Kumo Daimyo Plot - The Faceless Threat Reveals Itself


Hiei, Hel (emitter)

Date: July 14, 2013


Hiei purposefully walks into a trap and discusses philosophy with a member of the Faceless while in combat…because everyone fights to understand their opponent right? Right???

"Kumo Daimyo Plot - The Faceless Threat Reveals Itself"

Kumogakure's Monastery

Hiei had received a scroll from a messenger bird. When he opened it, it appears to have Ogo's scribbling on it asking him to come to the Monastery during the evening for a mission. Whether or not Hiei suspects anything about the scroll depends on how well Hiei knows Ogo's hand-writting, as well as how often Ogo might use the messsenger birds.

Hiei knows that Ogo uses messenger birds. And he usually sent scrolls in his own handwriting, which is why Hiei knows that the scroll he has, isn't in his sensei's handwriting. However, the best way to spring a trap, is to step into one. After he geared up, he headed out towards the Monastery. If anyone would be assigned a mission here, it would be Hiro, not him. He steps up to the entrance and squares his shoulders before stepping inside.

The trap is indeed set. There is no one in the monastery right now. It was either forcefully evacuated, or whoever sent that message knew it would be empty tonight and chose this location on purpose. Hiroyasu and Ogo are not around either. When Hiei makes it to the main building and opens the doors to the guest hall, there are a lot of candles flickering about. In the center of the aisle sits a figure, waiting for Hiei. The figure is wearing a completely black mask, which sweeps upwards tracking Hiei's entrance. The man states in a deep voice, "You came. You are as dumb as the others say. You either didn't notice the different hand-writing, or you did and you came anyway. Have a death wish or you just dumb boy?"

Hiei smiles. This was so exciting. Hiro would probably berate him for walking into a trap on purpose, but this is how Hiei was. "I know my sensei's handwriting. I knew this was a trap when the message arrived. However, you goons have been following me for some time now. If you had known anything about my personality, you know I would have come without all of the tired drama." He walks forwards towards the figure. "You have me here. Now what?"

The Faceless man reaches out and grabs a weapon on the floor. It is a long spear. As he stands, the Faceless man drags the spear along the floor, letting it squeek as it moves across the floor. The man stands fully and taps the ground. "Yeah, that's kind of what I was hoping for. The others thought I'd be stupid to test what you can do, but I never understood people without fighting them first. So…let's start understanding eachother hmm?" And that spear is lifted and pointed out at Hiei. The man can hold the end of the spear with one hand and have the spear not wobble at all. He is used to this weapon. And then the attack begins. It starts with a simple thrust, then a sweep, followed by a downward's slash.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP…26
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with PHYSICAL…28
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP…28
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP(26) attack from Hel with a DODGE…31
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL(28) attack from Hel with a BLOCK…23
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP(28) attack from Hel with a DODGE…32

Hiei barely has enough time to defend himself from the man. That spear gave him the edge, his range of motion was greater than that of Hiei. He moves to the side to dodge the thrust, however when he tries to block the sweep, he falls onto his back, only to roll to the side just before the downward slash hits the ground next to him. Rolling back up to his feet, Hiei removes the cloak he wore to this meeting to reveal the two swords strapped to his back. "So..this is a test. What do I get when I pass?" He reaches up to draw both blades, holding them out to the side before rushing forwards. He needed to see what this guy's defense was like before he could come up with a game plan. He attacks his upper thigh, his abdomen, and finally the arm holding the spear.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with SWORD-STRIKE…27
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with SWORD-STRIKE…15
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with SWORD-STRIKE…13
COMBAT: Hel defends against SWORD-STRIKE(27) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK…20
COMBAT: Hel defends against SWORD-STRIKE(15) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK…18
COMBAT: Hel defends against SWORD-STRIKE(13) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK…16

The Faceless man says, "You pass? Let's not get ahead of ourselves here. There are only ever two options…life or death and strength or weakness." The man allows the swords to come in close and draw the first blood of the fight. That spear though then goes on to block the other two sword strikes with ease. "Not bad. Why are you against what we are doing exactly?" With Hiei so close suddenly, the butt of the spear drops down and tries to stub Hiei's toe. It then sweeps up for his Misaki-only area. Lastly a knee comes up for where Hiei's head is. The man jumps with some ease.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHARP-II…29
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with PHYSICAL-II…35
COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with PHYSICAL-II…33
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHARP-II(29) attack from Hel with a ACROBATIC-DODGE…39
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL-II(35) attack from Hel with a BREVITY…30
COMBAT: Hiei defends against PHYSICAL-II(33) attack from Hel with a BREVITY…30

Hiei flips backwards to avoid the first strike against him, however even though the spear missed it's original mark, it does strike him on the inner thigh and then his head is whipped to the side as his body is sent flying sideways, sliding along the ground until it crumples against the wall. Hiei grunts and shakes his head as if to clear it. "You're definitely KRD, that's for sure. I have two questions for you. Why test me? And the second..are you willing to die here?" He picks himself up off the ground then moves into a defensive stance. "Well?"

The Faceless man states, "One should never enter combat unless they are willing to die each time. Even a friendly spar can accidentally end in death. Sometimes the body just needs a minor jolt for a hinge to come loose and death kicks the door down." The man backs off too for a moment, circling around Hiei. "Why test you? As I said, to get to understand you. We both want the same thing from what I can tell. We want control, and we want it in the hands of the only people we can trust…ourselves. We want to control the Elders, the Daimyo, the Raikage. So do you, even if you don't realize it. We wanted to control the KRD and now we do. You want to control the KRD too by destroying it. We are willing to do anything, willing to kill or give our lives to have this power and control. I get the feeling that you are the same way. The only difference is in how far we are willing to go. You would stop at killing a child. To me, a child is just another pawn in this big game. Even a child can be a dangerous weapon."

"Release: Lightning Aura."

Hiei's body grows slightly larger as a light blue aura surrounds his body. Bolts of lightning flow through his form and the excess energy strikes random places on the floor in front of him. "I desire to see Kumogakure whole. With a Raikage in place. The KRD are necessary, but not this corrupt version that is in place right now. I don't desire control, idiot. I want to see this village go back to it's glory, as it was in the days of my ancestor, the first Raikage, Yotsuki Raiza. Loyalty. Strength. Compassion. These qualities are lost with your kind. It is my destiny to drive you out. I am nothing like you. I fight to bring honor to my clan, to protect my home from it's enemies, and to make sure you pieces of trash meet whatever god you serve." He flings his arms outwards as lightning travels down his arms and into both swords. "What you allowed the Yakuza to do to that woman and her child is unforgivable.." He kicks away from the ground, moving inside the spear's range. He begins to spin like a top, slashing out first with one sword, then the other one.

RP: Hiei transforms into LIGHTNING-AURA.
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP…42
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP…29
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(42) attack from Hiei with a CHAKRA-DODGE-III…59
COMBAT: Hel defends against LIGHTNING-FLOW-SHARP(29) attack from Hiei with a DODGE-III…33

The Faceless lets out a whistle as the blue aura grows over Hiei's body. "Oooh, flashy." He doesn't really seem impressed; he's mocking Hiei. The Faceless man listens and then shakes his head, "Loyalty to those who matter…the shinobi. Strength to those who take it…the shinobi. Compassion on the other hand only leads to weakness. The villagers are only tools to be used by the shinobi, just as the shinobi are only tools to be used by those in charge. Being the leader creates a big target on one's back, but controlling the leader makes you anonymous and free. You have true strength without the bonds of infamy. The Yakuza are a step up from the villagers, but a step lower than the shinobi. You will all bow before us or join us in time." The man goes into a burst of speed when Hiei comes at him in his spin. He stays out of Hiei's range easily and then leaps up into the rafters of the monastery. Once in the rafters, he calls out, "Giving into your compassion will only get you or someone else killed. Let go of that weakness and earn your strength…or you'll miss it when it comes calling. You have to crack a few eggs to make an omlet."

Hiei chuckles as he leaps into the rafters of the shrine. Hiei spins his swords in his hands and simply runs up the side of the wall. He pauses there for a moment, smirks and then flips off the wall and then onto one of the beams in the rafters. "Let's just agree to disagree. Your idea of what is what in this world is messed up. And they call me the stupid once." His body blurs from sight just before he attacks with his sword. He plants his foot and attacks again coming from the other direction. And then finally, he leaps into the air and performs a corkscrew flip just before slashing out again, this time with both weapons all at once.

COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with FLASH-STRIKE…39
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with FLASH-STRIKE…27
COMBAT: Hiei attacks Hel with DUAL-BLADE…40
COMBAT: Hel defends against FLASH-STRIKE(39) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK-II…27
COMBAT: Hel defends against FLASH-STRIKE(27) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK-II…35
COMBAT: Hiei attacks you with DUAL-BLADE and rolls a 40. Action?
COMBAT: Hel defends against DUAL-BLADE(40) attack from Hiei with a WEAPON-BLOCK-III…48

The Faceless man shakes his head and is about to give a retort when Hiei flashes up to him and strikes. He is hit and hit hard, leaving even more blood dropping down to the floor. The next set of attacks is stopped by that spear though. Even up here in the rafters, this man can use that spear really well, confined or not. He merely moves the spear so that the swords get deflected into the rafters with minimal movements of the wrist.
The man creates some space by falling back to the floor. "Whoever lives will show the greatest strength and power. Survival of the strongest my friend, and those who show compassion end up falling by the wayside." With that he throws down a smoke bomb and attempts to get out of dodge.

COMBAT: Hel attacks Hiei with SHADOW-CLONE-STEALTH…46
COMBAT: Hiei defends against SHADOW-CLONE-STEALTH(46) attack from Hel with a PERCEPTION…25

Hiei watches him simply disappear when he hits the ground as he stands upside down under the rafters. His aura intensifies briefly before it winks out of existence. Manipulating his chakra, he drops from the rafter beam and flips before hitting the ground in a crouch. "Huh. Survival of the fittest. And yet you are the one that runs away. Pathetic." He sheathes his blades and grasps his cloak, twirling it around his body as he leaves the monastery by the front door.

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