Death Is Only The Beginning - The Face of Hone Nai


Kara, Rurohashi Rinako, Rurohashi Ruri, Maneshi Shemri, Hone Nai

Date: April 15th, 2010


Following the successful completion of their mission to warn the Council of the intentions of the Wind Sasaki, Team 01 enjoys a night out.

"Death is Only The Beginning - The Face of Hone Nai"

Village Center Area - Sunagakure

It's evening, and Sunagakure's Team 01 (also known as Team Synchronized PMS) has just finishes celebrating in a restaurant after a successful and stressful extended mission. Having to hide every detail of their thoughts and lives for more than a week in their own home Village put everyone under a lot of pressure. But though tensions were high, and nerves frayed, the team persevered… Perhaps this would be remember as excellent first-hand experience at how to remain undetected in foreign territory. If you can remain unnoticed and above suspicion in a paranoid landscape, among those most familiar with your personality, habits, and all sorts of other details that can give you away, then it should be easier to hide oneself in a neutral environment where no one knows you and has no reason to suspect you other than the basic distrust of strangers. But more practice will be necessary for sure, because Shemri almost lost it a couple times!
ANYWAY, the four women, with or without cat and baby, and definitely without Pharaoh (poor Pharaoh!), have completed their excessively large and happy dinner, half of which was payed for by the restaurant owner as thanks for their hard work in ensuring the traitorous Wind Path Sasaki were brought to justice! All of the team's membership have received much praise, thanks, and general hero-like treatment. From most at least… Unsurprisingly, the Wind Sasaki are not exactly happy with the 'heroines' of the day. What >is< surprising, however, is that the Earth Sasaki are not very happy either. They may have an intense rivalry with the Wind Sasaki, but they would have preferred to be the ones to discover this plot and deal with it internally, saving the face of the Clan as a whole. Now their name has been sullied by association — or so they feel.
Kara has been drinking sake like there's no tommorow, a blush across her cheeks and nose, as she wears a black mini-dress, heels with straps wrapping up the legs, and no sign of Pharaoh anywhere. She has left her headdress and other Egyptian garments at home for once.
And she's been flirting heavily with a man who is caught between extreme interest and extreme embarassment. He's not really sure how to react as Kara leans against him, one arm around his shoulders, being guided out of the restaurant after too many drinks. "Aww, c'mon! Can't ya' call in work sick t'morrow?" she tries to put both arms around the man she probably doesn't know the name of, and he's really unsure how to react other than to try to guide her home. Maybe he'd have been glad to take advantage of the opportunity under other circumstances, but with so many witnesses — including Kara's own team — and the fact this is the daughter of the famous Doctor Uudo — a man renowned for punching the crap out of guys ten times his size at the drop of a hat even though he's in his 50s — really makes him nervous.
Kara pauses to wave one hand at the restaurant owner as she spots him through the open doors of the establishment, gawking at the bill he volunteered to pay half of. "Domo arigatou, Kegai-saaaan~!" she calls out.

Unfortunately for the restaurant owner, Rinako eats like a horse, if a horse ate various kinds of meat as well as grain-foods and veggies. Some people often wondered where exactly she put it, and she usually just patted her hips with a knowing smirk when asked, but the truth was replenishing massive stores of chakra, not all of which belonged to her, required a /lot/ of caloric intake! At least… that was the excuse she used when her and her sibling's monthly grocery bill came due.
Fortunately, she wasn't drinking much in the way of alcohol to wash it all down with, sticking mostly with various waters or teas (as /someone/ had to be ready in case Ruri dared to touch the stuff again!), which meant her bill wasn't obscenely extravagant. But, as with most things, eating tended to make the dark-haired kunoichi tired and lethargic, prompting her to stretch largely and yawn loudly as they begin to make their way out of the restaurant, one eyeball checking Kara's progress as she rolls a toothpick about between her lips.
"Huh. Uudo-san's never going to be able to look that guy in the face again after tonight. So if Ru's a mean drunk," She eyes her sister, then points mildly towards the normally-Egyptian girl. "And Uudo's an 'easy' drunk, I wonder what Maneshi is…"

Ruri has not dressed up, exactly. She's wearing… Well, it's definitely more feminine than usual. We can just blame Rika for why it was in her closet to begin with. It's pink. It's short. It may or may not be a dress. It may or may not be partially see-through. All in all, in looks like someone took a giant roll of pink gauze and wrapped Ruri up in it, focusing on select locations and ignoring others.
Ruri's spikey hair is combed down straight for once — though this was no easy task — but she has refused to wear any makeup or the stupid heels that came with this outfit. She just wears normal sandals, and looks so miserable that if a crack opened up in the ground, and a bunch of evil clowns offered to eat her brains, she would likely accept the offer to end her humiliation. "I still say I look like a fruitcake," she insists. The little red 'cherries' in a hairclip on her head certainly agree with her. "Why am I wearing this again? Please, anyone, explain why? I think it had to do with blackmail, or a promise made while I was not entirely coherent…" she eyes her sister with evil intent. "…but I can't seem to recall, because I think this… This… THING is depleting my I.Q.!" She might not eat as much as her sister, but she still made the best of the situation when she wasn't complaining about the dress that Rika picked out for her.
Now, however, they are finally leaving. She mopes and mutters, just wanting to go home and put on some comfortable underwear and PUNISH her sister for this transgression. "…What?" she asks as she looks up in confusion, when Rinako points at Kara. "…Kara-chan is 'easy' when she's drunk, huh? Let's keep her away from the alcohol when there's guys around then—Hey! What do you mean I'm 'mean'!?"

/Almost/ lost it? Shoot, Shemri didn't even /try/ to hide it from her husband. :P Lucky Fukanzen's the stoic type who can carry a secret without feeling any compulsion to talk about it. Speaking of Fukanzen, he's the one who accompanies Shemri this evening, not Megumi-chan. Who else would she take on a celebration like this, especially one in the sort of place where Kara could get smashed like this. e.e Not the most kiddy-friendly environment, ne? Shiikaa waited patiently outside the restaurant, doing the establishment the service of reducing the alleyway rodent population a bit, and has now rejoined the group.
Shemri strolls along with Fukanzen's arm around her shoulders and her own around his midriff. She sighs through her nose at Kara's behavior. "My apologies," she remarks to the guy she's hanging off of. "I realize it must be difficult for you to behave honorably under such temptation. Remain strong, though. If you touch her, I shall kick your spine out." :) Fukanzen turns to answer Rinako. "Mellow. Like a feline with catnip. Just don't let them sing." ;) Shemri gives Fukanzen a jab in the side with her free fist. X)

Nai had arrived to work at the Kazekage Administration Dome awhile ago, and begun to do his job. Sorting, adding, removing, maintaining, retrieving, editting, and other various tasks associated with records. But due to the chaos of the Sasaki scandal, and the all the people rushing about, demanding records of missions and orders and personnel and so forth, all at once, he found it simply intolerable. Nai is an individual who despises conflict. With every fiber of his being, he wishes to be left alone to read, to learn, and to stick to a routine. That sort of order makes sense to him. It gives him a purpose.
Chaos, on the other hand, is utterly repugnant. He informed one of the other records-keepers that he was feeling ill — much to the man's surprise — and departed. Hopefully tommorow would be less busy. Nai has not been ill once since before the actual founding of Sunagakure. He has some sick days saved up, suffice to say. So he is on his way home, his schedule completely disrupted, with no idea what he is going to do with himself for the rest of the night. Then he sees the four women, two men, and a cat. He recognizes all of them. He has seen their personnel files, and has met all four women, and the cat, in person. What is this commotion? What is this celebratory atmosphere? What is going on? Nai is lost, confused, and starting to feel angry. But he has to tolerate this. It will pass eventually, and everything will return to the way it was. He has all the time in the world.
So the robed, hooded, and bandaged figure just hunches over and keeps to whatever shadows are available here at night. Lanterns and electric lights may be blazing, but his home is not too far from here… Hopefully, Team 01 will not notice or recognize him.
Sora heads into Toufuu Street.
Sora has left.

But >someone< recognizes Hone Nai. Someone rather unexpected. Someone who is standing on the roof of a market stall, glaring down at the robed figure with one good eye. Half her face appears to be dry and cracked… Broken, like the face of a porcelain doll that has had a run-in with a hammer. The other half has a pale eye in it… The color of milk, or of ghosts. Her long, silvery hair, dirty and bloodstained garments — and the face too — all indicate she has been in a rather serious fight. But she's not done fighting. She leaps up into the air in a streak, arcs, and then dives towards Nai, with her hands in the fighting style of the Hyuuga Clan. Juuken. When she hits the ground, whether her blows strike Nai or not, there is a tall cloud of dust and dirt that erupts upwards and outwards, along with a loud shattering noise as the road is broken. What is at the epicenter of this flameless explosion would be hidden from view by the dust cloud for the moment, but there are definitely sounds of exertion and fighting. Or at least >attempts< to fight.
Kara is without Pharaoh, so she doesn't know anything about what's going on. Further, she's drunk, and intoxication tends to interfere with Chakra control. So she has no clue of what's coming until there is a sudden loud noise that makes her eyes go wide, and her arms tighten around the man she has been bugging reflexively. "Wha-wha-wha!?" is all she can get out, as she looks around for the source of the noise, even as people start to flee from what is likely some sort of aerial attack! Or a ninja attacking another ninja. One of the two. Either one is unhealthy to be around.

"Who /me/? Now, Ru, would /I/ ever make you dress up in something so girly?" Of course she would, but she didn't have to make it easy on her twin. "You look cute. At least people are finally looking at you and not me. It's so hard being the pretty one, you just have no idea…"
Rinako, however, shies out of easy punching range when her sibling brings up the question of being mean, holding up her hands in denial. "Did I say 'mean'? What would /you/ call it, then? You were snapping at everyone, getting all physically aggressive, a little handsy, and geez! I even had to carry you home." There's an eyeroll cast at the lone male of the established group. Shemri's husband /had/ to have been the stoic type to be able to survive the clucking of four hens all night! "Please! Don't think we don't see through your shrewd pleasantries. I bet it's a very different tale you tell to the /men/ you work with."
"And /another/ thing-" Lifting a finger, preparing to verbally smite the impudent male that had /dared/ to speak up in the henhouse, the elder Rurohashi sister's attention is called away by the sounds of a miniature explosion as someone shatters a portion of the sweet, causing her mostly-sober head to whip around so fast it looked like it might actually go flying off of her shoulers.
"Bwuh-huh!? Ohhhhhhh, and I just ate."
She was never accused of having the quickest reflexes.

"Of course you would," Ruri states plainly. She doesn't get to throw any of her weak punches at Rinako, however, because she is quick to move out of range. Bah! "I don't know what I'd call it! I don't even remember what happened!" Ruri just goes quiet, except for vague muttering, letting her twin pick on Fukazen or whatever his name was. Then there's a BOOM from somewhere relatively nearby, but not immediately next to them. "GAH! WHAT THE HELL!" she shields the ear that was facing the noise with one hand, even though it's still ringing and hurting, and draws a kunai she is unlikely to do much damage with using her free hand.
She hasn't leapt out of the way or moved into a defensive position yet, but she's at least looking for the source of the trouble! Even if she's a bit unprepared to be getting into a fight right now. At least her fighting style doesn't involve a lot of high kicks. Stupid dresses with their lack of pants. "Anyone see what caused that?" she yells out over the likely noisy crowd as everyone and his brother's dog tries to get out of here.

Fukanzen smiles and pats Shemri's shoulder. "Well, I wasn't talking about Shemri-chan in particular. She's not in the habit of drinking too much anyway. And when she does it's more of a purr than a yowl." ;9 Fukanzen tries to dodge away from the inevitable barrage of jabs, but Shemri has too good a grip on his waist. >D Fortunately (?) it's interrupted by the disturbance nearby. Shemri tries to ready herself for combat, but the best she can manage in her sandy-hued kimono is a pigeon-toed stance. >.<; She hasn't got any weapons with her either, though fortunately she was never totally reliant on them in the first place. Fukanzen is also ill-equipped for fighting, his mechanical arm replaced with a more natural-looking prosthetic for the evening. At least his outfit won't restrict his movements much, though. Good thing Shiikaa's just as prepared as ever.

Hone Nai is a clever cookie, normally quite aware of his surroundings. But it was noisy, he was already distressed and confused, he was out of his element, and he simply missed the cues, and the 'killing intent' directed at him. It happens to the best of ninja, and Nai is not the best there is. Thus, he is struck by an invisible blastwave of Chakra as the Hyuuga woman descends on him, damaging the street and sending him flying out of immediate melee range. He was unprepared, and is likely stunned.
Any normal person would be. But after being tossed aside like a rag doll, limbs twisted at unnatural angles that surely meant they were broken, he begins to move again. Slowly, on the ground, not with any degree of 'bad-ass' recovery power. He's a big fat target. Especially since Byakugan can see through smoke and dust rather easily, meaning that the dust cloud is not a barrier at all.
The bandaged man is likely to be attacked before he can get up or organize himself, so he uses the position of one of his hands near the earth that beneath the street, channeling Chakra, and tries to turn the tables on the Hyuuga. Hands of dirt rise from the ground and clutch at the attacker's ankles, trying to grab her and begin to drain some of her Chakra into the earth itself. It's not much of an effort, but it's what Nai can manage at this point in time. More of a concern to him than being hit some more is the condition of his clothing. Was it damaged? Torn? How much is showing? Anything? Nothing? He can't tell without checking carefully, and he has no time or capability for such right now. So instead he tries to call out in his dry, raspy voice, "An enemy! An enemy is here! One of the graverobbers!" If he can get out that much, he'll hopefully get some help. If he's stopped too soon, he'll at least have alerted people to his location within the dust cloud. He's not in any position to be fighting a heated battle at the moment.

The Hyuuga renegade is by no means easing up on her attack. 'Immediate melee range' is no limitation for her. She may not have the implanted Sharingan anymore, but she still has the Jutsu she has copied. She prepares to use one of them, but before she can finish forming the hand seals for it, she loses the Chakra she had available to her. That particular attack fails, but now she can tell where her Chakra went. The grip on her ankles. She snarls, and yanks her legs gree easily. They were fragile and not designed for holding anyone in place. She begins to build up Chakra again, causing the dust cloud to disperse quickly, as though being blown outwards from where she stands. This also exposes Nai and the woman to view. Nai seems to be mangled, but his garments are intact, more or less.
"Enemy!?" she cries out in derision at Nai's shouts. "LIES! >HE< IS THE ENEMY!" she yells to any on-lookers, and then lunges at the prone figure, one hand held in a 'hook' as though she planned to tear Nai's head off.
Kara is kind of out of it still. "Pharaoh-kun, protect me!" she calls out. And somewhere in Sunagakure, a mummified corpse… Doesn't even twitch. "…Pharaoh-kun! Show time!" She reaches for an imaginary wrist-watch. Pharaoh completely fails to burst out of the ground like Big-O. "…Accio Pharaoh-kun!" she calls out, waving a stick she got from somewhere. Nothing. "…You, there! Protect me!" But her male companion has already fled. "—Dang it!"
Yes, Kara is not going to be much help.

It takes Rinako a moment or three to piece together what was going on, thinking at first that it was something that had collapsed, the roof of a building or something. But the unmistakable sounds of fighting, followed by the even more unmistakable feel of chakra emanating wildly that accompanied such fighting, set her straight. As did shouts of 'grave robbers' and multiple shouts as to just /who/ the heck was the enemy.
In Rinako's mind, her biggest enemy was whoever had attacked her last, and that would be the ex-dual-eyed wench currently doing her best to mangle the scrawny bookworm.
As the dust cloud is dispersed by the woman's re-growing chakra, the dark-haired kunoichi lays her eyes on the woman, moving forward. It's not a sprint, at least not right away, as it takes a moment for the elder Rurohashi girl to begin to gain momentum with which to drive herself forward. Her speed was definitively lacking, velocity replaced with power as as lifts her arm and barrels towards the silver-haired girl.
It's not quite a punch, more of a flying forearm aimed at the back of the woman's head.

Ruri notices the Chakra surge, of course. But more immediately, she notices that the combatants are now visible. Shielding her eyes a bit when the dust cloud comes at her in a wave, she nonetheless begins to leap up onto the roof of the restaurant they just got done eating at, so that she has a good spot to launch long-range attacks from. Though she might not need to, since Rinako has charged in and is about to clobber the one-eyed woman (hopefully). So… Instead she leaps down to where Nai is, assuming that her sister is successful in at least distracting the bitch, and then drops a Stored Wall down. Ruri and Nai on one side, Hyuuga-woman… And Rinako on the other side. Oops.
Well, Rinako can take care of herself, whereas Nai obviously can't! So Ruri turns to the berobed and bandaged man who looks to be in such bad condition, and tries to figure out how to move him without making things worse. "Uhh… Can you wiggle your toes for me?" she asks as she tries to just sort of tug him along as gently as she can, in any direction that is NOT where the fighting is going on.

Well, looks like the threat isn't immediately coming their way. Shemri glances down at her cat. "Shiikaa, clear the dust!" Shiikaa gathers up his chakra and opens his mouth. A short, stiff breeze sweeps over the street, pushing away the last remnants of the dustcloud so that they can assess the situation properly. "That is one of them," Shemri confirms for Fukanzen's benefit. "We must stop her!" Fukanzen nods and runs in to support Rinako, though he maintains a slight distance for the moment—too many friendly bodies in close quarters can be worse than fighting alone. Meanwhile, Shemri…stoops down and looks for a rock or something to throw. Dratted kimono. >.<;

Meanwhile, when Ruri tries to move Nai… He crumbles into dust. There's nothing there but dry dirt, more dust, and some ragged scraps of cloth. The real Nai emerges from the shattered street nearby, tunneling up through the packed earth as though it were soft and malleable. "She is deranged," he calls out simply. "A traitor to her Village and insane from the conflict of Sharingan and Byakugan. She knows not what she does!" He continues to pull himself free of the ground, until he stands before Ruri on their side of the wall, all intact… Though a bit worse for wear. Apparently that was not just a clone or something that was struck by the initial attack.

Just as the Hyuuga woman calls out, "Byakugan!" and her Kekkei Genkai activates, she gets struck in the back of the head by Rinako. She nearly bites her own tongue off as she is in the process of yelling out transformation names when she is hit. Though her one eye may be now all Byakugan'd up, she is knocked forward, and her face slams into a brick wall that has just dropped out of nowhere. Now with her face all bloody, half of it >missing<, and the rest of her not looking so good either, she turns on her attackers. "Don't you get it!? He's not just a Chuunin of Sunagakure! He's the GHOUL OF THE DESERT!" she screams out, trying to make sure everyone hears. Yes, the Ghoul of the Desert, the nightmarish stalker of the desert wastes. A cannibalistic undead monster that has hunted human beings since the Clan Wars.
Then the woman is hit in the head with a rock. She winces and jerks away from Shemri's thrown rock. "Tell him to take off his mask and reveal himself! You will see! His features are those of a corpse! A rotted ghoul! Why do you think he always keeps himself covered!? SHOW US YOUR TRUE IDENTITY, GHOUL!!!" she screams as she attacks the wall in front of her, trying to destroy it with Chakra-reinforced punches.
Rinako and Fukanzen might want to take her down at this point. Even if she's telling the truth about all this, she's still acting very unstable and violent.
Kara frowns, some soberness (or at least vague clarity) returning to her. Sort of. "…Hone-san," is all she gets out before the Hyuuga woman freaks out again and attacks Ruri's wall. Kara runs in a weaving, unsteady manner, over to where Ruri and Nai are. "Ruri-chan, come away from there! Bring… 'Hone-san' with you." For now, at least, they have nothing but the word of a deranged attacker that Nai is an enemy. They'll need a lot more evidence than >that<.

"Knowing or not, I still got a sore spot to settle with this bitch!"
Rinako notes the satisfying crunch of the woman's face against her sibling's brick wall with a satisfied, smirking little grin of triumph. As the woman goes on, and then starts going at the wall after a rock is tossed at her head, the elder of the twins reaches roughly for a handful of her hair. How dare she turn her back on her! She was the attacker, dammit, not the wall!
"It doesn't matter, /he/ wasn't the one stealing the corpses of the village's heroes!"
When it came to matters of the village, Rinako was almost the mirror opposite of Ruri: dutiful, protective, and unfailingly obedient. With the woman before her trying to deface and disgrace one of their more noble traditions, the dark-haired kunoichi then tries to destroy her sister's wall herself… Using the other kunoichi's face as the demolition point, seeking to slam the woman's head against it, and again, if need be. There's no holding back.
"The Clan Wars are /over/, traitor-bitch! What happened then means nothing!"

Ruri jumps when Nai crumbles into dirt and dust. She jumps again when he emerges from the ground. Freakish zombie-like ninja! She does NOT jump when she hears the thud of the Hyuuga renegade slammed into her Stored Wall. The shouts from the woman are disturbing, yes, but Ruri will pay them proper mind when things are more settled down. Instead she tries to get the victim of this attack to safety, as Kara has recommended. Even if Kara is running like she just got off a roller coaster or something.
If Nai accompanies her as directed, then she keeps her distance from him for the moment, and just makes sure that no more attacks come his way. The Ghoul of the Desert… She remembers hearing stories about that creature when she was a kid. They were scary at the time, but when the Clan Wars ended, and the only reports of 'ghoul attacks' were coming from bandits or nomads who came across slaughtered bandits. The general idea was that if there was someone or something out there killing human parasites and murderers then that was a good thing.
But now, after her recently rediscovered fear of the dead, thanks to past missions… Well, she's not exactly thrilled with even the possibility of the Ghoul being here. Even if it's not true, it just sends shivers up her spine. 'Focus, Ruri!' she thinks to herself. "She's right! There is no 'Ghoul of the Desert'! It's just a myth! And you're so crazy you think that accusing the man YOU attacked is going to make us change sides? HAH!" Hah. Hah. Hah. Ruri isn't sure who she is talking to at this point. She just knows that she wants to go home and curl up in bed with all the lights on and pretend this whole stupid evening never happened.
She doesn't turn her back on Nai, though.

Shemri blinks at the Hyuuga's screamings. Not being an original native of the Land of Wind herself, Shemri's not so familiar with this bogeyman she speaks of, and anyway the screaming's not so convincing. :P Fukanzen's attention is a little more grabbed by the proclomation, but he's in agreement that they should subdue first and ask questions later. Not that Rinako's leaving much in the way of subduing to be done. c.c; In fact, maybe a little moderation is in order. Fukanzen's prosthetic hand reaches out to clamp onto Rinako's arm. "Rinako-san. That's enough. We have her."

Nai shows no sign of reaction to the accusations, instead running ahead of Ruri as directed. When he's a safe distance away he turns around, and faces the woman who attacked him. He hesitates… And then he pulls back his hood. He leans his head forward and removes his tinted goggles. His eyes aren't visible, due to his head's position, but more and more of his head is able to be seen as he begins to unwrap the bandages that encase it even more tightly than Kara's mummy puppet 'Pharaoh'. Stringy gray hair barely clings to his scalp, for instance. And when the bandages all fall away… Hone Nai's face is finally revealed.
"Is this what you were looking for, Hyuuga-san?" Nai's raspy voice asks.

The renegade Hyuuga is battered, bleeding, bruised, missing half her face, and now she is barely conscious. She stops struggling when Rinako slams her head into the wall a second time, though she is still clearly agitated. When Nai calls attention to himself after removing his face coverings, it takes her a moment to focus her Byakugan eye. It probably should have shut off awhile ago, but she's somehow maintaining it even in her state.
Her face pales, her blood-dripping mouth drops open, and she stares at what is revealed. "N… No…" she whispers. Then she grits her teeth and begins screaming and yelling, "NO! NO! NO! THAT'S NOT THE FACE I SAW! YOU WERE A CORPSE, DAMMIT! YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE THE GHOUL! I KNOW IT!"
She thrashes around, trying to break free of Rinako, before getting enough self-control to TRY to unleash a blast of Chakra from her entire body, trying to spin while emitting the energy. The idea being to possibly force the younger woman away, or, if she hangs on, spin Rinako around too! But she's not in very good condition, and except for >maybe< some Chakra-burn, Rinako is unlikely to be tossed away or anything. This woman is messed up in a severe way. She's almost out of Chakra, and is probably close to passing out for a very long time.
Kara has no weapons on her, no Pharaoh, and can't really do much in her mostly-inebriated state. But she can at least stand inbetween psycho-lady and Nai. Kara saw what Nai looked like. And despite his hair being rather stringy, sparse, and maybe not the image of liveliness, his face was that of a man in his 60s or so. Drawn, gaunt, with deep-set eyes, and a small grey moustache. Not a corpse or ghoul. Guess the strange woman is really just crazy! And dangerous. She'll probably need to be sedated.

The dark-haired kunoichi turns a severe scowl on the husband of Shemri as he grasps at her wrist, eyeing him dangerously for a moment. In the midst of conflict, 'moderation' wasn't usually a word that was in the Rinako's vocabulary. But as the woman in her grip goes mostly limp, she at least keeps control of herself enough not to continue slamming her head into the bricks until it cracked open like a ripe melon. Which is what she /really/ wanted to do!
The sudden spinning and chakra-eruption /almost/ causes the teenaged jinchuuriki to lose her grip, but she hangs onto that mass of hair tightly, and, aside from having the soles of her feet drug across the ground in a half-arc, doesn't get slammed away by the blast. When it's over, a few whisps of steamy smoke rise from off of her skin, where the Byakugan-user's chakra had met and clashed with that of her bijuu's, but otherwise managed to look none the worse for wear.
Immediately, Rinako's sandaled foot lifts, kicking the back of the woman's knee, pressing down on the back of her head and shoulder, trying to force her to the ground in order to hold her still until she could be bound. "Just shut /up/, or by heaven above, I WILL TEAR THE /OTHER/ HALF OF YOUR FACE OFF!"

Ruri was actually kind of worried about looking when Nai started to unwrap his head. She saw what the scalp and hair looked like, and nearly got sick. But, if for no other reason than being too scared to take her eyes off Nai and potentially give him a chance to eat her brain from behind, she keeps looking. And is… Relieved when she sees that Hone Nai is apparently just an old man. Her entire body shakes for a little while as it releases the tension that had built up. Then she turns her attention on the crazy lady as Rinako knocks her to the ground and holds her there.
"It's over, psychopath. Just give up already!" She touches one of her newer tattoos, and causes it to glow yellow. It releases a length of rope, tied into a loop at the end. She grabs hold of it and advances towards her sister, preparing to help in tying the criminal up. Once someone else has the crazy in custody, they can relax and head home. Her one phobic panic button has been pressed tonight, and that takes a lot out of her.

Nai stays back. He's not going to be a hero tonight. He did what he had to do to remove any chance of the Hyuuga woman convincing people he's the villain here. Because being investigated any further would be a severe annoyance. What is there to find? Nothing. He is an ally of Sunagakure and trusted by the Kazekage. That is all there is to know. He does lean to the side a bit when Kara stands in front of him, hoping to see around her and make sure the enemy was secured. Any more attempts on his life tonight would be most inconvenient and thoroughly unappreciated.
Unlike the assistance of Team 01. They have been very useful. Maybe Nai will send a fruit basket to each of them.

Death Is Only The Beginning campaign… END.

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