chanting from Yoshimitsu grew louder. On and on they chanted while on and on he spun with Eremi's aid. Knowing that even if he should survive this technique, his willpower will be shattered to greatly to do nothing more than try to focus on living. It is with that mind-set firmly in place that the very window of opportunity the Yoshimitsu, or at least some/one/ within the the blade, had been waiting for. The final push it truly needed now was for its jailer to take a nice little dirt nap. A short one to be sure, but still a most necessary one as well if it was to be free…


Whatever debris that exploded upward following Onimitsu impact is withing seconds blown apart in concert with the roar. In its place a column of blue-ish purple and faintly visible towered in its place for a few moments before receding back to its source. "Sato… Satosato? NamunamunamunamuuuuUUUU-HahahahaHAH! This… it feels so good to breathe again!" 'Onimitsu' cried out into the heavens as an aura of violet spread out from the blade in his hand inorder to encompase his entire form. Then with a sickening crack, its head snapped towards the direction in Eremi's general direction. "… So good to be an executioner again…"

Landing on his feet, Eremi spun around in time to hear the roar and see the strange colors emanating from the clearing of the explosion. He wasn't sure just what happened, but when Onimitsu stepped out from the body sized crater, it was clear the man had undergone some sort of transformation. The armor completely different from what it was before, wings, color and even the blade itself let out an eerie glow that appeared to be able to cut deep into the boys soul.
"Tilting his head as he looked on toward Onimitsu past the extended flat palm in front of him, Eremi could only assume the man he was fighting was no more. "I…I'm not entirely sure what just happened, but what I do know is this is only the first day of the exams and if you push yourself too far only to end up empty handed, then everything you trained for to bring you here was for nothing. Especially if you end up dead." The boy took a few moments to allow that to sink in, looking the man up and down to see how he'd react. "If you came here to impress someone, to prove yourself, to be a better benefit to your village or to just make your family proud, it will all be over if you continue on with this fight. So I'll make a deal with you. Give me your scroll now and I'll hold onto it for you until the last day of the exams. It will be your motivation to go out there and get more. If by the end you only have one, I will give this back to you."
Once again the boy brought his hands up in an X-fashion in front of his face, eyes peering at the man through opening in his arms, "Otherwise if you push this fight further I can't be responsible for your undoing…." Closing his eyes, the boy focused deep within himself. The first gate already open, it was just as easy to open the second gate. Doing so increasing the surge of chakra that flowed through his body causing his veins to bulge. As he started to push open the third gate, his skin changed to a shade of red, the swamp waters around him were pushed back and his chakra increased even further, overflowing to the point where it was pouring out his body. Instantly the boy fell into a crouch as he looked at Onimitsu. One the Executioner, the other the Gate Keeper. Only one would walk away with the others scroll, but who would back down first.

Onimitsu stared blankly at Eremi spoke. Then after a brief moment of silence he chuckled. "Just how naive are you child?" Is asked as the Yoshimitsu is swept across horizontally at chest level. "What lives only as a memory needs not fear death." The sword is swept downward along the side of the same arm that wielded it solely. "Only to be forgotten. And while you may say that in pressing onwards I shall barely noted as a foot note in regards to how you survived these so called 'exams." The aura around the blade began to darken in tone.
"So long as it is engraved there all else matters not. Now show me child — " The swords is brought before his abdomen, tip pointed skyward and handle gripped in both hands now. " — Your conviction!" He yelled out as he leer turned into an almost 'admiring' gaze upon the transformation wrought by Eremi unlocking another gate of chakra.

This new form of Onimitsu had a lot to say, but mostly it came down to the man completely ignoring Eremi giving him a way out. They were both here for their own reasons, but in the end their goals were the same. To make Chuunin. So while it was obviously apparent Onimitsu was more damaged, the wounds not showing through the armor, there aren't many people that can survive the Front Lotus only to beg for me.
So the moment Onimitsu finished his last sentence, demanding Eremi show him his conviction, the boy disappeared. He was a blur to those with eyes not fast enough to keep up. The only thing marking his trail and direction is that of the swamp waters being blasted away all over the field. Eremi was running this way and that, building up his momentum until popping up underneath Onimitsu to knock him into the air. If it worked, he'd follow behind, but this time appearing in front of the man and knocking him away again. He would repeat this process over and over again until finally knocking the man down toward the ground, grabbing the blade of the massive sword without concern for it cutting him to yank Onimitsu back once more and finishing it with a foot and fist combo that if it all worked would blast the man into the ground.

In the same instant that Eremi's form disappeared, Onimitsu also vanished in a burst of speed that matched the Satonezu's own in hot pursui for a time. Unfortunately, no matter how much he pressed there was no denying one simple fact. That simple fact was this: Injury. Despite how little the pain affected it compared to its host, the structural weakness that only grew more prevalant as it was pressed further beyond its limits eventually began to slow him down. Thus, as it grew increasingly more appearant that he wouldn't be able to keep up the Manji finally slid to a stop and prepared himself for one final draw.

And drew on instinct he did as soon as Eremi finally built up enough momenteum to attack…

"….. Conv-*cough*-*cough*ic.. tion… not…. so naive… as thought…." Is emitted as Onimitsu layed in the crater. Bleeding and broken beneath an armor just as dented up as his body felt from all the blows that rained upon it. "A worthy… last adversary… A better.. ho — " He cut off, spitting up blood as he coughed into the air. Then after a few moments of silence (barring his heavy breathing) he forced the only arm that still felt 'safe' enough to move towards the thigh portion of his armor. Popping a hidden slot open with a tap and revealing the Onimitsu scroll. Finally after a shuddering breath he grew silent and still..

Despite Eremi's own body ready to simply give out underneath him, his muscles soar and stiff, no longer wanting to respond to anything the boy is asking them to do after being forced through such extremes, he manages to push foward as he slowly and on shaking legs walks over toward the armored man.
As he approached, it was obvious Onimitsu was no longer going to be able to continue this fight. The man looked like he possibly needed some medical attention, but it was hard to tell through the banged up armor that he wore. Eremi wanted to help, but he had no medical knowledge and the only thing he had brought with him for such, is more bandaging, which would be of no use in this situation. The damage inflicted was most, if not all internal. Bruised bones and organs was no match for a wrap or two of bandages. The best help Eremi could offer at this point, was simply not touching Onimitsu.
Looking down at the man, Eremi could only shake his head before falling to the ground himself, lying on his back and looking up at the blotted out skyline. "I don't know what you mean by 'last'. You're not dying, you just pushed yourself to your limit and now your body is going to take time to recover. The same can be said for my situation. Those techniques I used, they really take a toll on my body when I use them. Though each time gets easier, it will definitely be a while before I'm able to use them without completely feeling the effects."
The sound of of a hidden cache in the mans armor opening up causes Eremi to glance over and see the blood scroll being displayed for him. He'd want to take it, but that required more effort then he had available. "You uh…you just hold onto that for now. I'm going to lay here with you until I regain my strength and you are able to watch after yourself." The two of them both lying there, unmoving as they were, it was doubtful any genin would check on them to search for blood scrolls. They had the appearance of two individuals that were jumped and robbed. That would work toward their advantage for a while, why they rested. "I will be taking it from you before I leave though and then you can have it back at that last day of the exams. Don't forget that. Come looking for me."

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