The Fall of Flexy Lex


Michiko, Ryouji, Sado, Kibiki, Hiei (Emitter)

Date: May 27, 2014


The Kumo Genin are charged to hunt down and apprehend Flexy Lex. After a fierce battle, they are successful, but are shocked when they learn his true identity.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"The Fall of Flexy Lex"

The Lowlands - Land of Lightning

It's a day just like any other within the Land of Lightning. Michiko has her head in a book when a fellow shinobi approaches her and delivers into her hands a scroll. It would appear the mission to capture Flexy Lex has been made official, and the bandit has been spotted most recently terrorizing some members of the lumber guild in the lowlands. She is instructed to alert her team and don't bother assembling at the front gate. They are to proceed with all haste to the lowlands and end this threat once and for all.

Michiko moves quickly to get some messenger hawks to send word to Ryouji, Sado, and Kibiki. The note they would receive would say 'Flexy Lex in the lowlands. Meet up there.' Thankfully she's already got her supplies on her when she got the message and was able to make her way swiftly out the gate. Once she got to the lowlands, she would wait for her teammates to arrive so they could take out the bad guy together.

Ryouji gets the hawk as he's practicing in the Reizei courtyard. His blur fades and he grabs the note from the hawk. He reads it and disappears. All that is left is a line of dust heading off out of the village. He reappears on a cliff over looking the lowlands kneeling on the edge so he can have a good view. That and it looks cool.

Kibiki had just ordered a few kebobs when the hawk showed up, dropping the note and giving him the details to head to the lowlands. Not going to throw away the kebobs, he simply ate on the run, making his way as quickly as he could to the meeting spot. Seeing Michiko up ahead, he'd wave with a kebob in one hand, "Michik…Michiko-san! Just you and me so far?" Glancing about the are while trying to finish his meal.

Sado was out by the Falls when he gets the word that the Lexy team needs to assemble. He packs up what little he carries with him and heads for the lowlands after dismissing the hawk. Hopping down towards the flat road, Sado makes haste once he's on it, heading for the lowlands at a generous speed as to not completely exhaust himself before he even gets there, but to make it in good time, already being out from the village a good pace. Arriving in the lowlands, Sado spots Michiko and heads over to meet up. On his way over Kibiki arrives from another direction, looks like the team is assembling.

Michiko waits for everyone to get there before talking. "So, Flexy Lex is apparently attacking the lumber guild in this area. Our goal is to put a stop to him once and for all." She glances around. "Has anyone seen Ryouji-kun?" she wonders. Whether or not the Reizei appears before she starts talking is another matter. "Anyway, Flexy Lex is a bit hard to chase down, so having something to bait him with would be preferable if he's not out in the open. Then we can just fcus on taking him down."

Ryouji rolls his eyes, staring down at the group. He leaps off the cliff and lands next to them, "I was up there…" and points up the cliff. "…who's going to be bait?"

Kibiki shrugged while Michiko talked, having nothing to say while he finished his kebab. Though as Ryouji suddenly appears by landing next to the group, he practically chokes on his food but manages to swallow it down. "Uh, whoa. Ryouji, Sado." Nodding at the two before crossing his arms over his chest and thinking on this Flexy Lex. "I've still never met the guy, so don't know what he would be attracted to, but if he's disrupting the lumber guild. Maybe I or one of us could disguise ourselves as someone from the guild, carry some lumber or an axe or something important that would draw his attention."

"I'd say we do what we did against Hiei-sensei, that took him out pretty quick. Everyone needs to look out for Michiko's fire if they are going to engage at close range." Sado suggests before Ryouji jumps down from the cliff. "Why were you up there?" he asks, seeming confused. At least the whole group was there now.
"I'll be the bait, Lexy and I have a bond shared by the ultimate goal of having the most spectacular muscles possible. I would like to, if possible, take him in alive, though. He's got his reasons, but as far as I know no one has died and criminals can be dealt with by the Kumogakure system."
Sado has just the idea to draw out Lexy. He nods to the others, first confirming that he would be bait, before heading out ahead of the others, who would hopefully find places to observe. Once in the area where he would find evidence of Lexy, Sado begins to call out. "Lex! It's me, the Kumo kid from the other week. I've thought about your suggestion to join up with you and I don't think I can get as powerful in Kumo as I could with you." he calls out, looking around the area. "Lex!? Where are you, man?"

As the genin move through the area, they hear a chant. It is familiar for some and not for others.

Prepare for a Calamity
Make It A Double Whammy
To cover the planet in vegetation
To unite all trees in forrestation
To denounce the evils of dirt and mud
To raise our leaves to the skies above

There is a loud thud as a large man drops into the area. He is tall, dark skinned and wearing a wooden mask. He wears no shirt, but wears leather pants. Flexy Lex has arrived. He strikes a pose as he flexes his muscles. "Oooooh Yeeah! It's it none other than me. The most righeous, the Captain of Charisma, the Sultan of Sexy, Flexy Lex!" He strikes another pose, casuing his pectoral muscles to jump before he throws his hands out to the side in another ridiculous pose. "I am so pretty!"

Michiko says, "He's rather unforgettable, Kibiki-kun. And that sounds like a decent pl-" Then Sado decides to jump in saying he'll be the bait. She hears what he's saying and raises and eyebrow at his words. She knows he's talking about the last mission that involved Flexy Lex, but she was pretty out of it when that was happening. Of course, Flexy Lex decides to appear in that instant, the familiar chant making her do a mental facepalm. "Get ready, everyone!" she says, preparing her chakra.

Ryouji snorts, "Got here the same time you did, not my fault you didn't look up. Anyway, we…" and then Sado heads off. He quick finds a hiding spot and keeps his head down so Flexy won't notice him if he shows up. And then he does, who could miss that? He nods towards Michiko and focuses his chakra until the time is right.

Kibiki threw out his suggestion, but was overshadowed by his cousins experience and knowledge in already having dealth with Flexy Lex, so he couldn't argue with the Sado. Instead he moved to some brush, following from a distance and trying to stay hidden until the man arrived. Once hearing the chant, Kibiki didn't know what to expect, but upon actually seeing the man he was taken aback. Though he didn't dwell on it long and simply prepared for the fight that was about to ensue. He focused his chakra and the lightning element within his body. He had never shown his talents in front of the others, so as a first time he wanted to raise the bar for himself and show what he's made of.

"There you are. What are you up to out here? Where's Mariko? What tree did you kill to create that mask?" Sado asks Lex, distracting him to give more time for his team to get ready for the ambush. He looks Lexy over once, frowning and pointing at his abs. "You have been skimping out on your routine, don't deny it." he says in an angry voice. "What would Mariko think?" he adds with a shake of his head.

Flexy Lex moves into another flex pose before he looks at all of the genin assembled. "The Boss is busy somewhere else. I'm more than enough to handle you punks." He waves them on with a guesture. "Where as before I was confused about what my task is. My task is to stop people like you from further harming our environment. My mask is made from deadwood, since you asked. So I didn't kill a tree for it. Come to me, little Kumo nin. Come and be embarassed by my sexy body!"

Michiko decides to stall for a bit. She's relatively out in the open, but Ryouji and Kibiki are both hiding. "Ah, hello, Flexy Lex. You're certainly looking well today, but you might want to double check yourself. Your abs and biceps are looking a bit flabby, there." she comments with Sado. "Perhaps you'd like a mirror so you can see for yourself?"

Ryouji waits for the right moment to strike. He's not going to move until Michiko gives the word. Until everything is set just right for the ambush. Or when Flexy starts beating on these two early. He resists the urge to turn on his clan technique, instead testing Flexy out when he attacks. He doesn't want to make this easy afterall.

Unlike Ryouji, Kibiki wasn't going to wait much longer. The bait was set. This Flexy Lex was focused on the two genin out in front as they mock the mans form he tries so hard to perfect. It was now or never, any longer and Sado and Michiko would have to protect themselves from that crazed man who aren't as prepared as the two in hiding. With a flick of his wrist, a kunai would go flying from the brush towards the man, whistling in the air as it approached. Not far behind would be Kibiki, running at full speed with a series of strikes aimed at Flexy's mid-section. Those abs and muscles are nothing compared to Hiei.

Sado sighs, Lexy is having none of his talk today, which he guesses is because of the missing influence of Mariko. "I'm afraid we have to take you in, today, Lex. You've been causing too much trouble lately." he explains to the oversized man. "We didn't get to match fists last time, but if you don't come quietly, we will today." He cracks his knuckles, one by one, prepping for the upcoming fight, there was no way Lex was going to come quietly. As Kibiki rushes in, Sado shrugs his shoulders, the cover was blown but he might as well help his cousin. He rushes forwards with his fists, striking out at Lex, aiming right for those abs that piss him off before he doesnt have them!

Lex growls as Sado and Michiko insults his incredible sculpted abs. He prepares himself to attack when a kunai comes out of nowhere and strikes him in the back. He doesn't have time to register the attack properly before Kibiki gut punches him twice. He slides back in the dirt, the wind knocked from him. He blocks Sado's first attack mostly on instinct, but that second strike to his abs causes him to shudder….and then promptly turn to the side to puke up his breakfast. The terrorist staggers back a couple steps and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. Eyes narrow behind the mask as he moves. Fast. Perhaps faster than those that have previous fought him to belive that he can. He slides and then spins, attempting to sweet Kibiki off his feet, before he plants his foot on the ground, kicking upwards towards Sado's chin. He leaps in the air and spins like a top, attempting to smack Michiko on the shoulder with the heel of his foot. He lands in a crouch, his hands bracing him on the ground. "You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you, you snot nosed little brats?" There is a slight change in his voice. It doesn't sound so comedic anymore.

Michiko was about to signal for her friends to attack when Kibiki jumped the gun. Well, not that it matters in particular… "We want to capture him alive if possible, you guys!" Then Flexy Lex spins to attack her, catching the Kunoichi on her shoulder and causing her to go flying. As soon as she hits a tree, she disappears in a puff of smoke. The real Michiko comes out behind Flexy Lex. She makes a few handseals and attacks Flexy Lex with several firebolts.

Ryouji bursts out from his hiding spot at this point. "For a second, yeah, we kinda did Lexy." He charges at Lexy, gripping his white and blue swords at his belt. His legs pump, kicking dirt up behind him, and carries him quickly to Lexy. He with a click of metal pulls out his white katana out and with a burst of speed ends his flash strike behind Lexy. He spins on his heal while pulling out his blue lightning sword slicing with a backward slash on the reverse spin. "Understood, a few cuts won't kill him though so…"

After his initial strikes hit, Kibiki does his best to keep his eyes on the man, but he's fast. Moving about the battlefield with ease, striking a single person and then moving on to the next. In many aspects Flexy was like lightning itself and Kibiki could respect that, but he couldn't respect any individual that inhibits Kumogakure in any way and he'd deal justice to any person that tried. He just had to bide his time. Unlike Sado and Ryouji which were close combatants, Michiko was long distance and more explosive in power. Once he saw his opening though, Kibiki ran forward leading with a kick before spinning about with a charged lightning elbow to the man.

Sado's first hit is blocked impressively but his second manages to get him right in the gut, giving him a great idea for his next jutsu. Unfortunately he was close enough that a simple dodge doesn't do enough to get out of the way of the attack and Sado is sent flying backwards. Landing on his back, he picks himself up, wipes the small amount of blood on his lip, and grins. The dull pain, the feeling of striking a blow against the opponent, this was combat! Sado's blood pumps faster as his adrenaline increases, charging forward with increased vigor to attack Lex with a Sado Lariat combination strike, the first two attacks merely a set up for the Lariat to hit its mark. It would be that much harder for Sado to reach upon this oversized bulk of muscle, but he would try all the same.

Lex found himself in a sort of a predicament. These genin's skills had increased drastically since the last time he faced them. He wasn't really sure, but he wants to curse whoever it was that trained them. He is forced to backpedal to keep them at arm's length as he manages to dodge Michiko's fire and that sends him directly into the path of Ryouji's attack. Blood being drawn again, his bad day gets worse when they come at him all at once. He simply couldn't keep up with them. Kibiki's elbow hits him square in the gut, causing his muscles to twitch and quiver, halting his movements long enough for Sado's first strike to hit home. When the lariat comes, he's forced to backflip out of the way and stand high up on the trunk of a tree, employing treewalking to do so. Lightning pools in his hands as he launches a bolt towards the ground, to create a cloud of dust and debris before leaping down to attack them during the chaos.

Michiko somehow manages to avoid Lex, grabbing a loose tree branch to take his attack. She moves away from her opponent, forming a few more seals so she can launch a few more powerful firebolts at the nuisance.

Ryouji can hear Flexy and his muscles coming a mile away even through the dust and dirt thrown up. The lines around him begin to blur as he says, "Ok Flexy, no you face a Reizei, I'm ooof!" and a fist connects to Ryouji's chin sending him spinning and tumbling away. He holds his jaw and rubs it saying, "Man, that stung, I hope that's not the best you got Flexy…" He bounces on the tips of his feet, boxer style, "Common Flexy, let's try another punch, just to see what happens." He taps his chin, "Right here big boy…"

The ground explodes in dust and debris forcing Kibiki to raise his hands and cover his face. It was difficult to make sense out of the chaos, but there was a brief instance where he saw the difference from friend and foe and knew instinctively to block with the help of some charged lightning in his hand. Knowing he only had a brief window before the man had moved again, he'd throw out a random haymaker with hopes of hitting the man while trying to regain his composure in this temporary haze.

Sado was caught off guard in the chaos and has little to no time to react to the attack that comes after, pushing his body into a phase dodge without it being ready or prepped for it. Regardless, it wasn't quick enough as he still is hit and sent to the ground. Fueled by his adrenaline, he is able to recover well enough to get back up on his feet and, adding his chakra to his muscles to strength them, sends two powerful fists towards Lex in response to him sending Sado tumbling down, one to the chest while the other goes straight for the abs.

Lex manages to hurt a few of the genin but man do they retaliate fast. He creates a dome of hazy fire to protect himself from Michiko's fire jutsu, and while it does work, she eventually shatters it, casuing severe burns on his body. He blocks Kibki's strikes and then spins right into Sado's chakra infused punches. A sound not unlike thunder sounds off from each hit. His chest and abs feel like they're on fire from the severity of those strikes. But Flexy isn't done just yet. He pushes on, sending a hard kick towards Michiko, throwing kunai towards Ryouji, and then delivering an elbow towards Kibiki. For Sado, he sends a lariat…as payback for the one he threw against him.

Michiko makes a clone of herself, but not in time to avoid the next attack. She's hit by the kick which knocks the wind out of her and sends her flying. She lands on her feet barely and decides to try a new tactic since Lex made that fiery haze.

Ryouji quick side steps the kuani thrown at him. Now that he's powered up Ryouji explodes into movement faster than most eyes could follow with. With a reizei burst of speed he draws and cuts at Lexy, ending up behind him in a skid of his feet. "Flash…" Ryouji disappears in a second burst of speed, only to reappear besides Lexy, "…strike…", then one more time, ending up where he started the combo attack and his swords both click back into their sayas. "…combo!"

Kibiki saw the elbow coming in at him and he spun about to send his own at the man, the plan was for it to be charged with lightning in hopes of overpowering the one aimed for him, but something in his focusing slipped causing the attack to be weaker than he anticipated. He met with Flexy's and was easily knocked away, sent tumbling in to the ground and rolling back some distance, leaving him with a need to quickly correct himself if he's going to be able to defend better next time around.

Sado hits home hard with his two chakra-infused strikes, but gets hit in return just as hard with his own technique, sent flying back into a small pile of debris. He picks himself up and grits his teeth, having had enough of this nonsense. Focusing his chakra into enough lightning to enhance his muscles, Sado's speed increases substantially as he moves back towards Lex, chaining his attack to happen right after his rival Ryouji's. "Sado.." he says as he crouches down, sliding towards Lex before lifting his foot up to aim for his chin, "Ultimate…" he adds as he uses the rising leg to perform a cartwheel kick with the other one, "COMBINATION." he finishes with an attempted fist to the gut.

When Michiko switches to mud, Lex tries that haze defense again but the mud flies right on through and hits him in the face. With mud splattered against his mask, he can only partially see as he manages to dodge her last attack. His arms flail outwards, luckily parrying Ryouji's flash strike technique. The first time. The second time, it hits home as blood sprays from a wound on his side. Kibiki attempted to counter his elbow, but he manages to get through, ducking the genin's strike altogether. Sado's ultimate combination proves to be Lex's downfall. The first strike impacts Lex's mask, causing some of it to chip away. He falls backwards onto his back, sliding along the ground. His fall prevents Sado's other attacks from landing, but it seems like the big man is down for the count.

Michiko lets out a breath when Flexy finally goes down with the efforts of both her and her teammates. She looks around at everyone while she approaches the downed masked village. "Everyone okay?" she asks, getting out a rope from her pack and starting to tie up the bandit.

Ryouji, just to make sure this guy is down, pulls his white sword from its scabbard and points it at Lexy saying, "Don't know if he's faking Michiko-kun, best not to take chances while you do that." He could easily skewer Flexy should he make so much as a twitch. "Good work taking him down, Sado-san." he says with a nod.

Before Kibiki can get to his feet Flexy Lex falls to the ground. "We did it!" The boy finds his second wind through excitement and joy from what the team was able to accomplish and jumps in the air with a fist pump or two before making his way to the others. "Everyone was exceptional and I'm glad I was able to be a part of this." Looking between all the genin, taking notes of each of their strengths and just how far above him they are in skill before focusing on the mask of Flexy. "Not it." Someone was going to have to carry this guy back right?

Sado, with a few bruises and small cuts, pulls out the rope that he was pretending to tie Hiei-sensei with the other day in training and actually ties up Flexy Lex with, rather well he might add. Arms tied and linked to the feet, Lex would not be able to use his extremities for anything but shuffling. Sado leans down to slap Lex a few times on the cheek to wake him up so they could get going.

Lex wasn't asleep. In fact, he was far from it. Just when the genin have him all hog tied, he begins to chuckle. The chuckle turns into a real belly laugh and he sits up of his own accord. "I have to say. While I'm sad to see Flexy Lex go, it was one flex of a ride getting to this point." He chuckles again and then winces with a soft ow. "You definitely didn't hold back, either. Now comes the best part. Where you remove my mask and I get to see the shocked expressions on your faces."

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